Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Author Elle Wright

New Book Release The Forbidden Man: 
An Edge of Scandal Series Book #1

Today I am spotlighting Author Elle Wright. Her new release The Forbidden Man is now available for purchase at any book retailer. Go grab your copy now! I have mine...

I received a copy of The Forbidden Man last week for promotional purposes. I started reading and could not put it down. I finished the book in a day and a half. Yeah, it is that good!! Elle Wright delivers pure romance, great characters, and an amazing storyline, leaving her readers entranced and wanting more. Just a little inside scoop: Book #2 in the Edge of Scandal Series releases in November. You can preorder your copy on amazon.com today. I already did! 

THE FORBIDDEN MAN by Elle Wright (July 28, 2015; Forever Mass Market; The Edge of Scandal #1)

Sydney Williams has forgiven her fiancé, Den, more times than she can count. But his latest betrayal just days before their wedding, is too big to ignore. Shocking her friends and family, she calls off the engagement. She walks out on Den...and into the arms of his brother, Morgan.

Known as a player, Morgan Smith has secretly spent years fighting his feelings for Sydney. When Den's latest dirty deed leaves Sydney devastated, Morgan can't stop himself from coming to her rescue. What begins as friendship quickly escalates into all-consuming passion. Despite their intense connection, Sydney would rather deny her desire than come between brothers. But as Morgan is determined to make Sydney his, Den won't give her up without a fight...

Buy the book!
Buy the book

Here is an excerpt:

“Are you still feeling cold?” he asked, adjusting the heater and finishing off the contents of his flask.

“Actually, I’m feeling pretty hot.” She jumped when he started coughing. “Are you okay?”

He wiped his mouth. “I’m straight.”

“You sure?” Syd studied his face as she smoothed her hand over his back.

“Yeah.” He closed the flask and tucked it back into his pocket. “It’s the liquor.”


“The bourbon.” He patted his pocket. “It’s making you hot.”

“Somehow I doubt that,” she mumbled.

“What?” he asked, leaning in closer.

I doubt it’s the liquor. “Forget it. I’m cold again.” She burrowed into him.

“You want me to make you hot?” he asked.

Her eyes flashed to his and her lips parted.

“I meant . . .” He cleared his throat and shifted in his seat.

“Uh, I can turn the heat up.”

“No.” She forced a smile and lowered her gaze. “It’s fine.”

When his hand caressed her cheek, her eyes closed of their own volition. Time seemed to stand still. She felt his warm breath on her skin above her lips. “I think—”

She dug her nails into his knee. “Maybe you should call Kent again. See where he is.”

He slid his thumb down the side of her neck.

She exhaled. So this is what Terry McMillan meant when she waited to exhale?  “Because this isn’t going anywhere good. You’re acting like you want to kiss me and I know that’s not true,” she joked.

He clenched her hair in his hands and tugged gently.

“How do you know that?”

She searched his eyes. “Do you? I mean—do you want to?”

“I do—and so many other things.”

She let out a nervous giggle. “I think you’re feeling the effects of that gasoline you’re drinking, Morgan.”

His gaze dropped to her mouth as his hand crept up her thigh and rested on her hip. She jumped in surprise when he squeezed. “Actually, I don’t believe I’m drunk enough,” he said. “At this point, I know exactly what I’m doing, which means I’d be held responsible for my actions.”

Syd placed her hands on his stomach and felt his taut muscles tighten in response. “Den would kill you. So would Red.”

Morgan traced her lips with his thumb. “It may be worth it. Let me . . .” Then, his mouth was on hers, drawing a low moan from her mouth. The simple touch of his lips to hers set off a fire in Syd that seemed to burn brighter and hotter with every second.

She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck as he continued to assault her senses with his kisses. He slid his tongue across her bottom lip, demanding entrance, which she happily granted. She gripped a fistful of his hair as he pulled her onto his lap. He rocked into her, introducing her to his rock hard erection. She braced her other hand against the window as she grinded into him. He trailed hot, wet kisses down her throat and cupped her breasts in his hands. As his thumbs traced her nipples, she cried out and he captured her cry with his hot mouth.

Reluctantly, she tried to pull away, but he latched onto her bottom lip with his teeth and sucked. He obviously wasn’t ready for this to end . . . neither was she.


About the author:
Born and raised in Southeast Michigan near Ann Arbor, Elle learned the importance of reading from her mother. It was also her mother who, later on in her life, gave Elle her first romance novel: Indigo by Beverly Jenkins. From that moment on, Elle became a fan of Ms. Jenkins for life and a lover of all things romance. An old journal she wrote back in college became her first book (which she still wants to publish one day).

Social Media Links:

My Review:

First off, let me start out by saying the dedication had me in tears. Such heartfelt words by Author Elle Wright to her beloved mother. I felt the emotion she was obviously experiencing, behind each word she used to describe what her mother is to you. I know her mother is very proud!

I received a copy of The Forbidden Man before the release date for promotional blitz purposes during the release week of the book for my blog. I wanted to read the book before my post in order to give my honest opinion to my readers. I started the book and finished it within a day and a half. I couldn't put it down. 

