Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A poem: "Spiritual Surgery"

We are all a work in progress!!!

Spiritual Surgery...

God has renewed my spirit
Transformed my heart
Delivered my mind
And cleansed my soul...

I am humble,
I hold compassion for others with highest regard,
I am positive,
I am kind and use my tongue to speak like not death...

Father, I stretch my hands to thee no other help I know,
I get down on my knees in prayer even when times are good,
I use my eyes to see the good in everyone even those who don't care, love or see it in ME!
I am reaping the rewards from His grace and mercy, His everlasting...eternal love.

All I can say is "Thank You Lord"
My body is your temple
I am striving to enter into Your KINGDOM each and every day...

Even when things seem lost, when the enemy comes in like a flood turning every area in your life upside down, don't give up! Don't lose focus! You are just going through spiritual surgery, preparing you for your destiny. Know that you are never alone and when you feel like there is nothing left to do, remember to STAND!!! The BEST IS YET TO COME...

Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be BLESSED!!!!

Keke Chanel

Monday, May 21, 2012

"Don’t let others block your destiny!!!"

Have you ever thought about when you have something good going on or to share, how no one seems happy for you? When you always have something positive to say to encourage others but just when you need a simple “thank you” or word of encouragement, no one is around? This can be very depressing to someone who doesn’t have thick skin or God leading their path. When you realize that you may be by yourself during certain phrases in your life, but always know that God is there, you will get through them. Don’t stress over having the approvable of others! Not everyone is going to be happy for you or like what you have going on. Trust God to move forward. Never allow anyone to dictate your future or stand in the way of reaching your destiny. In the end you will always see who is genuinely happy, proud and there for you.

I say this to say that, if you believe in yourself, you work harder toward your dreams. Those dreams never define you or cause you to treat others badly. You humble yourself accordingly and push on. The only person who will get in your way is “YOU”! When you know that there are people out in the world, even in your very circle who doesn’t want to see you succeed, you won’t be so shocked or surprised by their actions when your dreams become a reality. As long as you keep pushing, fighting, and striving to be the best, with God leading your journey, you won’t have to feel bad, down, like you owe anyone anything, or sad about becoming successful. Don’t feel bad about your accomplishments. God wants us all to have the desires of our hearts, riches and all things good in life. Don’t be ashamed of what you have or what you are about to accomplish. Stay positive! Surround yourself with positive people! And always possess a positive attitude! Your time is on the way! Don’t let others block your destiny! Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU…Love God first, love yourself next and then love others! The greatest gift in life is LOVE…use it!!

Keke Chanel

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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Question: What’s better, the pleasure from sex or having an orgasm?
Denise, in Louisiana

This question can be quite tricky, because we have some people who have sex just to achieve an orgasm, instead of experience the pleasure from it. Those same people really don’t understand the concept of pleasure. First, allow me to give you my definition of pleasure, as well as Webster’s and then move on from there.

My definition of pleasure is as follows: It is the essence of desire fulfilled with the best intimacy known to mankind, intellectual stimulation. It the mind is stimulated correctly, everything else will follow suit and leave you carving more. Pleasure is reaching the ultimately climax, warming your soul, your mind, and leaving your spirit in shock, not just having an orgasm.

Webster’s definition of pleasure: the state or feeling of being pleased; enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one’s liking, gratification, delight, recreation or amusement, diversion, one’s will, desire, or choice.

Now allow me to give you the definition of orgasm:

Webster: the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of sexual excitation, an instance, intense or unrestrained excitement, usually resulting from stimulation of the sexual organ.

My definition: To reach a wave of sensation flowing throughout the body caused by sexual stimulation or fulfillment. Seeing stars, toes curling, bind blowing satisfaction.

There is no right or wrong way to describe what one feels during this stage of intercourse but I think that in order to reach the kind of orgasm that will cause tears to stream down the sides of your face, pleasure has to be involved. Not many women will have orgasms during sex, so I believe that pleasure plays a more important part where sex is concerned. Sure having the “BIG O” is great, but that only lasts a few seconds, an instance. Pleasure goes far and beyond that. Being pleasured requires having a different kind of intimacy with your partner. People go out and have casual sex all the time with the intentions of achieving an orgasm or reaching personal satisfaction.

Think about it, men will more than likely have an orgasm during sex, whereas most women tend to fake it because of the lack of pleasure. If the experience is not pleasurable, how will it be satisfying? My hubby and I had a conversation a few weeks ago about this particular subject and I learned from him that just because the act of sex is taking place, it doesn’t mean that it is pleasurable. He said that the more the partner is into it, the better the experience will be. I never looked at it from a male’s perspective until that moment. So, to answer the question what’s better the pleasure from sex or having an orgasm, for me it’s the pleasure from sex. If the orgasm happens it happens, but the pleasure always makes the entire act ten times better. I would rather have pleasure with intimacy, than sex with an orgasm, without pleasure, any given day. But if we are lucky to receive both the pleasure along with the orgasm, that is even better!

