Monday, April 30, 2012

"Red Bottoms"

It's been a while since my last story. Enjoy!!!

“Red Bottoms”
They hadn’t seen each other in a while, but the chemistry between them radiated from across the room. It was like a magnetic force pulling them toward each other. He still wanted her and by the way she seduced him with her eyes, he knew the feeling was mutual. Why had it taken so long to see her again? She was still sexy as hell and he wanted to rip off her clothes and sex her in every position known to man, plus create new ones. Her smile was like fire. His loins burned to feel her thighs rub against his swollen erection.
The way she captured the room when she entered was none like any other woman he knew. She was one of a kind, a woman who had confidence, class, and sophistication. Her body was built like an hourglass with all the right curves, in all the right places. The sway in her round hips hypnotized him. Her breasts looked like ripe melons, dancing the salsa. And her ass was one he wanted to slap, bite, kiss and hold forever. It could put a stop to hate in the world!  
As she moved, her beautiful legs decorated a pair of the sexiest shoes he had ever seen. Oh how he loved a woman in stilettos, that woman! The only thing he could picture was her in them and nothing else. “Damn”, he said adjusting the front of his pants. He didn’t want anyone to see that he was standing at attention, ready to salute his officer, in a battle of sexual healing. The sinful red dress she wore should be illegal, incriminating each man in her presence. He saw all the lust in their eyes as they watched her make her way toward him.
Her red lipstick kissed beautiful, full lips and he wondered if the other set looked as delicious. Slowly, he ran his thick tongue around his own. He remembered how good she tasted, when they engaged in pleasurable conversation. The things she did to him still lingered in his mind. They refused to part his memory and on those lonely nights, all he had to do was close his eyes and they made love.
As she got closer, he was like a dog in heat. Her scent captured all of his senses. She smelled of pure bliss. He grabbed her, pushing her through a hidden door before she was able to resist. He leaned her onto the conference room table. His lips covered her mouth, devouring it. She returned the kiss, giving her tongue a chance to slow dance with his. They became one. His hands roamed the body he missed and loved. Her body felt like raw silk…creamy…soft.
They got lost in each other, savoring each taste. Hands found hidden treasures, claiming them with tender touches and passionate kisses. He parted her thighs and found refuge in her flowing waters, swimming his tongue in her raging stream. She moaned, grabbing the back of his head. She opened up more for him making sure to let her “red bottoms” stay in the air. Holding her ankles, she enjoyed the sensual wave her body was slowly riding.  
Once she had climaxed a few times, she took control of the situation. It was time she showed him just how much, she missed and craved his long, thick, beautiful magic stick. Turning him over, she straddled him, sliding her wet flower down his pulsating root. Starting slow at first, and then increasing tempo, a musical rhythm, an intoxicating ensemble, beating his movements with the intensity of her own. She worked him like a bass drum, careful to stop, drop, and roll when needed. Before long she was on her tippy toes, playing a game of catch and release. His toes curled, his back arched, he held on tight for the ride.
When he couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed her hips, pushing downward. She gave back all that he was giving and then some. They climaxed at the same time, holding each other like life depended on it. In that moment they were together, in love, never to part again. She leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I missed you baby”!
“I missed you too, Sweety. Don’t ever leave me again.”
“Never,” she said, adjusting the ring on her left hand, third finger. “I said until death do us part, and I plan on keeping that promise.”
Later that night he kissed and made love to his wife over and over again, sealing his love for her so that she would never have to wonder or guess. They slept in each other’s arms, thanking God for allowing them to cross paths. The “red bottoms” lay on the floor, on the side of their bed!    
Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU! Be a little freaky if the feeling hits you too!!!

Keke Chanel


Question #5

From: Kellie in Louisiana

When you have had three kids and lost yourself, how do you get back to your old self?

Kelli thanks for your question and congrats on the three beautiful children. Family is important. We should cherish the time we have together. There is never a dull day with kids around, right. My three year old keeps me on my toes, while my fifteen year old challenges me to read more. They are both wayyyy smarter than me. *laughing* Anyway, back to your question. I can go on and on about my kids.

