Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eve's Garden

Eve loved him with every fiber in her being, giving myself completely. She couldn't get enough of him. He was her drug, getting her high upon sight. If she could have lived within him, she would have called his person, her home. "How is it that you can love someone so intensely, so completely and yet still feel alone. Awaiting their call, awaiting their touch, awaiting the way only they, can make you feel," she spoke into the air but only silence answered the question. Maybe he didn't feel the same way about her. She never anticipated that would happen, especially not with him. They made love, they kissed, they were made for each other. Eve sighed, missing him more and more. It had been a few days since they last spoke, touched, kissed and she craved him. Her body ached for the passion he provided. But he was nowhere to be found. When she called, he didn't answer. When she texted, he didn't text back. "Should I just go over?" The voice in her head told her "no". That would be a huge mistake. Somehow she knew that when he didn't answer or call, he was with another. Eve closed her eyes instead, and they were together again.

The night was lovely, underneath the beautiful stars and new moon. He rocked next to her in the swing, in the gazebo in her backyard. She loved her yard, the garden flowers smelled intoxicating, Eve leaned her head over, resting it on his strong shoulder, enjoying their time spent together. He was her best friend, her lover and the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. They talked for hours about everything, laughing, being silly and having a great time. They always had a great time together, no matter what. She knew in her heart that he was distant, not like all the other times. His mind seemed elsewhere. Eve asked, "Babe, are you okay? There seems to be something on your mind. Want to talk about it?" His smile warmed her heart. If it were her time to go, she would have died happy, with a smile on her face, next to the person she loved must. Eve wanted to take whatever going on with him away. She kissed his forehead. He smiled. She held his hand in her own, intertwining their fingers. "You know that you can always talk to me about anything, right? I will always be here for you. You are my best friend and I hate seeing you so obviously torn. But, if you don't want to talk about whatever it is, we don't have to. Let's just enjoy this moment and we'll deal with the rest tomorrow." He smiled again but the turmoil was still in his eyes. There was definitely something going on.

Eve stood bringing him up with her. She kissed his lips, cheeks and then placed her arms around his neck. "Dance with me," she said. "Sure", he said. They swayed from side-to-side to the soft jazz playing in the background. He held her tight, close, as if he was trying to hold on to her forever but knew that he was about to lose her. Eve couldn't contain her emotions. She captured his lips again, kissing him tenderly. His tongue met hers and greeted it with the perfect introduction. They kissed for what felt like eternity. When their kiss was over, they gazed into each other's eyes, getting lost. The passion was soaring through the night's air, making the stars and the moon blush. Eve removed his clothes. She used her mouth to seal every inch of his body with a kiss. He moaned with pleasure, feeling his nature rise. He wanted her. She was offering him something that he loved, missed and couldn't get enough of, but his mind was some place else.

Eve slowly removed her own clothing standing in front of him butt naked. She turned to give him a view of all her. He took her in, admiring her lovely delicious curves. He was crazy about her but he was afraid of losing her. He should have said something but his other head was doing all the thinking for him in that moment. Without a second thought, he pulled her into him. His hands roamed her body getting lost in her secret garden. He planted kisses, tilled slowly, fertilizing her entire body with pure delight. Her trimmed bush was landscaped with a light pathway into her flower.  Her soil was rich, soft, watered with an ongoing stream, creating beautiful rows of erotic masterpieces. He prowled, picking each blossom carefully, ravishing her flower, bringing forth a cascade of  raindrops to saturate her garden. She screamed as his weed eater cut away at her Gspot, getting rid on any late bloomers, planting his seeds. When he was done tending her garden, every flower was an amazing beauty, picked, plucked and penetrated perfectly. Eve's garden was well taken care of, she didn't have to worry about her flower ever getting frostbite.

After a wonderful round of lovemaking, he looked deep into her eyes. As he got dressed, Eve lie there beaming like the sun, under the stars and moon. She couldn't stop smiling. She didn't want him to leave but understood that they held separate lives. Tomorrow was a new day and work was a part of both their worlds. But when he leaned down next to her as she wrapped the small blanket around her, he sighed. That was when she realized the sadness lingering in the air. "I have something I need to tell you Eve," he said. She listened. "I should have told you this a long time ago but I didn't want to break your heart. I know how you feel about me and I love you deeply. I just don't love you the way you love me. I mean, you are an awesome woman, sexy and free-spirited. You make me feel like a man and I really do appreciate that. I met someone and I am going to ask her to be my wife." Eve was speechless. Her heart broke into a millions pieces. She felt stupid, worthless, lost. Instead of acting silly, frantic, like most women being thrown to the curve would have, she simply smiled. She kissed him on the cheek, congratulated him and walked inside her house. He stood watching her, feeling like he had just made the worst decision of his life. Eve didn't cry, she wept. That night Eve's garden became lifeless, ugly, dried up. Her life changed completely. Minutes before, she was giving herself to her soul mate, now she was alone, lonely and couldn't do anything about it. She didn't fight for him, didn't see him out as she had so many times before. She looked into the mirror that night taking a good look at herself. She realized that giving more than you should to someone could always lead to being disappointed, taken advantage of and lonely in the end. But she wasn't going to let that cause her to close off the world, to close out love. She was going to use the experience as something to grow from, to replant her garden so that when the next person entered it, she wouldn't be surprised by bugs, weeds or pests because she wouldn't have given free access to her lovely flower. Eve realized that her garden was special, one of a kind and deserved undivided attention from the person she would make her permanent Gardener, not just any ol guy who thought he knew how to pick a flower, when all he knew how to do was cut grass. Eve finally came to the grand conclusion that her garden was worth more than she thought, it was paradise.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Cum Away With Me"

