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Ey Wade

Author spotlight...

The first book I read by my next author spotlight blow me away. The way she intertwined her characters and the powerful message it conveyed caught me by a pleasant surprise. I experienced so many emotions reading the book, I didn’t understand why. Not until I realized one of the characters hit too close to home. Life happens. It will be okay. These are the things Ey’s book zapped me with. Since then, I have become a fan. Her writing style is different, different meaning, off the charts! Once you read one, you won’t be able to stop until you read them all.

Please help me welcome Ey Wade to Kickin’ It With KeKe

Author Ey Wade

Ey considers herself to be a caged in frustrated author of thought provoking, mind bending books in several genres. She is the mother of three adult daughters that were previously home-schooled and the drooling ‘Lovey' to a little boy. Ey was born in Texas and reared as an Army brat. There is the constant need to speak, writing and telling stories is the way she chooses to socialize.

KC: So tell us, how long have you been writing? 
EW: All of my life and more so as an adult. I suppose I can say the usual and say, I’ve been writing all of my life, but the process of writing to make a story really started in elementary school. When the teacher would have us write the paper on ‘what we did over the summer’, I had to make up something. With seven kids in the house and a limited income. A good, away from home, vacation was a fantasy. When I found out my lies were believable, I decided I would be a writer. Once I began working in the childcare profession, I realized I was good at making up impromptu stories and then when my girls came along, they were fodder to the habit. Then life gave me stories that have inspired great scenes and entire books.

KC: What genre do you write or prefer writing?
EW: I don’t have a preferred genre, and so I write in several. I write creative non-fiction, fiction in the genres of suspense, drama, romance, NA, and children’s picture books. I classify myself as a Thought Provoking Author. I write to inspire, to encourage and to cause others to think. My main goal in whatever I write is to cause a change.
D.N.A.-Nothing Would Ever Be The Same (NA) When Clouds Touch (coming of age/romance)
 Tripping Prince Charming, Ribbons & Belle, Ismet’s Honor (romance)
The Fishing Trip (suspense)
The Perfect Solution (a mixture of suspense/romance)
The Women of the Hill (chic lit)
Beads on a String-America’s Racially Intertwined Biographical History (non-fiction) and three picture books from a series called ‘In my Sister’s World.

KC: I love your work. D.N.A. and A Perfect Solution are amongst my list of favorite books. 

KC: How did you know you wanted to become an author/writer?
EW: I can’t really say. I just know the feeling has always been there.

KC: What inspires you to write?
EW: Anything that happens in life on a daily basis.

KC: What message do you want readers to take away from your work?
EW: That life requires action. Nothing happens, moves forward or backward without a movement from us. Each story has a prob for some sort of motivation. Hopefully, it will get people to love and live again through any adversity.

KC: How would you describe your writing style?
EW: Hmmm… eclectic and controversial. All across the board without rhyme and a helluva lot of reason. Most of my books have a social theme whether it deals with children at play, history, single parenting, child or domestic abuse, abortions, teen pregnancy, revenge, or simple romance- they all have characters that are relevant and show that real life happens, and sometimes, it sucks.

KC: Who are some of your favorite authors?
EW: There are way too many to mention or leave out.

KC: What are some of your favorite books?
EW: My all time favorite is The Giver. I love the way life was viewed way out of what we imagine as the norm and the boy fought through the sameness.

KC: What is your formula when working on a new project? (Do you listen to music, use an outline, meditate, or simply start typing?)
EW: I just write. I keep a small tablet at hand or I use the writing software on my cell phone.

KC: If you could collaborate with any of your peers, who would it be and why?
EW: Tyler Perry. He has the connections, the audience, and I believe I have the stories he could advance further with. We would be an unstoppable team.

KC: From reading your work, I agree. Something magical could transpire indeed.
KC: What advice would you give aspiring authors?  
EW: Have faith in yourself, Inspiration, dedication, and commitment. 50% has to be the belief in yourself, 30% to commitment to stand by your words no matter what others think or say, 5% to inspiration from the world around you and 15% to sit your butt down and write.Write what pleases you, the way it pleases you.

KC: Awesome advice!
KC: What are you reading currently?
EW: Books on marketing and promotion. I’ve written a lot now I need to become proficient in selling the works. I find marketing to be a hard learning experience. It is a hit and miss process. You never know what will catch a reader’s attention. Just plug away and believe every day is ‘your’ day to get noticed. I use all of the social networks and since the internet reaches the netherworld….how can I lose?