I know that we all lose ourselves at some point in time but you will get back there. Besides, we wouldn’t know how to bounce back if we never slip, right. Life is just that, life. It gives us curveballs, lemons and any other thing to try us, but we have to be willing to do something about it. Start by looking at yourself in the mirror. The person you are is right there. She is smiling at you even when you cannot smile back. True, you have probably added a few extra curves here and there, but most men from the South love curves. *giggles*

The most important thing I can tell you Kellie is that if you are not happy with whom you have become, change it. It is totally up to you to take the first step. After that, start with a good diet and exercise. It helps when you have someone to do these things with for motivation. I don’t know how old your children are, but if they are not on a schedule where you can rest, put them on one. Getting the proper rest at night is essential to maintain a good diet and exercise. When these three things line up with each other, you will see and feel the difference.

We are our worse critics and I can bet that you are not far gone as you might think. Try meditating to rest your mind. Sometimes we need to just be still and relax. It’s okay! I can tell from your question that you really love yourself. Being a mom is the most selfless act I know. Caring for someone other than you is amazing. It shows character, courage and so many other qualities we all should strive for.  

Don’t rush. Take one day at a time. You will get there! As long as you maintain a positive attitude, surround yourself with positive people and positive surroundings, you are destined for a positive outcome. Please let me know how you do by keeping in touch. Thanks again for your question. Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!!!

Keke Chanel

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Thanks for reading!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012


Question #4

From: Helen in Georgia

How can you call yourself a Christian and write about some of the things you write about?

 ---Now this is the question I have been waiting for *rubs hands together*

First I would like to say, “Hello Helena and thanks for your question.” Now, shall we jump right into this? I write about many different topics on my blog and some are definitely for the more open-minded and think outside the box Christian. Yes, I do write some erotica! Being a Christian isn’t being DEAD!!! Sex is a part of life. It is beautiful, a bond between two people who love each other. Although it is considered the ultimate TABOO in society, I think that the subject addressed in a tasteful manner can be helpful to many relationships. The stories I write are about passion and love. I am not promoting sex by any means. My stories are merely for entertainment. Helen, I write about whatever is placed in my heart, on that given day. I am comfortable enough to open myself up to help others and I will continue to do just that. As adults, we shouldn’t try and judge/condemn someone else for trying to do something to help shed some light to others. I don’t live my life in a box, confined to the ways of the world. Everything that God created was good. It was people “the world” who turned certain things into something dirty, trashy, and degrading. I think that some things in society could be eliminated if discussed properly. If we as Christians stop being too afraid to speak about certain issues, starting at home first then our children wouldn’t become victims of this world as so many of us have.

Communication is the only way I know how to exist and if that is something wrong then I’ll never be right. We all will stumble, become victims of this world at some point in our lives and when we get through those times, we should be walking vessels to help keep someone else from going down the same path. I know many people who don’t take advice from people today because they feel that someone who hasn’t gone through their actual situation cannot help them. How can you help someone deal/get through something if you haven’t experienced it? The only way I know how is to pray for them and give them time so that when they are ready to open up, they will. Besides, the bible clearly states, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” As Christians, don’t be too quick to cast a stone if we live in a glass house. No one is perfect and the only man who ever will be, died for you and me. Don’t be so quick to put your mouth on others for doing something with positive intentions. And what I mean by putting your mouth on others, I mean stop talking about, putting down on, or trying to condemn others for doing something to better others situations. Nine times out of ten, those same people will be the ones to help you when you don’t have it all together. We live and learn every day or at least we should! I don’t know your current situation, whether you have children or a husband, but I pray the very best for you and your life. I am a married, Christian woman, with children and I love who I am, who God is transforming me into.

