Monday, October 17, 2011

"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 10

                When Sugah got home, it was a little past nine at night. She changed clothes, washed her face and dialed the Blakemore residence. After being placed on hold a few minutes, her mother was finally on the phone. “Hey Mom, are you having a fun time? I hope to see you tomorrow. I was calling to see if you were free for lunch. I have class until one in the afternoon, so maybe we can have a late lunch together, alone. I haven’t seen you in months and I truly miss you. I love you, Mommy.” Sugah couldn’t fight her tears anymore. Her mother wasn’t prepared for the emotional rollercoaster her daughter had suddenly placed her on, but she was happy to know that her daughter still wanted to spend time with her.  She knew that their time was possibly limited and Charlotte wanted to make the best out of any given situation. She hated keeping secrets from her daughter but there was absolutely no way she could tell her horrible news.  Sugah was all she had. They would get through it, they had to. Richard was a great distraction for her, Charlotte realized after just speaking with him a few times over the phone. When he surprised her with a visit, she was even flattered and enjoyed spending time with him.

Charlotte thought back to when she first saw him. She wasn’t in a good situation. In fact, Richard saved her life. When she learned of her condition, she didn’t care about life anymore. Hell, Charlotte was honest with the reality of it she didn’t care about anything at all. She tried to push Sugah away from her by being mean with her whenever she called to check on her. She thought that if she constantly asked for money, which she found herself in more need of now, to get the proper treatment her should. Drugs and alcohol suddenly became her two favorite things. They comforted her in ways so that she didn’t have to deal with life and all the curve balls it threw her. Since she was a little girl Charlotte had always had to endure great hardships. The death of her parents, due to a fatal car crash, when she was only eleven years old, was the start of her unlucky future. She didn’t have any siblings, so she was sent to live with her father’s sister, Aunt Margaret. At first, Charlotte was happy with her aunt but that soon changed when she was introduced to the “family business” as she called it.

Being only eleven, Charlotte didn’t know anything about boys, men and their needs. Aunt Margaret taught her everything she needed to know about life and survival and how to use her looks to get what she wanted. Those same techniques led her right into the arms of Sugah’s father, as well as many other men. Clove, as everyone called him was eighteen at the time, when she became infatuated with him. He didn’t live in town but passed through regularly to see one of Aunt Margaret’s girls’ named Rose. Rose was beautiful. She was light-skinned, with long flowing hair.  She always dressed in nice clothes, wearing high heels. Rose wore red lipstick and had long eye lashes. Whoever she batted them at, was a goner. But when Clove was in town everyone knew that she was out limits. She was his woman. Rose used to let Charlotte watch her put on her makeup and do her hair. She would always treat her with acceptance always telling her that one day she would take her spot as the number one girl. It took Charlotte a while to figure out what was going on right under her nose, but when she did, she wanted to learn all that she could in order to get Clove to recognize her. Whenever she saw him, she always smiled, tilting his hat forwards her. Back then, men did that as a sign of respect for a girl or woman. When Charlotte turned fifteen, Rose and all the other girls, along with Aunt Margaret noticed how much she had blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Most of the clients wanted to know if she was available, which quickly led to a serious tongue-lashing and removal from Aunt Margaret’s establishment. Charlotte wasn’t in to boys. She wanted only one man and that was Clove. That would later lead to much disgrace and other horrible things for both her and Aunt Margaret.

