Monday, February 27, 2012

“Women of Color impacting the 2012 award season”

It has been said, also proven that women impact the world on a daily basis with our charm, beauty, radiance, nurturing qualities, ability to possess strength even through our weakest hour, and countless other attributes. I think James Brown said it best, “this is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl”. Since the beginning of time woman have played the most important role in our generation. Without women, there wouldn’t be a generation. God saw that Adam was lonely, in need of companionship and a helpmate so God created woman, a powerful being who ultimately changed the face of time. True, Eve was deceived, but that transpiring of event lead to the concept of childbirth. Since then, generation after generation, women have continued to impact life and change the face of history, this year being no exception.

I want to pay hummage to the women of color who are leaving their footprints on the world, which will be talked about for years to come. Harriet and Sojourner, we salute you for you have paved our paths and will live through us forever! There is nothing more powerful than the strength of a woman. And with all the struggles, hardships and pain, women of color supersedes all else. Not that other women fall short, I’m merely speaking of my ancestors, being a proud woman of color. This award season of 2012 has been life-changing for me and I can also speak for many other women, not just women of color when I say this. Sure we have been overlooked, underestimated and deprived of equality for centuries, I know now that it was all predestined until this very year. All of our great-great grandmothers voices unheard, our great-grandmothers words taken credit by others, our mothers thoughts, ideas and talents lightly acknowledged. Our hard works are finally being relevantly displayed in the eyes of our peers all over the world. 

 (Spread your wings and fly)
The untimely death of one of our own begins this journey into the unknown. Whitney Houston, a music icon. A woman of beauty, unbelievable talent and a voice of an angel gone too soon as some would say, but God’s plan is never too soon, bringing God to the Grammy’s with a prayer at the beginning of the show. Then taking everyone all over the world to church with her memorial/funeral/home going celebration service, televised in its entirety, the power of God shined through every home who tuned in that day. We heard great gospel singing, worship, scripture readings, preaching and the power of God filled the airways, drawing our generation a little bit closer to Him. Only Whitney Houston, a woman who truly loved God even in the mist of her storm. This event will go down in history and be talked about until the end of time. I know she has been smiling, knowing that she has helped someone draw closer to his/her faith, and believe that they are worthy and beautiful inside and out, despite what one person may try to make you think.

 (stunning beauty)

 (tears of joy well deserved)

Octavia Spencer winning best supporting actress in a motion picture joining the elite club which includes: Hattie McDaniel, being the first black person not just woman to win an Oscar, Whoopi Goldberg, Monique and Jennifer Hudson. What a great list to be in company with, I might add! We will forever love the character Minnie. The Help is a great movie. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

 (flawless beauty)

Esperanza Spaulding singing beautifully during the in memory of portion of the night, rocking her natural hair, which looked and sounded amazing by the way. She also won a Grammy this award season for best jazz album of the year. Indeed “what a wonderful world”. We even have to give props to our very own musical genius Pharrell for all the beautiful music of the evening. He wrote, arranged and produced the medleys for the evening. It was inspiring, enduring, soothing and wondrous wrapped up all in one. Well done Sir! Not taking from our women but James Earl Jones and Sean Combs left their stamp on the world, sharing in the spotlight of Oscar also. Mr. Jones receiving recognition that has been a long time coming, for all of his work as an actor, an honorary Oscar shows that through hard work, determination, perseverance and the will to go above and beyond any role does indeed pay off. Mr. Combs winning best documentary for film “Undefeated”, as the film’s Executive Producer. What a great honor gentlemen. Black history month keeps getting more and more relevant to all who chose to ignore. WE ARE HERE! May as well get used to it!

 (having fun before Oscars)

Oprah looked stunning receiving the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian award, with her man by her side all in smiles. An award much deserved, although there were many naysayers. The woman is awesome, let’s just face it! Stop hating. Come on, she deserves the honor. Be happy for her or shut the hell up. “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t open your damn mouth.” Sorry, but I had to go there. It’s sad that every time someone of a different race receives an achievement of some sort, it’s talked about, frowned upon or simply undeserving. Again I say, get over it! Moving right along, please! Gorgeous curls, bronze/gold gown setting the atmosphere, she looked radiant, poised and lovely. Oprah is also a member of the Academy for the movie Precious, for which she was a producer of the film that won best picture in 2009. That was the year Monique won and Gaby was nominated. Oprah was also nominated for her roles in The Color Purple or Beloved.

 (rocking her natural hair)

Then we have Viola Davis making the topic of natural hair a conversation piece for the Academy Awards, as she looks stunning in a beautiful green dress and displaying her perfectly kinky coils. She radiates class, sophistication and poise. Quote: “My expectation is to have a successful career” was her response when asked about winning in her category. She has been around for years, yet overlooked for her great talent. Ride the wave my Dear Viola, let it carry you into the next amazing, life-changing role, which will continue to showcase your phenomenal gift! Although she didn’t win an Oscar this evening, this year 2012, she is still our inspiration. She shows our little girls who look different that they don’t have to conform or look like everybody else to be accepted or successful. I am so excited that she listened to her husband and decided to rock her natural hair at the Oscars, which to credits her mother for pulling it together. Embracing their natural beauty is a gift in which every girl/woman of color should respect, appreciate, acknowledge and know that is beautiful. We salute you Ms. Davis. You should be proud. Get ready because life as you knew it is about to take on a new meaning. Your time is coming? It’s amazing that she won every award this season that she was nominated for and not the Oscar, but that’s nothing new right. Brilliance isn’t always accepted or credited through recognition. As she said and I quote, “You have to represent something bigger” is an underestimate in Hollywood. Not gonna happen during Black History Month, ever! I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic for right now. I will take something much more powerful to take place in order for that to happen. I’m just saying! The last woman of color to win best actress before Monique was Halle Berry and she was getting fucked by a white guy, got kissed by a white guy as she accepted her award. Why? The fact that Viola played a maid wasn’t any different, but she was exceptional in the performance. After that Monique who was portrayed as an abusive, dirty, low-life, uneducated mother.  Yes Monique won, but yet another stereotypical role. Is that really how they see us?  