Would you feel better if we, as Christians just close our eyes when it involves sex? Being sexual isn’t a crime. You won’t be damned to hell, especially when you are not hurting anyone in the process. We all derived here from sex aside from Adam and Eve. “Judge not for you shall also be judged”. I feel that the way someone perceives my stories is a reflection of them. Having self-control is something we all should strive to have and if lustful thoughts come to mind when reading, it isn’t my fault. It’s just like watching a movie, reading a book, or looking at a picture. You take from those things as you please. You either have good or bad intentions, but that’s something to be addressed from within. But that won’t keep me from sharing. The title of my blog is called “Passion, Love and all that other SH&T”, which means that I can and will discuss any and every thing I choose. Nothing is off-limits. Take it or leave it!  

I get strength, determination and motivation to keep doing what I’m doing from my readers. After all, I thank you for reading my blog. This tells me that you are reading to know about the content and about this new “Ask Keke Chanel” segment. I don’t force my words or insight on anyone. I don’t think I know everything nor do I think I have all the answers, because I don’t. Again I say, “I am not perfect and don’t profess to be.” So I say “Thank you” again! Just remember that before you even enter my blog site a warning that there is adult content comes up. So when you clicked enter, you decided then that you were mature enough to read whatever the content may be. I know that not everyone is going to like what I have to write about and that’s okay. Besides, if people don’t accept the words of the holy book “The Bible” then why would I get upset when they don’t like what I write? If everyone agreed on everything, the world wouldn’t be the way it is today. This challenges me to go above and beyond, to write pieces that I am proud of, that may possibly help someone no matter what their situation may be. I hope that you will continue to read the blog and share it with others. And if there are other questions you have, you know how to reach me. Please feel free to post your comments or email them to me .Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged, be YOU and be BLESSED!!!

Keke Chanel

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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Question #3

From: Stacy in Texas

This is a very sensitive question and topic, for that matter. Stacy is about to get married and she has been with her man for three years. It took them a while to become intimate because of things that happened to Stacy in her youth. Her question is: How do you do something for the one you love while hurting yourself in the process?

Well Stacy, I want to first say I’m truly sorry for the things you had to endure growing up. No child should experience such abuse and evil acts committed by adults. Wrong is wrong and please know that you are not to blame for what happened. Even when you couldn’t see it, God had His arms wrapped around you, protecting you. Some children don’t make it out alive but you are one of them who did. Your story is a testimony, so don’t hold your head low in shame or pity. You are beautiful, created in God’s image. But the enemy knows just how to get to us, and usually when we are children, unaware and unable to protect ourselves. That’s why as parents, we have to protect, cover and plead the blood of Jesus over your offspring, so that the enemy know that they are off limits. I can go on and on but let me get back to your question.

Souls, I won’t go into further detail about Stacy and her situation because I am not one to put anyone’s personal business out in the world. If she wanted me to share, she would have given me permission. So, with that being said, let’s move on. Stacy, doing anything that is unhealthy or hurtful to yourself isn’t a good thing no matter how much you truly love someone. The first thing I will say to you is PRAY about the situation, and then communicate with your future husband. If he loves you, he should already know what happened to you. Secondly, if you shared how you truly feel about this particular subject and in its entirety, he shouldn’t want to pressure you into doing something truly painful. And thirdly, if you guys haven’t opened up completely with each other, then maybe the wedding can be pushed back a few months so that the both of you can really discuss whether or not this is something you both can live with or without. I know we all make compromises in relationships, especially when you love someone, but it is obvious to me that you haven’t healed. Have you gone to therapy? Maybe you should start there. Go to a few sessions alone and then involve your fiancée. But always remember to love yourself first, so that you will be able to love someone else completely and genuinely.

I don’t have all the answers and I am no expert by any means. I am merely someone who decided to start a blog and write about different topics we all face in the world. The ASK KEKE CHANEL idea is something new that I decided to do to get to know my readers. Please don’t take my advice as your final conclusion when it comes to your life. Seek God in it, go get proper counseling and more importantly, communicate with the people in your life who matters most. And Stacy, if you ever need to talk just email me and we can do so. I am thankful for people who read my blog like you and all the other individuals who have opened themselves up to me, to share on my blog. Please know that you inspire me and I truly say “Thank You”!!

