Friday, September 20, 2013

"Just a little gratitude"

In life we often times take for granted the simple things like: a kind smile, warm hug, someone to say I miss and I love you. Instead we dwell on gossip, hate, tearing each other down. Why? What do we truly gain by doing this? Dwelling on the negative doses of reality when there are more positivity to spread into the atmosphere. As society tells it, we are products of our environments so why not make it as bright and airy, optimistic and kind, loving and adventurous as possible?! Live instead of exist. If you don't know the difference between the two, you are in serious trouble! Don't get so caught in being someone you aren't just to appease someone else. If people don't like you for who you are or who you are working hard to become, you don't need them around. Nothing good will come and creating a persona will eventually bite you in the ass! If you are not comfortable in our own skin, how can we enjoy life? How can you truly know who you are? How will you be the best you possible? You cannot! God created us in love, to love not to like each other all the time; but He didn't make us fools. Know your self-worth. Command the respect that you deserve and thank God for placing in you His love for there is no greater gift than LOVE!

Who wants to be around people who are always griping about something? Who wants to surround themselves with negativity? Someone who doesn't love themselves enough to change their attitude into something that has always been inside them? Greatness!! There are enough things going on day in and day out in this world to keep us busy! As I read my bible last night, the book of John, I pictured myself living in the time that Jesus walked the earth. I put myself at the places were he performed miracle after miracle and wondered how the people who witnessed such miraculous things still didn't believe how special, important and loving He was, still is. Healing a man who had been ill for 38 years, turning water into wine and feeding 5,000 people with only two fishes and four loafs of bread, walking on water, just one amazing thing after another. Yet, in the end, He was betrayed in the worst way. I personally thank God daily for His son and what He did for me, for all of us. I am so glad that He lives in me...

The next time you start feeling sorry for yourself or using your tongue to speak curses instead of blessings upon someone's life, remember that had it not been for God, we wouldn't have Jesus and without Jesus, we are merely bodies passing time until total damnation because it will come. The enemy knows how to spruce things up just to get us were he wants us but he cannot be trusted. He is out for himself. Who gets banished from heaven, sitting at the right hand of God and speaks truth? Don't get sucked into the hype! I've rather have the things that I need and be blessed by God than the things I want and desire and live cursed in eternity with the enemy!

Again I say thank you!! Thank you God for sending us Jesus. It's so good to know Him!!

Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be blessed...

Purple Hugs & Kisses
Keke Chanel

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"New Beginnings"

As Autumn Approaches...

Autumn is a time of full-maturity; a time for change and full potential. “Fall” as it is referred to, is my favorite season of the year. I love that is isn’t too hot or too cold to be outside enjoying the gorgeous transformation taking place right become your eyes. It’s magical! There is something about the way the leaves change color and fall onto the earth creating a beautiful canvas of reds, oranges, yellows and golds: Red, signifying the blood of Jesus; Orange, harvest and praise; Yellow, meaning light, joy and celebration; Gold, Glory to God and purification. *It means all of those things to me*

Autumn paves the way to winter, the birth time of Jesus. To me it’s a sense of renewal, strength, promise and knowing that I am never alone even when I feel lonely. *I am so glad to know that being alone isn’t the same as being lonely. Most people don’t grasp that concept. For example: Being lonely is when you are the only one at home, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are alone. That time can be a blessing; a moment of “me time”, whereas being alone is having no one at all in your life to talk to, hang out with or just for support.*

Autumn is a way of reflection and remembrance, a new beginning. Some may not see it as I and it’s perfectly okay. There is no right or wrong answer just my opinion and belief in what autumn means to me. The fact that it is the start of the holiday season and I get to spend more time with my family and close friends brings a smile to my heart. Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday, my first being New Year’s Day. *It’s my birthday…LOL*

Many people get sad and depressed during this time of year because they may not have families to spend time with or simply have the meaning of the season confused with spending money on gifts or the great deals they can get on Black Friday! When you truly open your heart, mind and soul to the true meaning of the season, everything looks and feels differently. The small and petty stuff becomes irrelevant.

It’s not about what sweater looked good with what pair of skinny jeans or what pair of boots to buy, or which scarf matches the color of your eyes, it’s much deeper. Although fall attire is awesome and I do love a great pair of boots and skinny jeans, I look beyond the material things focusing more on self-preparation and the embracement of change. Doing so keeps me humble, motivated and inspired to try new things; to step out of my comfort zone and push myself beyond my limits. If you don’t encourage yourself, who will?

If I am blessed to see winter, which brings a new year, I set realistic goals to achieve so that I stay faithful, trusting and dependent on the higher power which dwells within me, not make resolutions that will more than likely be broken by Valentine’s Day. Don’t go into a new season as the old you! Challenge yourself to become better in mind, body and spirit. Your heart and soul will thank you for it profusely. You will feel healthier and happier than you ever can imagine.