 (Sharing the spotlight with a friend)

“And the winner is, Meryl Streep”. Sure we all love Meryl, she has indescribable talent. But even she thought Viola should have won. Great actress, nice performances through and through, time and time again, but not better than Viola’s if you ask me. Come on 17 nominations, she could have waited another year. She already has two, three now. Either way, being nominated is a privilege and honor, great achievement to say the least so we are still proud. That only means that God has another role for Viola to play that doesn’t involve being cast as a maid, having sex, being abusive and any other stereotype. I cannot be upset or sad about that. All in all the music, the fashions, the beauty, the “something special”, the women of color didn’t disappoint.

 (support from the hubby)

The women of color impacting, preparing and making it known that “we” are here sums up this award season. There will be more of us attending, nominated and winning in the near future. Our talents will be showcased all over the world. If Three 6 Mafia’s “It’s hard out here for a Pimp” can win an Academy award for best song, you know that we well on our way. The sky isn’t the limit because there are footprints on the moon! (Not my original words but I love them) This year’s Oscar’s best one in a long time from start to finish. Shout out to Billy Crystal! He was fantastic as always.

Before I go, I want to leave something for you to reflect on. Women, especially women of color, embrace your greatness, know your self-worth, don’t settle for just any ole role or stereotype, and be ready for your destiny. God didn’t create us for anything less than our divine purpose. Walk into your season and stay there for a lifetime! Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged, be unique and be YOU! Sugar and spice and all things nice, I love being a girl...

Keke Chanel

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Black History Month

"Being able to love where you came from is the key to loving who you have become. I salute the men and women who came before me. I cannot say thank you enough, for that too wouldn't be enough. I walk your footprints, paved for me, guiding me to reach my destiny."keke chanel

We celebrate our ancestors this month, the ones who have paved the way for us during this designated time, embracing our strong heritage, yet overlook everyday people. It doesn’t really matter that it is the shortest month of the year because history should be celebrated all year round. Many people get angry of this fact, but do the same individuals even acknowledge our people when March 1st gets here? Do they even take part the entire month of February? Do they take the time out of their day and recognize a different person in history who made a difference besides the obvious? I give all due respect and appreciation to the women and men who fought, lost their lives before us so that our generation wouldn’t have to struggle as much, but what about Mr. Jackson, the teacher who cares enough about his students that he spends all of his spare time thinking of ways to help many of his students receive scholarships to college or send at least one with his own dollar? What about Kenya, the upcoming fashion designer who designs clothing so that our sons and daughters know that they don’t have to show too much skin to be beautiful or accepted in this cold world.  What about Mr. Baker down the street with his own business? Is he successful because of the support from his people or others who decide to do business within the neighborhood? Think about it for a minute. I mean truly reflect on the situation. Do you support local businesses, teachers, or any other person trying to leave their mark in the world? Sure without all the women and men before us we wouldn’t get the opportunity to showcase such individuals in our culture today, but do we really…truly know and understand all of the pain suffered many years ago?  I say many years ago but some of the same things our ancestors went through, still exists today. One would think that being a certain color or ethnic background didn’t play a huge part in getting recognition, securing a good job or being able to walk into a department store and not be followed around like a criminal. I know that a few apples fall along by the wayside, but should we all be judged from it? I often ask myself could I have been one of those individuals, and my answer is still the same. Not no, but hell no!

If this land we live on could talk, would it whisper the pain and suffering endured by our ancestors? If the wind could share stories from history, would it send chills up and down your spine revealing all the hatred taught generation after generation, to dislike someone because of the way they look? Would the tree limbs shed tears from all the beatings and hangings it witnessed? Would the rain wash away secret tortures, unconquered fears and all the families torn apart, sold into slavery at the auction block? Would the soil used to plant and harvest perfect crops tell about all the blood and sweat used to make sure the people in the “big house” got a chance to live a life of luxury? Would we be able to listen closely and hear the sound of Harriet, Sojourner, Fredrick, Malcolm, Martin and countless numbers of others fight for freedom and equal rights? If all of those significant things reigned true, our race of people wouldn’t find itself still struggling or blaming others for misfortune. There wouldn’t be so many beautiful, strong men of color behind prison walls or with the mentality that someone owes them something. There wouldn’t be as many single mother’s because men would know just how hard his great-uncle, grandfather, cousin fought to keep his family together. Women wouldn’t have to prostitute themselves, thinking that she isn’t worthy of finding real love without giving up her precious treasure. If we all took the time out to really understand and know that our heritage is way more than just twenty-eight, sometimes twenty-nine days of the year, there could be no more excuses.

