Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The New Year

  So, now that Christmas has come and gone, we now make preparations for the New Year. This year has really flown by. It seems like only yesterday that I first began my blog and now it's been nine months and coming. I truly appreciate all the love and support from you guys. You are my inspiration, motivation to keep writing and exploring the depths of my very vivid imagination. You are my Passionate Souls!! Thanks for subscribing, emailing and sending comments. They have been great, interesting and entertaining to say the least. So keep them coming!

What's to come in the New Year? Is there a place for love and passion in your life? Can your relationship get better, reach its peek? Will there be mind-blowing sex, with indescribable pleasure? I think that this coming year will bring about new levels of passion, pleasure, compromise, purpose, reflection and all other aspects of having and remaining a successful relationship. It all begins with the imagination. Thinking about something and then executing it can take any relationship to a great place. Knowing what makes you tick, can also help make the experience more meaningful also.

Start with doing research. Get to know your body. If one can describe or show another how or what turns them on, the reward will be more than expected and take on a new level of passion. Don't be afraid to touch yourself. Close your eyes, free your mind and let your fingers do like the yellow pages. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror. Caress yourself. Run your fingers up and down your arms, legs, or anywhere you want. You don't even have to masturbate to achieve an orgasm or learn how you like to be touched, caressed or pleasured. There are many erogenous zones on the human body. For example: your ears. They are very sensitive and when whispered into softly, kissed or sucked on gently, one can see the stars and the moon, becoming so aroused, your partner becomes exciting, stimulated and then the games commence.

There is nothing sexier than having a lover who knows just what they want and desire from you, who just brings that very thing out in you. No one wants to be with someone who asks too many questions, at the wrong damn time. Just do it, go with the flow of things and if you doing things right, you will know. They will express their feelings through movements, gestures, words, moans, groans and several other things that will put a big ass smile on your face. Trust me, your head will be so big, you will smile throughout the entire New Year! Everyone will want to know what you are doing to have such a big grin on your face. Regardless of what we may think, happiness is also contagious and people just want to be happy. Knowing how to make you happy first, is the gateway to making someone else happy.

So this New Year, take pride in taking care of you first. I’m not talking about being selfish by any means, but let’s just face the music here Souls, if you don’t, no one else will! People observe whether we know, believe it or not. They see how we dress, talk, look, interact with other’s and then draw their own conclusions based on all the information we provide without realizing it. It doesn’t take a genius to know when someone isn’t happy in life. They may try their hardest to hide it but some things can’t be hidden. Unhappiness can reflect in many ways. Through a look, in a walk, the way someone looks at something or someone else. Hell even the food one eats can determine their mood or feeling. It’s not hard to detect, but most people tend to overlook others because they have their own set of problems.

Let’s not drag this type of attitude into the New Year. Start now, this last week of 2011 to change your situation. And if you find yourself unable to change, then it may be time to change more than your attitude. Change can be good. True, it can throw you for a loop or two, but don’t let change deprive you from reaching your full potential of happiness. Sometimes it’s best to change a situation rather than stay in it, just because. And, it’s just not worth it! It’s unhealthy, it’s damaging to all involved, as well as your surroundings. Misery and negativity are best friends. They will manipulate, deceive, confuse and any other tricks in the book to bust up their life. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Life is meant to have fun, be happy, be stress-free and live to the fullest that you can. Start the New Year off by doing so. There is nothing standing in your way but yourself.

So, I look forward to hearing some of your stories. Please, feel free to leave comments and/or send emails. Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!!!

Keke Chanel

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 Thank You!!!

Be safe celebrating this holiday season!

Don’t drink and drive!

Be responsible!

But most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas to All and to All a goodnight!!!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Twelve nights of passion, eleven shivers of pleasure, ten slow penetrations, nine inches hard, eight tingling sensations, seven waves of emotion, six licks down my thighs, five nipple pinches, four sucks on my neck, three tender touches, two warm embraces and a kiss that melted me away

“A Night of Passion”

The night was calm
The beauty of it was sweet
The heat made us both
Anxious of what was in store…

You called me up to come over
You wanted me this distance
Patiently waiting with admiration
I wanted you too…

My heart pounded
My emotions got all caught up
My soul burned like fire
And yearned for you love…

I wanted you so much
My head started to spin
My legs became numb
My desires had to be fulfilled…

Wanting you more
When I see your face
And the look of passion in your eyes
What is going on?
What is going to be?
What are you going to do to me?

Relaxing my body
Freeing my mind
Not wanting anything to break my

You kiss me gently
Undressing me slowly
Touching me with the slightest touch
As you lie me down
My body trembles
My mind runs free
My heart melts

Soft kisses on my neck
Moving softly to my breasts
Oh, baby! 
Sliding your tongue down my belly
Making you way to my secret passage…

I cannot take it anymore
The feeling excels to the outer limits
How can something feel this good?

You got me dripping wet
Mesmerized under your spell…

Finally you slide yourself inside me
Gentle as can be
Making it feel so damn good
No four-play for u now, I owe you
And trust me, you will get paid in full…

Soft and sweet
You fulfill my desires
And then some
How is this possible…?

