Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reality Bites!!!

“Harsh Doses of Reality”

We often go through life being carried along the wayside, with parents who love us, teaching us about the harsh realities that go along with living, or getting swallowed by the undercurrents called: pain, sorrow, deception, hate, negativity. As children we are molded into the people we usually become as an adult. Having strong values, morals, self-respect, confident, and the ability to see things in positivity instead of the opposite, building character, strengthening our foundation, but sometimes life is sugarcoated for our taste buds and the bitterness of it is left as a bad aftertaste, catching us totally and completely off guard.

Knowing our self-worth becomes the ultimate playbook in this game of life. Each strategic move can either lead us to victory, known as happiness and success, or defeat, otherwise known as rejection. Who wants to go through life feeling helpless, hopeless, plagued with a dark cloud hanging over their heads? Struggle creates depth to our souls, and stumbling blocks push us over the edge of reasoning so that we can learn how to become relatable. Being transparent is how people connect with us. It’s how we connect with ourselves. No one wants to be bothered with a “know-it-all-I-got-my-shit-together-I’m-on-top-of-the-world-and-better-than-you-asshole”.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! We have all heard the saying a time or too many times to count, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, but in harsh doses of reality, we don’t just get lemons, instead we get coconuts, apples, and a few bananas. When this happens, we have to learn and know how to simply make a great cocktail, relax, breathe, and make up our minds to take life by the balls, get off our pity-party and go in swinging, fighting to the death like a raging bull. Don’t get so wrapped up that we lose the sense of who we are. You are not alone. ‘Everybody plays the fool sometimes!’ But, we don’t have to stay that way.

Sure, we want a loving family with both parents living under the same roof, siblings we fight with but stand with unconditionally, a loving partner and children who never get into trouble, make good grades and are very respectful, but reality does happen. Life happens, throwing us curve ball after curve ball, beating us down to our lowest point. All the things Grandmomma and Momma and Daddy told us become lies, or so we think, when faced with harsh doses of reality! It’s solely up to us how we handle these things that come without warning. “Don’t you know that its’ always calm before every storm!” If Jesus could get betrayed, beaten, nailed to the cross and left for dead, who are we? We are not exempt!!

So, when life comes at you like the Miami Heat in the NBA play-offs: stand tall, stick your chest out, look it straight in the eyes, and smile. You are victorious! You are more than a conqueror! And harsh doses of reality can kiss your ass, while watching you walk proudly into your purpose. “Don’t allow pressure, pride, or pain, to pause your progress down the path to reaching your full-potential. Push forward!”

Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!!!

Purple Hugs & Kisses,
Keke Chanel  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013



This is probably one of my favorite interviews, to date. Nah’Sun is straight to the point, open, honest, and a true blast of fun. His sense of humor and great word play had me laughing, fist-pumping, while shaking my head hard in agreement at his “truth”, "Da truth".  Nowadays, we do have individuals who call themselves “writers” “authors” who just don’t get it. Not trying to knock anyone, but it is what it is!!! Much thanks Nah’Sun for your candid, yet insightful and heartfelt interview. You ROCK, and inspire ME to be a better writer, by staying true to myself and the things that I want to and love to write about!

Meet Author Nah’Sun:  

1. Tell us a little bit about you and your books

I’m the champion author for big girls. I was told to write what I like, so I decided to write about the thick and sexy. My mind has a GPS that drives wild on curves. The Thick series is a 7-part series detailing the lives of plus size and full figured women, and the guys (like me) who love them.

I know I’m qualified to write about plus size women as a male because I didn’t have to do the homework…I knew the homework. I did however ask questions for minor details such as how a woman feels when she’s made love to, and the feeling of squeezing large hips, thighs, and caboose in some jeans. Other than that, I’m cool money, baby.

Two novels in the Thick series are available for sale while I’m working easy on the third. You can get the first two Thick novels @

The proof is in the thick.

Thick Synopsis: 

She’ll do anything for thickness…even kill herself for it.

Chance hates her slimness. She feels left out in the cold because of her lack of size. Society caters to full-figured women during her era. Most guys lust and dream about dating women rocking double digits clothes. She’ll do anything to be thick without losing herself in the process. And when she does live the life of a plus size woman, she’ll know the true meaning of “be careful what you wish for.”