Sam waited impatiently on him to arrive. She wanted to have sex, make love, and fuck all in the same night. Rick was all she seemed to think after the sexancing(sex-dancing) they did at the Musiq Soulchild concert, at the House of Blues a few weeks ago. She was there with her BFF Ciroc, having a nice, relaxing girl's night out when she met the most gorgeously sexy male specimen of her life to-date. Sam saw him watching to way she moved, like he wanted to be the dress that hugged her fabulous ass or the beat she was working on the dance floor. As she watched the sexy stranger admire her dance moves, she became bold, dancing in his direction. He can only say one of two things, "yes" or "no", she told herself. So she gathered up enough balls and seductively moved up to him. The music was loud, forcing the two to become closer to hear each other above all the noise.  He leaned into her when she signaled with her finger that she had something to whisper into his ear. It was a welcomed change for him because most women he met waited for the guy to make the first move. This girl, lovely, sexy and fine as hell, was just what he needed, wanted and desired in a woman. He licked his lips as their eyes flirted, becoming attractive to one another. He smelled hot, sensual, yet musky with a scent of baby powder. Samantha took him all in, lingering on his scent. She wanted to sniff him but caught herself. He smiled, intoxicated by her own tantalizing aroma. She smelled of fresh roses, cherries and vanilla. "You smell nice", he whispered, still holding her eyes captive. Sam felt her pussy jump, losing focus of why she was there in the first place. She quickly cleared her throat still swaying to the beat of the music.
"Hey, my name is Samantha but my people call me Sam. I see the way you peeping me so why don't you come dance with. You look like you need some fun and excitement in your life. Let me take you on the dance floor and we can dance the night away. Can you handle that?" A hidden message was apparent. She wanted something more if his moves sufficed. He smiled harder showing a matching pair of deep dimples. Sam found his smile infectious, smiling too. Rick, amazed and intrigued by her bluntness and attempt to get what she wanted from him, made him welcome the chance to dance with her. By the way she was moving to the beat, he couldn't wait to see how she would work him on the dance floor and on the bed. "Sure. You move delicious, good enough to eat. And you can take that how you like it. But be warned that my moves are unique, smooth and can get very sexual at times. So my question to you is, can you handle that? Now come get some girl and I know just how to move with you. I can tell by your movements that you like being the leader, being in control but Baby I always led." Without giving her a chance to respond, he grabbed her by the hand leading them to the middle of the crowded dance floor, their stage and spotlight for the remainder of the night. When he found their spot, he turned into her and moved closer into her ear,"my name is Rick by the way." Sam liked his style, his confidence, his swag. His name was masculine, sexy and the way he said it turned her on even more. The wetness between her thighs was beginning to flow. She hoped it didn't run down her legs because she didn't have on any panties. They danced the night away leaving everyone watching them hot and bothered, horny as hell. They moved like they were sexing as they danced. Sam dipped her hips, popped her ass, made her pussy jump and everything in between, all the while feeling Rick's hard dick press up against her ass, crotch and anything else he wanted to brush. She bent into him grinding, bouncing, twisting, bending, making love to him with her moves. If they had been naked, they would have been going at it hard and raw, uncut and uncensored. The men watched drooling, grabbing themselves. A few of them "goddamned" giving thumps up to Rick. The way Sam worked the beat, she was sure to work a Dick even better. The dress she wore added fuel to the fire, showing off all of her great assets. As she moved it rose a little showcasing her firm thighs. The stilettos she wore made her toned legs seem to go on forever. And her ass was envied by all the women and men both gay or straight in the building. Even Musiq Soulchild admired her from the stage. Sam's two lady lumps bounced, peeking out from her dress, teasing them all. The perfect eye-candy! They were round, firm, perky, plump, supple, ripe. Rick found himself staring at them wanting to bury his head in them forever. He wanted to suck on your until she begged him to stop. The women whispered, "shit"and "damn" fanning themselves, licking their lips, watching the huge bulge pressing up against the woman in front of him. "I bet me can please the pussy so good", one of them in the crowd said about Rick. Someone else said, "I bet his dick can make me sing all night". "Girl, if she don't fuck him tonight, I will", another voice spoke in the crowd around them. Sam heard the comments smiling as she gave her ass a good fuck to Musiq's "Halfcrazy". She was on fire. If she could have taken him home with her that night, she would have and fucked his brains out, using the same moves she used on the floor, plus create a few new ones of their own. She stopped replaying that night in her head when she heard her doorbell chime. Before she opened it, Sam checked herself one last time in the mirror. She looked fierce, flawless, and ready to fuck. The short dress she wore, with matching CFM's was sure to seal the deal, she thought fixing her flowing curls. Sam took a deep breath and unlocked the door. When she opened the door, she was ready, willing and able to do any and everything Rick asked her to do. He looked like her next meal and she was ready to devour him, leaving nothing on her plate. Stepping to the side of the door to allow him access to her apartment, Sam softly spoke hello. Rick smiled, "hello beautiful". "Wow, you look amazing. I bought this for you", he said handing her a bottle of wine. It was her favorite. He paid attention, she thought. All of their late night phone calls and texting wasn't in vain. She was even more attracted to him. A man who listened was an aphrodisiac. Rick was making it hard for her to focus. Sam wanted to just rip his clothes off and sex him right there in her living room. Not a bad thought Sam thought. She moved to the kitchen for wine glasses as she offered Rick a seat. Rick didn't want to let her go so fast. He softly pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately. Sam fell into rhythm with him. They tongue battled for what seemed like forever. When they finally let each other go, she sucked on his lips tasting their sweetness. Ricks hands roamed her body. Sam welcomed the tingles he gave her. "Can I have you Sam, tonight, right now", Rick asked just above a whisper. Sam led him over to her sofa. She pushed him down and straddled him. She began to ride him as their mouths made love. Rick used his hands to fondle her body. He stopped. He was a gentleman. "Can I feel inside your panties", he asked seductively. Sam's pussy jumped, doing backward flips, cartwheels, handstands. She kissed him with intensity on his mouth, neck and ears. She whispered, "If I wore panties you could take them off and then do anything to my pussy you want but I don't have on any, so feel free to feel, rub, caress, massage or penetrate as much as you like. I am open, all yours." Rick unzipped her dress. Sam stood letting it fall to the floor. "Keep on those heels girl. They driving me crazy", Rick said taking in her beautiful body. Sam undid his pants exposing his amazing piece of equipment. She straddled him again feeling his hard dick begin to fill her walls. She moaned moving slowly at first. When she was open enough to take him all, she began her dance. "Come away with me. I wanna take you for a ride", she said. Rick gripped her ass bringing her down harder on his swollen dick. She screamed from pleasure but continued to work her body into his. He moaned, moving with her every thrust. They danced, creating their own music. The sound of skin-on-skin flapping became their soundtrack. They used all the moves from the first night they met, while creating new ones. They climaxed several times together. When their sexing, love making and fuck session was over, they were greatly satisfied and a new love had blossomed. They eventually ate dinner and then had each other for dessert. "I love the way you make me cum", Rick said. "And I love the way you CUM away with me", Sam replied leaning into her new dance partner, companion, resting her head on his shoulder. They lived in the moment but couldn't wait to do it all again, both knowing that it was only going to get better, more creative and become an addiction. Sam didn't care because she would forever be an addict when it came to Rick and his sweet dick. Next time she would be sure she got a lick before and after she rode his wonderful love-stick.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Art of Making Love