The softness of your tongue
Your stroke lasts forever
Making me lose control…

Never letting go, you are mine
Again and again
All night long, until the break of dawn…

Another in the morning
A reminder of last night
Giving me something to think about all day
Until I am back in your arms again

I was a night to remember
A night of passion
A night of ecstasy
One I will never forget…

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Eleven shivers of pleasure, ten slow penetrations, nine inches hard, eight tingling sensations, seven waves of emotion, six licks down my thighs, five nipple pinches, four sucks on my neck, three tender touches, two warm embraces, and a kiss that melted me away


Take me away
To a place that only you can
Take me away
I am ready for pleasure

A pleasure that begins with a single kiss
A kiss on my lips, hips, and fingertips
Unleashing the desires of my heart
I moan wanting more

Caress my body
Removing all tenseness all anxiety
Ravish me mentally, physically
Emotionally, sexually
Show me how love is supposed to be made
Show me pleasure

A lick on my neck
A suck on my breasts
Kiss me in all my erogenous zones
I have 12 that I know of
Can you discover more?
I’ll give you a hint
There are six above my shoulders
Can you find them with pleasure?

Shake me, break me, and penetrate me
Releasing all frustrations on my body
As the pain brings great pleasure
Drive me crazy for more
Stroke all of my cares away

Stimulate my inner being
Saturate the depths of my femininity
If my delicate walls could take
Your name would be heard every time
I open my legs
It would be my pleasure

Enter my passage with bravery
And sure confidence
It’s sexy when a man in sure of himself
Sure knows how to please his woman
Leaving her wrapped in pleasure
Inside and out

Use your imagination
To fine pleasure’s destination and take me there
Buy a one-way ticket because I don’t want to come back

Render me speechless
Provoke me to use other gestures
To acknowledge the way you free my mind
Body and spirit, give pleasure the leading role
In out movie, the plot thickens and my body temperature
Rises, a happy ending is foreseen, I start the script
For a sequel, you the award-winning actor

Pleasure becomes every scene
Pushing me over the edge
I lose count
The pleasure is all mines until we do it all over again
Leaving us both in a motionless capability
Yet satisfied more than words can describe
I daydream of our adventure until we can pleasure
Each other the next time we meet again...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Ten slow penetrations, nine inches hard, eight tingling sensations, seven waves of emotion, six licks down my thighs, five nipple pinches, four sucks on my neck, three tender touches, two warm embraces, and a kiss that melted me away


Take me to a place that only lover’s go
Take me in your arms and hold me close

Part my legs
Ease your lips between my thighs
Kiss me in a place hidden from the sun
I long for your touch

Pleasure me senseless
Pleasure me softly
Pleasure me speechless

Only moans escape my mouth
As you take your trip down south
I close my eyes to keep from crying out loud
But it feels too good to be true

Gently open the other set of my lips
With gentle fingertips
My heart skips
My focus is lost in you

Penetrate my soul
My emotions
My spirit
Fulfill my every fantasy

Enter my heart with passion
A desire overwhelming
I will never forget this beautiful feeling
Penetrate me with your sexual healing

And when you are done
Flip me over and do it all again
And again until I beg you to stop

Until next time Be inspired, Be encouraged and Be YOU!!! Also Be safe this holiday season!! Make wise decisions and most importantly, have fun!!!
Keke Chanel
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Nine inches hard, eight tingling sensations, seven waves of emotion, six licks down my belly, five nipple pinches, four sucks on my neck, three tender touches, two warm embraces, and a kiss that melted me away

Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend when in reality it’s something much deeper.
Something that penetrates us deeply, strokes us to pleasure and then does it all over again when and wherever we say. It pushes and releases, pumps and pulls back, letting beautiful sensations stir us each time we allow our mind to revisit the thoughts embedded in our heads. It teases us, pleases us, leaving us foolish…sleepy…wreckless…willing to do it again and again. We let down our guard. Put all inhibitions away and become ladies of the night, day, afternoon or whenever. We smile just thinking about the way it takes us on a ride, a journey to a wonderful thing called “ORGASM”. We love it more than we care to admit, probably more than the species who possesses it. The world would be lost without it and yet we tend to let it manipulate us, pressure us, cheat us, cause us to act out of character. But we can never get enough. The answer is not “no, but hell NO!” You know it is true what they say, “men want a lady in the streets and a freak in the bedroom.” Still, a few have so much to learn to bring the freak out of his woman! (But anyway, that’s another post for another day.) Various shades of color, size and textures, there is no one that is the same. Some have curves, some thick and short, some long and thin, but they all can provide the ultimate arousal if it’s owner knows how to use it! If we are fortunate, we can have one that is just right, fitting us perfectly, penetrating us deeply and causing endless pleasure, through indescribable passion. It’s also an added bonus if the power of the tongue is used and likes to feast on Southern cuisine. There is nothing better than having the best of both worlds! That shit is so sexy. Close your eyes for a moment of silence. (Whew) So, to those of you who say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” I beg to differ because there is nothing like some “GOOD DICK!” Either you agree or disagree but for the ones who disagree, you have never experienced it or ran across the wrong one. Don’t give up! He is out there, waiting to turn your world upside down.