Start now! Start with today. Be an example of which your children will look up to, admire, love, respect and strive to become better than some day. Teach them our history but don’t allow them to neglect all the deserving men and women living in today, who work hard and are successful. These too are people who play a huge part in our history, heritage and culture. Show them that although February is called “Black History Month”, we exist 365 days not just during that window of reflection. Show them that having color to our skin isn’t disgusting, wrong or shameful. Teach them to love and embrace being who they are. Most importantly, teach them to love everyone, not just people who look and act like they do. The world is a great place of opportunity, reward, success but no one is going to hand it to them. Through hard work, determination and dedication, nothing is impossible. Yes, there will be some who just refuse to let go of hatred, ignorance or prejudice, but show and mold it into them that the only person capable of standing in their way is them. I didn’t think I would live during the time that we would have a black President, but here we are. I wasn’t being close-minded. I just thought that it wouldn’t happen in my lifetime. Teach your children to elect or standby the best person for the job, not because of the color of his/her skin. There are always wolves in sheep’s clothing. Being a good judge of character, taking someone by their word and relying on intuition will never lead them down the wrong path. I am a firm believer in God, so prayer is always the answer to any situation if you ask me.

So, don’t just remain focused merely on the ones who came before us, let their significance in history inspire us to inspire the people who surround us daily. Acknowledge the everyday people, the ones who work among us, live next door to us or simply love doing what they do. Encourage instead of tear down. Uplift instead of put down on. Motivate instead of neglect. If we do more of this, greater things would happen to us. We are losing great people every day. It’s sad, but something we all must face. We never expect to live without having these individuals as a part of life. It hurts. But with each legend, icon, star, loved one we lose, let their impact on your life be that same, if not more of an impact to someone else’s. Don’t let someone’s ethnic background, gender, sexual preference, job title, religious belief or any other difference influence your opinion to treat them anything less than a person. We are all relevant. Believe in yourself and also believe in others. Have compassion, love, acceptance and appreciation for everyone, no matter what or how they see fit to live their lives. It’s not our place to judge or speak negatively about someone. And if you find yourself in a predicament where you are about to, think about it long and hard. Would you want someone to do that same thing to you? Treat people the way you want to be treated. Remember all the struggles the people before you endured and then ask, “What makes you any different from them?” Enjoy the remainder of our month but don’t just stop when spring arrives. Celebrate our culture and heritage each day to help someone else along his/her journey. No one can live in this world alone, don’t try to! It’s the circle of life and one day, in the near future, life as we know it, will seize to exist!

Before the end of the month, do a little bit of research. Learn about someone in our history you never knew about. Share that information with someone else. Knowledge is power and education is essentially the key to achieving success. “Spread love, one love, let’s get together and feel alright!” I love the lyrics to that particular song. Very insightful, positive and assuring that if we all can come together, everything will be okay. How many of you truly believe that? Take pride in being who you are and where you came from! Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be you!

Keke Chanel

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

“Fun Times—Sunday Night Live”

(Only in New Orleans)

It all began with a conversation of “what are we gonna do today?” We decided on just going to get something to eat. Unsure of what we wanted to eat, my brother took charge of the situation and we went to Zea’s. If you haven’t been there, it is delicious. Their ribs are to die for! Seriously, almost as good as my mom’s and that woman can cook her ass off. The menu is a combination of seafood, bar-b-que, pasta, steaks, and several other dishes, so your entire dinner party should have no problem finding something to enjoy. Dinner was great. Good conversation, sharing food out of each other’s plate, talking about everybody, you know “the norm” with our clan. The only thing missing was our older sister. Since she was just home for the holidays, she couldn’t come down for Mardi Gras. (Maytail, we love you) I wanted to catch the Bacchus parade, one of my favorite during carnival time, which always takes place on Sunday night. Before then we stopped by the daiquiri shop to get something to sip during the parade. “Shout out to the famous HURRICANE daiquiri.” (Very nice) Well, we missed the parade but ended up downtown in the French Quarter. The crowd was massive, yet civilized. Finding a place to park was crazy but leave it to my cousin “PoppaDoc” and his creativity, we didn’t drive around for long. Once the truck was secure, they set out on foot towards the infamous Bourbon Street. Too many people to bother with, so we decided to go to the Hookah Bar, a place in the city were you go to smoke, dance, hang out and just have a great time.

The crowd was laid back, the atmosphere soothing, leaving all of the hustle and bustle of the city on the outside. We were able to relax, listen to live music and enjoy our time together. (The band was Amazing) Shout out to the dude playing the flute. He was awesome. Who knew the flute could sound so sexy? Surprisingly the smoke wasn’t overpowering in the least. As the drinks poured in and the taste of our customized hookah set the scene, we laughed at some of the characters who decided to come out and play. (Halloween is in October, right?) Leave it to Mardi Gras to make people think they can just put on anything but fit right in with what everybody else is wearing. Let me just say “some clothing is not made for everyone to wear”. I know dressing a certain way or having a certain style creates and showcases a person’s individuality, but DAMN, I don’t wanna know who you are if I feel like Imma throw up in my mouth! Harsh, maybe but I am dead serious. If you have to keep pulling on your skirt or dress, it’s too damn short. If I see your underwear or lack thereof, you should do something different. If I see your boobies staring me in the face before I see you, you got too much hanging out. Fellas, if your skinny leg jeans fit tighter than your girlfriend’s, they are suspect! (I’m just saying) Dude, let your balls hang like they are supposed to do. We took pictures and sent them to our mother and she went berserk. She thought we were smoking something else, getting high. “I know ya’ll ain’t smoking dem drugs”, she replied in a text. We cracked our sides laughing at her. (She is too funny) Like we would have sent her a picture of us doing that anyway! (SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!!)    