Charlotte asked to be in the “family business” but Aunt Margaret simply laughed, telling her to go study her books and do well in school. The only person who showed her any love was Rose. But when Rose would see the way Clove looked at her, she soon began to start nasty rumors about her all around town. One day at school, two big girls confronted Charlotte and beat the living daylights out of her. She couldn’t believe all the horrible things they said about her and her aunt. She couldn’t just allow them to treat her that way, so she fought back. She gave them a run for their money, throwing hands like Pretty boy Floyd Mayweather, but then she was hit with something, hard. When Charlotte got home, she told her aunt but she only shushed her away. Rose was with her aunt at the time and laughed right in Charlotte’s face. Charlotte knew then that she was the reason all of her friends wasn’t friendly anymore. The next time Clove came to town Charlotte seduced him, giving him her most prized possession, her virginity. He fell head over heels in love with her. He bought her gifts every time he came to town and soon, he wasn’t seeing Rose anymore. He wanted to marry her. When Rose learned of their affair, she went straight to Aunt Margaret. Not believing her, she told her to pack all of her shit and leave her house and never look back. But a few months later, when Charlotte’s stomach started to get round and after a few missed periods, Aunt Margaret regretted not believing Rose. Charlotte was pregnant and Clove was ecstatic to before a father. Then suddenly, all hell broke loose. That didn’t stop her from marrying Clove and moving away, but their journey to be together wasn’t smooth sailing, by any means. Those were painful memories. Charlotte didn’t want to relive her terrible past. She heard Sugah calling out her name. “Sure, Sweetheart. Just call me when you get out of class and I will be waiting for you. Richard and I are going to have breakfast and go shopping until then. I look forward to it. Sugah, is everything okay?

                “Oh, I’m fine. I just had a stressful day. I have a ton of work to complete by Friday and tomorrow’s already Tuesday. Are you having a nice time, Mom?” Charlotte listened to her daughter. She knew that Sugah was keeping something from her but what?” She wasn’t used to hearing so many emotions when they spoke, now she found herself wanting to console her child. “Sugah, you do know that I am here for you, sweetheart. I am always going to be here for you no matter what.” Sugah loved her mother and was grateful to have her in her life. A light giggle in the background brought Sugah back to reality. Her mother was only being polite by talking to her because she had called. She knew that she had interrupted something. Mr. Blakemore’s laughter confirmed that thought. Charlotte whispered something that Sugah couldn’t understand and then said her goodbye. Before they hung up, Charlotte reassured her daughter that she would be looking forward to her call regarding them doing lunch together. She smiled. She wanted her mother to be happy and if Richard Blakemore was the one to do that, she wouldn’t stand in the way.

                Once Sugah was settled in bed after making sure she had locked all the doors and turned off all the lights in the apartment, she got under the covers and pulled out the information about her upcoming assignment. The more she read, the more she transformed into character. Spice was definitely the person for the job. Sugah had always wanted to work in fashion, so the fact that she was to take part in a fashion show, was intoxicating. The paper said that she must be downtown at the W hotel on Friday afternoon to secure a spot in the show. The designer was unknown, so that gave more excitement to Sugah. On Thursday, she was to do a professional photo-shoot to have a portfolio on Friday with her when she arrived at the interview process. Before she closed all the information, Sugah was prepared for anything. She knew the fashion line, more about the fashion industry, what to wear to the go-see and other information about the event. It was for a charity event to help fight for a cure to breast cancer. The designer’s mother was a breast cancer survivor, so Sugah felt privileged to even get a chance to be a part of such wondrous occasion. Anyone who wanted to help with research to end such a deadly disease, she applauded and respected greatly. Little did she know that the information and benefit was so close to home, she simply couldn’t wait until the event but first Sugah had to secure the job, which wouldn’t be a problem thanks to her new alter ego, Spice.  

                When she put the information up and tried to go to sleep, she couldn’t stop thinking about Coffee. Sugah looked over at the clock on her nightstand. It was just after ten-thirty but felt much later. Tossing and turning, Sugah tried to get comfortable in order to fall asleep. She had a full day the next day and didn’t want to look all puffy due to lack of sleep. She closed her eyes but sleep still wouldn’t come. Somewhat frustrated, Sugah got up. She walked into the kitchen to fix a mug of hot tea but was startled by her cell phone buzzing. “Hello,” she answered.