Not every sexual encounter will be the same. Who wants it to be? That can/will get pretty boring after a while. So, make the best out of each experience. And if you have a partner who aims to make sure you receive pleasure, as well as a “happy ending”, count your lucky stars, you have hit the jackpot. All I can say to that one is, “Cha-ching!!” LOL

And remember that it takes an unselfish lover to truly please his/her partner. Selfish lovers get left the hell alone, sleeping in cold beds, having wet dreams! Don’t sell yourself short, there is someone out there who will give you pleasure, with intimacy, achieving indescribable orgasm(s). And to be blunt for a minute, sex without pleasure is simply “FUCKING”!!

Let me know your thoughts on this topic. Feel free to leave your comments in the comment box below.

I look forward to hearing from you. Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged, and be YOU!!!

Keke Chanel

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Food For Thought:

Are you a Raven or a Dove???

We all know the story of Noah and the Ark from the bible, or so we should. After the great flood was over, Noah sent out two kinds of birds, the first one being a Raven. They are fearless creatures with the ability to find light in darkness. They are large in size, with square tails. They have black bills and black legs. They learn quickly, often seen after battle eating the defeated. Dirty scavengers with far spread eyes. Some believe that they are messengers from the underworld when death in lurking. Noah thought that this particular bird would be of great help in determining if there was dry land, but failed. The second bird sent out twice was a Dove. Known as divine relevations from Heaven. It is small in size with gentle features. They are white and pure, with close eyes so it has the ability to see beneath it. The Dove is associated with victory, power, godliness, a symbol of love.The Raven's eyes made it hard to see other than in front of it while the dove could see below and all around it's surroundings, consequently returning when dry land was detected, signaling new life. I believe that both birds were significant to Noah in very different ways.

Do you have all the right characteristics of greatness like a Raven, but cannot see passed the things in front of you, allowing the enemy to keep you blindsided? Or do you have the ability to see all around you like a Dove, seeing how evil tries to throw you off track?

I think that we are all Doves sometimes trapped as Ravens until we use our full sight to see passed our fears, problems, heartaches and pains. We have to know that God is always present in our lives no matter the situation. So, stay focused, don't get thrown off course unable to get back on the path to your destiny. Use your wings(eyes) to soar, see, and survive! You hold the power to overcome any obstacles that get in your way. With God, there is no way you can fail. Be blessed!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

"Thinking like a MAN..."

“Act like a LADY!!!”

We all have probably seen the movie or read the book by now, so I guess it’s safe to finally speak on the subject. I loved the book and adored the movie, but I don’t think that I am fully in agreement with the concept. I think that if we, as women, start or keep thinking like man, then we eventually lose ourselves. We make all the things our grandmothers taught us about being a lady, respecting ourselves and saving ourselves for marriage, fly straight out the door. If we think that if they can do it so can we, the value of the reason God created us in the first place becomes irrelevant.

What happened to really getting to know someone before jumping right into sex? What happened to opening car doors and pulling out seats? Nowadays most women feel powerless if a man attempts such things. She truly feels helpless, beneath him like “I don’t need you to do that for me because I can do it myself”. True, we all can, but I think we don’t require the things men used to do back then, now. There is nothing wrong with having a man treat you like a lady, not because he feels pressured into doing so but because he wants to and because you deserve that kind of treatment. Think about it, if you have to wait at the car door in order for him to see that he should have opened it long before walking around the side of the car, it’s fake, not genuine. If he walks behind or in front of you instead of on side of you, he is not comfortable seeing seen in public with you. That is a sign that he was more than likely dealing with you and many others at the same time. Looking at other women while he is with you is disrespectful! I don’t care how you look at it. It is a sign of weakness. I man without self-control is like a dog in heat, he will screw anyone who lets him. Don’t accept anything less than what you deserve.

Dating has become too casual. What, after three dates, sex is a given? Now, at the end of a date a goodnight kiss isn’t enough. Sex is expected on both parts. The woman thinks that if she doesn’t do it, he will go on to the next thing and the man thinks he is entitled because he paid for dinner and a movie.

C’mon, this isn’t who God created us to become. Yes, it was Eve who allowed sin to reach all mankind, but as women, we also have to power to control it. “Owe no man but to love him!” Love yourself enough first.

Is it so wrong waiting? We as women have changed the way things work and get mad at men for constantly expecting more from us than they actually deserve. Having one night stands has become an epidemic. Having three or four baby-mama/baby-daddy is the norm, and yet no one seems to think there is a problem. When we take responsibility for our actions, we will change our outlook of life, our situation, and relationships. We will be able to teach our children that waiting in okay. That being a lady is expected and being an even better man than their father is required.  

The movie does show that there are men who love their women unconditionally, but the women don’t love themselves enough to even realize it. Now there is nothing wrong with having standards, but don’t miss out on life, love and living having your head stuck so far up your ass. If you see only dollar signs, a nice car, and a handsome face, what will you see when the money is gone, the car is repossessed and the face is wrinkled? Will that be enough to stay in a relationship that was built on materialistic and superficial things, instead of love?