If any of you have any stories you want to share, feel free to leave comments or send an email to me at Passionatebutterfli@hotmail.com I love feedback and a good story. If you also have any topics you would like for me to write about, feel free to say so. My reader’s inspire me to push deeper for words that will not only shed some insight, but help change all relationships for the better. Thanks for reading. Please subscribe or follow the blog. Let’s show the world that Passionate Souls still exist and are not going anywhere.

Until next time Be inspired, Be encouraged and Be YOU!!! Also Be safe this holiday season!! Make wise decisions and most importantly, have fun!!!

Keke Chanel

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Monday, December 19, 2011


Okay so, my brotha is an up and coming Rapper/Hip hop artist. He is on his grind getting his name and music out to the world. I, being a great sister and friend, decided to put his information on my blog for support and promotional purposes. So Passionate Souls, let's show him some love. Get ready to be introduced to non-other than LAPZ. His "SWAG" is charming, reserved and one of a kind. You won't meet anyone else like him. Check out his music on Youtube. Go to LAPZTV. Follow him on twitter @LAPZ100. Let's show him just how we, Passionate Souls, show support. I am so proud of him. And to think he used to be shy! I see only greatness in his future. Through hardwork, dedication and perserverance, he will succeed. You can also check him out on facebook, Jemar Dunlap. For booking information please call (985) 517-0151 or send emails to: dunlajem@yahoo.com. Any love you show to my brotha is greatly appreciated. Without "you", there is no "us". Look for him in the near future on BET, MTV, VH1, and on your radiostations. The sky is the limit!! New things in the new year.  

Thanks again and until next time Be inspired, Be encouraged and Be You!!!

Keke Chanel

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The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Eight tingling sensations, seven waves of emotion, six licks down my thighs, five nipple pinches, four sucks on my neck, three tender touches, two warm embraces, and a kiss that melted me away


My mind goes to a place and locks itself away from the world
I become transformed, mesmerized, hypnotized, completely under your spell
A brain rush to my memories and the way you keep me on edge
Unable to speak, breathe or exhale
I close my eyes and smile because the feeling is surreal,
The beating of my heart standstill
Chills down up and down my spine
I try to resist but there is no point,
I am forever yours…

These feelings, I can no longer hide
I can no longer constantly lie to myself
Pretending they are not there
I give in
I allow love to lead the pathway to my soul
Resting in my spirit
My eyes sparkle
My body trembles
Emotions wash over me…

I reach out and grab your hand
Kiss your lips
Make love to your mind
Protect your heart in mine
We become one
Destined to be together beyond eternity….

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Seven waves of emotion, six licks down my thighs, five nipple pinches, four sucks on my neck, three tender touches, two warm embraces and a kiss that melted me away

“You put a move on my HEART”

How can you look at me and melt me all over?
How can you touch me and cause my juices to flow rapidly?
How do you know just what gets me going?

You put a move on my heart,
Killing me softly with your charm,
Stroking my ego, stroking my body
Stroking, stroking, stroking,
We be stroking….

Picture perfect,
A match made in heaven
Two souls becoming one
Nothing can break the bond
You belong to me…

Take me in your arms,
Hold me there forever,
Touch me gently,
Feel all of me,
Never let me go….

Special from the start,
Simply rare like a diamond,
Like the finest wine,
Aged to perfection,
I can’t get enough of you…

More and more I crave,
I desire,
I dream and fantasize,
My every thought of you
And yet you still put a move on my heart….

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Six licks down my thighs, five nipple pinches, four sucks on my neck, three tender touches, two warm embraces and a kiss that melted me away


We listen to two heartbeats become one
Laying in each other’s arms
I love so profound
Words are not needed to express its true meaning
The passion, the chemistry
Overwhelms me
Is it simply too good to be true…

I kiss your lips and you smile
The sparkle in your eyes makes me heart sing
You touch my spirit, leaving my soul aching for more
More of you,
All of you,
An eternity of loving you, being loved by you…

A bond so unbreakable
Sealed with deep emotion
Conquered even in the next lifetime
And yet I ask the question
Can we be any closer??

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Five nipple pinches, four sucks on my neck, three tender touches, two warm embraces and a kiss that melted me away

“Do it to me”

Arouse me
Ripen me
Send sensations up and down my spine

Take me
Bend me
Break me
Make me scream your name

Love me
Caress me
Cherish me
Until the end of time…

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Four licks on my neck, three tender touches, two warm embraces and a kiss that melted me away

“The sense of TASTE”

Kiss me using the power of taste
Tasting all of my erogenous zones and beyond
Melt my body with the warmth of your lips

Crave me
Desire me
Ignite me
Excite me
Drive me insane

The softness of your tongue
Going all over my body
Creating passion so intense
I close my eyes and enjoy each lick
Suck, each feeling

Savor the taste
Devour your prey
Conquer my soul
Capture my spirit
Explore my imagination

Leave me begging for more…

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… 

Two warm embraces and one kiss that melted me away

“A warm embrace”

Use your arms to love me
To warm me in places without using your hands
Penetrate me without a thought
Stimulate my senses without thinking too much
Make love to my mind
Use your imagination to get me high
Cause my soul to shiver, body to quiver
From something as simple as an embrace
Make me lose control from emotion
Sealing happiness on my face without smiling
Or laughing
Complete me with the ability of just knowing
Touch my depths, expose my inner feelings
A warm embrace…

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

“Twelve Days of Christmas”

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….