                When Coffee heard her sweet voice, he smiled. He thought that maybe she would be asleep but happy that he wasn’t right. “Hello,” she said again, slightly annoyed. “Ah…hello, Sugah, it’s me, Coff, I mean Khalil. I wanted to hear your voice before I went to bed. I am so sorry to call this late,” he said. Sugah smiled. She was happy to hear from him but thought about all that she and Java had talked about during their meeting. “Khalil, I was in the bed. I have a really long day tomorrow. I really have to go.” Sugah didn’t want to be hard on him but she didn’t trust herself talking to him. If she continued to, she would take things between them to another level, one that they had already crossed twice before. She knew that she was young but she knew what she wanted, needed and expected from a man. If Coffee thought she was one of those naïve girls, who allowed him to say and do whatever he needed, whenever he wanted, he had another thing coming. Although her heart said one thing, her mind was speaking much louder. And whenever her heart and mind wasn’t on speaking terms in the past, she always found herself with a broken heart. Well, not this time, Sugah thought. She knew that she deserved more than just great sex and if she wanted those things with Khalil, she had to take things slow.

                “Oh…okay, I understand. I just wanted to see if you looked at your assignment and had any questions. I didn’t mean to disturb you. I’ll let you get back to your rest. See you in class tomorrow.” Without another word spoken, Sugah ended the call, leaving Coffee staring at his phone. His heart was betraying him in more ways than he expected. Sugah was definitely someone special and if he needed to prove himself worthy of more of her, then that was exactly what he would do. He was falling in love with her and wanted to spend the rest of his life taking care of her.

                That night Sugah closed her eyes and Khalil lie next to her, holding her in his arms. He stroked her shoulders, while kissing her softly on the neck. Her left leg crossed his body, as she melted into his arms. She leaned over and kissed him passionately on the lips. He returned the kiss with equal passion. As he undressed her, she got on top of him. First, she kissed his neck, slowly moving down his body until she found what she wanted most. Removing his boxers, she teased the head of his dick. Applying soft, gentle kisses, Sugah used her tongue to ignite a flame in Coffee’s loins. He tried closing his legs but lost the battle when Sugah pushed them a part with her hands, while using her mouth to reprimand him, with sweet licks. With each lick, she went further down the length of his penis until she was finally deep throating him. Since she discovered years ago that she didn’t have gag reflexes, she was able to work him like a 9 to 5, without taking any breaks. Coffee held her head, massaging her hair in his hands. He moaned from the pleasure he received. Sugah continued her lip-service on him, making sure she didn’t neglect his family jewels. She gave them much love, taking them into her mouth, sucking and licking them tenderly. She hummed and blew, pushing her tongue in a downward gesture that sent Coffee into convulsions. He released his seed and Sugah captured him in her mouth, letting his seed down her throat. She didn’t spill a drop. As she took him in her mouth, she looked up at him. He watched her. When she came up and he saw that she had swallowed every drop, he knew for sure that Sugah would be his wife. A woman who accepted him by completing such an unselfish act, was rare, a true diamond in the rough, one that he knew he didn’t want to live without. Never had he experienced anything so deep, so profound before with anyone.

                Sugah opened her eyes, looking around. She was alone but her body was craving. She wanted Coffee, Khalil, Professor Love or whoever he called himself. She would have him again and again and again. Sugah got up and went into the bathroom to pee. When she returned to her empty bed, she closed her eyes again and drifted off into a peaceful slumber. She and Coffee made love all night long in her dreams. She couldn’t wait until her dreams became a reality. And if Sugah had her way, it would be sooner rather than later. The things they did to each other felt too good to be true. When Sugah woke up the next morning she smiled, stretching in bed. Her sheet was wet and her love juices stuck to her hand. But Sugah was well satisfied, beyond belief. She only hated that it was only in her dreams. The way her body felt, she knew that day would be a good day. Sugah couldn’t wait to get to school, get it over with and then spend some quality time with her mother. She had so much to share with her. She also couldn’t wait to see Khalil. Her life was getting better with each day. Sugah didn’t want it to end anytime soon.

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