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"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 18

                Charlotte Payne was ecstatic. Her daughter was in a fashion show. She was so proud of her, in more ways than Sugah could imagine. She hated that their time was probably limited due to her illness but she would make sure to love and spend as much time with her only child as possible. Being diagnosed with breast cancer was one of the hardest things she faced. Pushing Sugah away from her by being mean was what Charlotte planned on doing, but that simply wasn’t an option for her anymore. Without Richard, she could have already been dead. He was her savior. Now she could afford the proper treatment to give her more time. After she learned of his late wife’s unfortunate battle against the deadly disease, Charlotte’s heart went out to him. He was sweet and charming, a man she had always wanted in her life. The more time she got to know him, the more she fell in love with him. She didn’t care that he had money, could buy her anything her heart desired, she cared about the person he was on the inside. Beauty from within was rare. Richard Blakemore possessed such quality.

Charlotte wanted to get an early start on the day. She wanted to look her best when she was introduced as Sugah’s mother. First impressions were lasting impressions she told herself as well as her daughter. Looking her very best was essential. Her mother taught her the same thing when she was just a small child. That philosophy was embedded in her head and she did the same for her daughter.

Richard watched the woman he was falling in love with do her makeup. She looked radiant. In ways she reminded him of his late wife, Sophia but with the will to fight to stay alive. The fact that she didn’t shut him out of her life warmed him in places he didn’t think possible. His intentions toward her daughter in the beginning made him feel ashamed but after confessing those feelings to Charlotte and her assurance that it was only natural, made him cherish her more with each passing minute. Anyone else would have called or looked at him as a dirty old man, pushed him out of her life or even had him locked away by the law. Although Sugah was eighteen, she was still barely legal.

“What are you smiling about,” Charlotte asked. Richard brushed walking further into her room.

“I was just admiring such beauty. Charlotte you are so beautiful. Why couldn’t we meet years ago? I can see exactly where Sugah gets hers from, both inside and out. You are truly one of a kind.” Charlotte felt butterflies in her stomach. She got up from her vanity and walked over to the man of her dreams. She embraced him. They kissed passionately, taking each other’s breath away.

“Charlotte, may I make love to you,” Richard asked. He couldn’t contain himself any longer. He knew they promised to keep their relationship friendly but he was in love with her and wanted to express his love by pleasuring her. Caught off guard, Charlotte took him by the hand and led him over to her bed. She eased him down slowly, bringing herself on top of him. Their lips captured each other again, more feverishly.

She removed his clothing, admiring his rock hard body. For an older man, he still looked like a twenty-five year old. She could tell that he still took care of himself, working out and eating healthy. He didn’t have an ounce of fat on his frame. His body was a work of art. His skin glowed, smelling like fresh cloves and cocoa butter. The way he wrapped his arms around her, took all of her worrying and troubles away. She melted allowing nature to take its course. Richard returned the favor by undressing her as well. He took all of her in. She had a body of woman half her age, if not better. The flatness of her stomach astounded him. Her legs were toned and she had one of the most amazing pair of breasts that he had ever seen. When she turned around to show him her most prized asset, he nearly passed out. He now knew where Sugah had gotten her ass from. Charlotte’s hypnotized him. He caressed it gently, bringing her deeper into him.

They made love that day for the first time but Charlotte knew afterwards that she couldn’t get enough of him. The way he worked her body was insane. He kissed every inch of her, leaving her utterly and completely satisfied as never before. She considered herself a sexual person but Richard took that realization to another level. Beyond anything she could have ever imagined. He made her want to do things, naughty things to him. When they finally emerged from the bedroom, they were flushed and almost late for the fashion show. Charlotte smiled as they rode along, thinking of how she would make love to him again and again when they got back home.

“What are you thinking of my love,” Richard asked. He couldn’t stop the smile from appearing across his face. The woman next to him was amazing. He felt twenty years younger. His dick still thumped from the incredible climax she gave him. The taste of her body still lingered on his lips. He licked them, recalling every detail of the way they had kissed her all over. Richard was alive again. He felt like a man again. Sophia hadn’t been a sexual person. In fact she encouraged him to seek it elsewhere, pushing him away when he tried to make love to her. They were never compatible in that department but he looked passed that aspect, thinking that their love for one another would surpass.  When she became sick, she moved out of their bedroom. Richard was lonely, seeking love in the arms of another woman.

He longed to feel desired by his wife but she never gave in to his temptations. He felt alone, dirty and tried to hide his sexual side completely. In the end, he found himself resenting her. When she died, he felt relief but missed her deeply. The first few years of their marriage were all he had to keep the memory of her alive. Years of therapy helped Richard come to the terms that he wasn’t weird, abnormal or dirty. He simply married someone who wasn’t on his level and thought that he could fix the problem eventually. No one should have to experience life that way. Charlotte proved that fact true. He was now finally able to be open…free…uninhibited. He felt his dick grow, pushing up against his zipper. He shifted to get comfortable. Charlotte saw the huge bulge in front of him and grinned.

She used her hand to pleasure him until she was able to do so with her body. Richard almost wrecked the car from the powerful orgasm ripping through his loins. The only thing he could do was curse. No one had ever made him climax so hard. The last time he did was when he was watching Coffee and Sugah make love. The thought of that suddenly made him feel ashamed but he quickly shook the thought from his mind. No more feeling ashamed, he told himself. He was about to finally be able to be the person he always knew he was, a sexual being, who gave more pleasure than he received because he aimed to please his woman. He wanted to take her right then and there but reframed. They would have all the time in the world when they got back from the show. Charlotte Payne had better be prepared. He was about to rock her world.

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"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 17

                Sugah dialed Java’s number as soon as she walked into her apartment. She needed answers and fast. “Hello,” Java spoke softly. “Oh, I didn’t mean to wake up Java, it’s me, Sugah. I was wondering if we could talk a minute.” The tone in Sugah’s voice got her attention. Java wondered what was going on, suddenly. Usually when someone phoned her after nine o’clock at night, she didn’t even bother answering her phone, but when she saw it was Sugah calling, she knew something important was up. “I was just about to turn in for the night. What’s up?”

                Sugah didn’t know where or how to begin, so she just went for it. “Java, do you know a woman named Simone? She is in one of my classes, which just so happens to be taught by your brother. There is something strange about her and I wanted to talk to you about it. I saw her with another woman, who looks just like her, as I was leaving campus tonight. I swear they look like identical twins. They had silly smirks on their faces when they saw me, as if they knew me or something. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I do know something weird is with those two.”

                Java set up in her bed. She wasn’t prepared for what Sugah had just told her. Knowing those two conniving bitches where back made things more interesting. Why hadn’t Coffee told her that Mya was back? Maybe he didn’t know. Just then, she saw that he was calling from her caller ID. She would just have to call him back. “Did they say anything to you, Sugah? When was the first time you saw them,” Java wanted to know.

                “Well Simone, a few days ago, in class but the other one only this evening,” Sugah answered. “Who are they Java? And don’t give me some bullshit story. The way Coffee and Simone looked at each other, I could tell they have some kind of history together. The way they looked at me tonight told me that I was embarking on their territory or something. I don’t do well with women, Java. I don’t take shit from anyone and if there is something I need to know, I suggest you tell me now! If they want to see my wrath then, it’s on. I don’t like strange women watching me, making threats. I have never dealt with it nor do I intend to do so now. So again I say, if there is anything I should know, please just tell me. I don’t have a problem bringing a bitch back down to reality when it comes to protecting me,” Sugah said firmly. “I don’t take too kindly to threats, especially from people I know nothing about.” Java could tell that she was pissed. She understood were Sugah was coming from. Simone and Mya were ruthless but Java could tell that Sugah had some stuff with her, when it came to protecting herself. But Java wanted to speak with Coffee before saying anything to Sugah about Simone and Mya. “Sugah, I’m sure it’s nothing. It’s probably two jealous girls trying to spook you. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If you see them again, confront them. I bet it’s nothing.”

                Sugah didn’t buy what Java was saying. It was apparent now that she was purposely being left in the dark regarding the two women. It was also time she took matters into her own hands. If they wanted her attention, they most certainly had it now. “Java…?” Before Sugah could say anything else, she was cut off. “Sugah, I said just leave it alone! Now, I have a full day tomorrow and really would appreciate it if you let me go back to sleep now.” The harshness in Java’s tone confirmed again that Sugah was on to something but what. “Sure, sorry to bother you. I just thought that when you said that I could come to you with anything, you meant it. I guess I was wrong. You have to goodnight’s sleep, okay. I don’t ever bother you again. See you at the fashion show. If I have any questions or concerns, I’ll just contact the sponsors of the show or ask your brother. And to think I almost let you in.”  