A Kiss that melted me away

He kissed my lips
Kissing all my troubles away
Kissing me senseless
Like I’ve never been kissed before
His lips so soft, gentle and sweet
Nearly causing the earth to shift
Creating a chain reaction in my soul
I closed my eyes and lived in happiness
He made love to me with his mouth
A tongue I could never get used to
Or tired of
He loved me in a way I never want to
Be without again…

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Series #5

"Santa’s HO HO HO”
Christmas Eve had finally approached. Santa was gearing up his ride, double checking his naughty and nice list. As he scanned the list carefully, one name stood out to him. A sly smirk kissed his face and he couldn’t help but get aroused just thinking of what would happen when he went to pay “her” a visit. She did things to him that left his mind floating for days on end, until the next Christmas season. The way she seduced him with just her eyes, nearly stopped his heart. She was a bad girl and in many ways that he loved. The weather was cold, crisp, a sexual energy circulating in the air. Santa was hornier than he cared to admit. If he had his way, he would be ringing in Christmas receiving some great head, having an incredible orgasm or two or three, in some good pussy. He adjusted his dick in his suit, careful to keep anyone around to see his huge erection. Yes, “she” had that type of effect on him. He couldn’t wait any longer to get to “her”. Instead of the North Pole, Santa was ready to take a trip down South, swim in the flowing waters of “her” beautiful paradise and pleasure “her” from head to toe, until “she” begged him to stop.

She waited on Santa to arrive, dressed in her sexy Christmas outfit. She was sure to become Santa’s best helper once he got a look at her. The way the little lace and silk, red and white mini dress, matching stockings that came up to her thighs and seductive red stilettos gave away all of her secrets, she knew that Santa wouldn’t be able to control himself when he saw her. The pushed up revealing cleavage, would get his attention immediately. She was sure of it. Her round mounds were showcased perfectly, waiting to be kissed, licked, sucked and pinched. Santa really did have a way with using his hands. She still recalled last Christmas, and the way he had her calling out “Happy New Year” from the way he worked his “jingle bells” that “silent night” that didn’t stay so silent. Santa Claus was coming to town and she would be making him cum harder than the “Little drummer boy” beating his drum. Santa was truly in for a trick and a few treats, and Halloween was months ago.  

As soon as Santa got down the chimney, she attacked him. She kissed him senselessly. Santa moaned from the passion between them. “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus” was becoming a reality right then and there. The more she kissed him, the more Santa wanted her. She pushed him to the floor on the bed of pillows she had waiting for him. Quickly undressing him, she found her candy cane and began to lick it, suck it and take it into the back of her throat. Santa called out, “ho ho ho Merry Christmas”! She continued her sexual assault until she felt his hot chocolate slide down her throat. Santa rocked, shook, whimpered and groaned from the pleasure he felt. He was like a wounded animal, unable to get a grip of himself. But he would be getting her back because payback is a bitch indeed.

Santa flipped her over, him taking control of the situation. He cupped her soft, sweet and tender breasts, kissing them gently. As he moved downward, he carefully removed her clothing. He licked her passionately in places she covered with lace and silk, creaming her thighs with juices flowing hotter than candle wax. She moaned from the pleasure she felt soaring from her head to her toes. Arching her back, she gave Santa more of her delicious cranberry sauce. He parted her legs wider, drinking her warm eggnog, savoring its’ one of a kind taste. She came repeatedly. When Santa was sure she couldn’t take any more of his twelve licks of Christmas, he entered her hard, feeling the tightness of her inner walls open like gifts on Christmas morning. Instead of dreaming of a “white Christmas” Santa was getting a mouthful of wonderful snow. He used his tongue to catch all of her snowflakes. He was getting all that he wanted for Christmas. Just call him “frosty the snowman”, because he was enjoying the snowstorm melting on his lips.

She wanted to take Santa on an adventure of her own. She flipped him over, now taking Santa on a ride down her milk way. She jerked back and forth, guiding his sleigh better than Rudolph ever could. She twisted round and round, wishing Santa a very Merry Christmas and sealing it with a special Happy New Year. Using her body to sing and reenact the twelve days of Christmas, she became wild, naughty, and nice. She performed like Santa’s ho ho ho!! They came upon a midnight clear, that o so holy night, for neither one of them would ever forget this Christmas. What do the lonely do at Christmas was a question they didn’t have to worry about answering because after they finished playing with each other’s toys, they did it all over again. It was truly a “Joy to the world”!

Happy Holidays!!!

Be safe, be inspired, be encouraged, be YOU!!!