As they gazed into each other’s eyes, the chemistry between them ignited a burning desire in their hearts. They wanted each other. They craved each other. He touched her soft skin, flirting with her innocently. She smiled feeling something swirling in between her thighs. The passion radiating in the atmosphere, hypnotized them. The way they gravitated toward each other was natural, as if they had been doing it forever. She had loved him all of her life. She wanted him to finally have all of her. She saved herself for him, only he didn’t know that fact yet. His gaze held her captive. Her body was doing things she weren’t used to, but the feeling was amazing. Her panties were moist. What was happening?
He watched her struggle with her emotions. He knew how she felt about him. He felt the same way about her. When he saw her days ago, he was so overjoyed. She was back in his life and he would do everything within his power to keep her right where she belonged, by his side. He touched her face bringing her closer to his lips. He couldn’t contain his emotions, his longing anymore. He kissed her. She returned the kiss, opening her mouth to allow his tongue to dance with hers. They kissed with urgency, with familiarity, with passion. She got hotter and hotter. His member grew to its full potential by the way she made love to his mouth. She kissed all of his troubles away. It was as if they were the only two on earth. Nothing else mattered to them at that very moment.
She wanted more of him. When they finally parted from their kiss, she was breathless. Her knees wobbled. She was dizzy but anxious to see what more he could do with his mouth on her body. She walked over to the bed on the other side of the room. Of course she was nervous. This was going to be her first time. But because she was with him, she calmed down a little. He eased her nerves like medicine. How was it possible to be so totally, completely, utterly in love with the same person since the first day you met? The butterflies in her stomach refused to leave, which made her question whether or not she should give herself to him. He watched her, searching her face for any signs of regret. When he was sure there weren’t any, he joined her on the bed.
He kissed her again, easing her back into the bed. As he removed her clothing, he kissed every inch of her. Her neck, he planted soft kisses. Her breasts, he sucked on gently. Her stomach, he licked and caressed with his soft touch. She was on fire. Her body became alive. It moved sensual, sexually, ready, willing and able. He continued kissing his way to her thighs. She opened them more to give him better access. When he found her sex, he captured it with his mouth. He kissed her there like he had just kissed her mouth, but with more delicate movements. He worked her love, bringing a strange yet wonderful feeling soaring through her. It was like a million needles pricking from the bottom of her feet, to the top of her head. Spasms ripped through her loins, bringing a pleasure so delightful she didn’t want the feeling to end. What just happened, she wondered too afraid to say anything in fear that he would stop and the feeling wouldn’t return.
She experienced her first orgasm he thought, still kissing her love button until he felt her body spasm again and again. Three, he said to himself.  As he waited for her to gain consciousness, he slowly removed his clothing. She watched, admiring his body. It was a work of art, pure perfection, but the thing that held her attention was his manhood. It was beautiful. It looked soft and clean and delicious. She wanted to taste it in her mouth. She leaned up, using her hand to secure him. He tried to move her hand but she refused to let him. When he felt her soft lips and wet tongue take him, he moaned. She used her tongue to kiss his sex as she had kissed his mouth. She added licks on the head and went down his shaft, rotating her tongue. He rubbed his hands in her hair. How did he know she liked to have her hair sexed too? It drove her crazy and she took her wonderful frustrations out of his member. She gripped his ass with her hands, bringing him further into her mouth. He screamed releasing his seed into her throat. She took all that he gave, quenching her thirst.
He pushed her backward, parting her legs wide. He entered her softly. She gasped at the pain and pleasure she felt. He was gentle, tender and suddenly realized she was brand new. He loved her even more for giving him such a special gift. He moved slowly, opening her walls to take all of him. She moaned and held on to his waist. She arched her back when she was sure she wanted and could take more of him. Soon, he was able to push himself further and further until she took all he had to give. He didn’t want to hurt her. But when she looked into his eyes, she wanted more. He began a rhythm, pushing her over the edge. She felt like heaven. She felt so good. The tightness of her sex wrapped around his, like a glove and drove him insane. He fought hard the urge to cum so soon, but she was making it hard for him. She moved underneath him.
She wanted to love him for the rest of her life. She gave herself to him. She knew that he was an experienced lover, so she didn’t want to appear fragile. The pain wasn’t as intense, so she found her groove. She worked her hips and thighs feeling the wonderful feeling she felt three times before creep up on her. She squealed, biting his chest. She moved faster and the feeling became more intense. She bit to lips, shook her head from side-to-side and allowed the wave of passion to wash over her. She felt in love with him all over again and the way he made her body feel. The way he loved her was beautiful, gentle and kind. A single tear slid down her cheek.
He continued to push in and out of her as she came for the fourth time during their love making session. He didn’t want the moment to end. He didn’t want anyone else to have her. She was his. Nothing else mattered. Although they lived miles and miles apart, he would do anything to be close to her. Being apart wasn’t an option for him any longer. When his man became harder than a rock, he moved in and out of her again. She was so wet, so hot.  When she began to move with him, he rolled their bodies bringing her on top of him. She moaned. She whimpered but quickly fell into his movements. She slowly eased up taking all of him inside her. She couldn’t believe she was riding him on her first time. Most people she knew said that no one did that their first time, but she was. She liked it. She liked being in control. She liked being able to feel all of him. She rode him softly, slowly and then moved a little bit faster, gyrating her hips. He moaned, grabbing her hips, breasts, face. He wanted to kiss her.
They kissed as their bodies made love. She was on cloud nine and he was soaring through the universe. The climaxed together. Both of them allowed the passion between them provide unspeakable pleasure. They held each other all night. She slept on top of him. Later that night, early morning, she felt something poke her and knew that he was ready for another ride. She used her hand to guide him into her treasure and they made love again and again, each time getting better and better, more familiar, easier. When it was finally over, she had received many orgasms, which she lost count of and knew that she was about to have a new addiction. Yes, she could make love to him forever and she intended to. He loved her and would love loving her for the rest of their lives. The art of making love held an entire new meaning for him at that very moment. He didn’t want to experience it with anyone else but her. She was his and he was hers. He would spend the rest of his life showing her all the different ways the art was perfected and create new ones. Their art of making love was about to journey into the unknown and they both welcomed the adventure.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Their eyes locked as they passed by one another in the crowded train station, causing an instant attraction. Rae couldn't understand what was happening inside her mind. She felt swirling in her soul. No one had ever caused that kind of feeling to her before.

"Damn," she said.
"Nice," he said.

As their eyes roamed each other's body, sinful thoughts invaded their consciousness. An electrical current soared through his body, as his shoulder lightly brushed hers. His eyes soke to her soul. Jean couldn't take his eyes away from the lovely beauty next to him. It was as if time stood still for them. "What was that," he wondered, still feeling her touch on his skin.

Her skin tingled, became like fire, as she tried to keep bodies brushed against each other. His soft flesh lingered on her skin. She wanted to say something to him but she couldn't take her eyes away from his. He was sexy as hell. Simply a great piece of art.