Java set listening to the silence. She hated not telling Sugah about Simone and Mya but it was too complicated. If Xavier knew that Sugah was working with them, he would do everything within his power to get to her. Just like all the other young girls she recruited when they worked together, he would turn them into someone vicious. He didn’t care about anyone but himself. Java learned that the hard way and suffered each day from it. Never again and she would do everything to keep Sugah protected. She quickly dialed Coffee’s number. When he picked up, Java blasted on him. “Why in the hell you didn’t tell me Simone and Mya were back in town? Sugah just called me asking questions about Simone and then mentioned seeing her this evening with a woman who looked just like her. We all know who that is, Coffee. This cannot get out of hand. Sugah cannot be exposed to the likes of them. Now they we know they are back, you can almost bet that he will come after her. It has never failed yet.” Coffee listened to his sister, in total agreement. He couldn’t allow Simone or Mya to get next to Sugah. “Calm down, Sis. Sugah will be fine. I’m sure she can handle herself but we will be there to help her in any way needed. I didn’t know Mya was back until a few hours ago. They were standing outside, on campus. It looked like they wanted me to see them or Sugah to see them. Mya even pretended to shot a gun when Sugah passed by them. When was the last time you spoke with them,” Coffee wanted to know.

“I haven’t! The day those two bitches burned me, was the last time I saw or spoke to them. I have a funny feeling about this, Coffee. Does Espresso know about this? He deserves to know just in case he runs into either of them.”

“Yeah, I told him yesterday. I didn’t know about Mya being back at the time but I did tell him to expect it, since Simone was. He took the news good considering. Java, I don’t trust or like this any more than you do but we have to keep a leveled head. Let’s just play it by ear, take one day at a time and go from there. If something happens, we will be ready. I really don’t want to discuss this anymore tonight. All I want to do is go to sleep, get through tomorrow and attend the fashion show on Saturday. Did Sugah say anything regarding the event,” he wanted to know.

Java sighed. She had been hard on Sugah and hated herself for it. “No she didn’t. I didn’t really give her chance to. She called asking about Simone and I quickly avoided her questions. She knows something is up and she that she wouldn’t be harassed or sought out by anyone. Coffee, Sugah means business. Just what do we really know about this girl?”

It was Coffee’s turn to sigh. He knew all that he wanted or needed to know about Sugah. He loved her, no matter what. He hated that his past was coming back to bite him in the ass but he couldn’t do anything about it, all he could do was wait. If or when Xavier showed his ugly face, he would do anything to protect Sugah. “Anyway, I will see you tomorrow, Sis. Go back to sleep. Sugah is going to be just great. And if Simone and Mya wanted a fight, they have definitely picked the wrong person to mess with. Goodnight.” Java said goodnight to Coffee and tried to sleep. That night she was plagued with nightmares about her son being taken away from her.  

Sugah was speechless the way Java tried to pretend nothing was happening. “Who does she think I am? I can smell bullshit from miles away,” Sugah said to herself. Her phone buzzed, causing her to jump. She checked the caller ID and saw that it was Espresso. “Where in the hell have you been all day, bruh? I have been trying to get in touch with you for hours on end. There is some strange shit going on and we need to talk.” Espresso rubbed his chin. He needed to shave but all he could think about was what Coffee told him regarding Simone and the possibility of Mya being back. “Hold up a minute Sugah, damn. Slow down! What’s up? I have been working my ass off and I got all of your messages. I just decided to call you once I got home. What are you bitching about,” he asked in an annoyed tone.

“Don’t talk to me like that, So. I have all messed up in the head right now. I mysterious woman show up in my class, stares me down and tonight she and a woman who looks just like her, make threats towards me, no, that isn’t going to work. I called you to see if you knew anything about this. Who in the hell is Simone? And before you do so, please don’t tell me no one because I already that’s a lie.” That got Espresso’s attention now more than ever. He didn’t want to be the one to tell Sugah about the twins but he owed her that much. She was like a sister to him and if he could protect her from Simone and Mya, he would do just that.

“Sugah, calm down, I didn’t mean to raise my voice at you. I’m sorry!” Espresso genuinely meant being sorry for hollering at her. “I should have probably told you about this earlier but better late than never, right.” He tried to laugh to lighten the tension that was so thick, he could cut it get a knife but Sugah didn’t find anything amusing. “So, just spill it, dude! These two bitches are on some other shit, from the way they were watching me. I don’t like people like that. If you know something, I deserve to know it. I didn’t want any part of this but I was the one who called the number from the business card, so that makes me entitled.” Sugah was right, Espresso agreed. “Okay but this stays between the two of us. If the others find out that I told you this, they won’t ever trust me again. I took an oath and now I’m about to break you, all because I truly care about you, girl.”

He took a deep breath before beginning. “Well, we told you that Coffee was the founder of the organization but that’s not entirely true. Latte, Mocha and Cap think so too but it was Java and her ex-husband who started the business. Coffee and I have been boys since high school and when things got out of hand, he called me. We were in college and Java had just finished. She was pregnant and didn’t know where else to turn. Anyway, Simone and her twin sister, Mya, used to work for her and her husband. She took them under her wing and got burned, badly. Her husband waited until she gave birth to them son and took him.”

“Wait…what do you mean took him? That doesn’t make any sense. What man takes a newborn away from their mother?”

“Sugah, you don’t know him like I do. He is as scandalous as they come. When Java got out of the hospital and went to their home, she caught him there with Mya. Simone was nowhere to be found, as well as her son. He threw her out, threatening to take everything away from her if she didn’t leave and never look back. That is when she called Coffee. She branched away from her husband and starting do things legit. He was and has always been a manipulator, but as the years pressed on, it only got worse. We haven’t seen him in years but we do know that he lives somewhere in the city. Don’t ask how that is possible but it’s the truth. Java could pass by her son every day and never know it. He was only hours old when she last saw him. Simone and Mya helped him deceive her. She hasn’t been the same since.” Espresso stopped talking to keep his breath again.

“Mya and I were in a relationship. She and I attended the same university. She helped me get through a tough time, after I left school to go pro and didn’t make it because I hurt my knee. I trusted her. She wasn’t like any other woman I was with. She was loving, kind and helped me in ways I couldn’t imagine. I was going to propose to her. When I learned of what happened with Java’s ex-husband, I was crushed. I wanted her dead. She took anything from me, Sugah. I still haven’t been able to trust her. I don’t even trust myself around her. Simone was in a relationship with Coffee. Mya and I introduced the two of them. He couldn’t forgive her for doing that to his sister but the killing part was that weeks later, Coffee went to visit Simone to work things out and caught her in bed with Java’s husband. It was and still is a huge mess. No one got closure and now there is an innocent young man out there, probably thinking that his mother abandoned him.”

Sugah set listening to Espresso. She didn’t know what to say. How could people be so evil and wicked? She could tell from the sadness in Espresso’s voice that he still cared for Mya. “So, I’m so sorry that this happened. If I could change it all, I would. You deserve to be happy and it seemed as though Mya was that special someone for you. I’m here if you need me.”

“Thanks, that means a lot. I really appreciate it, Sugah. We just have to wait and see what happens. Mya is coldhearted. Simone does anything she says, so this situation can be tricky. I haven’t talked with Java or Coffee today but I see them tomorrow, at a business meeting. We will come up with a plan and take things as they come. You just be careful. I know that if Java’s ex gets wind that you work with us, he will come at you with everything in him. I have a thing for beautiful, young girls. All he wants is money. He will do anything for it and if getting next to you is his way, he will pull out all the stops. I swear if anything happens to you…!” Espresso didn’t finish his last sentence. “If you see Simone and Mya again, turn and go the other way.”

“Espresso, I don’t run from any one, never have, never will. If those two want a fight, then that’s exactly what they will get. I don’t back down easily.”

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 16
                Simone and Mya watched Sugah drive away. “That bitch seems like she got a lot of heart. We may have to recruit her ass. I think with her, the three of us can do great things and show Mr. X that we are not to be fucked with,” Mya said still looking in the direction of Sugah’s car. “I told you. The first day I saw her and how she didn’t seem fazed by the way I was staring her down, really got my attention. But, I can tell that there is something going on between her and Khalil. That day in class, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. I think he may even be in love with her, Mya. I don’t want him back nor am I jealous. You know who I truly love and desire. I just hate seeing him look at another woman the way he used to look at me. I will admit that I messed that relationship up but the past must stay in the past, right. Isn’t that what you always say?”