Stacy, if God has allowed your paths to cross, stay together for three long years, then I know that this is just something to prepare you for a lasting future together. A man that finds a wife finds a good thing that is, if the man isn’t too proud to share himself with someone for more than just a few months. (I won’t go there because we would be here for a long time.)  In relationships there are ups and downs, but it is how we handle them, that makes or breaks the bond between us. Stacy, I speak blessings for you and your life. Stay positive and all will work out great!! Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!!!!

Keke Chanel

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Thanks for reading!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ask Keke Chanel

Question 2:

From: Ashley in Florida

How do you know when you are truly in love for the first time in your adult life?

This question is a powerful, yet wonderful one. Ashley, I don’t know your age, but I am sure from you being able to view my blog that you are at least 21. Being in love is a great feeling. If you are with someone and he/she are always on your mind, you smile just thinking of something he/she said or did, you may be in love. If you are friends and can talk for hours about any and everything, you can really be yourself around him/her, and your decision making process involves he/she, then you are definitely in love. Love isn’t selfish or unkind. It comes easy, simple, yet it’s enduring, sweet, a special feeling you get knowing that him/her exist in your life. When you go to bed at night and pray for them more than you pray for yourself. When you wake up each day thinking of them, you thank God for placing that person in your path if only for a season, and you can’t imagine life without them. When he/she kisses you and you feel it in your toes, the passion is so amazing you want to give all of you without losing yourself! There are many aspects to knowing when you are in love, the list can go on and on but the one thing that I can say is to listen to your heart. You will know and there won’t be any question about it. You will feel it in your gut, your soul, your spirit. Cupid has stung you with his arrow, so you may as well enjoy the journey of love. Let me know what happens and I pray that it all works out for you. Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged, and be YOU!!

Keke Chanel

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I have received a few questions via email. It’s okay to be anonymous!!! This particular question put a huge mischievous grin on my face. I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy…

First Question:
From: Carol in Louisiana

My husband and I have been married for twenty years and he still loves to have sex, a lot. He cannot keep his hands off of me. It gets a bit frustrating at time, but I must admit, I love the attention! So, I guess my question is “Should I be worried about that?” I mean, does he see me as a piece of meat that he can just pounce on because I’m his wife?

My Answer:  Carol, first off, congratulations on staying together for twenty years. It seems as though relationships don’t last that long anymore. *applauds*. To answer your question, I think that when or if he stops touching, wanting, or desiring you in that way, then you should worry!!! Relax, enjoy and think about how you were when you were newlyweds.  I man who cannot keep his hands off his wife, is a man truly in love and wants to be with her and only her until death do you part. If you are not “in the mood” communicate that to him, or let him know that you just need him to “get you there”. You are not a piece of meat! You are simply “Great”!!! Carol, you hold something powerful, something man love, crave, need, want and desire. It’s a beautiful thing, so embrace it and allow passion to take you on a journey called PLEASURE!!!! I would love to hear back from you in a few months to let me know what happens. Thank you for your question and feel free to send more. Go buy something sexy and give your man something to smile about!!

Until next time, Be inspired, Be encouraged and Be YOU!!!!

Keke Chanel

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello Passionate Souls,

I know that this is a bit different from our usual discussions and whatnot, but change is good, right. I am gonna try something new to see how it turns out. I want to know what's on your mind! So as of right now, I will be starting an ASK KEKE CHANEL segment to my blog. This will give you a chance to get to know me, as well as I getting to know all of you. If there is any topic you want to talk about, just ask the question and I'll do my best to answer as many as I can. Post your questions in the comment box or email them to me at and we will begin from there. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you come up with. So my beautiful Souls, until next time, Be inspired, Be encouraged and Be YOU!!!! And check out my new website Let me know what you think. I'm so excited to start a new chapter in my life and I want all of you to come along the journey with me. Stay tuned I have other products coming soon!!!

Keke Chanel

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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Quick Update...

Okay, so I haven't posted anything new in a few weeks. I have been extremely busy and excited about my upcoming book "Deadly In Stilettos". It's progressing along greatly. I cannot wait for you all to read it. I know that it's all I seem to talk about lately, but I cannot stop myself. It's been a long journey for me and my dream is about to become a reality. I hope you all continue to show your support. I will keep you posted...until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!!!!