Jean attempted to touch her hand, to stop her from walking away but he was afraid. What if she didn't like strangers touching her. That small gesture could have turned into a total nightmare so he kept his hands to himself, still admiring her. She was beautiful, eccentric, a diamond amongst cubic zarconia. His senses were raging. His sense of smell got a whiff of her intoxicating scent, radiating desire. His sight, captured her beauty knowing that she was more beautiful from within. His ears, listened to the beat of her heart, hoping to unlock her soul and claim it forever. He felt the warmth of her skin, wanting to feel more of her. His sense of taste was left longing to taste her sweet lips both above and below her waist.

"I have to say something to her," he told himself, yet said nothing.

Rae glanced back when their eyes no longer played, teasing one another, only to find him looking back at her. She stopped, pausing, watching. She wondered should she make the first move. Her heart pounded, her spirit leaped, causing her heart to become overly excited, beating rapidly. Rae wanted to feel his touch again but in her more intimate places. Her body betrayed her. Her hidden love button, became moist. Passion conquered her. She was drawn to him.

Jean waited for her to make the first move. She wondered if he would come to her. They stood, anticipating each other's next gesture but their pride got the best of them. Rae slowly walked away in longing. Her heart suddenly skipped a beat.

"I guess it wasn't meant to be", she said walking away.

He sighed moving in the direction of his next destination. He couldn't get the feeling he felt toward her out of his mind. No other woman had captured his interest without having a conversation with them, or at least getting to know them better but she intrigued him. He took a deep breath and walked in the opposite direction as her.

"I guess it was only just a glance," he said.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Don't just let what could possibly be the one true love of your life just walk away without doing or saying something. Those are simply rare occassions, ones we may never get again. When the opportunity presents itself, GO FOR IT!!!! Either it is meant to be or not. How will we know except taking a chance. Live life with no regrets, lessons learned and having as fun as you can. After all, we only get one life and tomorrow isn't promised. Don't go through it without experiencing true love, great passion and fascinating SEX!!! Everything else will either fall into place or wasn't intended in the first place.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


"So Baby, tell me what's on that mind of yours. I can tell from the look in your eyes that something is wrong. Talk to me! I hate it when you shut me out like this," Ty said.

"It's nothing really. I am just a little stressed. We haven't been seeing much of each other and now instead of making love to me, all you want to do is talk. Do you know how long it's been Ty? I mean really, come on man damn! Your woman need you to push it real good, work that thang, lick me up and down, hell, do me baby! While you asking me all these questions, I should be asking a few of my own," Jada said in a calm voice.

"Baby, what has gotten into you? You never used to talk to me like this. Come here, let me take care of that itch."

"Oh, save the pity party. I clearly don't need it. If you want to talk, then that is exactly what we will do. Now, sit your ass down and let's have a conversation."

"Well damn!"

Ty replayed that conversation over and over in his head. Jada was gone again, for the third night in a row. When he got home she was already backing out of their driveway. She didn't stop, simply waved and drove the hell off. This had been going on for months now. And quite frankly, he was getting a little tired of coming home to an empty house.Years ago, he wouldn't have cared because he was doing his own thang. Why is it that when he finally decided to stop going to "walmart" it was too late. She had begged and pleaded with him, but he just wouldn't listen. He thought that just because he gave her everything, worked hard and sexed her every now and then, she would be there forever. Guess he was wrong, because it was way after midnight, and she still wasn't home.

They used to make love all the time, even when he had two other honies on the side taking care of him in that department. Jada was a beast in the bedroom. Whatever he wanted it, she did it with no questions asked. Wherever he wanted it, she always obliged, and lard have mercy however, she would go above and beyond. But he was young and clearly stupid. Arrogant, thinking he was a trip to Paris in springtime, standing under the Eiffel Tower, while hundred dollar bills fell from the sky.

Ty thought back to when he first saw her. She was standing with a group of friends, laughing, having a good time. Her smile melted his heart. He was there with his girlfriend at the time, but he knew from the very moment their eyes met, he would have her on his side. Jada wasn't like all the others. She challenged him both mentally and emotionally. They talked for hours on end about anything from, sports to health care. The next thing Ty knew, he was on bended knee, asking her to be his forever.

The first two years of their marriage was amazing. They experimented, did things spontaneously, and he felt like the luckiest man alive. Jada was in a league of her own. She cooked, cleaned, fucked and sucked him without a moments notice, and everything in between. Why wasn't that enough? Why didn't he go home the night he ran into an old flame in "walmart" one night? After that night, Ty made more trips to "walmart" then anyone should be allowed. Jada never questioned his whereabouts. She loved him harder. She spiced up things in the bedroom, bought sexy lingerie, bad ass heels, and everything else to keep his attention. He just couldn't turn from his old ways.

Now, here he was, the one coming home and she was always gone. She wanted to start a family, but he just didn't trust himself to become a father. He wasn't done playing, so how could he have a child to teach how to be a good person. He didn't want to be a hypocrite. Ty continued to watch the clock. It was after two o'clock in the morning. Maybe something happened to her, he thought. He immediately dialed her cell phone, only to get her voicemail. It was too late to call anyone else, so he tried to go to sleep.

When Ty opened his eyes, Jada was next to him sound asleep. She looked so peaceful. He placed his arms around her, she stirred. When she didn't push or pull away from him, he kissed her. She felt like heaven. Jada opened her mouth wider to give her husband more of her. He kissed her like she loved, like she wanted him to, like she was everything to him. Why had it taken her leaving their home and pretending to be somewhere that she wasn't for him to realize how much she loved and only wanted him? Jada touched him in the place she knew he loved, his heart. They became familiar with each other all over again. She gave herself, all of herself to her husband.

Ty made love to his wife. He made love to her entire body, starting with her mind. He whispered sweet words of endearment in her ear. Jada came, listening to my husband make love to her mentally, emotionally and physically. Her father had been right. When she confided in him about their dilemma, he told her to leave the house, stay gone for long periods of time, and then act as if nothing happened when she returned. Jada wondered how long that would take. Her father assured her not long. So she did as he said. Had been doing so for a few months now, each time, meeting her father for breakfast, lunch, dinner, anything. When Ty called her father looking for her, he simply said, "maybe she at walmart". Jada thought she would die. She laughed. It felt good to laugh.

Although she could have easily been one of the people she despised, she remained faithful to her husband. Even when she knew he was with other women, claiming to be at "walmart". She wasn't stupid, born last night. She knew what he was up to. But Jada stayed focused, with her eyes on the prize. The little bun in her oven deserved a home with both parents, and if pretending to be at "walmart" or anywhere else was the way she had to play it, then she would do it all over again. The way he was responding to her was the way they had once been. She missed being with him. They were made for each other. A match made in heaven.