                Mya turned to look at her sister. They were identical and had used that to scheme their way in life. Their own parents couldn’t really tell them apart, so that also worked to their advantage. Mya thought about the night she lost the one man she loved. Espresso was so furious. He looked like he was going too crumbled into a million pieces when she lied to him. Telling him she was pregnant with another man’s child was the only way to make him let her go. If she had stayed, she and her sister would have been in great danger. Mr. X had put a hit out on them and leaving the country had been their only way of survival. Mya wanted him back but how was she going to get him to even listen to anything she had to say. In that moment, she thought about Sugah. Although they didn’t know each other, Mya had plans of all that changing. And if she didn’t cooperate, she would suffer greatly just like all the rest, who didn’t do what she asked of them. Simone, her very own twin, had suffered from that very thing. Mya hated what she done but that was the only way. The night Simone tried to get out of the business and live a normal, clean life, was the same night Mya ruined it for her. Drugging her sister was easy. She never could hold her liquor. The hard part was keeping her sedated long enough so she could seduce Mr. X and get caught by Khalil.

When Simone went to see him the next day, she didn’t understand what he was so upset with her about. It wasn’t until Mya lied, explaining that she had been caught having sex with the boss by him, that she understood his hatred toward her. Because Simone woke up high, with a massive hangover, she didn’t bother questioning anything Mya told her. Simone went directly to Khalil when in fact; Mark had been the one who caught her with his father. Mya threatened him, pretending to be Simone. She knew that he was in love with her. She was envious that he hadn’t felt the same way about her. They were friends first. Simone always got the guys she wanted, all except Espresso. He was someone special, who loved her in spite of all her flaws. Mya knew that if her secret got out, Simone, Khalil and Mr. X would never forgive her. She couldn’t chance that to ever happen. That secret would be carried with her to the grave. Mya also knew that if word got back to Mr. X that she and Simone were back, he would come looking for them. They had to be extra careful. Although they changed their hair, wore contacts and slimmed down a bit, they were still recognizable. Mark and Khalil had proved that point.

“Don’t worry about her. She will do exactly what we want her to do. I have a plan. When the time is right, I will fill you in on it. Let’s go. It’s getting dark and looks like it’s about to rain. I have a full day tomorrow when I pay a visit to an old friend. She won’t know what to do when she sees me,” Mya said walking away from her twin sister. Simone watched her sister, somewhat disgusted by her arrogant and evil ways. She knew that Mya was speaking of Java when she said she had to pay someone a visit. They had once been close, almost as close as they were but after Mya’s betrayal, that all changed and they became archenemies. Simone wondered what would happen when they finally came face-to-face. Nothing good could come from that encounter.

As they got into Mya’s Range Rover, Simone couldn’t hold her tongue any longer. “Mya, you should let it go. Haven’t you caused her enough pain? Java was once like a mother to us but you messed that all up by going after her man. Mr. X was married to her when you went after him. She trusted you. Hell, she trusted both of us and when you did what you did, she didn’t want to hear anything that I had to say. I really don’t blame her, Mya. That was coldblooded on your part. What if she had done something like that to you?”

Mya backed out and drove into the night. She finally looked over at her sister. “She would have been a dead bitch!” Simone was speechless. The evil in Mya’s eyes paralyzed her. She knew that when such evil was displayed, nothing good ever followed. They rode in silence until we got to their rented townhouse. Simone’s phone beeped, indicating a message. It was from Mark. He didn’t to see her. “Who is that,” Mya wanted to know. “Nobody, just someone I met a few days ago,” Simone lied. Mya didn’t say anything else. She knew that her sister was lying. Simone had never been a good liar. Quickly sending a reply message that they could meet later, Simone closed her phone. “What do you want for dinner,” Mya randomly asked. She was seemingly in a better mood now, Simone gathered. “I hadn’t thought about it. What do you want? I am open.”

“Let’s order a pizza. I am kind of tired and just want to take a hot bubble bath and relax. I really don’t want to go anywhere, if that’s okay.”

“Sure, no problem, that sounds great. But I can always go pick up anything that you want too. I don’t really want pizza tonight. We had it a few nights ago. I think I may just go get some pasta or something,” Simone said. She wanted to see Mark and that was the only way she could leave the house without questions from Mya.

“That does sound good. Are you sure you don’t mind going back out. It’s not a big deal.” Mya knew that Simone was up to something but didn’t have the energy to deal with it at the moment. She was still jetlagged from her earlier flight. Since Simone had come backs days before her to secure a place for them, Mya could stay behind and take care of a few things before joining her. “I’ll just take my car and go pick up anything you want. As I said before, it’s no problem. I may even go to the grocery store and do a little shopping too. We really don’t have much in the house and you know that I hate eating out. There is nothing like a good, healthy and delicious home cooked meal,” Simone said. “I totally agree,” Mya said, smiling at her sister. They were different but the same in most ways. Their parents always prepared hot meals for them growing up and that stayed with them. Cooking at home was a great pastime for them. That was how they bonded over the years, by preparing meals together, at home. Since they had always lived together, Simone and Mya looked forward to that time each day. “It’s settled then. I’ll go to the grocery store first and then go pick up something pasta from Gambino’s. They still have the best in town.” Mya nodded her head in agreement. She suddenly became hungrier than before.

When Simone left the house, Mya picked up her cell. When the person on the other end of the line said hello, she smiled. “Hey, it’s me. I’m back. I made it in this morning. No, she just walked out the door. She doesn’t have a clue. When can I see you? I need me fix. It’s been a minute, Babe. I know, we have to be careful but I need you. Sure, sounds great. I will see you later then,” Mya said just above a whisper, as if someone was listening. She ended the call, deleted the last number and smiled. Her plan was taking action and some she wouldn’t have to worry about working ever again in her life. She only hated that so many people were about to get hurt, in order for that to happen, one person in particular, her sister.

The person on the other end of the phone smiled to himself. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on the woman he had just hung up with. She did things no other woman could do to him, leaving him always craving more. The chemistry between them was so intense, he found himself aroused just by hearing her sweet, seductive voice. That night he masturbated, thinking of all the things he would do to her when he got his hands on her, later. Too bad their time wouldn’t last long. She was way too dirty for that.

Monday, October 24, 2011

"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 15
                Coffee wanted to call Sugah back but knew that it was too late. He knew she had class the next day and didn’t want to wake her. Glancing back at the clock, he decided to wait until another time. It was too late. He longed to hear her voice, feel her lips and touch her body. He was head over heels for her, but the timing wasn’t right. Now that Simone was back, he had to be careful. Coffee knew that she was vindictive. He didn’t want Sugah involved in the things from his past. If anything happened to her, he would never forgive himself. Simone didn’t care about anyone other than herself. And if Mya was in the picture, they would do whatever it took to get what they wanted, by any way possible. No, as much as he hated it, he just couldn’t take the risk of putting Sugah in danger. His heart ached. His soul became saddened by the harsh reality that he couldn’t be with the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

                The next morning Sugah got up and decided to try calling Coffee again. When she still didn’t get an answer, she faced a harsh reality. He was avoiding her but why? There was definitely something going on. Sugah would get to the bottom of it. She couldn’t put her finger on it but she knew for certain that it had something to do with the mysterious woman, who stared at her in his class. Sugah despised bitches and could pick them out blindfolded. She knew someone deceptive at first glance and the woman was someone not to be taken lightly.

                She ate breakfast, finished up some schoolwork, did some reading and decided to put her feelings to paper. By the time Sugah looked up from her journal, it was way passed noon. She got up, got dressed and went to meet Mark. Sugah admired her work. The words poured from within her were serious, real, and relatable. She wanted them to be heard by many. “One day I am going to put my gift to good use,” she told herself. “There are people out there who feel the same way as I do. They need to know that they are not alone.”

                Just as she was pulling up to campus, so was Mark. He saw her and honked his horn. Sugah parked and waited on him to get into the car. “Hey there Sweetness,” Mark said leaning over to give her a kiss on the cheek. Sugah found that unusual but didn’t think much more of it. They were friends after all. Friends did greet each other with hugs and kisses on the cheek. It wasn’t like he was making a pass at her. “What’s up, Mark, how are you this afternoon?” Sugah waited on his reply before she asked her next question. “I’m good. What about you?” He looked around her car in amazement. “I really love this car, girl. The red with the black is the shit. What made you choose it? It compliments your personality to perfection, Sugah.”

