Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Rodney D. Robertson

Today I am interviewing Rodney D. Robertson: Author, Life Coach, Pastor, and Motivational Speaker. He has released his fifth book Speak To It and is here to tell us about it, as well as his writing journey.

Please give him a "Kickin' It With KeKe" welcome!!!! *Applause*

First, I would like to thank you for joining us today Rodney. It is always a pleasure featuring you on my blog. I want to say how extremely proud I am of you. We have known each other for a long time, growing up and attending school together. You are still the same kindhearted, straight forward and perfect gentleman you were then, today. I admired you then and admire you still. It’s refreshing to see people we know, follow their dreams and watch them manifest. You will always have my love and support, Bro. *I call him Bro because he was and still is the older brother I never had growing up. He was all up in my business y'all. LOL*

Let’s get started, shall we. 

Tell us about Rodney Robertson the Author. 
 How long have you been writing?
I have been writing for 11 years. 

Who are your target audience?
My target audience starts 17 and up. I'm writing to those who want to live life on purpose and inspire others.

What inspired your latest book?
My latest book Speak to It was inspired by a family medical crisis in 2013 where I and my family had to depend on God for a turnaround in my sister's health.

What do you want readers to take from your book?
The take home message I want the reader to get is that their words have power and presence. They can change the outcome of their lives and circumstances with a faith confession.

Do you apply the lessons you are writing about in your book to your daily life? How so?
Yes, I apply the lessons of this book on a daily basis. Namely, by speaking positive faith confessions over my life, family, church, & business. 

When writing, what motivates you? What inspires your writing?
My writing inspiration is two-fold. God and life experiences motivate me to write. I aim to write books that can inspire and help others live a better life.

I got a chance to read Speak To It and I must say, it is a great read! The message of maintaining unwavering faith and having the desires of the heart by claiming whatever it may be in the name of Jesus was profound. It is a blessing and I recommend it to anyone seeking encouragement in their life. The words we speak can bring victory or destruction; it is all about what we speak into the atmosphere. *I left my review…I know how important it is for people like us. (#AuthorLife)*

Where can readers purchase your book?
Speak to It can be purchased at Amazon (Kindle) and www.rodneyrobertson.org.

Although I have books that are inspired by true events, I love the genre of suspense and always infuse that aspect into my books. How do you know what to write about in your books?
I write about the subjects that mean a lot to me or that I'm passionate about. I believe if the subject is from the heart; it will reach the heart of the reader.

What’s next for you as an author?
What's next? Currently, I'm working on a new relationship book "5 Things A Man Wants." It should be out by February 2015.

Tell us something about you that others may not know. 
My favorite color is blue. I love being at home and I like country music. (shocking huh...LOL)

I pray you continued success Rodney. Keep inspiring and motivating others. God’s smile looks good on you!

Here are more books by Rodney. Check them out! 

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Happy Holidays! I’ll be back in the New Year. Until next time: Be inspired, Be encouraged and Be You!!

Purple Hugs,
KeKe Chanel

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Will It Ever End???

I was watching TV with my husband today and saw reports on the Eric Garner incident. *takes a deep breath* I am so in my emotions right now. 

I was inspired to write this post. A vicious cycle is repeating itself and something has to happen before we are taken out one by one. Before a: he-looked-dangerous-so-I-shot-him-even-though-he-had-his-hands-raised-but-he-was-black epidemic takes flight. 

I pray no one is offended by my words, but if you are, take a good look in the mirror and reevaluate your life. We will all be judged by God…where does your fate lie?

Does My Voice Sound Like Silence??
“A System cannot fail those who it wasn’t meant to protect.”
                                                                    --W.E.B. Dubois

I am a person. I am a human being. I am relevant. When will my voice be heard? Am I to be disregarded forever? Didn’t my ancestors suffer enough! We say color isn’t an issue in today’s society, but we all know this is total bullshit! Innocence lost and what? Nothing… 

Land of the FREE my ass!!!! But will we ever be really?

It shouldn’t be about what color my skin is, or the fact that I like to wear my hair and clothing a certain way. It shouldn’t matter what type of music I listen to or if I decide to take a walk down the street alone in broad daylight. It shouldn’t matter if I stand up for myself or someone else. But sadly, it does. It doesn’t matter whether I get straight A’s in school or not; whether I am shy or outspoken. The fact of the matter is I AM BLACK!!! 

I try to stay positive but it becomes harder each day. I don’t watch the news anymore because it’s too depressing. My smile is tainted with a frown when I hear someone who isn’t being racially profiled say “why do you people always make everything about race?” Ask me that question again when you live one day in my skin complexion! 

If we were all made in the image of God, how can we hate our brother who is of a different hue of skin tone as we are? A question I ask myself each time I see another black man, boy, or child killed because of being “ethnically different”. If this is making the headlines, couldn’t you say it’s a serious problem!

Once treated lower than cattle; my people rose above the waves of slavery but are still sinking when it comes to equality. Do we pose that much of a threat to your social standards” or are you really scared that we will unite as a people and finally claim the land you stole, which we built as the so-called land of opportunity?

When will this ever end? When will the color of our skin not matter? Can we just live in a world of humanity? Where doing the right thing and not breaking the law isn’t according to the color of our skin? 

No one is perfect! There are bad seeds in every race, but why is being black considered toxic? BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!!! And if you don’t know by now…you should hang out with more black people. (I’m just saying…) We know how to have a fun time.

I don’t want to worry for my son when he leaves our home and go hang out with his friends because of skin tone. Sure I’ll worry because I’m a mother, but when being black puts a target on his back no matter what, how can I not want to keep him home where he is safe? I weep for all the mothers who told their child “see you later” who never made it back home alive because of the color of their skin.
This has to stop…NOW!!!

Feel free to voice your thoughts/opinions by leaving a comment. 

Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!!!
Purple Hugs,
KeKe Chanel

Monday, December 1, 2014

I know I have been away...but I'm back now!!!

Did you miss me???

Hello Lovies,

It’s been awhile since my last post. Did you miss me? I missed you guys! I have been busy with other projects and being a part of my sister’s wedding. It was beautiful. See for yourself…

Thanksgiving was awesome. I got to spend time with my family. We laughed so much, and ate even more. It was just like old times, creating new memories that will last a lifetime. How did you spend your holiday? Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I haven’t. My family pulls names each year, and I cannot wait to find out who my “secret Santa” is. 

Now I’m back! Let’s talk about what I have coming up. As you all know, I have been continuing the “Sugah series” and the third installment “Paying the Price” is finished. It was supposed to be released a few weeks ago, but things came up. I pushed the date back in order to make sure it is at its’ very best. But, be assured that Sugah is better than ever, and more drama is revealed. You won’t be disappointed!
If you haven’t read the first two installments, there is still time to catch up with Sugah and her crazy life. They are available in paperback and E-book on amazon and other retail outlets.  
                        “Sugah & Spice” http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B2NG026
                  “Naughty or Nice” http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DNL5WA6

Let me know what you think of Sugah and her friends. Please leave a review. I appreciate it more than words can say! 

I have been attending several events lately: book festivals, readings, author showcases, natural hair expos; meeting awesome people. I will be doing author spotlights in the New Year to introduce you to some of them. Trust me! Your wish list and kindle will thank me. If you are an avid reader you will not have to worry about not having anything to read once you find out about these amazing authors. More new posts coming soon… 

Until next time, Be inspired, Be encouraged and Be YOU!!!