After hanging at the Hookah for a few hours and several drinks later, we went back to Bourbon. I must have been in my own zone because hubs look at me funny. I asked what was wrong and he asked me if I saw what happened. “What happened”, I wanted to know. When he tells me that a girl walking with her friend passed him and rubbed him down, you know I was livid. He didn’t feel the need to share such information until her ass was out of sight, right. (Yeah, my thoughts exactly) The ass-whipping is still playing in my head as we speak. Yeah, she would have been introduced to “my fist, going upside her head”. Is that disrespectful or what? Maybe I’m overreacting, so you tell me. Anyway, let me stop talking about it before I get all worked up again. (Wu-sah) Ending up at club Razoo’s, the party was in full swing. A mixture of ethnic backgrounds filled the place beyond capacity. Girls in little ass shorts walked around advertising shots for $3. My sister and I gave it a go. Does anyone know what is in a pink pussy? Yes, there is such a thing and yes, I did do a few shots of it. It is very delicious might I add. Tastes like lemonade, which sneaks up on you. Making our way around the club, through the crowd of people, we ended up on the packed dance floor. In this particular club you are allowed to go on stage and dance. Let me just say that a few of the ladies on the stage should have known better. Do women really wear underwear to the club? If your back fat is more than the fat on your stomach, don’t wear a shirt with your back out! That is so not cute or attractive. I don’t care how cute you thought you were when you looked in the mirror, it’s not! I almost peed on myself laughing so hard at some of these people. (If laughter cleanses the soul then my soul doesn’t have to worry about being dirty for a while.)

My sister almost had to curse this dude out. Why is it that when you trying to dance a guy (ugly ass mutha) thinks it’s an open invitation (shout out to Tyrese) to come dance behind you? Well, she told him that she didn’t want to dance. He still tried and sadly wasn’t successful. (Poor fella) We all laughed. Several songs later, he was back. She told him again and when she danced with him, I was shocked. Turns out, he said something genuine and she gave him a dance. A dude standing behind her, watching her ass bought her two shots. Let me just back up a bit. When you buy a shot in Razoo’s, the girl in the little ass booty shorts walking around with them have to give it to you. Meaning, she puts the shot glass in her mouth and pours it into yours. It almost looks like you are kissing without touching lips. The men in the room get excited to see the transaction, so shots were being bought left and right. I saw one of the female bartenders or mixologists as they now refer to themselves pull up her dress and let a guy smell her vajayjay. Well, I guess it smelled right because he ordered several drinks afterwards. (Or maybe he just needed several drinks to get the smell out of his nostrils) Either way, I was shocked. Who does that? Only in New Orleans I guess!

Once we got tired of dancing and my sister and I feet began to fuss at us, we walked back to the truck, changed from boots to tennis shoes and went to the Harrah’s casino. (WARNIG: Never wear shoes with heels on them in downtown New Orleans, especially during an event like Mardi Gras) I guy tried to sneak in, got caught and put out the doors. Another guy was pleading with the police officer to let him have another chance to act like he had some sense. The officer wasn’t buying it. The casino was calm, which was interesting. Harrah’s is always packed. Now being that we were in New Orleans, a place like no other, you know there is always a club nearby. Yes, inside the casino! Masquerade was on point, playing all the latest hits. Drinks were flowing, and people were dancing and having a great time. The best part about it is that it is completely free of charge, you have to be 21 or older to get inside, hence being in the casino, so all the kids were still out on Bourbon or somewhere else. (Oh, let me just say that I got carded and my hubby and sister did not) Gotta love that dove soap and cold water, try it, it keeps the skin soft and youthful, or maybe it’s just me. Let me stop it! *laughs*

We stayed in the casino a bit and my sister won about a hundred dollars off of a twenty. Not too bad. I say this because we don’t ever go to the casino. We hate losing money! Once we got a few free drinks, she cashed out and we left. Walking back to the truck we saw a woman standing up behind two of her friends, pissing on a building. (DRUNK AS HELL) But whatever works, right! I don’t blame her because before I go in a porter potty, I would do the same thing. It was 3 o’clock in the morning, time to go. Midnight hunger kicked in so they went to get something to eat. Zea’s had worn off. It had been hours since eating there. Although my hubby and I got the best hotdog ever from a venture in the French Quarters prior to going to the casino, our stomachs were starting to talk to us. (Ketchup, mustard and onions, umm delicious) I still cannot believe just how good that hotdog was!

After attempting McDonald’s twice, where we were told they were not taking any more orders, we went to Rally’s instead. As I ate my little cheeseburger, my only thought was that damn hotdog. How can something taste so good coming from the corner of a street? (I don’t know but I will be getting another one when I go back.) By this time my sister was in the back of the truck knocked out sleep, I was fighting my everlasting cold, my cousin was driving with my brother giving directions and my hubby was ready to get me home. We dropped my brother off at his apartment and then made our way back across the spillway. Once home, everyone was tired, lightly tipsy and ready to go to sleep. Our Sunday night turned into Monday morning. Time well spent having a great time with family. I look forward to next carnival season, although we do things throughout the year, there is nothing like being in the city during Mardi Gras. If you ever get a chance or have gotten the change to, plan a trip to visit New Orleans while it’s carnival time. There is nothing that compares to it. If anyone would like to share their experience, feel free to post a comment. Let me just tell you that I am still getting all the consumption of liquor out of my system today and it’s Tuesday. We didn’t get drunk by any means but we did put down some alcohol. (PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY) Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU! Have fun! Enjoy life! Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us, treat today like the present it is.