Season’s Greetings,
Keke Chanel

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Series #4

“Jingle Bells”

In the middle of the night a sound woke Sah from a peaceful slumber. She didn’t know what to think or do, since she was home alone. The weather inside was frightful, streets covered with snow. She hated being alone on nights like this but Malcolm had to stay at the club to make sure it was secure, just in case of a winter snow storm.  Reports were around the clock. The entire city was preparing for the worse in years. No one wanted to be trapped, unable to leave their homes, so everyone was on their grind to get all things taken care of. Everyone except Sah, she realized. She had been home for hours now. Always prepared for any and everything, she didn’t have to endure the chaos sure to be going on outside her cozy home right now. The sound startled her again. Sah leaped from the bed, grabbed her “whipass” stick from the side of her bed and prepared to go downstairs. She shivered from the chill in the air. “Damn, I forget to put another log on the fire”, she thought as she tiptoed down the hallway. At the top of the staircase, she stopped. Peeking over the edge, she couldn’t see anything but the noise was still there. One by one, Sah eased down each step carefully. If there was an intruder, she didn’t want to alarm them. It could be hours before Mal was home. She would be on her own.

When she got to the bottom step, she froze. A delightful smile spread across her face. There standing with his jingle bells jingling was Mal. He had intentionally made noise to wake her up. Sah scanned his rock hard body, licking her lips. He looked incredible. Being an athlete in college still afforded him the chiseled chest and defined six-pack, abs of steel. Superman would have been jealous of her man. But the one thing that got her attention was way below his waist. It was beautiful. Smooth, not too many ridges, cleanly groomed, just the right length, width and everything in between. Sah wanted to taste, lick, and kiss it all over. Malcolm knew what she wanted by the way she took him all in. He called to her with his index finger. He loved the way she used her mouth and hands to pleasure him, especially his jingle bells.

Slowly moving toward her lover, Sah slipped one arm and then the other from the thin silk material she called a nightgown. There was nothing underneath but sun-kissed flesh, so before she reached Mal, she was completely naked with the exception of her furry black bedroom heels. She always went to bed dressed sexy, with matching shoes just in reach, in case she and Mal got a little excited during one of their five o’clock breakfast rants. Sah smiled seductively. It was his turn to scan her body. He lingered on her lovely lady lumps. “Baby, you have the best breasts I have ever seen.” Sah cupped her two melons in her hands, squeezing them slightly. Her nipples hardened like two berries ready to be picked and devoured. She swayed her hips in a circular motion, rotating her round ass. It bounced up and down and Malcolm’s dick stood at attention. The way she moved just did things to him. He couldn’t get home fast enough just fantasizing about the woman waiting for him at home. He was indeed a lucky man.

The more Sah moved, turned and walked toward him. Malcolm got harder and harder. She saw the result of her reactions, admiring the waiting wand she would use to make indescribable magic. Sah wasn’t finished putting on her show. As soon as she got close enough to him that he could touch her, she turned her back to him, bent over and gave him a full-eye’s view of her secret treasure. But before she could straighten herself, she felt something warm, wet and slippery penetrate her pearl. The pleasure she felt was too much. She placed both hands on the floor in front of her to keep balance. Malcolm stroked and rocked the passenger in her boat with soft kisses, careful to keep perfect rhythm. Sah moaned from the passion generating through her. He used his mouth and tongue as his weapon of pleasure. A million sparks soared through her body, stopping in her love button. Mal moved his tongue faster, twisting like a tornado, pushing her button a million times through sinful licks and sucks. She melted, climaxing hard, long, soft and sweet. When she tried to turn around to return the favor, he held her in position. The only thing she felt was extreme pleasure and his jingle bells hitting against her ass. He pulled in and out softly at first and then went long and deep in circular motions. Sah moved her hips but Mal quickly grabbed them, keeping them just where he wanted them. He was the star of their show, giving punishment for the way she seduced him earlier.

Sah screamed, clawed at the floor, rocked back and forth. She was about to cum again. Starting from the tips of her toes, crawling up her legs, to her things, hips and the pit of her stomach, she came hard. Cum ran down her thighs, creaming the length of Malcolm’s dick. He milked her, taking all that she had to give. He pumped until his own wave ripped through his body like a jet taking out from the runway. He howled, cursed, shooting his seed into the depths of her treasure. When they finally caught their breath, they lay on the front, holding each other. Sleep captured them and as Sah dreamed of their heated passion, she couldn’t stop smiling. All she could think about or hear was the sound of Malcolm’s jingle bells and the way they rang, providing her with the best loving until they did it all over again.   