It’s okay dating, but as a single parent, be careful who you let around your children. I think that waiting a few months is necessary before introducing someone new to the kids. Think about it, do you really know them that well after two weeks to have them around your kids? Use good judgment and trust God first! And remember that men who love their mothers will love and treat you amazing. That doesn’t mean you have to deal with being second, I’m just saying. You wouldn’t want to be with an asshole that treats his mother like crap, or even his sisters for that matter.

Women should be ladies, think like ladies and act like ladies. If we do that, then the men will either get with the program or miss out on the promise. We have the power. How else do families exist? Even if there are too male parents, there was still a woman who birthed the child into existence therefore a family isn’t a family without a WOMAN! Don’t give away your treasure to every man who comes along.  We are way better than that. Just because some men do this, it is still a woman who allows it to happen. Don’t be that woman. It’s really okay to just say “NO”.  

And ladies, if you are blessed with a good man, treat him as such. Don’t play games or try to be his mother. This is the quickest way to pushing him over the edge or into the arms of another woman waiting to treat him like a king. If you don’t know, you better start paying attention or ask someone. Respect requires two things: 1) self-respect and 2) demanding respect by being respectful. These two things are essential in being who you are. Stop requiring nothing and expect everything but make sure you are prepared for a fight. Not too many people will like you for having morals and values for yourself. They will turn their backs on you. They will tell you, you think too highly of yourself. And you will probably lose many people you thought cared and loved you along the way. But the ultimate reward is, at the end of the day you will be looked at differently, like a lady! And contrary to belief, men still want to be with a LADY!!!

Men do what we allow them to do. When we become wise enough to realize this, the world as we know it will change and for the better. Learn yourself! Know yourself! Trust yourself! Respect yourself! Love yourself! Maintaining a positive attitude, energy and relationships is the key, use it to unlock a new you, a new culture, a new society. I dare you to start thinking better of yourself, others will follow suit. Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!!!

Keke Chanel

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Moment of Gratitude...

True Friendships are forever!!!

It’s amazing that I still have most of the same friends now that I had growing up as a kid. We don’t have to talk every day or see each other all the time to know that we are friends til the end. I find that true friendship doesn’t need to be validated. It’s a given. The people who matter most will be there even when you don’t think that they are. Even when you try to push them away, they don’t push you away and continue to pray that you let go and let God fight your battles. I thank God for my “Godly Girlfriends” as I call them. We laugh together, cry together, pray together and have fun times together. We build each other up instead of tear each other down. We speak life, because we all know that there is power in the tongue. We bring positive attitudes, outlooks, and energy to each other.  Even when one of us doesn’t feel like being positive, we don’t talk badly about it, we pray for strength to overcome the situation. We encourage each other.

Although the enemy tried to ruin a few friendships along our journey, we managed to always get through it. It doesn’t take much when the foundation was built to sustain any obstacle, and that foundation is God. No, we don’t pretend to know it all or have it all together because we are still human, so at times we tend to get in our flesh. But that’s okay because we are entitled to make mistakes. In the end we get through it and become better from it. Some people go through life alone; unable to find one person less known many who will be there for them, so I am extremely blessed. Even though my circle is just that, they know that they have been a part of it since elementary school. I just want to say to them, and they all know who they are that, “I love you girls with all that is within me and thank God for giving us to each other. I look forward to having you in my life for many years to come and also when we cross that river and enter into the kingdom of Heaven! You inspire me, encourage me and keep me “ME”.

Keke Chanel

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just a little inspiration for all the people who have ever felt lost...

"I AM..."

I stop and listen
Only silence kisses my ears
My eyes cry from missing you
When you don't even see me standing in front of you
I am lost
Torn between loving myself and loving you
A battle that leaves me wounded, used, abused...unable to recognize who I am
What happened to the beautiful girl staring back at me in the mirror?
Who had confidence, determination, goals, who knew how to love herself first?
What happened to the sparkle in her eyes, the pep in her step that once captured everyone's attention?
Dreams of becoming someone her Grandmother would be proud of
The smile that once brightened each day is lost in sadness,
Frowns are now the roadmap of her lips leading to the destination of loneliness,
Spinning her youth into darkness, she slowly fades away...

She cries out for help and her life quickly transforms...

She rises
Stands tall
Sticks her chest out
She remembers hearing her Father say "I love you, you are beautiful...special…A princess one day to become a Queen!"
She remembers the laughter she once possessed protecting her soul,
Pampering her spirit from harm...

"I won't be overlooked", she speaks
"No more being used, abused, taken for granted...My mama didn't raise me to be this way
I am made in the image of God therefore I am more than the world against,
More than the ways of the world! I am beauty, a reflection of being Christ-like,
My brother is a King so that makes me ROYALTY!!
You don't have power over me anymore, I choose to love myself!
No more tears of sadness from being your punching bag,
No more being lonely when I am never ALONE, I am better than t
hat, so I deserve better than YOU!!

No more pain from your hands, take these shackles off of me I just wanna PRAISE HIM!!!
I feel sorry for you because you just don't get it!
To know Him is to LOVE Him but sadly you don't even love yourself
But I will pray for you..."  

Peace and Blessings,

Keke Chanel