Thanks Souls,


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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Been a while...

Hello Souls,

I know that it's been a minute since my last post, but with good reason. My dream is calling true. As you all know I have been writing a long time and my passion for becoming a published author is something that I always speak about. Well, that dream is finally coming to reality. Yes, my first novel "Deadly In Stilettos" will be published and ready for purchase this coming June. I am truly excited beyond belief. It has been a long time coming, but it is here. I will keep you guys posted so that you can go out and get your copy. The book is a good read if I don't say so myself! LOL

I will also be doing book signing. If anyone would like me to come to their city, let me know and I'm there. Your support is greatly appreciated. Without you, there is no me. I will also have other items available that I know you will love. God is truly an awesome God, and I give him all the praise. I will be posting something new soon, but until then, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!!!

If you have any questions or would like any more information send an email to me at: or follow me on twitter @keke_chanel. *pumps fist in the air* I am so excited ya'll just don't know! Here is something that will hold you over, hoprfully.

Chapter 1       

             There are some things men should not do and pissing off a woman is top of the list. They take and take giving nothing of great use, only to leave you heartbroken, wounded like an animal. Never again, thought Deminis Bradshaw. She was a woman with one broken heart, too many. All the men she let get close in her life caused nothing but great pain, beginning with her own father. Before she allowed anyone else to take advantage of her, they would die first.
            Revenge was now her main objective in life, next to finding unconditional love. Deminis Bradshaw knew how to do many things, write, cook, shop, have a fun time, but dealing with a broken heart wasn’t her strongest. She just wanted to be loved, truly loved without hidden agendas, or because she was beautiful.
At a young age she was thought to be very intelligent, wise beyond her years. However, the hardships of the various relationships throughout her life, caused emotional damage so severe, Deminis had never experienced a successful one.  All the people who deceived her would be sorry. Capturing her prey was on the top of Demi’s list of things to complete. She planned to accomplish all of them real soon.
            Being as what any people would call high-yella, Deminis Bradshaw possessed the beauty of what most women would pay thousands of dollars to obtain. Her big, slanted, marble-shaped, light brown eyes gave her an exotic look men admired, becoming hypnotized at first glance. With a perfect size six body, curves all in the right places, men constantly fell under her spell. Too bad when she finally let down her guard, they all tried to manipulate her mind; leaving her once again wounded. When they realized she had brains to go along with her beauty, they couldn’t handle being with her. She was always left with loneliness, something she was determined to get over once and for all. Deminis Bradshaw considered herself a woman built for what tragedies life had to offer, but couldn’t understand why she had endured such hardship along her journey.
            Deminis gave much thought to the names she wrote down on the long list laying in front of her. She gazed at each name carefully, making sure she left no one exempt. Each person on it was someone who had hurt her in a most critical way that left her feeling unloved, disrespected, and downright dirty. It was only a matter of time before Demi’s list was complete, casting out all who ever made her cry. Right now her father was about to feel the impact of her wrath. And if she had to add a name or two along the way, then so be it.
            When her mother died giving birth to her, her father held her responsible, treating her like an outcast. If not for her mothers’ sister Charlotte, Demi, as most people knew her, would have died. Melvin Bradshaw simply despised his only child. The pain of losing the love of his life was too unbearable. How could he ever love the child who took her from him?
            A father’s love was something Demi never received, so when she got old enough, she looked for it elsewhere. That careless behavior only led to broken heartedness, misery, and aching in places she did not know existed within her. She felt that pain each and every day in some way or another. Her mind constantly relived her past.
            Demi wanted the pain to be over with, so she could move toward a life of happiness, one she could tell her future children and grandchildren about, without having to lie or feel shameful of.
            At first, life was great. Aunt Charlotte made sure Demi knew many things about her mother. She learned from pictures, home movies and other sources, as well as her Aunt’s vivid stories, that her mother was a well-rounded person. She was a great student, Captain of the basketball team, also one of the best debaters on the school’s National winning Debate Team. Demi was in awe as her eyes sparkled each time she learned of how special, talented and intelligent her mother was. She wanted to be just like her, so she studied hard. Books became her best friend.