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Series #3

“All I Want For Christmas”
Leslie couldn’t stop herself. She couldn’t take her eyes away from the fine piece of ass standing in front of her, in the checkout line. The store was crowded due to the holidays. Everyone was doing their shopping. She wondered who he was buying something for. Was it his mother, his girlfriend, his secret lover? Leslie shook her head sending the naughty thoughts racing around in it away but they refused to stay gone long. He was sexy, tall and dressed with East coast swag. There was something familiar about his presence. He reminded her of…  That wasn’t possible, Leslie thought. The lines were moving slow and she was ready to get home, get packed and head to catch her flight home tomorrow.
The weather in Southern California was warm but nowhere near what it felt like back home, Leslie concluded. It was only weeks before Christmas and she was wearing shorts and sandals. She couldn’t wait to get back home to the NYC. Oh how she missed home! Being in California had always been a dream but during this time of year, she wanted to be in the hustle and bustle of chaos called “Christmas” in a city were snow fell, people wore overcoats to bundle up, to keep from freezing their asses off. She wanted to go ice-skating at the Rockefeller center, go shopping on Madison Avenue and drank hot cocoa in Time Square. Yes, there is nothing like the holidays on the East Coast.
Leslie watched her prey wondering just where he from was. He turned slowly, catching her watching him. He smiled and she felt her juices flowing downward. His eyes pierced her soul in that moment. It was as if they already knew each other. When he froze, she saw that he was someone she knew. It was her ex-boyfriend from high school, Kevin. It couldn’t be! They hadn’t seen or heard from each other since graduation and they had been out of school for more than a decade.
“I must be the luckiest man on earth right now,” he said. “Leslie Cole, the girl who stole my heart. How have you been? You look amazing, as usual. How long has it been?” Leslie couldn’t speak. She couldn’t find the words to impress her emotions. Kevin had been the only boy she loved and still loved. Sure she had been in other relationships, even been engaged, but she didn’t get married because she knew that her heart belonged to him. Now, here he was right in front of her.
“Kevin, I cannot believe it’s really you. Come here,” Leslie said holding her arms open. They embraced. He wrapped his strong arms around her and held onto her like he never wanted to let her go. Leslie buried her head in his rock chest. The smell of his aftershave tickled her nostrils. He still smelled good, she thought reminiscing of the way they used to hold each other all the time. They stayed intertwined until the customer service rep called for the next person in line. Kevin realized it was he and let Leslie go. She watched him make his purchases in total disarray. Was it a sign? Were they meant to be? She didn’t want to jump to any conclusions, so she just played it cool although her heart skipped a beat.

When Kevin finished paying for his items, he stood to the side of the line waiting for Leslie to finish up. He wouldn’t lose her again. They were meant to be together and he would make sure he didn’t blow his chance. What if they never saw each other again? It had already been too long. She was his and he planned to make her that forever.
When they left the store, they decided to grab some lunch and catch up. They exchanged numbers and promised to be in touch. They didn’t mention their plans for the holiday and both felt the other didn’t say so because of having someone special in their lives. It didn’t matter at the moment. Leslie knew that as soon as she got back to Cali, she would be blowing up his phone. She learned that they only lived minutes from each other, worked for two prestigious companies and had graduated top of their classes from college. It was funny how they both had been in the same area for years and hadn’t run into each other, once.
That night Leslie couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t get her mind off Kevin. She tossed and turned wondering when she would see him again. He was still the same but more manly, passionate and grown. His sense of humor still had her side hurting from all the laughter. Leslie couldn’t remember the last time she laughed so much, having such a fun time with a guy. But Kevin wasn’t just any ole guy, he was her guy. He was her first guy and her only guy in her book.  Before they went their separate ways, Kevin held her in his arms and kissed her like time hadn’t changed one day. She still melted from his kisses. Leslie found in love with him all over again, if it were even possible to fall when you hadn’t fallen out of love in the first place.
As Kevin prepared to take his seat on the plane, he thought about Leslie. The way her eyes still sparkled when she looked at him. The way she smiled and her bottom lips shivered. She was such a beautiful woman, inside and out. He missed her already and it hadn’t been 24-hrs since they last saw each other. Now, his trip home wasn’t exciting anymore. He wanted to spend his time with Leslie. What if she has a man? What if she doesn’t feel the same way? Several thoughts clouded his mind. He closed his eyes and prepared to listen to his music. When Kevin felt a slight tap on his shoulder, he opened his eyes and nearly fainted. There standing over him, smiling, was Leslie. “Is this seat taken”, she asked holding out her ticket.
In that moment both Leslie and Kevin knew that all they wanted for Christmas was about to happen and continue to happen for many years to come. She eased into her seat, rested her head on his shoulder and silently thanked God for sending her true love take to her, for sending them both back to each other. “All I want for Christmas” took on a whole new meaning, one she and Kevin would tell their grandchildren about. And as they ascending into the sky heading to their home of NYC, they looked forward to spending the next two weeks together, with their families and close friends, who would be shocked to know that they were embarking on a beautiful future together.

I wanted to tell a romantic story without sex in this series. As I thought about what I could write, the words just seemed to take on a life of their own. This story had me in tears because so many people miss their opportunity on love, with that special someone. It was as if I was standing back watching Leslie and Kevin tell their own story. They give hope, inspiration and encouragement to never give up on love, true love. I hope you all enjoyed “All I want for Christmas”. I may even revisit these characters and let you all know what happens with them. I smell a new book brewing! LOL

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Series #2

“Under The Mistletoe”
The sound of rain danced on the rooftop, causing Sheri to think about him more than what she already was. He was her love, her lover, all that she needed, wanted and desired. She missed him, hoping that he would be home soon. This time of year was always rough because they hadn’t spent Christmas together in two years. Being in the military was both an honor and sacrifice she thought, listening to each raindrop intently. Sheri smiled. Rain was her aphrodisiac. He knew it, so whenever the forecast called for rain, he would beat her home, have dinner prepared, and then they would spend hours making love by candlelight. She wished this was one of those times.