You hold the key to whether you embrace change or become complacent with the way things already are. If we never grow, what’s the point of existing because living in hell isn’t how God wants us to live? Take risks! Go into the new season with expectancy and with an open mind to try something you normally wouldn’t. Share this idea with someone and try something new together. I plan to do just that. Make autumn your best season yet, and make lasting memories that will live on forever. “Remember that your book is not complete until you are no longer here to write the next chapter!”

Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be you!!!!

Purple Hugs & Kisses

Keke Chanel       

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Who’s In Your Circle???

I believe that the people we have in our lives play a huge role in how successful or unsuccessful we are. Think about it! People, who surround themselves with positive, hardworking, determined, and open-minded people, will most likely become the leaders, go-getters, makers and shakers of our society. They eventually become the CEO’s, World Leaders, Media Moguls, and Highest Paid Entertainers in the world.  People, who have a passion for not just existing but living, are least likely to get involved, focus or care about negative aspects of life and that of other people. Sure they are concerned when it is a friend or family member, but it doesn’t affect their outlook on life by getting too wrapped up in the situation. Plus, some people don’t want help but are simply attention seekers. For example, have you ever known anyone who is always complaining about being sick but won’t go to the damn doctor! Someone who is always broke, but won’t get a job! Yeah, these are people I refer to as attention seekers because once the attention in focused upon them, they suddenly feel better or have money to lend you. These types of people truly make my ass itch!!!

It’s really simple if you ask me, and if you didn’t ask I’ll tell you anyway. Take a recovering addict for example. It would be suicide to get a job working at a liquor store if you are a recovering alcoholic or become friends with someone who lives at a crack house if you were addicted to crack. We have to use common sense and better judgment when letting anyone who is nice to us into our circle. People have hidden agendas and will pretend to be in your corner until there is a sign of success then they will step on your back trying to get ahead of you, or even pray against your blessings. It’s sad that it’s more often times than not, the people closest to us because we just allowed them to enter our world without doing a “why are you trying to be a part of my circle” check. Don’t be so in need of people for validation or acceptance that you just open yourself up to a world of negativity! They will consume and suffocate the life right out of you.

Being in good company can keep our minds on the goals and aspirations we have set for ourselves in order to achieve them, as well as surpass them in the future. Positive don’t usually tend to get washed up in gossip or nonsense like Miley Cyrus twerking on national television. *Like I said to a friend, she is young and doing just what it takes to sell albums. If she doesn’t see anything wrong about her behavior, who am I to criticize her. She isn’t the first and won’t be the last to make “bad decisions” in her youth. I know I have made plenty, But GOD!!! Now back to a regularly scheduled program…lol* Instead we focus on what drives us, the things that we are passionate about. Positive people don’t care about such things that don’t involve us because our minds are constantly turning with new ideas to help make our future brighter than yesterday.

It’s not about the fortune or fame, although it isn’t disregarded, I think it’s more about how we contribute and impact our society in a positive way; leaving a legacy that we will be proud of when we are no longer here. Something that our children and grandchildren can benefit from, so that their lives are better than the generation before them; it becomes a positive cycle that flows from generation to generation. Look at Johnson & Johnson, Wal-Mart or Hilton, the people who started these companies didn’t always hear “yes” but they weren’t content in dwelling on the word “no”. It was hard and I know that the people who they probably started their journey with many of them couldn’t endure the crawl before the walk. *I bet they are still kicking their ass from the grave, thinking about how their life and the lives of their loved one could have been different. But hey, you win some and you lose some. It’s up to us whether we stand or fall. Rome wasn’t built in a day and if you cannot handle to small setbacks, you won’t be able to handle the big ones either.* But the people who didn’t give up, lose hope or succumb to the negativity, are smiling their asses off. Because of their positive attitude, positive circle and positive thinking, now their families and the people who helped them make their dreams become a reality won’t ever have to worry about being secure in their futures. Having a positive circle keeps things in perspective. Positive people don’t expect anything in return accept “paying it forward” to help someone else grow. We see the same qualities in each other which push us harder to leading a healthy and happy life.

Negative energy will suck the life right out of you, especially if you are not strong enough to endure the many trials that come along with life. Trust me when I tell you, they will come and more rapidly when you are on the right path, in the right mindset, and surrounded by the right people. Negativity is seriously, a waste of time! And we all know that time is something we cannot get back. So who’s in your circle??? I challenge you to evaluate your life; each area of it. The people, who are always asking, taking, waiting, expecting and never giving anything of themselves don’t need to be in your circle. The places and things that only bring you misery, grief or ten steps back, shouldn’t be a part of your destination. You may lose a few people along the way but no everyone is to walk with you on your journey. It’s okay because God will give you more than you can fathom when you allow Him to lead your path. Think about it!!!
Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be you!!!

Purple Hugs & Kisses,

Keke Chanel