            Reading at the early age of two, Demi stunned many adults she came in contact with. Aunt Charlotte put her in ballet classes, tap, jazz, and any other form of training she could afford. Demi was engrossed in learning something new daily.
            By the time she was eight, she was fluent in Spanish and French. Her teachers loved her. A shining star ready to soar to higher heights was what they all called her, according to her Aunt Charlotte.
            Demi loved her childhood until whenever her aunt had to go away and she was taken to stay with her father. Having no other relatives in Dallas forced her aunt to leave her with him. Although, Charlotte tried on several occasions to allow Demi to stay with friends, one night at a friend’s house, a drunken husband came home and raped her. While the wife watched out until it was her turn to take advantage on her innocence. Demi was never the same after that. It was the first of many tragic experiences she would later encounter. Aunt Charlotte pressed charges on both the husband and wife tag team pedophiles, telling Demi she would have to stay with her father when she was out of town that day forward. Demi wondered why she was never able to go with her aunt, but later discovered that, which changed her life forever.
            Demi remembered the first day she was dropped off, how her father stared at her with a look so disgusting, she wanted to run and hide. Melvin Bradshaw simply hated her. The scowl across his face told her just that fact. There was no excuse for the terrible things he did to her. In his mind, he was justified by having his wife stolen from him by birthing her into the world. It wasn’t fair and he no longer the child he was so excited to have a part of his life.
            He beat her just for asking to have a glass of water. Night after night, Demi cried herself to sleep. He locked her in the basement in complete darkness for several hours without food or water, sometimes just until hours before her aunt was scheduled to pick her up, to bath and eat. Melvin told her if she said a word, the next time would be much worse. So Demi kept what happened inside. Suppressing all the hurt and pain eventually grew into anger and rage. The once happy little girl became dark and withdrawn.
            When Aunt Charlotte returned from one of her trips away, she noticed the coldness in Demi’s eyes. Her entire demeanor was changed. Something was different. Aunt Charlotte worried about her, but she was too weak to focus on it more with her ailing condition.
            When asked what was wrong, Demi lied. She loved her father in spite of his abuse, and she did not want to get him in trouble. Now, all the secrets and lies protecting him were over. Melvin Bradshaw would pay with his life.
            A father was supposed to protect his children not contribute to their pain. Melvin Bradshaw was a prime example of what a father should not be. Demi fought back tears. It was too late to turn back now. Time would only tell how she would gain the life she was destined to have. No one was supposed to be this mistreated in one lifetime, she told herself, especially the innocence of a child.
            The Flight Attendant informed the passengers that they would be landing in Dallas shortly. Demi felt a charge through her entire body. Her throat felt dry. The feeling of rage overpowered her. The current moving through her body sparked a feeling she quickly found intoxicating. It was almost as better than having a much needed orgasm.
She was finally returning to her place of birth for the first time since she was fifteen years old, after running away with the one person she thought at the time was the love of her life. Feeling stupid and naïve, Demi did not return when the guy left her in the middle of the desert. Instead, she made a new life for herself all the while hoping her father would finally come and rescue her. Demi smiled thinking about when she first met Troy.
            Troy Dunbar was the most handsome man she ever laid eyes on, other than her father. Standing over six feet tall, with a flawless caramel complexion, dark penetrating eyes, that hypnotized even grown, married women, Troy would smile and everyone around him was under his spell. He always smelled nice and dressed even nicer.
            When he approached her one day walking home from school, Demi did not hesitate getting into his car, or doing anything else he wanted her too. Six years her senior, Troy made her feel like a woman in every way possible. All of her friends envied her, one in particular, that later turned out to be a tad bit crazy.
Ignoring the crazy looks from Anya Bankston was Demi’s way of staying out of trouble. She and Anya had been friends for a long time, but there was something about her that Demi could not put her finger on. Especially when wherever she and Troy went, Anya just so happened to show up or hide out thinking no one saw her.