Slowly Sheri got up from where she was sitting drinking tea. I light snow was beginning to fall. She put another log on the fireplace, poking at the coals to keep the flames steady. The house was empty, silent… lonely. Everyone she thought to call was spending time with their families, so Sheri decided to just decorate their home to occupy her mind. It was time she finally got into the holiday spirit, although the gift she wanted to unwrap for Christmas wouldn’t be under her tree come Christmas morning. She carefully went up to the attic in search for the containers marked “Christmas”. He had made sure to label the containers when they first moved into their new home, not wanting to have to spend too much time looking through unnecessary things. She had to admit, it was genius. She was back from the attic in a matter of minutes and in only three trips. She had forgotten how much decorative stuff they had accumulated in just a short time.
Sheri gave the home a once over smiling at her great accomplishment. It looked lovely she thought, admiring the blue and silver color scheme they had picked up and agreed upon together. Everything was perfectly place throughout the place. Sheri was amazed by her work. If she hadn’t known better, she would have sworn her very home was right from one of the home décor magazines she read. The only thing left to do was hang up the mistletoe. It had become a family tradition, which they both carried into their home. They agreed with their parents that it kept things exciting during the cold holiday months. Sheri made sure to catch him under it several times during the day, on purpose of course, just so she could kiss his soft, sweet lips.

The archway separating the foyer from the living was the perfect spot for the mistletoe this year, Sheri thought after much surveying to the house. Each year it was hung in a different spot of the home. She was spontaneous and he was always up to anything she came up with. After planning their first date which consisted of sky-diving, Sheri knew that they would be together forever. A man who wasn’t afraid to live, was the perfect one for her, she confirmed after spending two weeks coming up with dangerous, yet exciting things for them to do. Years later and they still never had a dull moment with each other.

Standing on a small step-up stool, Sheri made sure the bunch of shrubbery was nicely placed in the center of the archway. When she was satisfied, she turned and stopped dead in her tracks. There standing in the doorway behind her, was her love. He was smiling, with a seductive smirk on his face, admiring the short white, button-down shirt she wore that revealed her butt cheeks as she lifted her arms. He missed seeing her wear his shirts and the beautiful body he craved so much.

                “Oh my God, Baby, you’re home! I cannot believe it’s you”, Sheri squealed in great surprise. She ran over to her husband, jumping up into his awaiting arms. He carried her over to the archway, stopping right under the mistletoe. “Baby, I’m home,” he said before capturing her lips. He kissed her senseless, leaving her breathless. Tears of joy streamed down her face. Sheri closed her eyes and held that moment forever in her heart. She could now replay it over and over when she missed him and he wasn’t there or whenever they were apart. When their lips finally parted, he kissed her nose, the way of saying “I love you” in their special way.
Sheri embraced her handsome husband, not ever wanting to let go. He held on tighter. No one was the first to pull away because their embraced turned into more kissing, which lead to touching and then to them being completely naked right under the mistletoe. They made love that night like their lives depended on it, sealing their love and desire for each other, embedding it in one another’s souls. The passion ignited between them brought pleasure so electrifying, no words were spoken. Each thought, feeling or/and emotion was expressed through bodily action.

When they were utterly and totally satisfied, intoxicated from sexual fulfillment, Sheri and her handsome laughed out loud. That night, they knew that what had just took place right there, in their living room archway, by light from the fireplace, in their house which was a home, would be cherished forever. Sheri knew that she would always have mistletoe in their home for years to come. In fact, first thing tomorrow morning she was going to go find more and hang it over each door and every archway. Her handsome was home and she was about to do some strange, naughty, dirty, sexy, erotic, things to him every day until after New Year’s, right underneath every mistletoe that hung in the home. Hell, she may even keep them up all year. They had two years of catching up to do and she didn’t want to wait any longer. Sheri turned over and climbed on top of her husband, her lover, her very best friend and took him for the best ride of his life “under the mistletoe”.  

Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings and all that other shit!!
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Series #1:

The Christmas party”

The crowd was massive, everyone dancing to the DJ’s master mix. Beyoncé’s “party” began playing as soon as she and her girls stepped onto the scene. All eyes were on them. They were looking just that fly. Lacey didn’t like being the center of attention but it felt kinda nice to see all the hotties checking for her. And since was single now, she didn’t see the harm in it. True beauty should be admired. It had been months and she was now hornier than ever. Tonight would be her night, she thought looking at her girls standing next to her. “That’s my jam,” she hollered out. She swayed to the beat, moving her body in snake motions, drawing even more attention to their group. Her friends Lala, Desiree, Precious and Black fell into their own groove, moving toward the dance floor. “Let’s show em how it’s done ladies,” Desiree said. “We like to partayyy, aye, aye! You bad girl and ya friends bad too…” They danced and laughed with each other like old friends should, not giving a care to all the stares around them. The ladies who didn’t feel sexy gave them evil-bitch looks, while every guy in the place wanted to know if they could move like that during a sexual act. Yeah, their movements were that damn seductive. The fact that the clothing they wore showed off all of their assets didn’t help matters much either.

Lacey was feeling the beat, lifting her hands above her head. She was moving like a stripper. She rotated her hips, bumped her ass, dipped, rocked, twirled and every other movement in between. The only thing she needed was a pole and she could have made tons of money that night. Laughing at the thoughts running through her head, she just continued to enjoy a night out with her girls. It was long overdue. Now that finals were over, it was time to let loose. And that is exactly what they did. When Lacey turned around, she stopped dead in her tracks. It couldn’t be! There standing right in front of her was her ex, Brandon. They hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in months and for Lacey it had been pure hell. She missed him so much. Now he was right there. She breathed and smelled his sweet cologne. She was intoxicated, hypnotized, immediately placed under his spell. “Don’t stop dancing now. Come on girl show me what you working with. I know how you move and well,” he said with a devilish smirk on his face. By this time the DJ was jamming “slow motion” by Juvenile.