                “Thanks Mark. I think so too. I wanted something that reflects me and beyond. Red wasn’t always my color of choice but now I think I am infatuated with it. I love this car. So, where are we going,” she wanted to know so that they could be on their way and she could get back and not be late for her evening class. The days were longer in the summertime, which Sugah enjoyed. She didn’t like when it got dark at five. She was an outdoor person and wanted to spend every minute possible outside. Growing up, she and her mother were always outside doing something. Her mother said that it gave them a chance to bond.  They could enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature. Now, Sugah found herself spending hours admiring the flowers, trees, the sky and everything else, for hours anytime the weather permitted.

                “I was thinking that because the weather was so lovely that maybe we could just grab something and go to the park,” Mark said. Sugah’s mouth dropped. Was he able to read or hear her thoughts? She smiled. “That is the exact same thing I was thinking. I love being outdoors and today is quite beautiful. So sandwiches,” she asked. “Sounds great, my treat. Let’s go to Cord’s Deli,” Mark replied. Sugah put the car in reverse and drove off. She didn’t see Coffee watching her, wondering why Mark was in the car with her. He didn’t like seeing Sugah with anyone else. He would have to do something about that. It was time he followed his heart, even if it didn’t agree with his mind. Sugah was worth it and then some.

                Surprisingly that day, the park wasn’t as full as Sugah had anticipated. She and Mark were able to get a picnic table next to the huge fountain. The water added the perfect soundtrack as they ate their sandwiches and got to know each other a little better. Sugah learned that Mark loved poetry, sports and music. His favorite band was Coldplay. She was also a huge fan of Coldplay. He was an only child, as was she. He grew up with his father and she grew up without hers. He didn’t go into details about his childhood but Sugah gathered that something was missing in his life. When she asked about his mother, he quickly changed the subject. There was something deep there. Mark also loved fashion and hoped to open a medical practice in New York one day. He wanted to travel around the world and help find a cure for AIDS and other deadly diseases. Sugah found that commendable. Her level of respect soared toward Mark. He was special, someone she hoped to build a solid friendship with.

                When it was time to leave the park, Sugah didn’t want to. She was really having a great time with Mark. He reminded her of Coffee in many ways but unique in his own right. Yes, she knew that they would be friends for a long time. “I hate to leave but I should really get back to campus. My class starts in about forty minutes. We must do this again. I really had a great time, Mark. You are truly an amazing individual, with wonderful goals. I look toward to learning more of you.” Mark beamed. He was glad Sugah thought his goals for the future were something special. His father could care less. Every time he mentioned or tried telling his plans to him, he didn't seem interested. In fact, his father had told him several times that his plans were a waste and that if he really wanted to do something; he should work for him. Mark knew that what his father did for a living was shady. He didn’t want any part of his organization or associate himself with the people his father called business associates. They didn’t care about anyone or thing other than money. Simone had once been one of those people. She turned on all the people who loved her except of twin sister, Mya, who was just as vicious as her.  

                Mark hadn’t seen or heard from Mya in years. She was his friend before he became friends or fallen in love with Simone. She was beautiful but one of the most heartless people he had ever known. He wondered what made someone so miserable and later discovered that Mya had been abused and molested as a child. She allowed herself to become the target ,to protect Simone from their mother’s boyfriend. That was probably why she didn’t give a damn about any man or any other human being for that matter. Mya was just that coldhearted. She could have easily given the devil himself a run for his money when it came to manipulating and deceiving people. “Mark, you okay,” Sugar asked seeing the expression on his face. He is reliving something evil, she could tell from the darkness she saw in his eyes.

                “Come on, you don’t want to be late.” Before she could say or ask anything else, Mark was walking away from her. Sugah caught up to him and walked next to him in silence. She didn’t want to push him by asking questions, so she decided to let him bring it up if he wanted her to know. They rode back to campus in silence.

                That night as Sugah listened to her lab teacher, she couldn’t stop thinking about Mark. He was aching for attention, acceptance and appreciation from his father. Sugah wondered how she would handle that if she didn’t have those things from her mother. It would definitely make life more challenging. By the end of her class, she knew that she had to help Mark and his father rebuild their relationship, but how? She didn’t know his father or very much about him. Maybe that was a sign that she should just stay out of it. In her heart she knew that if she didn’t do something, Mark would slowly lose whatever bond there was still left, with his dad. Sugah wished that she could have her father just one more day but he was dead. She didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. The day he left, she was at school and when the police officer showed up at their house a few weeks later, with the news of his sudden death, Sugah was too young to understand. All she remembered was her mother falling into the arms of the officer, crying endlessly. She later learned by asking questions, that he had been murdered by a store clerk, after trying to rob a convenient store. The only money in the register, according to the police and her mother was ninety-seven dollars.

                Her father was taken away from her forever, for a lousy ninety-seven dollars. Years later, Sugah and her mother learned from the same store clerk that he wasn’t the one who killed their loved one that in fact the police did. The clerk told the news that the man who was murdered had tried to help him during a robbery and the police shot the wrong person, and tried covering it up when they couldn’t catch the real person behind the robbery.  Sugah decided that very day that she would become a lawyer to help make the justice system better, to protect innocent people from dirty cops. Writing was her first love but she set it aside to focus all of her time and energy into reading and learning the law. By the time she was sixteen, Sugah could go up against any lawyer and win enough question. Her ability to absorb knowledge was incredible.

                As she left class, walking back to her car, she saw two women standing across the street watching her. Sugah could tell that they were watching her but wasn’t sure why. The closer she got, the more she recognized one of the women. It was the same mystery woman from her class. As Sugah got into her car, she saw Coffee walk out of the building. He stopped when he saw the two women. When they saw him, they smiled. He turned and walked in the opposite direction. Sugah wondered what was up. As she drove pass the women, they waved, with evil smirks on their faces. Before she completely passed them, one of them made a gesture with her hand. It was like a gun. She pointed the tip of her finger to her temple and pulled the trigger. When Sugah didn’t seem fazed by it, she blew the tip of her finger as if smoke was coming from the gun. Was she supposed to be afraid, Sugah thought? It was time she had a long talk with Espresso or Java. They would know just what to do. Something deep inside Sugar told her that she was in for a real shock but she would be ready. Trouble was lurking. Without even realizing it, Sugah would discover a hidden family secret that would affect many of the closest people to her. Their lives would never be the same again!

Friday, October 21, 2011

"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 14

                Sugah got back to her apartment still grinning from her lunch with her mother. She thought about the wonderful gift she and Mr. Blakemore had given her, but still wasn’t quite sure whether she could accept it or not. She saw the light flashing on her machine, indicating she had a message. Sugah hit the button and listened. The first message was from her old job wanting to know if she wanted to work the upcoming holiday season in a few months. “Hell nawl”, Sugah said rubbing the back of her neck. She was tired and sore. The tension of the day was taking its toll on her body. A hot bubble bath would do the trick and so would Coffee, Sugah thought slyly. The next message played. It was from the BMW dealership, thanking her to for recent purchase and seeing just how well she was enjoying her new car. She smiled again. She simply loved that car. When her mother and Mr. Blakemore walked her out as she was leaving, they were both stunned and excited for her. Her mother wanted to know how she could afford such an expensive gift to herself but Sugah didn’t find the need to tell them that the car was already paid in full. Some things were just better off unsaid. They did love it, though. She also didn’t want to have to explain her new place of employment or employers for that matter.

                The next message was from Espresso asking where the hell she was. They hadn’t seen or spoken to each other since the other night’s dinner meeting. Sugah missed talking to him. She made a mental note to return his call when she got out of her bath. He was hilarious. She would definitely be introducing him to her mother. Charlotte was sure to adore him. Sugah thought that Espresso’s message was the last but when she heard Coffee’s voice, her heart skipped a beat. He sounded so sexy. He was calling to check on her and see if she was okay from today’s class. Sugah blushed. He really did care for her but their being together was complicated. The words Java spoke suddenly sounded in her ear. “Bad timing,” Sugah said to herself with a disappointing sigh. If it was meant for them to be together, it would happen. Nothing forced ever lasted long, Sugah heard her mother’s voice whisper in the empty room. She knew all too well the truest of that statement.

                Once all of her messages were retrieved, she stepped out of her shoes. Walking into her tiny bathroom, Sugah thought about how it would feel to have a nice big tub to soak in. She turned on the faucet, letting the water get hot before she placed in the stopper. Adding lavender and rosemary bath oil to the water, Sugah removed the rest of her clothing. She looked at herself in the mirror, admiring the beauty of her youthful body. Her stomach was flat, thighs were toned, her ass was firm and breasts were standing at attention. Her skin was smooth as buttermilk and flawless. Right before the tub was full, Sugah added in some bubbles. She loved bubbles in her bath, had always loved them since she was a little girl. Easing into the tub, she quickly removed her foot when she stuck it into the hot water but it was just the way she liked it. Finally able to sit all the way down into the steaming tub, Sugah relaxed with her head up against the back of the wall. She exhaled, enjoying the feeling the bubbles and oils had on her body. Closing her eyes, Sugah thought of Coffee again. Why was he constantly on her mind? Why couldn’t she just have one day, one hour, one thought that didn’t involve him? Then her heart confirmed what her mind didn’t want to hear, she was in love. She was in love with Coffee and everything about him.