That night, Ty and Jada made love over and over savoring each other. Hanging on to each emotion, each hug, each kiss, each happy ending. When they were satisfied, they stopped, waited and then did it all over again. Their marriage was now unbreakable. There would never be any excuse, any need to go to "walmart", unless they where going there together. Jada hated "walmart" any way. She would much rather go to TARGET!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


As soon as she saw him, she smiled. Her body awakened, wanting him, wanting to give herself to him. She was in love. Utterly, completely, totally, in love with him, all he was, both good and bad. They were made for each other. They were best friends, they didn’t judge each other. They built each other up whenever one was down. They smiled, laughed, and simply loved being together. When they made love, they moved the heavens and the earth. The waters became crystal clear, the sun shined brighter, and nothing else mattered except living in the moment. The “raw passion” within them was magical, a blessing, something others envied, craved, desired.

He couldn’t keep her off his mind. She invaded his thoughts all day, every day and he didn’t want it to end. He longed to be next to her, feel her lips, her touch, her heart beat next to his, becoming one. He had never felt this way about anyone else and didn’t care if he never did, all he wanted was her. She knew him, he loved him, she cared with her actions, not like many others and their words, leaving him wanting more. He missed her when he couldn’t see her and that only made the time they shared together more of an appreciation, a BONUS. When he was down and out, all he had to do was hear her voice, see her face and his world was all right. The way she kissed him brought joy to his heart, positive thoughts to his mind, calmness to his soul, joy to his soul. He didn’t want those feelings to ever end. She was special, his one and only. The “raw passion” between them was like the brightest star shining in the night, lighting up the entire world.

They knew each other. They talked about any and everything. They finished each other’s sentences, laughing because they loved being in love. They could be in the same room, doing completely opposite things, but as long as they were together, they didn’t care one way of the other. As long as they were together, who cared? When they embraced, electricity soared throughout their souls, driving each other crazy. The power of love was amazing! A special gift many people overlooked, took for granted, ignored or didn’t think possible. The “raw passion” ignited flames in their hearts that would burn forever as long as they had each other.

She watched him watch her feeling her body betray her, it was his and his eyes was telling her that he wanted her. She walked over to him and sat on his lip. He pulled her face closer to his with his hands, he kissed her. He kissed her with such “raw passion”, she lost herself. The places he touched her was like a dream, he touched his heart. His roaming hands told her that it was real. He touched her breasts softly, a moan escaped her lips. His hands felt too good, she wanted more of him. He gave her just what she was thinking and so much more. He kissed her with intensity, still rubbing her breasts tenderly. His manhood poked her in her most intimate place. He wanted her and she was about to return the favor.

She stood up bringing him up with her. She undressed his body while her fingers assaulted him. He closed his eyes. She used her hands and mouth to express her emotions until it was time to show her actions with body movements. He opened his eyes to see hers penetrating the depths of his soul. “I love you”, he said. “I love you more”, she responded and the rest was done with their bodies, sealing and pledging their everlasting love for one another. The "raw passion" radiating throughout each of them, was like music. They performed endlessly, a love song so powerful, a ballad of pure bliss, lyrics one of a kind, a rhythm so emotional, energetic, an amazing beat. They danced with tongues, legs, arms, bodies wrapped in love. In the end, they had created the perfect “love song”. A song they would remix each and every time they made love with the “raw passion” they possessed for one another.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Good Afternoon All!!!!

I asked a question to one of my close friends last night and we both pondered for a while. Can Christians love erotica without being looked upon as, how can I say this? As being promiscious, dirty, nasty, evil, followers of satan, etc. This is a very touchy subject, but someone has to talk about it. I am in fact a Christian, who just so happens to love and write erotic tales. I am married, with kids and I think that there is nothing wrong with freedom of expression. I am not perfect by any means, but I do try. With that being said, I want to know your thoughts on this particular subject. I will keep your answers anonymous if you like. I just want to know if their are others out there like myself. Someone read my blog and asked did I want to be labeled as person I'm clearly not for the stories I create. I didn't hesitate my answer because I know who I am, God created me this way. I have never really been the type of person to need acceptance from "people" and I don't plan on starting now. Let's face it, not anyone is going to like what you have to say. If that were true, our world would be all peaches and cream.There would be no laws because if everyone agreed or liked all that is said, what would be the need? I'm just saying!

I am in the process of getting my first book published and I am so excited. It's not Christian fiction but I touch on Godly content in some instances throughout it. I can't help it, I want the world to know that God has and always will be present in my life and He does exist. For those of you who don't think so, please feel free to remove yourself from my blog immediately, not hard feelings. You are free to think or believe whatever you like. Although this particular book isn't necessarily like my blog, there are a few steamy scenes that take place. So, keep your eyes open for "Deadly In Stilettos" it's coming soon! I won't go into detail about the book, but let's just say it is a "page turner".

Anyway, I got side-tracked a minute. Please bear with me. I am just totally excited about finally becoming a published Author. Hopefully one day soon, I will be on the New York's Times best-selling list. I have too many thoughts and ideas in my head that the world need to be entertained by. (lol) Back to the matter at hand. Christians and Erotica, what are your thoughts? I look forward to knowing your opinions. Your voice is meant to be heard, so don't close yourself off. Who knows, "you" may even be the one person to help someone get their breakthrough. Many people feel or think the same way, but only the courageous ones who speak out, make the difference. Don't sell yourself short, I most certainly will not, trust and believe! Ok, I will not preach or demand. If anyone wants to discuss, it will happen in time. For now, have a very great and productive day! And remember, "with wisdom comes understanding, and with understanding comes courage, and courage bring about change". Smooches!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

I have pondered a really long time about this particular word, and I just want to see what all of you think about it. If anyone is out there reading or just browsing, please feel free to comment. Your insight is greatly appreciated, highly anticipated and I welcome them all.

What is Your definition of PASSION?

Now webster's definition states: any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate; strong amorous feeling or desire, love, ardor; strong sexual desire, lust; an instance or experience of strong love or sexual desire; the object of such a fondness or desire

My definition of PASSION is: an electrifying desire, ripping through one's soul, igniting a fire so hot it penetrates the depth of our being, our existence, our spirit; leaving one craving for more, especially when all five senses are involved and greatly satisfied. (KEKE CHANEL)

Although I feel there is no right or wrong answer, I am curious to know how others define certain terms, PASSION being one of them. After all, this is a passion blog, so it is only fair that it is discussed openly with anyone who wants to take part in the discussion. Shall we began!!!!

Thanks in advance to all the passionate souls out there!!!