B, as she called him, moved up closer to her. Lacey felt his warm breath on her neck as he put his arms around her. “Oh slow motion for me, slow motion for me. She working that back, don’t know how da act…” he was singing along with the song, Lacey felt her pussy do cartwheels. B had that kind of effect on her. He was like a drug she wanted so badly to get rid of but couldn’t. If she would have had on underwear, they would have now been soaked, she thought. She placed her hands around his neck moving in closer to him. She felt his dick press against her thigh. “It’s been a long time stranger. I didn’t think you were still in town. How long as it been,” she asked. Lacey knew that showing up at his club was a stretch but deep down she had hoped to run into him. They worked the beat like a bass drum.

“Ahh shit! Here they go,” Lala said. “I know right. Work that ass B”, Black co-signed. “Somebody getting fucked tonight,” Lala said in her Bernie Mack voice laughing. B smiled. Lacey put her head down on his shoulders. “They are still a mess, huh”, he said laughing. She nodded with agreement. Then suddenly, they forgot that they were in a crowded room of people. Their movements became more sexual… sensual…provocative. She turned her back to him, giving him better access to her firm ass. B grinded into her careful to keep his composure, he was strong but the way Lacey was riding his dick on the dance floor was becoming a great challenge. “Damn girl, shit. Look at the way that ass bumping.” Lacey leaned over just enough to feel the print of his slight erection down the side of his left thigh. When she turned back to face him, she was the one grinning. “I see someone is happy to see me. I think now he knows that I have missed him badly.”

Before Lacey to do or say anything else, B grabbed her by the hand leading her off the dance floor. He led her down a long hallway into a back office. “What are you doing? Where are we going,” Lacey pleaded all the while knowing exactly where they were going. When they entered his large office, he was all over her, hands roaming all over her body. He pushed her onto the large wooden desk spreading her legs. When his fingers found what they wanted, B couldn’t wait any longer. “I want you, Baby. Right now, right here.” His breathing was heavy and Lacey felt his hands enter her sweet wetness. “Damn you so wet. I want it now. Give it to me, Lace. Don’t make me beg.” He used his fingers to enter her softly. She was tight from months without sex. She kissed him feverishly, melting from his sweet lips. They fondled each other until they couldn’t take it anymore. B’s pants were now around his ankles and Lacey to massaging his huge erection. “Give me this dick! Give me my dick!” She stared him deep into his eyes, licked her lips and told him how she wanted to feel him inside her. He moaned. He loved the way she talked dirty to him. She was the only woman who didn’t make it sound dirty. He rubbed her nipples through her dress. They were hard as raisins. Lacey loved the way he touched her. His hands felt like heaven. She spread her legs wider, wrapping them around his waist.

B picked her up. He found a chair and sat down bringing her down on his dick hard. Lacey let out a soft moan of pleasure. “Ah shit, Baby. I missed your dick so much.” He kissed her lips, moved to her neck and then moved her dress away to expose her beautiful melon like twins. B gave each of them equal tongue and lip service. He was like a raging beast devouring his prey. Lacey began to ride up and down finding the perfect rhythm. “I love the way you ride it, baby. Show me what I been missing! Show me!” Lacey moved both legs and was now in a frog like position. B loved when she rode him like that. She knew how to work her pussy just the way he liked and beyond his wildest imagination. She bounced flipped…dipped…rocked…rolled...swayed…grinded and every other move she thought of. B was enjoying the way she was working his dick. He was still in love with her but too afraid to go there, in fear that he would hurt her. Lacey was the only girl he had ever loved and the thought of losing her completely didn’t set too well with him. Right now, she was driving him crazy.

He picked her up again bringing her into his dick. He held onto her as he pumped into her sweet pussy. “I’m about to cum, B. Oh, oh, oh, oh….! Shit, don’t stop. Don’t stop. Work it. Just like that. I’m cumming! Yessss…!!!!" Lacey collapsed into his chest trying to catch her breath. They rubbed noses like they did after sex and held each other close. "Merry Christmas", B said. For Lacey it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas and Santa was delivering presents early. Being naughty and nice was starting to take on a whole new meaning. They laughed when they heard Lala’s big mouth pounding on the door. “I know yawl’s nasty asses in there. I can hear all the loud breathing from out here. Really up and bring ya asses back to the party. Ya’ll got all night for that shit, hell. Now don’t make me come back again.” They laughed again, kissing each other passionately before composing themselves to return to the party. The rest of the night one caught the other staring and smiling. Lacey couldn’t wait until later. B was about to make a late night house call. One they would never forget. She was about to rock his world. All she wanted for Christmas was a hard dick and a smile.

I hope you guys enjoyed the first of many stories in this Christmas series. Next up, "Under the Mistletoe"
Still to come "Santa's Ho ho ho"

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