Thick When the Chances are Slim is a comedy/drama/erotic novel that shows the importance of self-acceptance while finding comfort under your skin regardless of size. The story will grip your eyes through every shock, laugh, and heart pumping action from the first sentence to the last. Get ready for a blaze…a Nah’Sun blaze.

Thick 2 Synopsis:

Size still matters in the mind of Chance who was once slender, but later enjoyed the thrill of sudden thickness. She struggles with dieting and working out to lose a few pounds to live thick and fit.

While Chance balances her shape and size, Veronique suffers in a household where her fullness is frowned upon by her father. Issues of family tradition along with her love affair with Lakim also complicate her lifestyle when she walks the thin line between pop culture and family customs.

Fashion shows, court dates, ex-lovers, and culture clashes pack the punch in to this drama-erotic sequel to Thick when the Chances are Slim. Feel the blaze…a Nah’Sun blaze.

2. How long have you been writing?

Since the 4th grade.

I’ve been in the book game professionally since 2009. I don’t get myself involved in book industry politics because it’s bullshit. 95 percent of the industry is full of frauds frontin’ for the public. I write for the fans who love great stories. I love my readers. There wouldn’t be a Nah’Sun without them. I don’t write to kiss ass and dickride to get people to like me. I write because I’m good at it. It’ll be a shame to waste the food for thought I can feed the world to nourish their hunger for well-crafted stories.

3. What inspired you to start writing?

Strip clubs inspire me to write.

If I’m suffering from writer’s block, I’ll hit up the tits and ass clubs to re-energize. I make no apologies for that. If you want a good story out of me, you’ll accept it for what it is.

I don’t make it rain at the “skrip” clubs, though. I’m more like the faucet that’s not turned off all the way. I go for shelter, kinda like the kid that says “fuck the world” and runs away from home just because he feels like it. That’s me. That’s how I escape to write. I love talking to “skrippers” more so than getting lap dances from them because for the most part they’re honest about whom they are and what they do. I get my rocks off from a good conversation pretty much.

And besides, there’s nothing more beautiful in the world than a woman…straight up.

4. What are your plans as far as writing in the future?

I plan to end careers.

A lot of so-called authors and writers don’t have any business writing a book. They don’t study the art of writing. They dive head first without a parachute, and then wanna bitch about readers, fellow authors, and reviewers “hating” when they get bad reviews.

That’s not me hating. That’s me regulating.

I’m sure you don’t wanna watch a basketball game full of scrubs. So I don’t want a bunch of idiots in the book game writing just for a quick buck, fuckin’ up the game for everyone by driving down the value of books.

One move that a person makes can throw off the entire industry like a rock that’s thrown in the ocean causing waves…it’s the ripple effect. We’re all in this together as authors. I write for myself, the readers, and the integrity of the game.

That’s like me selling real pairs of Jordans for $200 when you have fake hustlers selling the bootleg ones for $40. It’s to the point where people don’t know what’s real and what’s fake anymore…they’ll accept the fake shit because it’s cheap regardless of knowing it’s NOT the real thing.

That’s pretty much the current state of the book game right now, at least on the Negro side of thangs.

Authors who sell e-books for 99-cents should kill themselves, get reincarnated, and kill themselves again. They’re fuckin’ up the game by half-assing the shit, but when I point that out, I get called the “hater” instead of authors going out their way to look in the mirror to correct themselves.

Just like if someone had told me a weakness of mine that I need to strengthen to step my shit up.

You see how you got these young boys nowadays runnin’ wild in the streets killing themselves. You wanna know why? It’s because you don’t have the OGs (Original Gangsters) in the game to check them for acting reckless. The OGs are either dead, dying old in prison doing basketball numbers, or strung out on dope. You see, back then dudes killed for a reason, as ignorant as that may seem, but nowadays these young jokers are killing each other and innocent civilians with no rhyme or reason at all.

They lack guidance and the proper game which make the block hot full of cops that’ll stop the real hustlers from getting money.

The book game is crazy like that…but hey, I’m the hater…LOL

5. What do you hope to accomplish in your books to your readers?

All I’m gonna say is that my books are off the hook. Just be prepared to get entertained from an author who takes his art serious as you’ll also learn a few things in the midst of laughing, learning, and getting horny.