                When Sugah finally emerged from the bath her skin was wrinkled, all clammy feeling. She felt invigorated. All she wanted to do now was drink some hot tea, complete her assignments and get ready for the next day. Before drying completely off, Sugah applied Shea butter all over her body. I made her like soft as cotton and also helped her relax even more, something she learned from her mother years ago. As she dressed, she heard a knock on her front door. It was just passed six in the evening and she wasn’t expecting company, so who was knocking at her door. Sugah grabbed her “whipass stick” and softly walked toward her front door. When she looked out of the peephole, she saw no one. Carefully unlocking and slowly opening the door, Sugah looked out. No one was there. She looked from side-to-side, still seeing no one. Finally looking down, she saw a huge package sitting in front of her door. She bent over to pick up the package, quickly closing and relocking her door.

                The box was heavy. Sugah set it on her dining room table to better access it. There was a small envelop with a card inside. She pulled the card out and was speechless. It read: “Sugah, I saw this and thought of you. I know that you will look amazing in it. Please wear it to the fashion show. P.S. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Khalil”

                The smile that appeared on her face was priceless. Sugah tore into the box and stopped when she saw the beautiful, elegant and stunning gown resting there. She gently pulled the soft fabric from the box, holding it up in front of her body. It was amazing, simply wonderful. It was a Keke Chanel original, a rare design. She didn’t design for just anybody. She was a well sought out designer, who was compared to the likes of Donna Karan and Vera Wang. Not bad company to keep, Sugah acknowledge when she saw others, who were fortunate enough to afford her one of a kind designs, wearing them to a gala, ball and other special occasion. Keke Chanel prided herself in rare, unusual and rare creations. She didn’t make the same thing twice, so no one had to worry about anyone wearing the same thing as them, at any event or any given time. That was another reason so many celebrities and other wealthy individuals paid good money for the designer. Now Sugah was among those privileged enough to own one.

                The dress was simply gorgeous. Sugah twirled around with the dress, looking down at her body. The silk felt great against her freshly soaked skin. She removed her t-shirt and slipped the dress onto her naked frame. Walking over to her full-length mirror, Sugah couldn’t contain the excitement she felt. She looks like a million bucks. The red set her skin on burn. The dress hugged her in all the right places but was classy, subtle and chic. It stopped just under her knees, wrapping around them tightly. Sugah had to fight hard to walk but when she got the hang of it, she was fierce. Strapless with a small black satin belt to go around the waist, the dress looked perfect on her. Sugah couldn’t wait to see Coffee and everyone else’s reaction to her when she set foot inside the building, at the fashion show. Her mother was going to absolutely love the dress. Sugah did a little turn, modeling the dress in the mirror. When she turned to look at the back of the dress, she put her hands over her mouth. “Damn girl, I didn’t know you had all that back there. I knew you had booty but this is on a whole new level. Eat your heart out, Coffee. When you see this, you are going to be in trouble,” she spoke out loud at her reflection in the mirror. The dress left nothing to the imagination but not in a classless way.

                Sugah took off the dress. As she was about to place it back into the box, she saw another small box buried deep under the tissues. She pulled it out, opening it in a hurry. There, staring her in the face was a beautiful diamond necklace, with matching earrings. The jewelry matched the red in the dress to a tee. Sugah felt tears form in her eyes. She wanted to call Coffee at that very moment to thank him but stopped when she noticed another box in the corner of the larger one. She placed the lovely jewelry back and grabbed it. Sugah realized then that it was a shoe box. Another Keke Chanel original design to go with her ensemble, she gathered. When she opened the box, Sugah got aroused. Never in her eighteen, soon to be nineteen years, had she seen such a beautiful pair of shoes and she had seen and purchased many. The black satin five inch stilettos captured her. There was a low platform and the red bow in the front of the shoe, matched her dress and the jewelry with perfection. Sugah ran her hand down the length of the shoe. The fabric felt like butter. She slipped them unto her feet, almost climaxing. One way to turn a woman on was by giving her a pair of sexy shoes, Sugah thought feeling the comfort of the shoe. It fit precisely. It felt amazing, comfy and cozy. Her feet would thank her graciously at the end of the night, after the fashion show and the ton of appearances she would have to make.

                Sugah walked back over to the mirror and looked at how well the shoes looked next to her skin and on her feet. Her legs looked sleeker, sexier, more defined. There was nothing like a great pair of shoes to spice up a great pair of legs, Sugah acknowledged. She wasn’t vain or superficial in the least, but she had to admit, she looked hot. Turning around slowly, Sugah watched the way her feet took on a mind of their own, they loved the shoes probably more than she knew. “I am going to knock em dead,” Sugah said. A naughty thought suddenly entered her mind. She wondered what Coffee would think if she only wore the shoes for him, with nothing else. It was settled in that moment that she would be doing just that, come Saturday night after the event. He deserved to see them in a way no one else would. It was only fair, he did buy them, Sugah concluded. After returning all of her new digs to their designated boxes, she took them into her walk-in closet, placing them at the top of her closet. Before she called Espresso, she put her t-shirt back on and dialed another number first. She glanced over at the clock on her nightstand, realizing that she had spent an hour modeling in front of the mirror. It was after seven, almost eight at night and she still had to complete her assignment for her creative writing class the next day. She didn’t have to be on campus until the evening, so she still had plenty of time to do it.

                When Coffee didn’t answer his cell, Sugah hung up and dialed his home number. There was no answer there either. She felt somewhat disappointed that she wouldn’t be hearing his voice but left a message thanking him for the gifts. After that, she called Espresso, who also didn’t pick up. Maybe they were together having a boy’s night or something, she figured. It was cool. Boys do need their boyz. Sugah completed her assignment just before nine and was about to fix herself a light salad when she heard her cell phone buzz. It was Mark. Damn, she had forgotten to call him back. Oh well, she didn’t feel like talking to him at the moment. She would just see him tomorrow and then she thought about it. He was calling to see if they were going to hang out before or after her late class. Suddenly Sugah didn’t want to be bothered with anyone who wasn’t Coffee. Mark was cool but there was still something mysterious about him. Maybe if they hung out, she could get to know him better. Sugah had always been a good judge of character and although her mind was telling her to stay away, she ignored it and picked up the phone.

                “Hello,” she spoke into the phone, in a tired voice. Mark looked at his phone. He looked to see if he had dialed the correct number. “Sugah, I didn’t wake you, did I? I was only calling because I hadn’t heard from you regarding tomorrow. I just wanted to know if we were getting together before or after class. I have two early morning classes and one in the late afternoon, so it’s your call.” Sugah wanted to make up something to tell him but she couldn’t. She didn’t want to start off their friendship with lies. “We can do lunch, if it’s okay with you. I will meet you on campus and that way you can get the ride I promised you.” Mark’s mind immediately went to naughty thoughts but then he thought of Simone. She was the one he wanted but if Sugah was the only way he could get her attention, then so be it. They had had a great time with each other earlier. He missed having her around, her smile and the way her eyes lit up when she talked about Science, which she absolutely loved. That was probably the reason they ever became friends in the first place. “That sounds great. I look forward to it. I’ll let you get back to whatever it was that you were doing before I called. I am sorry if I woke up, Sugah. See you tomorrow. We can figure out where to go then. Goodnight and sleep well,” Mark said before ending the call. Sugah was relieved. She didn’t want to spend unwanted time to the phone with anyone who wasn’t Coffee.

                Just as she was about to get over her covers, the phone rang. Sugah looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Espresso. “Yo, what’s good, Sugah! I saw you called. I was hanging with my man Coffee tonight. We watched a few football games and did some male bonding. Sorry I missed your call.” Sugah laughed with her new brother. “It’s all good. I was just calling to check on you since we hadn’t spoken in a few days. Did you guys have a nice time? I was just getting ready to turn in. Oh, my mom is in town for a few days and I was wondering if you would like to meet her. I have told her all about you and she is excited about meeting you. We had lunch together today. I truly love that woman to death.”

                “Hell yeah, Mom’s in town! When and where, just let me know. I can’t wait. I know that I’m going to love her.”