Ka’Sha smiled thinking of O’Shea. From the first time she laid eyes on him, she was head over heels. He was tall, caramel hued, with dimples she envied and a smile that left her floating in air for days. His deep voice spoke to her in places she was embarrassed to mention, but she loved every minute of it. Ka’Sha couldn’t stop herself from approaching him the night she and a few of her girlfriends went out for drinks after work one Friday night. It was as if he were expecting her, waiting for her. After a few drinks, she built up the courage to go over to where he and a few other guys, she assumed were his boys, chatted and laughed. She remembered the conversation like yesterday.

“Excuse me,” she said lightly tapping him on his back. When he turned to face her, she was shocked by the kindness of his eyes. When he smiled, she knew that she had made the right decision and her heart skipped a beat. Ka’Sha stared at his lips. She must have had one drink too many because she remembered taking her hand and placing one finger one them. He looked around the room amazed by her straightforwardness. O’Shea then, kindly moved her hand from his lips and kissed it. Ka’Sha smiled at her future husband. He gave her “butterflies” and she remembered her grandmother saying that, “if a man gave you butterflies, he was the one for you because not too many of them possessed that quality.” Who knew that her grandmother was so right?

“I’m so sorry! I have never gone this before. Please excuse my behavior. I guess I shouldn’t have had that last drink, huh,” Ka’Sha said looking down at the floor. She noticed his shoes, how well polished they looked and how big his feet were. She felt a little leap in her kitty kat area, which was also new to her. “Oh, please don’t apologize, you haven’t committed any crimes,” he spoke with great sincerity. “My name is O’Shea Spencer,” he said, extending his hand to hers. Ka’Sha extended her own hand but instead of shaking it, she intertwined their fingers and began to dance. O’Shea, surprised again by her forwardness, wrapped his arms around her waist and moved in closer to her body. How could he refuse a beautiful woman a dance? What harm could it do? Besides, he was intrigued by her confidence. The chemistry between them was evident, obvious to anyone paying any attention to them. They danced that night and have been dancing ever since. He gave her “butterflies” then and now.

Ka’Sha was comfortable in his massive, yet gentle arms. She belonged there. She was home. “My name is Ka’Sha Reynolds. And one day, I am going to be your wife,” she whispered into his ear. O’Shea pulled her closer into him feeling his own heart speed up. He had never felt that way before and he had had his share of women, lots of women, but none held a candle to the woman in his arms. Ka’Sha Reynolds was definitely in a league of her own. He wanted to know more of her. When they finally let go of each other, her friends and his boys had gathered together having a good time as well. All eyes were on them careful to see if anything was strange, but shocked to see two people, strangers, dancing together and slowly falling in love. O’Shea touched his stomach. It felt weird, funny and unusual. For the first time in his life, he was experiencing “butterflies”. She gave him butterflies. “Damn”, was all he managed to say, wondering what that meant.

By the end of the night, he and Ka’Sha had gotten better acquainted with each other. Everyone is their group seemed to be having a nice time as well, so they didn’t have to rush or feel selfish for ignoring their friends. They learned each other’s professions, hobbies, likes and dislikes, among other things. They exchanged numbers that night and had been talking every day since. Ka’Sha looked forward to hearing his voice, as did O’Shea to hearing hers. Whenever her phone rang, she smiled and felt “butterflies” in her stomach. She was beyond words to describe the way he made her feel, and she didn’t want that feeling to ever end.

Now, here she was, sitting in their home, waiting on him. They had been together for several years, happily married, and still in love. And after all that time, Ka’Sha still felt my stomach flutter, heart skip a beat and a smile appear on her face whenever she thought of O’Shea. The love they made sealed their love, strengthened their bond, and extended their family. Ka’Sha looked down at her belly. Tears filled her eyes and she couldn’t contain her excitement. He was going to be extremely happy when she told him to good news. They had been trying for a long time to get pregnant, with no luck. Just when they came to the conclusion that it would only be him and her, a miracle happened. Ka’Sha missed her period, but didn’t think much of it. When the second month passed, she decided to go see her doctor. That is when she learned that she was going on three months pregnant, and not with just one baby but two. They were having twins.

As O’Shea unlocked the door to their home, he felt his stomach in knots. Those “butterflies” always signaled something special in his life after meeting Ka’Sha. There he found her, sitting on their couch, grinning from ear to ear. He knew that she had something to tell her. “Hey Baby, how was your day,” she stalled. O’Shea played along, kissing her on the cheek as he sit down next to her. “Hi, my day was great. No complaints. What about you Sweetness,” he asked resting his arms around her. She leaned into him, putting her head on his chest. “I have something to share with you. I hope that you are not upset with me after you hear what it is,” she said smiling were he couldn’t see. O’Shea was worried now. He eased her up to face him. “What’s wrong?” His face was panicked.

Ka’Sha couldn’t stand the torture on his face. She whispered into his ear, “Baby, we are having a baby.” O’Shea searched her eyes to see if she was joking, but when she nodded in agreement to what she had just told him, he knew that she was telling the truth. He was ecstatic. Tears of joy betrayed him as he pulled his wife into his arms. He kissed her with such passion, Ka’Sha wanted to jump his bones right then and there, but knew that she couldn’t. “Baby”, she said bringing him back to reality. “There is more news.” O’Shea eyed her suspiciously. “What’s that,” he asked. Ka’Sha took a deep breath. “I should have told you months ago, but I wanted to be sure first. I learned today at the doctor’s that I am going on three months pregnant and we are having twins.” O’Shea felt “butterflies” in his stomach and then saw darkness. He fainted. Ka’Sha laughed at her loving husband.

They laughed and talked for hours when he finally came to. O’Shea promised that he wouldn’t faint when the babies came. Ka’Sha didn’t believe him, but nodded just to appease him. They chatted like two old friends catching up. They talked for hours. They reminisced about their dating days, their engagement and then their wedding. With each story, Ka’Sha’s heart smiled brighter. She was so happy that she had gone with her friends that night, happy that she approached O’Shea and happy that she answered the phone when he called. But most of all, she was happy that since that very first moment she looked into his eyes, he had and still was giving her “butterflies”.   

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Happily Exhausted"

When Passion got home, she was in for a treat. Kobe, her husband, greeted her with a smile and a glass of wine. She returned a smile of her own, wondering what he was up to. His body looked delicious. She knew that the banana and plums hanging between his legs would soon kiss her lips, both above and below her waist. He was ripped. His dick was long and thick, simply beautiful. The huge veins slowly coming into view let her know that he was excited to see her. Passion wanted to drop down to her knees and pleasure him right there in their foyer, but she didn’t. He had something planned for her, so she would let him pamper her for now. They had all night and when he finished with her, she would make sure he was “happily exhausted”.

