Thursday, September 27, 2012

Author Spotlight

Purple hugs and Kisses Souls,

I wanted to start something different for this new season by spotlighting a different Author as I complete one of their books. I will be adding book reviews to my blog so that you all can see what Keke Chanel reads. I have learned of many authors that I didn't know exist since publishing my debut novel and have been invited to be a part of several groups for authors and readers on Facebook, and that as inspired me to share those works with my readers. I believe that stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new is the first sign of personal growth. With that being said, the first Author showcased is TL Gardner and his book Uncle Tommy's Cabin.

TL Gardner was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA where he lives and works today. His love for writing began after the passing of his grandmother when he was 17 years of age. Poetry was his first love and held his attention for many years. He spent several years in the military in the US Army, traveling the world. Growing up in poverty, his young imagination became his only escape and now he is putting that over active imagination to use in his works of fiction.

Rarely do you come across a book that stimulates your mind, drawing you in, in every aspect of the reading experience and I am happy to say that I achieved this while reading TL Gardner's Uncle Tommy's Cabin. The ghostly tale, written so vividly descriptive captured my attention from the first sentence to the very last. Gardner's play of words are like no other. He keeps things interesting with each sentence, building the plot with every paragraph. It kept me on edge and when I found myself too engrossed in this chilling tale wanting to take a break to calm my speeding heart rate, the characters called out to me to finish their journey to the unknown. I experienced several emotions reading this amazing story, hoping that the truth unfolded, revealing Tabatha's lineage. I wanted her, her brother Mike and his girlfriend Darlene to make it out alive after the others didn't have a chance. I won't give any spoilers!

What would have taken me maybe two days of reading lasted only four hours. The book was that engaging. As a reader, I am very impressed, pleased and ready to dive into the second installment of this spooky tale to see what happens next. As a writer, Gardner challenges me to go far and beyond in my writing style, in hopes to produce a work of such magnitude. If you love a great story mixed with chilling twists and turns, this is the one. Beware though, and please don't read while its a storm going on outside. You will surely hear Uncle Tommy, Little Thomas, Mabel, Lady Angela and crazy Raymond coming for you. Job well done Mr. Gardner. You are simply a mastermind when it comes to telling a very detailed, mesmerizing, page-turner of a great story.

Check out more books by TL Gardner of Goodreads and Once you read one of his books, you won't stop until you have completed them all. I am well on my way in doing just that.

Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!

Keke Chanel

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The week was moving by so fastly, that I lost sight of what day was what, anticipating my big night. I was so overwhelmed trying to make sure everything for the party was a success, running smoothly. By Wednesday, all hell broke loose. I wanted to pull my hair out but I continued to smile, because if I trust God, I couldn’t allow doubt to creep into my mind. When Thursday came it seemed as if nothing was right and a few of the main performances for this event wasn’t coming to take place. I didn’t hear from the photographer that was supposed to set up my background for photos, the t-shirt guy messed up my signature shirt and my lyrical dancer hadn’t learned the dance to the song of my choice and dropped out, so that wasn’t going to happen either.

I felt broke in a way because of wanting my big night to be great. Yes, I am a perfectionist so the smallest things kinda get to me. Everyone who knows me knows this fact, and they try to help as best they can. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. As the day turned into evening, with no word from anyone, I just kind of wept inside not to let anyone see me sweat, I believe weakest is a sign of fear and God doesn’t give us the spirit of fear.

As decorations began to transform the place for the party into an elegant setting, I looked around and started to calm down. ‘Everything is coming to work out and this is going to be a great event’, I told myself. Placing each stiletto around the room, I relaxed. I guess it’s true, there is nothing like a little shoe therapy!  

Friday, my friend arrived in town. She helped me stayed calm and we went to finish up some last minute things, as well as pick up another t-shirt I had made for that night. That t-shirt turned out perfect. It was an exclusive shirt, just for the night, with my book cover on front of it. I must admit that when I first saw the shirt, I wasn’t impressed, but when I saw it in person, I loved it. One thing had finally been successful, so what else could go wrong?

Time was speeding by and before I knew it, it was after noon and we still hadn’t put the finishing touches on the decorations for the space. To me it felt like a million things had to be done, but with my family and close friends, it all got done. The decorations were perfect, the cake looked and tasted amazing, a dancer was found and danced beautifully, and the evening turned into a great night filled with laughs, tears of joy, and having a grand time.

I took picture after picture with everyone who was in attendance, who wanted to and signed each book for the people who bought their previously bought copy or purchased during the event. There was a deadly in stilettos contest and the women who participated worked the dance floor, showcasing their beautiful shoes. The crowd cheered them on and the winner received a special prize. We even got the men involved in a dance contest, in which the winner received a gorgeous red silk neck tie and pocket silk. There were also other prizes given throughout the event.

Traditionally, authors read excerpt from their work at a release or book signing, but I wanted to do something different. I had a book trailer made and played it right before doing a skit, and the crowd loved it. It was wonderful and I plan to make each event here ever better than the one before. I am already thinking of ideas for my next release party. Deadly in Stilettos is my debut novel, but there are many more to follow. Keke Chanel is here to stay!

I want to thank each and every person involved in that night, making it a big success. I am truly grateful. I could not have done this without all of you. They all know who they are, so I won’t call any names. But I do want to give a special shout out to Stephanie and the rest of the Quality Inn Conference Center staff. You all rock! Everything was amazing. I look forward to using your hotel for future events. (Can I get a discount for next time?) LOL

Deadly in Stilettos is my baby! My debut novel and I am so extremely proud. It is a book that will keep you guessing until the very end and even beyond that. Deminis Bradshaw is a woman who is out for redemption, and promises to get her life back from all the women and men who took a part of it from her. She will leave you in awe, experiencing every emotion known to man. Her love for beautiful shoes will make you want to go out and buy a pair or two for yourself. She uses them as therapy, confidence and her motivation to get even. No one person should experience all the things that Demi encounter along her journey. Just because she is beautiful, intelligent and has traveled all over the world, doesn’t mean that she is happy. Looks can be deceiving!

I hope you will read Demi’s story for yourself and take the journey to the unknown with her. You can find Deadly in Stilettos on and through It is also available in eBook, and for the kindle, kindles for IPhone/IPad, nook and other devices.

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Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be blessed!!!

Keke Chanel     

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Book Reviews

Hello Souls,

I know it has been a while since my last post, but things have been non-stop for me. I have been promoting my new book, blogging, writing, and planning my pushed back Release party, due to Hurricane Isaac. It has only been a few weeks since my release, and I am still smiling. I am working on a few new projects, in the process of getting ready to do a few book signings locally, and then branch out. Guys, thank you so much for encouraging me. I will be adding a few new short-stories soon. They will be a bit different from the ones already posted. I what to showcase my various writing styles, but mostly show you all, my true passion, which is mystery/suspense. Yes, Keke Chanel loves a great mystery plot, with twists and turns, leaving you without a clue to what will come next. I started a "Deadly In Stilettos" group of Facebook for my book, so if you have the book or plan on getting it, please come join us. We are about to embark upon a great journey, in the world of Deminis Bradshaw! My facebook is: Keke Chanel 2012. I hope to see you there. Tell a friend because the more, the merrier. Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!!

Keke Chanel

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