                “Yeah, she is going to love you too. She will be attending the fashion show on Saturday and I was thinking that since we have all those parties to attend that night, we could do something on Sunday, like brunch? How does that sound?”

                “Cool, I’m free all day on Sunday. Just let me know the details and I’m there. Anyway, I just wanted to check in with cha before it got too late. I have to get up extra early and hit the gym. Coff and I put it down over here tonight. Listen to me sounding like a brood. But I gotta look my best for the ladies, right.” Sugah laughed at Espresso and his ability to find humor in any given situation. “I guess, but I doubt you guys ate that much. Exercise is a good thing. It’s healthy and helps ease the mind. I may have to start joining you. I don’t work out like I should and that is not good.”

                “Girl, what the hell ever, your young ass doesn’t have anything to worry about. You probably come from good genes anyway. I bet mom’s still look good! Yeah, I know she does but I’m a see come Sunday. Go to sleep! We’ll talk tomorrow. Goodnight, Sis.”

                “Okay, slow ya roll. Who you talking to like that anyway, calm yourself! But you’re right, I do need my beauty rest,” she said laughing. Espresso laughed with her. “Goodnight,” she said and hung up the phone. She was glad to have Espresso. He was becoming more and more like a brother to her than she could have ever imagined. Sugah pulled the covers over her, turned onto her side and drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 13

                Coffee pulled up in front of Espresso’s house. He hated being the bearer of bad news but it was something that couldn’t go overlooked or taken lightly. Mya had hurt Espresso in ways no one could imagine. She nearly broke him beyond repair. Coffee was there to help pick up the pieces, but then his world came crashing down too. Simone and Mya were vicious. They didn’t care about anyone or anything but themselves. And now that Simone was in town, Coffee was sure Mya wasn’t far behind. He sat in his car contemplating a way to break the news to his friend. Espresso and he had been friends since high school. When Java came to him to help her get out of her situation, Espresso was the first person he called. They were family, a brother Coffee and Java had always wanted. A light knock on his car window, startled him. “What up, Coff, man what you doing sitting out here in the car? Bring your pretty ass on in here so we can watch the damn game,” Espresso said walking back into the house.

                When Coffee entered the house, he laughed. There waiting in the game room was every type of junk food he loved and ate whenever he and Espresso watched sports. There was popcorn, hot wings, pizza, French fries, nachos, pickles and chips, candy, shrimp cocktail, meatballs and spaghetti, beer, soda and any other type of drink he might want. Espresso had a nice spread set out and Coffee immediately took refuge in it. Maybe if he got his belly full, he could relax. “Damn, you went all the way out but I ain’t mad at cha boy,” he said with a mouth full of nachos.

                “Oh Coff, you nasty bastard, wipe ya damn mouth, dude. I don’t want to see that shit. You always did like talking with ya mouth full, huh. I know ya mama raised you better than that. What the hell, bro, you act like you ain’t eat shit in days,” Espresso teased, picking back up the plate he had obviously been eating off before Coffee showed up. Shoving a hand full of fries into his already stuffed mouth, Coffee nodded in agreement. He chomped on the food before speaking again. “Man, I haven’t eaten anything all day long. I was hella busy today and what happened during my last class truly fucked me up, big time.” Espresso stared with Coffee a while. He chewed on his own mouthful of food. When he was able to speak without spitting out food, he wanted to know what happened. Both men smacked on their food, uncivilized like. Whenever they were alone, doing their man thing, they let all their home-training and manners go. “It must have been some serious shit to keep your greedy ass from eating. I know how much you love food. Just tell me! Did it involve some stupid ass student trying to get answers to the first test? I remember that happened to you last semester,” Espresso snickered. He loved hearing some of the dumb shit Coffee experienced with his young students.

                Coffee wasn’t ready to talk about that now, he was finally at peace. He didn’t want the feeling to end so soon. “Nah, nothing likes that, yet but I bet it is coming. I always have a few who think I can just throw money or try to sweet talk me into giving answers, A’s and free dick. But you know ya boy ain’t having that nonsense.” Espresso pounded fists with his dear friend. They laughed, ate and watched the game. “I am so glad football season is back. I love summer but football is my shit. I hate that I didn’t go pro. We wouldn’t be sitting here right now, that’s for damn sure if I had.” If only he hadn’t blown out his knee during training camp, Espresso thought. When the Steelers learned of his severe injury, they dismissed him, sending him home with broken dreams. That was a low point in his life but that all changed when he met Mya. She was there for him when he underwent surgery. She took care of him during his recovery and rehab and helped encourage him to continue his education. Espresso thought for sure that she would become Mrs. Dexter Cole. Coffee saw the faraway look suddenly appear on his boy’s face and wanted to know what was on his mind. “Hey, you okay over there, Dex? You look like you deep in thought. What’s up? I know you probably thinking about the, could a, would a, should a’s but all worked out for the best. Don’t constantly beat yourself up about what happened to your knee, man.”

                “I know Coff but it’s hard. I think about that shit every day that passes by,” he said with sadness in his eyes. “Oh well, everything does happen for a reason, right. I am very fortunate to have the life that I have. There are many people who aren’t so blessed, Coff. I thank God daily for giving me a brain with all of this finest,” Espresso said, rubbing his hands down the front of his body. Coffee couldn’t help but crack up laughing. Dex was a fool. They watched the rest of the game and when the game was finally over, they both felt like stuffed turkeys. Coffee looked up at the watch on the wall and sighed to himself. It was getting later. He knew that the time had come for him to tell Espresso about seeing Simone. He set up and took a deep breath. “Man, I am so full. I am going to have to hit the gym hard in the morning to work off all these calories I done put down this evening.” 

                “Yeah, I hear ya. I am still sore from my workout this morning but I will be down in the gym in the morning too. I love having my own gym. That way I don’t have to wait for a damn machine, watch all the wannabe’s try too hard, worry about getting all those damn germs from the sweat and shit people leave behind or get distracted by all the fine ass honeys using that damn thigh machine. Man, they know what the hell they doing, opening and closing their legs, revealing all that pussy. I used to be in there hurting because my dick was so hard.” Coffee knew exactly what Espresso was talking about. He too had had his share of hard-ons from women using that particular machine. They laughed again. Coffee got up and went to use the restroom. Before he returned to join Espresso, he threw cold water on his face, looked himself straight in the eyes in the mirror for a much needed pep-talk. He was finally ready to have the conversation.

                Coffee took his seat and got serious. “Hey man, I need to wrap with you for a minute. It’s serious!” That got Espresso’s attention. He turned down the surround system and looked at his boy. “What’s up, Coff. Speak on it.”

“You are not going to believe who talked into my class today, bro. That conniving bitch acted as if nothing happened. I could have slipped the hell out of her. She lucky I don’t hit women.” Espresso was interested. He waited on Coffee to finish. “Simone, dude. She is in one of my classes and get this, the same one that Sugah is. They had a stare off today and I could feel the tension and hatred they have for each other and don’t even know another. I wanted to let you know because if she’s back, Mya may be also.” That last statement sent a wave of emotion over Espresso. The mere mention of her name made him want to wring her damn neck. She was a dirty, scheming bitch. If he saw her, she would be sorry.

“Did Simone say anything about her? Those two hoes just won’t stay away, huh. I bet not see Mya. She has a lot of explaining to do, Coff. I want answers. Hell, I need answers. Nigga, I gotta know!” Coffee burst into laughter, thinking about Espresso’s comment. That was something Eddie Murphy’s character on the movie “Life” said to Martin Lawrence’s character. It was funny as hell. “Man, what the fuck so funny? This here is so sick shit. Maybe then I can move the hell on with my damn life. That brood fucked me up. Coff, I’m a be honest with ya, bro. There is no telling what I would have done if I had run into her trifling ass. Thanks for letting me know that she may be back. I really appreciate that. I wonder why Simone registered in one of your classes. Yeah, I know. Because she wanted to see the reaction on your face when you saw her, to see if you still have feelings for you. Bitches ain’t shit, man! So, what now? We need a plan. If they show up on some other type shit, I’m a be on one, fa real! I don’t know what the hell one is but I will definitely be on it.” Espresso got up and paced the floor. He shook his head from side-to-side, trying to figure out where he and Mya went wrong. He gave her everything she wanted, plus some but that hadn’t been enough. She played him like a fiddle, in a redneck bar.

