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Blacc Topp

Author Spotlights are in full-swing!!!

I am really enjoying these spotlights. What about you??? Let me know! Please share the link with your friends, followers, associates, etc. Promoting literacy is important. These awesome individuals I'm showcasing this month on my blog are all about bridging the gap. Reading and Writing go hand in hand. You cannot excel at one without conquering the other. 

Ever met someone so cool you feel a breeze when they walk by? Well, my next author spotlight is exactly who I’m referring to. Smooth like butter – one of the most realest cats I’ve met in a long time. He is truly one of a kind!

I met Blacc Topp a few years ago in Memphis at the Black Writers and Book Club (BWABC) book festival. I’ve met many authors at the same event, which keeps me going back. If you haven’t been, you are missing out! Seriously…

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled author. Lol!

Now at first glance, he did appear mean. I ain’t gonna lie. But as soon as he opened his mouth and flashed that smile, I knew he was cool people He was like an old cousin I hadn’t seen in a while. It was a family reunion when we started talking. His down the earth demeanor and humble presence made me smile. Did I mention that he is cool as hell! And his writing game is “sick”. Sick as in “off the chain”. We are now family.

My friends… never judge a book by its’ cover. You might miss out on a great story about an amazing character!

Please… give a big Kickin’ It With KeKe welcome to my Fam!

Novelist Blacc Topp

KC: So tell us, how long you have been writing?
BT: I’ve been writing for nearly 30 years, only 3 years professionally.

KC: What genre do you write or prefer writing?
BT: I generally write crime fiction but, I’m open to any genre. I try not to box myself in.
KC: How did you know you wanted to become an author/writer?
BT: I had no idea I wanted to become an author. My earliest recollection is my mom telling me to journal after my dad passed. Years later after she passed, I found those journals and was bitten by the writing bug.

KC: What inspires you to write?
BT: I’m inspired to write by a very vivid imagination and things that I’ve been through.

KC: What message do you want readers to take away from your work?
BT: I want my readers to know that there are hidden jewels in my books. I also want them to know that I’m giving them my everything when I’m writing.

KC: How would you describe your writing style?
BT: My writing style is a hybrid combination of the thousands of books that I’ve read. I don’t believe in limiting myself.

KC: Who are some of your favorite authors?
BT: Some of my favorite authors are Walter Moseley, Sidney Sheldon, Donald Goines, Jackie Collins, Stephen King.

KC: Great list. Jackie Collins... Wow!! Who would have thought? lol
KC: What are some of your favorite books?
BT: Needful Things by Stephen King, Makes me Wanna Holler by Nathan McCall, Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon, there are hundreds more!

KC: I knew that last question would be hard for you as well as all the other authors I’ve asked to answer. I love books and is always looking for new authors. This is my way of finding out what fellow authors are reading or have read. Since starting the Author Spotlight on my blog, I’ve added so many books to my reading list it’s insane. I love it! The question also makes you think.
KC: What is your formula when working on a new project? (Do you listen to music, use an outline, meditate, or simply start typing?)
BT: I use music specific to the era that I’m writing in. I also write from the ending to the beginning. I find that when I know the outcome of my novel, working toward that goal makes the story flow better.

KC: If you could collaborate with any of your peers, who would it be and why?
BT: Honestly, I haven’t really given it much thought. My books are a lot different from what my peers are writing so that’s a tough question.

KC: What advice would you give aspiring authors?
BT: I would tell them to research, research, research! Don’t be so quick to sign anything just to say that they are published. Be personable but, not messy and keep it professional.

~fist pound~

KC: What are you reading currently?
BT: I’m currently reading On Writing by Stephen King.

KC: I have that book too. Bought it awhile ago but haven’t read it yet. I remember Brian W. Smith mentioning it during his session at an event. He is definitely someone to listen to when it comes to giving advice about this industry. Shoutout to Author Brian W. Smith!! 
KC: How can readers find you?
BT: They can find me on all social media platforms under either Dean Swift(Facebook) or Novelist Blacc Topp on everything else.

KC: As an author, do you think using social media is a great source for gaining new readers/supporters?
BT: I think it’s a fantastic tool if used correctly but, it’s only a tool. There has to be more because only using social media doesn’t give your target audience an accurate picture of who you are or what your personality is like.

KC: I agree. That’s way I love doing events. It’s nothing like being up close and personal with the people. Plus, I've met some wonderful authors too!
KC: Tell us about your latest work?
BT: My latest project is called Gage, and it’s the prequel to my first trilogy called The Hustle Chronicles.

KC: Ladies and Gentlemen, Gage is available now for pre-order. The release date is set for August 17th. Go get your copy!
What’s next for you?
BT: Who knows?? I’m always dipping my toes into something new. I can say that I have a plethora of story ideas milling around in my head.

KC: Well write on my Brotha! Write on!
KC: Do you believe networking is crucial to being successful in the writing industry? Why? Why not?
BT: I think if you actually network it’s very crucial. However, I think some of the networking opportunities have been overshadowed by the let’s party mentality. Building connections and relationships are essential parts of building any successful business or brand.

KC: Hmm… Now that’s a word. The ‘let’s party’ mentality mixed with the ‘lemme see what I can get out cha’ mentality. There are plenty of sharks swimming in the water for sure.
KC: Where do you see yourself in five years?
BT: In five years I will be on nearly every table in the US. My name will ring synonymous with cutting edge, gritty crime fiction.

KC: From your lips to God’s ears my friend. Save room for me at the top. Lol.
KC: Tell us something that you live by daily, that we can carry with us that should inspire and motivate us to pursue our purpose?
BT: Nobody owes you anything! Grind hard and pray harder! Keep in mind that life is yours for the taking and if you can dream it then you can build it! LET THE PEOPLE THAT ARE GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO, DO WHAT THEY DO!!

KC: Amen to that!!
KC: I like to incorporate fun and excitement into my blog interviews during the author spotlight segment. This gives readers insight as to who you are as a person. Fun facts are my way of doing so, plus, I get to learn something about you too.


Fun facts:

KC: What is your favorite color?
BT: Black and royal blue

KC: What is your favorite food?
BT: Italian/ shrimp

KC: What is your favorite pastime
BT: Writing and enjoying family time.

KC: Football or basketball?
BT: Football.

KC: Thanksgiving or Christmas?
BT: Christmas for the kids.

KC: Books or movies?
BT: Preferably books but, I do enjoy a good, high-quality movie!

KC: Winter, spring, summer, or fall?
BT: Winter all day, I hate the heat.

KC: If you were allowed only one thing with you during the day, what would be the thing you pick?
BT: A notepad and pen. I can create a world with ink.

KC: Breakfast or Lunch?
BT: Both!! I weigh 225lbs I’m greedy! Lol

KC: Please list your website so the audience can stay connected with you.


It has been a pleasure getting to know you better. Even though we have been in each other’s company, we haven’t really talked much. It’s hard when you selling books, huh! Lol. But, I can honestly say I have a friend for life. Thank you, Bro, for Kickin It With KeKe today. I pray, continued success for you. May God bless you always…

Until next time, Be Inspired, Be Encouraged & BE YOU!!! 

And remember...

“Reading is relevant—Books are beautiful— Literacy leads to learning something new daily. Pass it on.”

Purple Hugs,
KeKe Chanel

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