            Demi did not pay too much attention to Anya after losing her virginity to Troy. All she wanted to do was go to school then see him. All of Demi’s friends envied her but they did not know all the abuse she endured when they were behind closed doors, shortly after the beginning of their relationship. The once nice, caring, respectful Troy disappeared. He became a total stranger, a monster.
            It was as if something took over his body causing him to do horrible things to her. He became extremely jealous. His temper was downright insane. No one would have ever guessed it because of the way she carried on and on about how nice and sweet he was. Troy promised to love and take care of her forever, which Demi believed like the naïve little girl she was.
            The abuse started a few months into their relationship when he saw one of her classmates and good friends, Stanley Cruz, hugging her after school when he came to pick her up. Demi did not expect Troy to be jealous; after all he was in college and looked like a Roman God.
            When he took her back to his apartment that day, their relationship turned from sweet to sour. Before Demi got in the door good her face burned from the slap landing across it. That was the beginning of her nightmare. Each time Troy hit her, he apologized by buying her expensive gifts. That made up for it in Demi’s eyes because she always had the latest fashion trends and shoes.        
            At fifteen, Demi’s love for stilettos came to life. To this very day, she loved them and rewarded herself with a pair as often as possible. Her closet was filled with over a thousand pair and counting, in which she could choose without the blink of an eye. Demi didn’t wear the same pair twice, never had, never would.
            Men and women complimented her on her shoes everywhere she went, even the grocery store. Demi simply never left home without wearing a pair of stilettos. They washed away pain that refused to leave her alone. Stilettos gave her a light in the dark tunnel she called her life. A slight rock of the plane caused Demi to pop back into reality.
            As the plane descended from the cloudless sky, Demi was full of excitement. Melvin Bradshaw was in for a big surprise, one that would surely knock him off his feet. As she buckled her seatbelt, Deminis smiled. She was about to embark on a great expedition that would impact the lives of the people who used and abused her over the course of her life. Sadness was her compass; revenge her map, pain the journey that would eventually lead to a future much deserved.
            Demi closed her eyes remembering the day she learned the meaning of her name. Her father told her he gave her the name because he felt she would become a menace to all she came in contact with, beginning with his wife. He told her that no one would ever love her. That she would become nothing, and live a sad, lonely, pathetic life.
            The words from her father tormented her each day. The only positive thing in her life was her education. Demi knew that life for her was about to take on a much better meaning. A woman scorned, neglected, punished for simply trusting and loving with all her heart, was now about to take the world by storm. Whoever was on that list was in big trouble Demi concluded, lying back relaxing in her first-class seat. She sipped the last of her champagne thinking, today is such a beautiful day.
            Looking down at her “Something Blue” Satin, silver tonal, crystal broach, 4”, Manolo Blahniks, Demi took a deep breath. She picked those out specifically for her father, since he would not be at her wedding to give her away when she married the love of her life one day, those made the perfect choice.
            Even though Demi had a rough life when she went to visit her father, Aunt Charlotte made sure she was happy when she was with her. Knowing something horrible must have taken place; Charlotte gave Demi more and more love and affection any child could handle. If she had ever learned of the things Melvin subjected upon her precious niece, she would have killed him herself, Demi thought thinking of how much her aunt loved her.
            When Charlotte passed away from breast cancer, Demi was left to fend for herself. She then understood why she wasn’t allowed go with her aunt whenever she had to go out of town. It was hard at first, but Demi focused on survival and staying out of the system.
Aunt Charlotte owned her home, so Demi was safe there. No one ever came to the house in fear that they would tell her secret.   All of her friends wanted to know why they were not invited over, but Demi told them her aunt was strict and they would not have any privacy. Troy never asked to visit because of the age difference between them. He did not have time to deal with some old lady putting him in jail for rape. Although Demi was a minor, he liked her. She made him feel good about himself. Giving up basketball because of failed grades depressed him, so when Demi came into his life, she gave him the boost of confidence he needed.
It was funny just how having a young-tender alone made him feel like a God. She didn’t see him as a failure like the rest of his family and friends, who turned their backs on him when he couldn’t get them any free tickets to any basketball games. People never amazed him, Troy thought. But Demi was different until she made him angry. If only she wouldn’t laugh in every dudes face. He didn’t like hurting her, but she made him do it. It was all her fault he kept telling himself after he struck her.