                “I know. We have to think of something. The fashion show is this coming weekend and if she is in town, I know that they will be there. Those two like to be in the limelight, fucking attention whores.” Coffee was pissed beyond the level of pisstivity. “I can’t deal with this right now. Let me sleep on this and get back with cha tomorrow. I need to go clear my mind and get some rest. I have to teach all day tomorrow and this is just too much.” Espresso nodded. He didn’t want to deal with it either but they both knew that if they didn’t, Simone and her evil ass partner in crime, would do more damage to them than hurricane Katrina did to the people of New Orleans. They were just that damn scandalous.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 12

                Coffee dialed Java’s cell. When she answered, he didn’t give her a chance to say hello. “Sis, we have a big problem. Simone is back. She showed up in one of my classes today and the same one that Sugah is in. I just saw her talking to a guy who appears to be close to Sugah and there is no telling what Simone is cooking up.” Coffee didn’t know it at the moment but the guy with her was also his nephew, whom he didn’t know and hadn’t seen since he was a few days old. “I don’t want to alarm the others but we have to formulate a plan before he gets wind that she is back. I wonder if he already knows.” The “he” that Coffee was referring to was Mr. X. Java caught her heart. She felt sick suddenly. The very mention of Simone’s name made her temperature rise. She despised Simone for what she did to her. Java knew the day would come that they would meet face-to-face but she wasn’t prepared right now. She was still figuring out a way to get back at Xavier for taking her child away from her. He was a coldhearted snake, who couldn’t be trusted. He had slithered his way in and out of her bed, ruining her life miserably.

                “Coff, this is serious. Xavier will do anything to protect his business and reputation. The man is heartless. Who takes a woman’s newborn child away from her?” Java was speechless. “So what are we going to do?” Java would stand behind her brother in whatever decision he came up with. She had a plan of her own but would keep it to herself. When the time came, she would get her revenge on Xavier, get her child back and say goodbye to the organization. It wasn’t fun for her anymore. She was older now, much older than the others and she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life living it through others. Sugah was special but Java knew that helping her wouldn’t turn back the hands of time, for her. Java sighed. True she wasn’t an old maid but thirty had crept up on her like a thief in the night, stealing her youth forever. Now that she was nearly forty, she wanted to do something different with her life. The only thing she wanted now was to have a relationship with her son.

                “I know that if Simone is back, Mya is also. We have to at least tell Espresso, so that he can be prepared if he runs across her. You know how he felt about her and how devastated he was when she left him.” Coffee agreed. His dear friend hadn’t been the same since. “Yeah, I know. He is not going to take this news well but you’re right, we have to warn him. I only hope that we are not too late. Mya is his weakness and he will still do anything for her, Java. She and Simone are poison. Espresso deserves so much better than her.” Java remembered all the pain each of them endured during that particular time in each of their lives. She didn’t wish any of it on even her worse enemy, then again, Xavier was the cause of that pain and she would show him pain in the near future. “Do you want me to call him? I can tell him. I should be leaving the office soon and I can just drop by his office and let him now,” Java said. “No, I’ll tell him. I will call you later, after I speak with him and let you know how everything turns out. But in the meantime, what should we do about Simone? The way she looked at Sugah in class today, she knows that something happened between us. She looked pure evil. But I must admit Sugah held it together. The way those two were staring at each other, I thought that World War III was about to take place.” Java was impressed, intrigued by hearing how well Sugah didn’t allow anyone to punk her or show signs of weakness in front of an enemy. She was even more than what Java thought she was.

                “Sis, are you still there,” Coffee asked. He wasn’t used to Java being so silent when they spoke. This alarmed him. He knew the wounds should have healed by now, but her situation was different. There was a child involved. “I’m fine. I was just thinking about all this. When will life stop throwing curve balls, Coff? I don’t know if I can take many more. I have tried to let go and move on with my life but I just can’t. My son is out there somewhere and needs his mother. He probably thinks that I abandoned him. Who knows what lies Xavier has fed him all these years. Coff, he is twenty years old now. What if I never find him? What if we cross paths every day and don’t know it? How can a mother just allow something like this to happen? I should have fought back. I should have tried harder to find them.” Java was losing it. Coffee wished that he was next to her to comfort her but they were in two different places. “Sis, I’m so sorry. We will find him soon, I promise. Xavier won’t get away with this.” But he had, Java thought, feeling lower than lower.

                Java blew her nose. She wiped her face and looked around her office. She would give it all up for a chance to get the lost time back with her son. “It’s fine, really Coff. You didn’t have to tell me anything but you did. Thanks for always looking out for me. If I hadn’t gotten involved with Xavier in the first place, none of this would be happening right now. You saved me and now it’s back to bite you in the ass.” Coffee smiled. “I would gladly do it all over again, in a heartbeat. Don’t ever think that you caused this to happen. You were in love with a man, who had us all fooled. You didn’t know. How could you have known? Don’t beat yourself up or dwell on the past. We will get through this too, together. We will find him, Java. And he is going to love you. Children never forget their mothers. Everything is going to be okay, trust me.” Java loved her brother now more than ever. She trusted him with her life. She knew that he would do everything in his power to find her son, his nephew and make Xavier pay for all the pain and heartache he caused their family.

                The two siblings talked a few more minutes and then hung up. Coffee prepared to leave his office and Java finished up some last minute documents concerning Sugah’s upcoming photo-shoot.  The fashion show was something she looked forward to attending. Java loved fashion. She wanted to see Sugah in action firsthand, not just hear about it. At first she wasn’t so sure that she could pull the first assignment off but was extremely impressed when she had. Sugah was about to make new friends, in high places, with deep pockets but Java hoped that Xavier and his organization of wolves in sheep’s clothing didn’t go after her. Wishful thinking, Java acknowledged. If she knew Xavier like she knew she did, he would definitely try to manipulate his way into the likes of Sugah. She only hoped that Sugah was smart enough to see a snake when she saw one, not fall for bullshit like herself. In that moment, Java wondered where Sugah was. She picked up the phone on her desk, dialing her number. When Sugah answered, she felt relieved.

                “Hey Sugah, its Java, I was calling to check on you, to see if you had all the information regarding the shoot on Friday. It sounds like you’re driving. Did I catch you at a bad time,” Java asked. Sugah smiled. “Hey girl, nice to hear from you, I am driving. I am meeting my mom for lunch. And yes, I think I have everything under control but if something comes up, you will be the first one I call. What’s up?” Java felt at ease just listening to the excitement in Sugah’s voice about meeting her mother for lunch. She wondered if her child would ever feel the same about her. “Java, hello…hello,” Sugah called out. “I’m here, Sugah. I was just listening to the way your voice lights up when you speak about your mother. I didn’t know she was in town. How long is she here for,” Java wanted to know.

                “Oh, she arrived a few days ago and will be here until probably next week. I’m not really sure about that, Java. Why do you ask?”

                “I just wanted to know if you minded if she came to the fashion show. I can get extra tickets for her and anyone else you want to come. I didn’t mean to pry, Sugah. I just thought that she would like seeing you, strut your stuff on the runway.”

                Sugah suddenly felt bad about questioning Java’s motives. “I didn’t mean to sound rude but you can never be too careful about people’s intentions, no offense. I have been burned more times than I care to remember, so I hope you understand why I’m so cautious.”

                Java admired Sugah more every time she spoke with her. “None taken, at all, in fact, that is a really good way to be, Sugah. That way no one gets the chance to take advantage of you. You are a very smart young lady. No wonder we all thought you were much older than what you are. You are way wise beyond your years, girl. Keep up the great work. But seriously, do you think your mother would want to see the show?”

                “If she knows that I’m in it, yes she will. I will run it pass her and let you know something this evening. I think my mom has a new man in her life and she may already have plans with him this weekend. You know how that goes,” Sugah said laughing. Java joined in her laughter. She certainly knew, all too well. “Yes, I do. Okay, just let me know something so that I can get the tickets. I’m sure she can persuade for beau to come to the show. You do know that men do anything to be with the women they want to be with, right. It’s just the way it goes. We do the same thing to be with them too. “

                “You are definitely right about that, Java. I am glad you called. Thanks for thinking of me and wanting to help. I really appreciate it. I’m sure my mother and Mr. Blakemore would love to come to the show but let me just throw it out there first.”

                “Oh wow!! Really, Mr. Blakemore and your mom got a thing for each other? I think that’s sweet. If your mother is anything like you, he would be a fool not to take advantage of this time with her. They probably make a nice couple. I would really love to meet her well she is in town, if that isn’t a problem, Sugah.”

“Why would that be a problem? Do you think it’s wise under the circumstances? What if she asked questions and if I know my mother, she well?”