“Hey Baby, how was your day,” Kobe asked. He saw the stress of the day on his wife’s face. What he had in-store of her would leave her speechless, stress-free and sexually satisfied. Before she responded, Passion took a hefty sip from her wine. The smooth, cool liquid went down her throat, immediately taking some of her stress away. “Hey you, my day was…well…let’s just say, I am glad to be home,” she finally said to her husband. Kobe reached out his hand. “Come with me. I have just the thing that you need.” A devilish grin appeared on Passion’s face. She followed him admiring his nice tight ass and muscular legs. He was FINE as hell. Damn, I’m a lucky girl.

When they got to their bedroom, Passion covered my mouth with her hand. There were over one-hundred red roses, in beautiful crystal vases smiling at her. On the floor leading to the bed and their master bathroom were yellow roses and when she looked at their California king-sized bed, more roses, pink and white, in a heart-shape, covered their silk sheets. Passion was so overwhelmed by it all, she couldn’t contain her emotions. Tears kissed her cheeks. She used the back of her hand to wipe them away only to have more to fall. Kobe wrapped his strong arms around her waist. “I love you Baby. You take care of me so much I just wanted to return the favor. Tonight is your night. Your every wish is my command.” Passion turned to face her loving husband. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. His dick grew harder and she wanted to pleasure him right then. He pulled away, putting space in between them. “Stop it girl! I just told you tonight is your night, let me pamper you now.”

Passion stood still while Kobe undressed her. He removed every inch of her clothing with tenderness, also slowly seducing her by his soft touches in her intimate spots. He made sure to hit all of her erogenous zones. He knew exactly what he was doing. The smile on his face was a dead giveaway. After she was completely naked, he grabbed her hands leading her into their bathroom. The lights were off and candles flickered throughout the space. More roses welcomed her in a delightful bubble bath.  “Watch your step, Baby. I hope the water is okay, I know you like yours hot.” Passion followed his instructions. The water was perfect; she eased down into it already feeling her body relieve its tension. “Ooo, this feels so good Sweetie. Thank you so much. I appreciate you for thinking of me and all of this.” Before she was able to grab her towel, Kobe got to it first. “Relax! I am going to do all the work tonight.” Passion leaned back into the water, resting her head on the back of the tub were he had placed a towel to provide comfort.

Kobe washed her back, making little circles as he massaged it. He washed her breasts, using his hands to get them ripe. He moved down to her stomach. He brought one leg up to him, and slowly washed it, and then the other. He told her to stand, which she did. He washed her butt and then found his hands roaming for beautiful flower. It blossomed, drenched from the orgasm he caused while cleansing her. Passion was so overheated she could have fried an egg with her clit. After Kobe made sure every inch of her body was clean, he wrapped a towel around her, picking her up and led her over to their bed. “Lie on your back for me Baby,” Kobe instructed. Passion submitted to her husband doing just what he told her to do.

Kobe left her for a minute, only to go get some massage oil to apply to her damp body. He warmed it slightly and returned to his wife. She was on her stomach looking like an angel. She smiled when she saw him enter the room. Kobe walked in between her legs and applied the oil to her back. He worked it in gently, massaging her body with ease. Passion moaned. His touch was like acid, she was burning all over for him. She wanted to feel him inside her. But good things come to those who wait. When he finally finished working her back, he went down to her ass and then her legs. As he massaged her thighs, he was careful to penetrate her with his fingers, massaging her clit softly. Passion came again, the second one in a matter of minutes. He was driving her insane. When he moved to her feet, he rubbed oil all over them, and then used his tongue to massage each and every one of them. Passion couldn’t fight it anymore. She moaned, groaned, tossed and turned. The electricity of passion soaring through her body made her pussy hotter than fire. Her love juices mixed in with the smell of the roses, creating an intoxicating aroma. Kobe moaned himself.

As he turned her over to her back, Passion gazed into his piercing eyes. There was so much love and passion in them she felt her heart skip a beat. She used her feet to massage his love stick. Kobe stared into her eyes with intense desire. “Baby that feels so good, but tonight is your night. Please let me take care of you,” be pleaded, but Passion continued to work his dick with her feet. Before he came, he stepped away from her. Although the feeling was breathtaking, he had to move before he wasn’t able to control himself. He poured oil all over the front of his wife’s body, massaging it in slowly. Passion arched her back when he touched her clit again. “Damn boy, you gonna make me cum again.” Before she got all the words out, she came. Spasms of pleasure went through her entire body. Kobe saw her orgasm shoot out and used his fingers to capture some of it. He licked his fingers like it was bar-b-que sauce. “You taste so good. I think a want some more.”

He went down on his knees and went to work. Kobe licked, sucked, blew and used his fingers to part her open. He captured her clit with his mouth, using his tongue to massage it softly. He sucked on her like a suction-cap, licking gently. Passion rode his tongue like she was on a high-speed chase with the police. She got faster and faster until another orgasm exploded within her. Kobe used his tongue to swallow every drop of her love juice, drenching his thirst. Passion wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him in closer. She wanted him so badly, and he was about to give her what she wanted. He moved from his knees, pulling her into his hard erection. He penetrated her soft and rough, until she screamed. He made circles as he pulled out of her a bit, giving her only his thick head. When he was sure she couldn’t take his torture anymore, he pushed into her sweet, wet pussy deeper. She screamed out his name. Kobe was giving all of himself to his wife. He met her lips and kissed her with such passion, she melted returning his kiss. Their tongues danced to their own rhythm, creating a perfect beat.

Kobe pumped slow, fast, easy, rough and everything in between. Passion came over and over again. She rode him from underneath, pushing him over the edge. He held on to her waist, while sucking on her sweet breasts. Her nipples were so hard he bit them gently, sucking as if he was feasting on sweet nectar. Passion cursed him. She rode him as he called out her name and exploded. His seed went deep inside her. When they finished making love that night, both of them were “happily exhausted” and greatly satisfied. Passion fall in love with her husband all over again that night, and Kobe knew that no other woman could tell him anything except for which direction she was in. That night, they lay in each other’s arms, drifting on a memory because there wasn’t any place they would rather be than in the moment, with each other. When they woke up that morning, it was Passion’s turn to pleasure her husband and she used her tongue to thank him for the night before and the many nights and days to come. When he left for work later, he was even more “happily exhausted” than he ever thought possible. Passion watched him with joy in her heart, love of her mind and a pussy so fulfilled that she had to pat it dry when she went to use the bathroom. What a great way to be in pain, she smiled. “Oh how I love being “happily exhausted”,” she said anticipating coming home from work that evening and doing it all over again.    

