Monday, December 12, 2016

Happy Holidays!!!

Season’s Greetings

My favorite time of year is here!!! Aren't you excited? All the joy and Christmas spirit floating through the atmosphere. It truly warms my heart. People are nicer during this time of year, well, at least where I live. It keeps the people who are genuinely pure at heart true to their character. With everything that has transpired in our country, we need that. Good still exists. In my opinion, it overrules bad. Having a positive attitude is the only way to overcome certain circumstances I shall remain nameless. Anyway!

Do you have any holiday family traditions? Watching Christmas movies and drinking homemade hot chocolate, are just to name a few that my family and I share during the holiday season. Don't you just love Hallmark Channel's countdown till Christmas movies? Or ABC Family's (now known as FREEFORM) 25 Days of Christmas? If you haven't tuned in, you, my friend, are missing out. I have been watching Christmas movies since Thanksgiving Day. I know...I just can't help myself! Don't judge me. 

I finished decorating my home last weekend and it feels amazing when I walk through my living room and see the decor. There is nothing like being festive, especially during the holiday season. The music, the lights, the greens and reds, the garland; the list can go on and on. 

Each year, my siblings and I kick off the holiday season by indulging in Black Friday. It's our bonding time. This year, we left our parents' home around 11pm Thanksgiving night and didn't make it home until 12noon the next day. Yeah, we stayed out all night, morning, and would have stayed throughout the evening until sleep started to kick our butts. WE HAD A BLAST, though. And no one got ran over by a shopping cart. Long story for another time. I've said too much! Lol... 

On a more serious note. 

Many people become depressed during this time of year. It can be due to losing a loved one or someone special, a terrible breakup, or something they refuse to share. Please pay attention to the people you interact with on a daily basis. If you see them sitting quietly, or not acting quite like themselves, ask why? Show compassion. You never know how your kindness can change or save someone's life. Invite them out to lunch or to that holiday party you're throwing. Or if you're feeling generous, get them a copy of my latest book Silence.

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Do you make New Year's Resolutions? I usually set realistic goals and prioritize to meet those goals throughout the year. Here are a few tips that can help you complete the goals you set.

1. Be realistic -Don't have outlandish expectations. Make sure you don't set yourself up for failure be having unattainable goals. (Ex. Don't say you're going to start working out five days a week when you don't work out at all right now. Start by doing two days and commit to them. Once you accomplish the two days, increase! 

2.Write it down –Write your goals down somewhere. It’s been said that seeing something written down someplace can help you stay focused. Once you complete one goal, mark it off the list and go forth to the next. 

3.Set aside allotted time each day to give attention to each goal – Schedule time to work on your list. This creates a routine. You can set an alarm, put on one of your favorite CDs, or go to a designated area in your home to work. After a few days, your body will know it’s time to ‘get it done’.
4. Step away if you feel stuck or overwhelmed – Don’t allow yourself time to get burnt out. It happens. Take a breath. Step away. Fresh eyes and a clear mind will achieve more. Don’t become consumed. Enjoy the process. 

5. Find Inspiration – Sometimes, following someone in your area of expertise or desired platform can be the boost you need to get going. Read books that stimulate your creative flow. Find quotes or mantras and recite them. Meditate. Call that friend who always offers words of encouragement.We all need someone to push us and hold us accountable. 

6. Reward Yourself – I say this all the time when offering tips. You deserve a pat on the back or a nice treat for pursuing your goals and accomplishing them. It’s not easy! 

7. Show your success –Tell someone what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. People are rooting for you. *If you don’t have anyone in your life who wants you to succeed, find new people to form your inner circle* It feels good to hear others say “I’m proud of you” or “I knew you could do it” or “I’m happy for you.”   

Finish strong! There is still time to accomplish something you haven't yet in 2016. Focus and bring in the New Year with a positive attitude, mindset, and purpose. The only person standing in your way is you. You can stand still or move forward. #YOUGOTTHIS.

Untile next time, Be Inspired, Be Encouraged, & Be YOU

Purple Hugs,
KeKe Chanel

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You and Yours...

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