Keke Chanel        

Monday, February 13, 2012

I haven’t written any stories in a while, so I decided what better day then today. Hopefully you get inspired to create your own story with your Sweetheart not just on today but any and every day you feel the urge. Be creative, open-minded and willing to go above and beyond to pleasure your mate. Step out of your comfort zone and try something fun and new. With that being said, I hope you enjoy.

“Pleasure’s Seduction”

They gazed into each other’s eyes, admiring the love they saw starting back at them. Their hearts pounded rapidly, creating a perfect rhythm. They were ready to make music, their song, perfect lyrics, never to be duplicated. Love and lust filled the air, igniting a passion so electrifying. Neither of them could wait any longer to ravish the other. She slowly walked over to him undressing him with her eyes. She wanted to suck his dick like she was angry with it, ride him like thunder passing lightening, fucking him senseless. Taking his hand with hers, she pulled him closer into her. He intertwined their fingers, locking them into position. Holding hands was one of his ways of letting her know he was all hers, eternally. Licking her lips, she caressed his chest, kissed his neck, gripped his ass, and began to remove his clothing. He sighed, trying to stay composed but his dick betrayed him becoming harder than Chinese arithmetic.

Slowly she eased every piece of his clothing from his rock hard body, taking him all in. “Damn” she said leaning back to get a better look at her prized piece of art. Her eyes rested on the well-built equipment between his thighs she knew just how to operate desiring to feel it’s hard thrusts penetrate her blooming flower. It saluted her, standing at full attention, only for her. When she finally had him just the way she wanted him, butt naked, she sled down the length of his body, stopping right in front of her tootsie pop. Tonight she would know exactly how many licks it took to get to the center. Starting at the tip, giving soft kisses, she made sure to look up at him. She loved to look into his eyes when she sucked him. He gently caressed her hair, working his fingers massaging her scalp. With each kiss, she took more of him inside her mouth, making each lick wetter than before. He moaned from pleasure, gripping her hair a little tighter.

As she began to deep throat him, she made sure to keep her lips over her teeth. She didn’t want to ruin the moment as she once had before she became a pro at her skills. Giving head was like art. But the more practice, the more perfect. Now, she knew all the right things to do, how and when to do them, which he loved. Sucking him slow at first and then adding more speed to her tempo, she played with his jewels making sure they weren’t left out of all the fun. He nearly fell as she used her tongue to lick, suck, kiss and take him back into her mouth. The more she relaxed her jaws, the more of him she eased down her throat. Twirling her tongue around in circles, she worked him. Just when she felt thumping from his shaft, she got faster, gripped tighter, using her hand to make circles as she played with his ball sac. Feeling his release, she made sure to not spill a drop. She sucked him dry. She stared intently into his gaze, licking her lips when she was done. He was more in love with her than ever before. “Tastes like pineapples”, she said smiling.

She pushed him back into the bed, straddling him. Gently she eased down the length of his dick, covering it with her wetness. With each movement, he opened her pussy, fitting her like the perfect glove. They were simply made for each other. When she was able to take all of him, she found her pace, moving like a stripper at center stage, all eyes on her. It was show time! The more she got comfortable, the more she grinded, twisted, bounced, slid up and down. He gripped her ass, holding on to her, guiding her. Just when he was about to hold her hips in place, she flipped the script on him. Doing a 360 degree turn on his dick, she began riding him backwards. By the time he knew what was happening, she was on her tiptoes working his dick like a full-time job. Looking back over her shoulder, she watched him trying to keep his composure and that only fueled her desire to make him call out her name. She pumped harder, faster, doing circular movements, figure eights. If fucking was a sport, she would have been competing in the Olympics about to win a gold medal for her country.

When he came, he quickly flipped her over, working her pussy so good, she slapped his ass, cursed him, loving the way he was able to make her talk dirty to him. She came long, hard, soaking the sheets underneath them. Just when she thought she was done, she came again and again. She loved the way he was always able to hit all the right spots, making her cum multiple times. There was nothing like a lover who had all the right tools but also knew how to use them. Anything else was a waste of time. They lie there in each other’s arms kissing tenderly. Pleasure radiated between them. The passion so intense, neither of them was able to say a word. Instead they drifted off into a deep slumber.  When they woke in the middle of the night and the next morning, they did it all over again, each mumbling to the other “Happy Valentine’s Day”!   

The morale of the story is: “Be the best lover you can be. Please your partner with an award-winning performance each and every time! Release your inner-freak and see just how much fun, excitement, passion and desire you get in return. Sex is beautiful and supposed to be GREAT!!”

Keke Chanel

Valentine’s Day

Once a year we celebrate the day of lover’s, called Valentine’s Day. We buy flowers, candy, lingerie, cards, go out to a romantic dinner and then in the blink of an eye, it’s over. Why should we limit our expression of love to just one day? If you truly love and care for someone, shouldn’t that love by showcased daily? Not saying that there is anything wrong with Valentine’s Day because it isn’t. I’m just stating the obvious. When you love and cherish someone you tend to what to do things for them whenever the notion strikes. Sure getting candy, teddy bears, flowers and dinner is exciting, but why not do that more than just one day out of the year? Think about it. If you are shopping and see something that your mate would love, why not just get it for them? If you in the grocery store and see the kind of cookies or juice your lover enjoys, just buy them. The smile and reaction you get when you give those items to them will warm your heart. It isn’t the amount of money spent. It’s merely the thought that counts and the little things. Anyone can go out a spend hundreds of dollars on nonsense, that the person doesn’t even want, but it truly takes a special kind of person to know exactly how to put a smile on their lover’s face with a piece of their favorite candy.