            Demi got a job working at a local grocery store in Dallas to make sure the electricity, water and other utilities were paid. She did not watch much television so she did not keep the cable on. Books kept her company when she was not with Troy. Thinking she was too mature and cool for the rest of her friends, with the exception of Sidney, Demi did not spend much time with them. Being popular had its’ place, Demi just did not find it enjoyable being around too many people with all the bruises she tried to cover with makeup.
            Although she had all the freedom in the world, Demi stayed on top of her studies. Even when Troy left her in the middle of the desert, she paid a homeless woman to pose as her mother so she was able to enroll in the local public high school.
            Once, the Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Pennington, asked to meet with her mother to see about placing her in advanced classes, but Demi came up with a thousand excuses why her mother was not available. Finally, Mrs. Pennington took it upon herself to put Demi in the classes, prepared to deal with the consequences if need be.
            Surprisingly, Demi excelled in the classes. All of her teachers praised her. That was the first time she received any kind of recognition in her life, and she loved it.
            Aunt Charlotte had been there for her, however, it was not like having the bond most kids had with a parent. The only thing focused on in the household was cooking, cleaning, and doing well in school. Besides, as time progressed, Aunt Charlotte’s out-of-town trips got longer and longer.
            Demi was glad when she turned fifteen so that she could take care of herself when it came time for her aunt to go away. Getting a job down the street from her house was another way to make sure she would not have to go stay with her father. At first, Aunt Charlotte didn’t want her to work, but when Demi started paying the bills, that thought was quickly replaced with more love and gratitude.
            Being a failure was far from Demi’s mind. She focused really hard on her school work. Maybe if she performed well in her studies, got recognition for it, her father would come for her. They would finally be the family she dreamt of each night, Demi thought each day as she read several chapters in books, mastered math problems the teacher could not find the answers to, and expelled further in her studies.  
            Unfortunately, that never happened. When Aunt Charlotte died, Demi continued providing for herself. All the while, she wanted desperately to please her father so that he would come looking for her and mend their dysfunctional relationship. That never happened and Demi grew more and more determined to succeed. She didn’t want to fail at everything else. Her relationship with her father and Troy had already proven to be that, and Demi wouldn’t travel down the same road twice. Not if she had anything to do or say about it.
            Up until the day she left with Troy, Demi hoped that once her father learned of her aunt’s death, he would come to bring her home. Wishful thinking gets the best of us all, Demi realized after she waited two full days before telling Troy she would run away with him.
            After being in the new town for more than three months, Demi lost all hope in her father coming to rescue her, but continued pursuing her education.
            Graduating top of her class, she received a full scholarship to Princeton University. Receiving two Bachelor Degrees in Fashion and Merchandising and Finance in only three years, Demi went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Mathematics, securing a job in New York, as a buyer for a major department store chain. Life was looking hopeful for the young country girl from Dallas, Texas.
            Demi loved her job. She went shopping, getting paid for it. Plus, she received discounts on her most prized possessions, Stilettos. The hassle of not having someone constantly standing over her, watching her every move was one of the things Demi also loved about her job. She was simply her own Boss. All she had to do was find new designers, purchase merchandise for the stores, and oversee any changes, per request the CEO of the company.
            The money she made provided her a great lifestyle, filling her closet with more and more Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos, and other expensive designer items. Her high-priced, high-rise condo was simply remarkable. Demi filled her home with lavish art pieces, custom made furniture, and many other expensive things to make up for not having them as a child.
            Even though she enjoyed material things, it was nothing like having real love to fill the void in her heart. Demi would soon learn another hard lesson in love when she met a certain professional athlete. He too was another name on her list who would soon have a pair of Stilettos standing over his body, when she stormed his life like Hurricane Katrina.