KC: How can readers find you?
EW: Here are my Online contacts:

Buy Link for my latest 2 novels:

EW: Website is where I sell directly with the option to all online stores. Through my Ganxy store, books are cheaper and the majority of the royalty goes to me.  Please buy direct, I’ll love you forever.: 

KC: As an author, do you think using social media is a great source for gaining new readers/supporters?
EW: It is. You reach people from all over the world and some you may never have contact with, but whom will buy your work.

KC: Tell us about your latest work?
EW: My 2 latest novels are titled Ismet’s Honor and Ribbons & Belle. Both were released on June 2nd. I call them companion novels. They have some of the same main characters but are stand alone and not a series.

RIBBONS & BELLE: Gorgeous, dedicated fertility counselor Tyson Ribbons, has admired and loved embryologist, Anabelle “Belle” Lee for a long time. When she comes in for counseling, he fights everything within him not to deter her from her plans. Doesn’t stop his heart from wishing it could be him fulfilling her desire.

Anabelle Lee, mourning her inability to have a child of her own suffered through two miscarriages, a heartbreaking late-term abortion, and a soul-crushing divorce. As an embryologist, she has protected the potential life of many frozen specimens and lived envious of the women choosing InVitro fertilization as their form of reproduction.
After a bit of encouragement from her best friend, and counseling from the very perfect Dr. Ribbons, Anabelle takes steps to fulfill her desire to become a mother. Problem is, the announcement brings more of a shock than a gift.

ISMET’S HONOR: Sunny Verdi Reyes, has always wanted the “good-life.” Husband, home, lot’s of children. After cheering on her best friend and fellow embryologist Belle, through her successful quest for her dream, she wanted those things even more. Unfortunately, Sunny broke the heart of her fantasy years earlier, and it would take more than wishful thinking to get him back.
At 17, unable to voice his opinion against an unwanted abortion, Ismet Honorable O’Neal ran from the girl who killed his dream of the perfect life and the white picket fence. Now he spends his time aiding other men in being the voice in the lives of their children. Years later, he returns and Sunny is waiting.
She’s going to need more than the love in her eyes to repair the fences.

The inspiration to writing Ribbons and Belle came from the controversy of abortions and the vitriol in which the women are attacked. People tend to overlook the fact there may be medical reasons that make the ending of a life detrimental for the mother’s health. Ismet’s Honor was born after a beta reader finished Ribbons & Belle and wished there was a story about Sunny. I decided to make it more about the father and what his wishes may have entailed and how abortions also affect the father’s to be.

KC: I’m sitting here like WOW! I have so many books to add to my list.
KC: What’s next for you?
EW: The Fishing Trip is part of a 4 book series from LDA(Life Demands Action). I’m working on The Carjacker now. The Women of the Hill is from another series. Yes, Sam Takes Care of Me its counterpart is- On the Corner of Bluebonnet Lane and Easy Street. I have A novel titled Valerie which is a collection of snaps into lives of women and girls all named Valerie. And I have a couple of series of picture books I need to finish and publish.

KC: Great! I love to hear writers writing.
KC: Do you believe networking is crucial to being successful in the writing industry?
EW: Yes, I do.

KC: Why?
EW: I like the idea of learning from others and being able to share what small amount I know. Why not?

KC: Where do you see yourself in five years?
EW: I would love to be living in a different country, Switzerland or Scotland.

KC: Where do you want to be with your writing in five years?
EW: Universally known for my works.

KC: Tell us something that you live by daily, that we can carry with us that should inspire and motivate us to pursue our purpose?
EW: I believe that life is inspiration. It’s everywhere…

KC: I like to incorporate fun and excitement into my blog interviews during the author spotlight segment. This gives readers insight as to who you are as a person. Fun facts are my way of doing so, plus, I get to learn something about you too.

Fun facts:

KC: What is your favorite color?
EW: I like all colors except pink.

KC: What is your favorite food?
EW: Dark chocolate covered raisins and cranberries.

KC: What is your favorite pastime?
EW: Gardening and watching home improvement shows.

KC: Thanksgiving or Christmas?
EW: Both

KC: Books or movies?
EW: It’s a tie. Depends on the mood I’m in.

KC: Winter, spring, summer, or fall?
EW: All, leaning more towards Spring. It can encompass a bit of all seasons.

KC: If you were allowed only one thing with you during the day, what would be the thing you pick?
EW: My phone. It connects me to everyone I truly care for and the works that I do.

KC: Breakfast or Lunch?
EW: Ludinner. I’m not usually hungry until 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

Buy Link for Ribbons & Belle and Ismet’s Honor:

Thank you, Ey, for Kickin’ It With KeKe today. It’s been great! I wish you the best.

Until next time, Be Inspired, Be Encouraged, & Be YOU!!

Purple Hugs,
KeKe Chanel

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