Red is said to mean fire, passion, desire and love. Valentine’s Day eludes this truth. Everything pertaining to this day is in red, with hearts, kisses, and love on display. The most important part of this all to me is with you each and every day. Giving someone your heart is serious, precious, and rare even. I wouldn’t want to be with someone who just waits until Valentine’s Day to show and express their love to me. I would question it intently. What happens the day after? Do they just stop spending and doing special things for you? Do you not see them again until days, weeks or months later? When the roses die, does the spark you had for them on that day die also?  Do you never hear the words “I love you” again until the next Valentine’s Day? Come on now, this is silly if you really think about it. After all, it’s only one day. There are 364 more days in the year to show, express and appreciate the love you have in your life, use those days to your advantage.

Wear red shoes while you cook dinner, while it’s just the two of you. Leave little love notes every Thursday someplace they will find them. Send sexy text messages. Buy lingerie all year round if that is what you feel like doing. Acknowledge the love you have each day, not just one day. Talk, listen and spend time together. Laugh, smile and get to know each other on every level to seal the bond between you two. You can never know too much about the person you love. There is always something to discover about them, which should only make you love them even more if you embark on that love daily. Remember when you first begin dating, how exciting, new and fun it was. It’s never too late. My grandmother used to say, “Baby, nothing gets old in a relationship but clothes and even they make a comeback at some point.”  Grow in love, grow from love, and see just how far your relationship will go. Don’t just start or stop with one day out of the year.

Now, I’m not saying to skip Valentine’s Day. Please enjoy the day and do what you feel to celebrate it. I am just saying to carry on beyond that. Let the sparks ignite, hearts soar and love journey into the unknown, have fun and enjoy the ride. If you are blessed to have found the love of your life, appreciate it, cherish it, admire it, desire it, but most of all treasure it. Love is a very powerful and beautiful thing. Shared with the right person, it can be priceless! To the lover’s in the world, have a great time together and a wonderful life. Happy Valentine’s Day and beyond!!! Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged, be blessed and be the best YOU, you can be!

Keke Chanel

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

WE WILL MISS YOU!!! R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Another great part of our history has gone away. She was such a light. Her voice will continue to touch and inspire us forever. It’s sad that there are so many heartless individuals in the world who feels the need to broadcast her flaws, as we all possess, but I guess that’s just life. Those same people are probably dealing with or trying to shield their own flaws from others, so they showcase and feed off someone else’s. They fail to realize that we are human, flaws exist and despite them all, we are all children of God. God created us all in his image. With that being said, be careful how you treat people. Everything that God create was good, it is stupidity, insecurity, hatred, ignorance, prejudice, jealousy and many other sad character flaws that turn God’s greatness into something bad. I dare you to live in compassion and love, the two characteristics of Jesus. We wouldn’t have energy for anything negative if we would.  

Whitney Houston died at the age 48. I still cannot wrap my head around it, but she has done something we all must face some day. “To be absent from the body is to be present with God.” So in a way, I envy her. Now, I still have many things that I wish to accomplish in my lifetime, so I pray that God doesn’t need me just yet. But when my times come, I pray that I have all in order to live eternally in His kingdom. My heart and prayers do go out to her daughter, mother, brother, other relatives, loved ones, friends and fans. Cherish all the memories you have of her. Seal her in your heart and she will dwell there forever. Don’t allow negativity to cloud the image you have of her. The media will try and expose darkness she encountered and it’s sad that people feel the need to do so, but don’t entertain it. Although she went through troubled times, don’t focus of those times. We all go through things in life that we are not proud of or prepared for. For those who don’t think it can or will happen, think again!

I know that the public want to know what happened but please respect her family. Think about her daughter and mother. What if you were in their shoes? Would you want everyone trying to question you or see negative images of your loved one each time you turned around? Is it fair that just because she was blessed with such great talent, that her personal life constantly be exposed, depicted, forever in the limelight? Contrary to many people’s belief, stars deserve privacy too. When they are not performing or entertaining us with their talents, their home life shouldn’t be reflected on. If they so choose to do so, then that should be solely their choice.

One of my all-time favorite Whitney songs will forever be “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”. I love, love, love that song. To this day each time I hear it, I tear up. Call me sentimental but it is what it is! As many people tweeted, her rendition of the national anthem cannot be touched by anyone, EVER! (And you can quote me on that) Priceless!

Many people are trying to say that her ex-husband, Bobby Brown, had a lot to do with certain things in her life, but that’s just not fair. We cannot help who we fall in love with and she fell in love with him. She chose him, so he must have done something right to make her happy. They loved hard, fought hard and who are we to question such love? Although people can play a role in our decisions, it is ultimately up to us to what choice we make in the end. My heart goes out to Bobby. He loved her, share a daughter with her and I know this shocking news plagues his heart. No one knows his pain. No one will ever know. It isn’t for us to understand anyway. Other people’s grief isn’t something we can understand. Until we walk in their shoes, stop assuming. We all know what happens when we assume right? If you don’t, allow me to share. “When you ASSume, you make an ASS out of you!! Stop saying “I’m so sorry for your lost”, instead say “I’m so glad you got to have as much time as you had with them” or “You got a chance to know true love and you should cherish that forever.” Sometimes it’s the choice of words we say that can make a big difference in someone’s grief. The right words can help them smile again through the pain. Think about it the next time you encounter someone who has lost someone close to them.