Nah’Sun the Great


My favorites:

Song – “Shout” by Tears for Fears

Singer – Ronald Isley

Film – The 36 Chamber of Shaolin

Book – The Hagakure

Author – Seth “Soul Man” Ferranti

Actress – Sally Richardson

Actor – Robert DeNiro

Season – Fall

Color – Black

Holiday – New Years

Day – Monday

Outfit – Suits and ties with some leather, suede or animal print shoes

It has been a pleasure getting to know more about Nah’Sun. I will most definitely be reading his work. Being that I am a woman with curves, it warms my hearts to see “curves” getting the love and appreciation that “they” deserve! Now, let’s show our support to Nah’Sun by visiting his website, connecting with him on social media and last but not least, purchasing his books. Feel free to post any questions, comments or concerns. I’m sure Nah’Sun would love hearing from you.

Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be you!!!

Purple Hugs & Kisses,
Keke Chanel

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nadirah Khalifah


Meet Author Nadirah Khalifah:

1.   Tell us a little bit about you and your books.
Hey! I’m Nadirah Khalifah and I’m originally from Newport News, Va. Before anything else, I am a mother of a wonderful baby boy, Heru. He gives my life meaning and inspiration. As a matter of fact, my book Based on A True Story is the memoir of the events surrounding my whole pregnancy. It was an interesting and dramatic time of my life and I knew that I had to write down my story.

Based on a True Story is my second book. My first book, The Faard Files, was published in 2009 and it is a book that I wrote about my mother, Reda, who passed away in 1997 from breast cancer. The Faard files means a lot to me, not only because it is my first book but also because the book features some articles that my mother has written herself, as a well as a whole lot of color pictures.
My newest book, The Run, is my first published work of fiction. It is the first of a three part series. The Run Part 2- Lisa’s Story is coming out later on this year.

2.   How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing ever since I can remember. My first book was made with crayons & typing paper. It was folded down the middle and bound with a staple in the middle lol
3.   What inspired you to start writing?
Life. Everyone has a story to tell.
4.   What are your plans as far as writing in the future?
Just to keep going. I work as a freelance writer as well as a ghost writer. It’s not always glamorous or even exciting but being able to make a living off of my own mind and imagination gives me satisfaction that I probably wouldn’t be able to get at a more traditional job. My father, H.K Khalifah, is an accomplished writer and publisher so I guess journalism is in my blood. However, growing up I never thought that I would be a writer myself. With my father’s support, I sort of fell into the writing game and now it is hard to imagine doing anything else.
5.   What do you hope to accomplish in your books to your readers?
Every one of my books has truth in them. Of course the non-fiction books are about true events but even The Run has some truth to it too. I get my inspiration from life and true events. I want my readers to be able to relate to my work. Some situations are not ideal but life is not always perfect either. Especially with Based on a True Story, I really put myself out there. I made some dumb choices that most people would keep to themselves. I broadcasted my mistakes into a book in hopes that it would help someone avoid the mistakes that I have made. Or maybe, if you relate to my book a little too much, at least you’ll know that you are not alone.
Website: www.BooksByNadirah.Com (Under Construction!)
Twitter: @NaeWrites
Blog: www.BooksByNadirah.Com (Coming Soon)

My favorites:
Song: The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston, I Wonder by Kanye West, Human Nature by MJ & any song by Lionel Richie.
Singer: It changes all the time. Right now I think it’s country singer Clare Bowen. She has such a beautiful voice; I could listen to her sing all day long.
Film:  Juice, Scarface, Friday, The Mummy, Dirty Dancing, Superbad… and more.
Book: Harry Potter. The whole series is wonderful. I was in love with The Prisoner of Azkaban when I read it.
Author: I really enjoy reading books by Carl Hiaasen.
Actress: Halle Berry
Actor: Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper
Season: Fall
Color: Yellow
Holiday: New Year’s Day
Day: Friday
Outfit: A dress because it’s already a complete outfit. All you need are shoes and accessories!
 I see that Nadirah and I have many things in common as favorites! Now that you have gotten to know more about the Author, please like her page of Facebook, follow her on twitter and support her craft by purchasing her books. They are already added to my long list, thanks to all these amazing authors spotlighted last month, and I'm sure that the list will grow even longer with this month's. I look toward to reading them and sharing my thoughts with you. Reviews will be posted soon! Let me know your thoughts on the books you have read or plan to read by leaving comments. Thanks again! Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be you!

Purple Hugs & Kisses,
Keke Chanel