“Then we will tell her that you work for me at my firm. Stop worrying girl, damn you giving me a headache, you sound just like me when I was your age. Calm down, if you don’t think it’s a good idea you me to meet your mother, it’s cool. Well, anyway, I’ll let you get back to driving. I look forward to hearing from you later. You do have my home number, right?”

                “Yep, I have all of your numbers. I made sure of that the first night we met. Thanks again, Java. I’ll speak to you later. And I would be honored to have you meet my mother. I know that she will adore you. I’ll let you know when, when I call you later. Have a nice afternoon,” Sugah said before hanging up the call. She was pulling up in front of the Blakemore estate and was in awe. After she gave her name to the security guard, at the front gate, she was allowed to enter onto the premises.

                The driveway was lined with beautiful oak trees, on both sides. The lawn was freshly cut. Sugah loved the smell of freshly cut grass. She breathed in the fresh air, smiling. The drive to the main house was about a mile long. When she pulled up in front of the Mexican inspired home, she couldn’t close her mouth. It looked like a house straight out of Architects digest. The structure was big, bold and modern. The stucco roof, added character and charm to the home. Sugah couldn’t wait to see the inside of the home if the outside had any inclination as to what she had to look forward to. The landscaping complemented the home, adding depth and life to the house. Huge bay windows and a massive wooden door, created the perfect accent and ambiance to the style of the home. Sugah took it all in, impressed by what she saw. Mr. Blakemore had impeccable taste, she gathered. Before she could ring the doorbell, which looked like a little bell, used to call everyone for dinner, her mother opened the door and wrapped her arms around her. “Oh….my baby, my baby is finally here,” Charlotte Payne called out.

                At first when Sugah called her mother to see where they would go for lunch and learned that lunch was being prepared at the Blakemore Estate, she was pissed. She feared that Richard would be there joining them and that she wouldn’t have quality time with her mother. Now, Sugah was happy to be in the presence of such great Architectural brilliance. Espresso would love this place she thought as she was able to catch her breath and enter the home, when her mother finally let her go. The foyer was open, which gave way to a huge great room, contemporary style dining area and kitchen. Dark wood floors added innocence and integrity to the space. Many plants lined the space. The French doors were open, as the gentle breeze went throughout the home. Salt water quickly filled Sugah’s nostrils.

Sugah later saw that the breeze was coming in straight from the ocean, which set in the background, as the perfect backdrop, to the home. The furniture was contemporary chic, which went well with the design of the house. The color scheme was bold, full of rich colors of red, orange, blues and hints of brown. Everything added its own charm but worked well together. A long hallway on the left side of the home housed four bedrooms, with on-suite baths. A wooden staircase set to the right of the space that led up to the master suite and sitting room. A study, theater room, game room, home gym and private ball room was on the bottom level of the home. As they walked toward the back of the home, Sugah saw a patio area, with a bar and infinity swimming pool, overlooking the ocean. The scenery was amazing. She felt like she was on vacation, somewhere exotic and expensive. Her mother gave the grand tour like she had been living there all of her days. Sugah suddenly wondered where Mr. Blakemore was.  

                A lovely table was prepared for them, with fresh fruit, wine and cheese to snack on before the main course was served. “Mom this place is absolutely incredible. I could stay here forever and forget about the rest of the world.” Charlotte beamed at her daughter. “Is that right,” she asked, smiling. Sugah wondered what had her mother so giddy but enjoyed seeing her that way. They sat down looking out into the turquoise sparkling water. Sugah then noticed a pathway, lined with rocks and a flowing steam leading out over the water, to a beautiful boat. In fact, there was more than one boat. There, a small boat, medium boat and a massive boat set resting in their designated spot. Sugah smiled. No wonder Mr. Blakemore wanted a yacht. He didn’t have one there but he certainly loved and had his share of boats. She suddenly thought about “The Secret Passage” and what had taken place aboard it. Why couldn’t she get Coffee out of her head? The way he made her body feel was insane, she craved more of him daily. Sugah wanted to feel his body next to hers but knew that it was a bad idea. Charlotte saw her daughter deep in thought and immediately knew that her baby was in love. “So, what’s his name,” she asked, catching Sugah completely off guard.

                “Excuse me! Mom, what are you talking about? How do you know I’m thinking about a guy?” Charlotte laughed, popping a big red ripen strawberry into her mouth. “Sugah, I have been there and gone that, Sweetheart, I know when there is a man involved. I could also tell by the way you look and act. Your hips and ass are rounder than what they were the last time I saw you. I am a woman and also your mother, so what’s his name?” Sugah was busted, trapped. She couldn’t get anything passed her mother, had never been able to. “Mom, can we just talk about something else please. I really don’t want to talk about that right now.”

                “Sure but you didn’t deny there is a man. I will respect your wish for now but we are definitely going to talk about who this young man is and how he has captured your heart. I can see love all over you, Sugah. There is nothing wrong with being in love. You are young baby, now is the time to enjoy being in your prime. Have fun and be happy. Life is too short to miss out on love. Don’t push it away because we don’t always get to find it again. There is nothing make your first love, believe me.” Charlotte stared off into space a few minutes, with tears in her eyes. Sugah wanted to ask what she was thinking about but didn’t. She gave her mother a few more minutes and then told her about the upcoming fashion show she was in. Charlotte was so proud of her daughter.

                “Mom, would you like to come? I can get you tickets and you can bring Richard, if he wants to come along. I think the two of you will have a wonderful time. We can have dinner afterwards. What do you say?” Charlotte blushed. “We would love to attend. Just tell us when and where and we will be there.” Sugah smiled, sipping from her pina colada frozen drink. Although she wasn’t twenty-one, her mother allowed her to drink in her presence. We laughed and talked, enjoying each other’s company. When Sugah finally got ready to leave, the sun was beginning to set. She and her mother set there watching the beauty of the night make its entrance. The water allows the sun to see its beauty, showing the reflection, sparking in the crystal clear waves. Sugah could have stayed there forever. Such beauty was rare and she didn’t want the moment to end.  Before she got up to leave the house, her mother handed her something. When Sugah looked down into her hand, she nearly passed out. A set of keys, on a dolphin keychain, kissed the palm of her hand. “What’s this,” she softly asked her mother. “Your keys, Sweetheart, the keys to your new home,” Charlotte said to her daughter. “Richard knew that you would love it. He wants you to have it. We want you to have it.”

                Sugah didn’t know what to say. She covered her mouth with her hands to keep from crying out loudly. She shook her head in disbelief. There was no way she could accept such an enormous gift. “Mom, I cannot accept this. It’s too much. Why?” Before her mother could say another word, up walked Mr. Blakemore, Sugah ran into his arms like he was her father. “I cannot accept this, it is way too much, Sir. I know you mean well and I truly appreciate it but I just cannot.”

                “Oh it’s alright, Sugah. Why don’t you go home, sleep on it and let us know something at a later date and time. The house is yours and isn’t going anywhere. I designed it with you in mind, so feel free to take all the time you need. The keys will be waiting whenever you want them. You deserve it. Your mother has told me about all of your hard work and dedication to your studies. I know that you won’t give up on your dreams and goals just because of a new house, right.” Sugah shook her head in agreement. She wouldn’t give up on her studies or any other goal she set for herself. Now that she was a part of the organization, she knew that as long as she got assignments, she wouldn’t have to worry about money. “Okay, I’ll think about it and get back to you. Mom, you are truly something else, you know that!” Charlotte simply smiled at her daughter, hoping that they had more time together. Since she learned of her condition, she didn’t want a day to go by without seeing her only child happy. Richard agreed. He wanted to make sure both the women in his life now were happy and he would do his best to make sure that happened. Having lost the love of his life was painful but finding Charlotte Payne was truly a blessing. The fact that she also had breast cancer, like his late wife, was hard to swallow but he would go everything within his power to make sure she received the best treatment money could buy. He respected her wish to keep her secret from her daughter for now, but he knew that she deserved to know, in case the treatments didn’t work.

                That night when Sugah got home to her tiny apartment, she looked around. She loved the space but she also loved the house. Maybe she could keep both. That way she wouldn’t have to worry about anyone finding her at her house when she wanted to get away. Yes, in was settled. She would take the house. The apartment could be used as an office, a place she and Mark could study or anything else she wanted it to be. Before she went to bed, she called Java to let her know that her mother and Mr. Blakemore would be in attendance at the fashion show. She hadn’t asked about the meeting yet but promised Java that she could. Sugah slept for the first time since meeting Coffee without dreaming naughty dreams about him. Her life had indeed changed, and Sugah knew that it was only going too change even more. She hoped that it continued to be positive and not negative but Sugah had a feeling that she was about to encounter a few bumps in the road, along her journey.