We are losing our legends, our great performers and entertainers rapidly. Why is it that we don’t think about life without them? Up until yesterday, I didn’t think about Whitney Houston passing on. I didn’t think about life without her existing, maybe because I didn’t know her personally, but it never crossed my mind. I do think about losing the people closest to me. Recently my family lost someone special to us, and that still feels like a dream. Even though I attended the service, it still doesn’t feel real. I can imagine Whitney’s loved ones probably feeling and thinking the same way.

I guess Whitney can now make masterpieces with Luther, Michael, Etta, Ray Charles, Aaliyah, Teddy, Marvin and all the other musical greats. Lefteye and Heavy D can rap a few verses for them, while Don Cornelius gives them some Love, Peace and Soul. I can only imagine the soul train line.  What a party that will be. Her music will live one forever.

Just remember to be sympathetic, think about other’s feeling, be compassionate, and put yourself in their shoes before you decide to judge or speak harshly about them. You will become a better person from it. Don’t focus of negativity. Uplift, inspire, motivate, encourage and help someone instead of turning your back or putting down on them. God sees and knows all things. Although you can get over on someone else, you cannot get over on Him. Remember that for everything God made, the enemy has a counterfeit to throw you off course. Be wise, make wise decisions and think before you react. Pray for others before you pray for yourself!

Whitney, we love you. You will be missed but remembered always for your greatness, your smile and ability to change someone’s mood through your music. Enjoy your time listening to Jesus told jokes!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


“Everyone who has children, are not PARENTS!”

This is a very touchy subject but I am just outraged at a story I heard about on the news. It’s sad that when women become mothers, they don’t really fully understand that life as you knew it changes completely. Once a child is birthed into this world, and you decide to take on the responsibility and obligations of a parent, your needs are placed on the backburner. Your child should always come first, right after God. Now many years ago women fought to have equal rights, so there is no excuse for such careless behavior. Although I don’t believe in abortion, I still believe that it is a woman’s choice. As I say, some women are not meant to be mothers. If this comment offends anyone, “sorry” but the truth usually does. Now, we are all adults here. Before you can even enter the blog, I put an advisory that there is content strictly for rational and mature individuals only. With that being said, if you still clicked on the button and are now reading this post, you made the choice to be classified as such. But I will give you a pass. (Stop reading now if you are feeling convicted, guilty, offended or less than a good mother)


Okay, moving right along. For those of us who are mothers, we should know that when we put ourselves in a compromising, sexual situation, that we run the risk of becoming pregnant. Once we missed our periods, dealt with morning, night, or all-damn-day sickness, felt flutters in our bellies, saw changes in our skin, and so on. We still had the choice in whether or not we wanted to become a parent. Even after the little bundle of joy was born, we still had a choice. Adoption is always an option. There are several women/men in this big crazy world who desire to have children and cannot. Just because a child doesn’t possess your DNA, doesn’t mean that he/she isn’t your flesh and blood. There are loving, wonderful people, who are looking for children every day. Keep that in mind for future reference to share with someone or for yourself. Don’t judge or put down on the women and men who chose your child over themselves, who decided adoption was the best way to go. You never know someone’s situations, so don’t act like you do. Sure no one is perfect, but these two young women just make my ASS ITCH!!!

The story goes: Two young females (mothers), who just so happened to be black-American, decide to go out to the club one cold winter’s night. Apparently they didn’t have a babysitter or didn’t care to find one, so they put themselves first. Well, one was the mother or an 18 month old, and the other the mother of a 24 month old. Anyway, these two trifling individuals got all dressed up, goes to the club. Before they did so, they realized that the house was a bit cold and leaves the eyes on the stove burning. Needless to say, before they went out they had children, when the police found them partying, we didn’t. (Thinking they were doing the right thing for their babies)Those two innocent babies were killed that night. The mobile home caught afire and they were burned, along with everything else in it. I am sure God allowed them to die in their sleep so they didn’t suffer from agony being burned to death.  But many people still question or blame God for something so tragic. Not everything is caused by God. We have to learn to take full responsibility of our actions. Don’t be too quick to blame someone when you play the leading role in your destruction.

I am sure that missing the club one night wouldn’t have killed their stupid asses, but I guess they will be missing more than that now. Both are in prison right now. If you ask me, they shouldn’t get out any time soon. This won’t bring their children back, but do we really want people who would do such carelessness living among us? I won’t judge them. It isn’t my job nor do I want to. I’m merely saying that we should think about our actions before we cause something so terrible that we cannot get out of or passed. My heart does go out to those young women. I pray that I don’t ever have to experience losing a child. I pray even harder so that my stupidity isn’t the reason behind anything foolish. I know they think about this every day, all day and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. But, those babies were deprived of life. A life they could have grown up to be anything they decided to be, a life of fun and excitement, with unlimited opportunity. They are simply gone too soon! Their mothers’ are in their twenties, so four young lives have been lost.

We see stories similar each and every day. We wonder what was going through the minds of the people who they happen to. We say want we would or wouldn’t do, but we never know for sure. All I’m trying to get each of you to see is that life happens. The choices we make are crucial, essential and can be detrimental to the way it all pans out. Be smart. Once you become mothers/fathers, decide to become parents instead. Your children deserve all of you. They deserve to have guardians who will make sure they are taken care of until they are able to take care of themselves. The power of love is amazing! Show and give love as you would have it shown and given to you.

