Monday, June 30, 2014

In My Opinion!!!

Is Your Limit only the sky??

I have heard the phrase “the sky is the limit” countless times when someone is referring to a level of achievement in life. Do you truly believe this is the furthest one can go in their accomplishments? I ask this question because I am a strong believer that if there are footprints on the moon, where man once walked, why should one settle for the sky? I’m just saying, think bigger! Believe in yourself without questioning your ability to achieve greater. Greatness is something we all should want to obtain and possess. That doesn’t make us selfish or foolish, wishful thinkers; it makes us confident, determined, proud, hardworking; someone who wants the best that life has to offer.

Knowing our self-worth, having a strong work ethic, and believing in ourselves are three ways to accomplish just about anything we set our mind to. Don’t buy into the negativity of people who don’t possess such qualities in themselves. They are there for a reason, sent by the enemy to keep us in bondage; sent to distract us and get inside our heads. Once they have gotten us off course or feeling sorry for ourselves, all hope of becoming great, successful, a difference in this world goes out the window and we are left working some maximum wage job that we hate. Do you believe that we should enjoy what we do for a living? The answer is “Yes”! We should. Why settle for anything less?

Now there will probably be hard times along our journey, but that’s just the way life works. Nothing comes easy and if it does, you can bet your ass it will leave quickly! Think about it for a second. Take drug-dealers for example. They love the fast money and fancy lifestyle, but how many dealers do you know, with the exception of a few who used the fast money to make their dreams of wanting better come to past so they could get out the game, are happy? I mean truly happy. They cannot be happy too long because they open themselves up to a downward spiral effect.

They become paranoid thinking that everyone is out to get them, always looking over their shoulder. The people they surpass in the operation become jealous and rat em or take em out. All the women/men they try to keep up with move on, or move over to the best friend or the competition and help betray them. They get caught slipping and end up behind bars for a long, long time, or buried in the sand. In the end, it really wasn’t worth losing the years with family, friends and other loved ones. It really isn’t worth losing your life, your freedom, your peace of mind.

The opportunity for better is present. It is up to us if we decide to grab hold to it and soar or dodge it and put on a poor mouth. In the end, it doesn’t matter if we fall. What matters is if we get up or stay down. No one owes us anything. If you believe or think that, you are more confused and lost than I thought. Stop blaming others for failures or setbacks. Get your ass up, start over if you need to and go pass the sky and land on the moon! And the next time someone tells you “the sky is the limit”, gut-punch em and tell em you desire more and will achieve more. Tell them that you are destined for greatness and you will not stop until you reach it. God wants us to have the best…go get it!

Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!!!

Purple Hugs & Kisses,

Keke Chanel

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Hittas…

Hittas, a term stemmed from a popular song playing in heavy rotation on the radio. The intended word was not acceptable according to popular opinion in society given all the “politically incorrect” situations taking flight, so a creative alternative was fashioned. This phrase can be heard in any neighborhood around the country. It makes us look closely at the people in our circle.

Friendships are amazing, especially when you have people who are always there for you even when you least expect it. My Hittas a term used to call these people. Our ride or die people; our get-mad-with-someone-for-pissing-you-off people. My Hittas…people who have our backs without being asked, and never under any circumstance, turn on us or put us down.

Having a great circle of associates is one thing but having a great circle of friends is something profound, something to be treasured, a special gift to be cherished forever and not taken lightly. People are so quick to use the word “friend” nowadays that this generation of young people truly don’t know what a true friend is or should be. My definition of Friend/Hitta is this: my round, my dawg, my ace; one who is always present but not always in my presence; someone who is loyal, compassionate, crazy as hell if need be; someone who loves and fears God; someone who loves themselves; someone who tells you the truth even if it hurts.

Take a good look at the people you use the term Friend/Hitta with. Are they truly that? Can you count on them? Do they have your best interest at heart? If you need them, will they be there? Have they been by your side during the milestones in your life? These questions should all be “yes” if you indeed have a true Friend/Hitta in your life. If you have more “no’s” than “yes’s” you should reevaluate your relationship with these people. If you are always the one reaching out, going above and beyond to be a part of their lives and always being left with the short end of the stick, you don’t need those kinds of people in your circle. You deserve more!