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Brandy took out her cell phone. She smiled thinking of the last few messages she received and decided it was time to see just how serious Nikko was about sexting. At first, she was apprehensive about the full idea, but since he started, she looked forward to it. In fact, she liked it more than she wanted to admit. It kept their relationship fresh and fun. They hadn’t talked in a few days and she missed him. She missed the naughty, yet sexy things he said to her, making her feel all hot and horny. Now it was her turn to get him all flustered from her words.

B: Hey you!
N: Well hello there beautiful!
N: I was just thinking about your sexy smile.
B: Is that right? I was just thinking about you too.
N: So tell me, you miss me yet?

That was an understatement Brandy thought to herself. She missed him so much that she was about to tell him just how much and in a way he would enjoy. She took a deep breath and typed in her message. She hoped he didn’t find it offensive, vulgar or think she was like this with everyone else, but she doubted that since he was always the one making sexual comments during their texting. It was late and she was in fact horny. “What the hell,” Brandy said aloud, lying across her empty bed.

N: Hellooooo, you still there Brandy?
B: Sorry, I was just changing my clothes.
N: J wish I could see that. What are you doing now?
B: Laying across my bed texting you
N: What cha got on?
B: Just my t-shirt and panties. Why you wanna see?

Caught off guard by her bluntness and honesty, Nikko rubbed his head thinking of what to say next. He didn’t want her to think he was a pervert or think he did this type of thing with everyone, so he had to be careful. Brandy was more than just a crush, a fling, or one-night stand. She was special to him. She was his Sweetie. As he waited, his phone chimed indicating a new message. When Nikko clicked on the message he almost fainted. There, right before his eyes was Brandy smiling in her pink, V-necked t-shirt, holding one side up just a little to show off her hot pink lace panties.

N: Wow!!!
B: you like?
N: Do you even have to ask that question? I am drooling all over myself
B: lol
N: not funny, you look amazing and sexy as hell
B: I bet you say that to all the girls who send you pictures like this, huh

She was testing him, Nikko gathered. She wanted to see if she was the only one he was receiving those kinds of pictures from. Although he had gotten his share of naughty pictures from other women he conversed with, he had erased them all when he and Brandy became more serious. Nikko wanted to assure her that she had nothing to worry her pretty head about when it came to him and other women. She was the one he chose.

N: Babe, don’t worry about that. You are the only one sending me pictures. You are the only one I want any from. Now, can we talk about what’s under that shirt or what?
B: J Sure
N: why do you have on those particular panties?
B: What, you don’t like them? I picked them out with you in mind. I thought that you would like them. I can take them off if you ask me nicely
N: I love them, but please take them off and send me another picture, please!
B: Don’t beg Baby, just ask and it shall be given to you

Nikko waited, shaking his left leg up and down. Brandy had him nervous and anxious. She was a totally different person and he liked it. Late night texting was turning out to be something he would look forward to when he was away from her. When his phone chimed, he quickly grabbed it up. There was Brandy, t-shirt off, on her knees, with her beautiful succulent breasts staring back at him, and those hot pink panties greeted him even more. Her smooth caramel colored skin looked radiant. Her hair was down, falling freely pass her shoulders. Damn, he thought.

B: So tell me, what do you think about this one Honey?
N: J
B: are you speechless?
B: I bet I can make even more speechless

Nikko couldn’t respond. He continued to look at his phone. He wished that he were right beside her or the one taking those pictures. If he were there, they would be doing way much more than taking pictures. He would be feasting on the two ripe melons winking at him. He would have those hot pink panties in his mouth, kissing what was in them until he got tired and then he would have kissed some more. His dick got hard and he removed his own clothing. It wasn’t the same, but he had to release before he got “blue balls” and that wasn’t an option. Why did he have to be out of town on business when at home waiting for him was a lioness in heat, in need of some sexual healing?

B: you should be receiving another picture in a minute. Let me know what you think of this one
N: ok
B: my pussy is on fire and when you get home I will show you just how much, but for now, enjoy!
N: girl, you got my dick so hard, I can’t see straight. When I do get home, your ass will be in some serious trouble!
B: Oh, didn’t you know that trouble is my middle name. I welcome all that you have to offer and then some. Try me!!!

Nikko smiled reading her words. She was playing with him, torturing him and he loved every bit of it. The next picture he received, he dropped the phone out of his hand. Brandy was a bad girl, for real. There she was with her legs spread wide giving him a view of his paradise. He couldn’t wait to get there in between them. Her pussy looked so good. Nikko knew that it would taste even better. He suddenly wanted to punish her with his dick penetrating her feminine walls, for punishing him with her pictures.

N: Damn, girl! You look so freaking delicious. What are you going to do when I get home?
B: Well, I think that I’m just gonna walk in getting undressed and bend over the sofa with my stilettos on. Can you handle that?
N: We will see won’t we?
B: Or would you like a lap dance and a little striptease first?
N: Baby, we can do all of that!
B: And that we shall
B: I am such a bad girl
N: yes you are
B: you like it but you ain’t seen me get bad yet
N: Really?
B: Yep, you are my motivation
N: I like that
B: So when we done, I don’t want to feel my legs and I want your hands all over me. Can you do that for me?
N: I can definitely do that
B: ok, so it’s settled then

Nikko wanted her so badly. He massaged his long, hard dick, closing his eyes. When he opened them again, he looked at the last picture she sent him. He imagined her pussy on his dick, and the wetness of it making him cum. Nikko came that night staring into his phone at a picture. Late night texting was the best damn aphrodisiac he had ever experienced. When he got home in two days, Brandy would be in trouble.

B: Sweet dreams Baby
N: You too, my love
B: I will keep it warm for you
N: yeah, you do that because when I get there, it’s going to be hotter than a six shooter and I’m going to make it shot six times six.
B: Damn I can’t wait! You got my pussy so wet. I want to touch myself
N: I just did, now it’s your turn

Brandy began to massage her clit, feeling warm sensations run through her entire body. She moved her hips up and down. She closed her eyes pretending that her hands were Nikko’s, giving her the ultimate pleasure. When she came, she called out his name, shaking uncontrollably. Brandy pressed the stop button on her phone and then pressed send.

B: here is something to look forward to when you get home
N: ok
B: enjoy and goodnight Honey
N: Goodnight Sweetheart

Nikko opened the new message from Brandy. He saw that it was a video instead of another picture, so he pressed played. He watched in sure amazement and anticipation. When the video was over, he watched it again. That night Nikko and Brandy closed their eyes and met in each other’s dreams. They made perfect love, pleasuring each other completely, effortlessly, endlessly. Two days couldn’t come fast enough, but until then late night texting would satisfy their craving for each other and spark a passion inside them that would keep their sex life incredible, spontaneous and better than either could have imagined.