I understand that we all need fun and a chance to get away, but when is enough, enough? I don’t knock the club or anyone who enjoy going out having a nice time, but once you have children the club shouldn’t be that important or even a priority. I do have a problem with people over the age of thirty who just have to be in the club every time the doors open. There are more things to do with your damn time. (And apparently what you have been searching for isn’t there if you haven’t found it yet.) Sure going every once in a while is acceptable, but come on now!  If you just have to be up in the club all the damn time, there is something seriously wrong in your life. You should take the time out now to reevaluate your life. Seriously!  But who am I to say when and where people should or shouldn’t go?

Well, being a responsible adult comes with sacrifice, especially when you become a parent. That doesn’t mean you should be bored, not go out with friends or have a good time away from home, but there are so many countless other ways to do so. Just choose wisely. The decisions we make will follow us all the days of our lives. Think about that the next time you make a decision. You may not agree or see it now, but you will as your children grow older and wiser and began asking questions. Trust me, they will! Be the person you want them to grow up to become, admire and be proud of. Whether you believe it or not, someone is always watching and listening. We all have to leave this world and when we do, wouldn’t you want to hear the voice of God say “Well done?” Or maybe you want to spend eternity in turmoil, being punished for those things. At the end of the day it’s your life and how you live it is solely up to you. The choice is yours! (This topic is now open for discussion)

Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged, be blessed and be the best you that you can be!!!

Keke Chanel

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

“Just Because You don’t think it is, it’s still Cheating”

Many people form their own perceptions, justifications and reasons behind having affairs in marriages and/or serious relationships. More often than not, the persons involved don’t take full responsibility of the situation and just own up to it. Relationships do have their ups and downs. There are many possible scenarios that pan out along the journey but with communication, commitment and compassion, there isn’t any obstacle that can stand in the way of maintaining or getting back to “happy”, as one of my favorite authors Terry McMillan’s latest book proclaims. For those of you who haven’t read it, it’s the sequel to her book “waiting to exhale”, that went on to become a great movie success. Let’s face it, “life happens”, “tragedy strikes” and “assuming we know and think what the other thinks” can cause a rift that can lead to many forms of “CHEATING”.  Sure most people, I having been one included, felt as if just communicating with someone of the opposite sex, other than your mate, wasn’t considered cheating, but it is. Yes I agree that men and women can be friends, but this comes with a fine line of knowing how to maintain that level of friendship. Having an emotional connection with someone who isn’t your significant other isn’t supposed to happen, especially in a marriage or seriously committed relationship. Jeopardizing something special just isn’t worth it. How would you really feel if your spouse/mate/partner/significant other was the one doing it to you? We never know until put in the situation, but I just bet your last dollar that it wouldn’t feel too good.

I think that communication should be the barrier to withstand such actions to take place. Just talk it out. Whether you think you’re sparing each other’s feelings, protecting them or just assuming, still communicate. At least that way the both of you will know exactly what’s on the other’s mind. There can be determined a solution to the problem, or you may realize that there isn’t as big of a problem as you thought. Just because you are just talking to someone without any intentions to go further, it can lead to other things. You can say things to belittle your partner venting frustrations, and that’s not fair, right or simply the way of going about doing things in a serious relationship. Even if you think you are being taken for granted, not looked at as equal in the relationship or trying to get back at the other for something said or done in the past, it still doesn’t make it okay. Remember the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I have spoken about this rule in several posts before, and I still believe as such, but we are only human. We all make mistakes, say and do things that we are not proud of, but it is up to us to make wise decisions. Don’t play off emotions, bad memories, or little fragments of conversation between you and your mate. There is nothing good that can come from this. Besides, two wrongs don’t make a right!

In the future, be aware and consider all possibilities. Even if you have intentions to confess, something can come up that may cause you not to and then that only makes matters worse in the end. Wait! Let’s back up a minute. Simply don’t even put yourself in situations that can lead to something that can cause chaos in your relationships. People do have hidden agendas. Some people may not want to see you happy and will do or say any and everything to tear your relationship a part. Yes, we all have been there or know of someone who has. When you are left lonely, unhappy, miserable and bitter, where are those same people? Exactly, nowhere to be found! I say all of this to say, “It is just not worth it”. If you are blessed enough to have someone who loves you deeply, unconditionally and beyond, don’t do anything to change that. Life is hard as is, and finding true love is a gift from God. Don’t take it lightly, for granted, or jeopardize that for anything. Even if your intentions were good, wrong is wrong is wrong! Be the person you want your mate to be to you or someone you want your children be and love. In the end it’s not difficult, especially when the people in the relationship are able to communicate openly, honestly and about everything under the sun.

Spend time with each other, just the two of you. This plays an important role is having and maintaining a great relationship. Especially if you have children in the home, you still need “alone time”. Sure we love your children; love being with them, but having that quality time to yourself is a necessity in a great relationship. Talk about everything, even if it’s been talked about before. Play with each other. Encourage one another. Motivation each other, laugh with each other. Most importantly, pray with and for one another. Uplift and inspire instead of tear down and discourage. The way you treat your mate is essential to a solid relationship. And always remember that words cut deep even if you don’t think so.

Start today in your relationship by doing something special for your partner. Compliment them. I challenge you to write down or say two things that you love about them each day for as long as it takes to keep your relationship in a positive direction. Give hugs and kisses. Write little love notes and hide them somewhere they can find them. I am not an expert of relationships nor do I profess to be, but if I am able to help someone as well as my own relationship in the process, then so be it. Why sit on the information? We all deserve to be in a wonderful, loving and committed relationship. Why not be?

If anyone would like to share positive information, stories or just leave a comment regarding this particular topic, feel free to do so. You have a voice, use it! Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged, be blessed and be a better you!

Keke Chanel

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