It’s funny that while I was writing this post, one of my best friends sent me a text message. Even though we don’t talk daily or see each other too much, she always knows just when I need a great laugh. We went on and on talking and laughing, and it warmed my heart knowing that we don’t have to be under each other 24/7, but will always remain “friends”. She is one of my Hittas

I have another friend whom I hadn’t talked to or seen for months, but when we did see each other we picked right back up like not a day had gone by. She knows that I am always here for her and I know she is always here for me. She is one of my Hittas…

I have a friend who I met a few years ago through my brother that can get inside my head and know what I’m thinking before I do. We often say or type the same things at the same time, and just laugh about it. I know that she is sent from God because of the way our friendship has been. Our twin powers always activate! She is one of my Hittas…

And then there is that friend who lives far away. We call or text, or just feel each other in times of need. She is silly and so am I. She prays with me or for me. “Bow your bighead,” she says. It is a beautiful thing when you have friends who pray. This helps me sleep better at night knowing that I have people lifting my name up in prayer. She is one of my Hittas…

I can go on and on about my Hittas, but we would be here all day. I am truly blessed to have amazing people in my life that I can call “Friend”. God was definitely looking out for me when he allowed us all to cross paths. I am eternally grateful! And to have some of those people with the same blood running through their veins the same as mine, to get to call them family, sister, cousin; keeps my heart smiling!

Who are your Hittas? Cherish them and never allow life to push or pull you away from each other. We all need somebody. It’s up to us whether we accept BS or bask in blissfulness with each relationship we obtain. You have the final say on who you allow in your circle. The ones who remain should reflect us in some way. There is a saying that goes “the people you hang around are a reflection of who we are.” I truly believe that. Don’t allow others to change your character or question your integrity. It’s so not worth it in the end…

Until next time, Be Inspired, be encouraged & be YOU!!!

Purple Hugs & Kisses,
Keke Chanel

Monday, June 23, 2014

Before you fly over the cuckoo’s nest…

You know in life we all will encounter obstacles, but it is solely up to us in the way we choose to handle each situation or circumstance. Lashing out at the people we love isn’t the answer. Being bitter and mean isn’t the answer. Putting your mouth on others to keep our problems away isn’t the answer. Holding grudges isn’t the answer. The answer is simple. The answer lies within you/us. Facing challenges in life is just that, life! It’s a given if we keep living. No one is exempt. Why should we be? I believe these situations make and keep us strong. They keep us humble and strengthen our faith. They give us boldness and compassion. They ultimately make us better people.
These are the times when relationships and friendships are tested. It’s unfortunate, but true. When we experience sadness, pain, negativity, loss or any other downward emotion, we tend to find out the people who are in our corners unconditionally. The people we thought would never leave us turn their backs on us, or talk bad about us that suddenly become exposed. Sure it hurts, but this is a minor setback to set us up for our purpose in life. People without the same mindset or vision as ours are only in our life for a reason or only a season. Those who are meant to be in our lives for a lifetime will be there no matter what the obstacle, circumstance or situation may be. These people have our back even when we don’t have our own. They fight for us in our time of absence, and pray for us without being told to do so. You may not see or talk with them daily, but you know they are always there.
So the next time you are fraught with pressing encounters, just relax. Take a deep breath and exhale. Don’t fly over the cuckoo’s nest. We are never alone. Even when we don’t have anyone in our corner that we can physically see, we are still never alone. Laughter is a cleanser of the soul, so laugh! Don’t take life so seriously you forget to live. Stop allowing others power over you. We are all human and no better than the other, although there are some who think so. At some point in time even the strongest, most-give-it-all-together person, will encounter situations that will push them over the edge.
I heard a story, years ago that if you placed several people in a room together and give them each a brown paper bag and have them all throw them in a pile; in the end each person will fight hard to reclaim their bag because there are always problems bigger than our own. I shared that story to say, No one’s life is perfect! Money does not buy happiness even if it looks that way! Accept the life God gave to you and stop trying to live someone else’s! Discover your passion! Live with purpose! Reach your destiny!”
Until next time, Be inspired, Be encouraged and Be YOU!!!
Purple Hugs & Kisses,

Keke Chanel

Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Book Release!!!

Hello Souls,

I know it has been a while since my last post, but let me explain. I have been diligently working on new projects and one is now complete. *clapping hands rapidly*

I told you guys about Suffer No More months ago and it is ready for purchase. I am so proud of myself. I worked on this book for a while now and each time I thought it was done, something happened and it was placed to the side. It's inspired by the life of my younger sister and best friend. She wanted to share her journey to help motivate and encourage others who have encountered heartache and pain. Her story is long and emotional, but she is still standing tall.

The book release party was amazing! I was so emotional, but I didn't cry. I was a soldier even though my sister nearly brought me to tears. (She is a real cry-baby)

Here is a link for highlights from the party:

If you want to get a copy of the book the link is listed below:

Let me know your thoughts. If you have Facebook, please join my group "Keke Chanel Books". I would love to have you. 

Thanks for all of your support over the years. You are appreciated more than you can imagine. 

Until next time, Be Inspired, Be Encouraged & Be YOU!!!