The story and characters are so well-written and developed; I fell in love with them all. Sydney, the main character of this particular book has been through a lot and feels obligated to stay in a relationship with the man she's engaged to be married to because he saved her life. She is finally fed up just weeks before her wedding after receiving a phone call from the woman he has cheated on her with over and over again. Finding comfort in her best friend, Sydney's world is flipped upside down. Putting herself first for once in her life creates family drama, but yet, she takes a chance on "true love". Rethinking her decision, Sydney goes through the motions while bringing her close friends and family along with her, especially Morgan, the man she has fallen passionately in love with. 

If you are an avid reader looking for an amazing romance novel, The Forbidden Man is everything you could ask for: passion, desire, sexiness, love, friendship, loyalty, drama, and happy endings. Elle Wright breathed life into her characters and their journey of the unknown called love. I was seriously jealous of Sydney because Morgan is THE MAN! If you are a fan of Beverly Jenkins, you will simply love Elle Wright. She is playing hardball and has hit a perfect home run with the first installment in the Edge of Scandal Series, The Forbidden Man. I dare you to check it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed; but hooked, highly anticipating the next book. 

I hope you support Elle Wright's new release by purchasing her book and telling a friend. Let's help make her book a best-seller! And once you read it, please leave a review so others will know your thoughts. Reviews are important...

Until next time, Be Inspired, Be Encouraged, & Be YOU!!!

Purple Hugs,
KeKe Chanel

Friday, July 24, 2015

What's on My Mind???

Last night I was trying to sleep and I couldn't stop thinking about the world we live in. I thought about my two children and a poem came to me. I want to share it with you. As a parent, we worry about our babies no matter how young or old they are. We want to protect them and keep them safe. We want them to be successful, educated, and better than we are. It's sad watching the news because it seems like hatred has engulfed us all. I pray for the families who have experienced injustice and their loved ones. I pray strength, encouragement, and wisdom for them all. I pray for our nation...we are lost. Sometimes I close my eyes and shake my head at the things going on, but I know that God is bigger than any weapon against us. It saddens me to know that there are some people in the world who doesn't see the same thing. 

What are your thoughts on this matter????

Here are mine...

Dear Son & Daughter

Each time you leave our home I tense up
Afraid that you won’t be yourself when you return
So many like you never made it back

I become worried, anxious; unable to focus because of the unjust world we live in
Society isn’t about being communal with your peers, laughing, talking, getting to know one another for the person you are, the person your father and I have raised you to be, anymore
It’s mean, crude, full of prejudice; victimizing you for being born with skin naturally kissed by the sun

It teaches hate, discrimination, downright evil for no reason at all. Your ethnic background shouldn’t determine whether you get stopped by the police or beaten to death for standing up for your rights as a human being. It doesn’t matter if you have on the latest shoes or clothing when someone wants to rid you of them.

Tell me, how one can hate their brother who walks alongside them each day and love God whom they have never seen? He created us all in His likeness and image.  

I know I shouldn’t feel these emotions when you are not with me because God didn’t give us the spirit of fear
Yet, my heart weeps as a parent when so many others like you didn’t make it back home safely
Some didn’t make it back at all, another victim slain in the streets
Their innocence was stripped from them…maliciously stolen without shame, taken without remorse, justified by corruption…released from any wrong doing. 

But it’s not just others I worry about; it’s the ones bearing the same skin tone as yours. The ones who look like you, talk like you, dress like you and listen to the same music. The ones who will say you don’t act black when you don’t act the way they want you to act. The ones who call you “nigga” and overlook or don’t care that the word “nigger” was meant to be degrading to our people. It’s the same brown boy who you shoot hoop with and gets mad because he’s a sore loser who pulls out a gun at the playground ending your future with a bullet. It’s the same brown girl you had sleepovers with, polished your nails with, played dolls with that grows into a young woman and can’t handle the fact that the boy she likes, like you because you respect yourself; she decides to damage your character by slandering your name spreading lies about you sleeping with him.

I pray hard each and every day for your safety, your sanity, and your salvation hoping that no one steals it away from you for simply being who I birthed you into this world as

Sweethearts, permission isn’t required to steal the life of an innocent brown girl or boy, woman or man for that matter, the act is carried out no questions asked later, nonetheless justice goes undone

Are you that much of a threat?

Yes, and don’t allow anyone to tell you differently!
Your intelligence is profound.
Your beauty is undeniable.
Your passion for succeeding in life is astounding
Making you a weapon, that will change our future in amazing ways.

Believe in yourself, I say.
Be respectable and kind.
Be honest and be aware of your surroundings.
Watch the company you keep.
The speech I give before you go.

Should I say, be quiet; hold your head down; don’t look anyone in the eyes?

Should I say your opinion doesn‘t matter; turn the other cheek, look the other way, be the bigger person?

Should I give you permission to lose your self-respect, self-worth, and self-esteem?

Will this advice save your life, get you back home to me and your father?
Will this advice make you question your heritage or wish to be someone other than who you are? Will this advice cause sadness, distain, and make you see me as weak? Will this advice cause you to be bullied by your peers?

But if so…we will get through it together!

I shall continue to tell you to love yourself enough to know who you are and whose you are. I shall continue to tell you to speak boldly and proudly as a brown girl and brown boy. I shall tell you to enter a room and command respect by the way you carry yourself. Be mindful, be watchful; be wise in any situation. Think before you speak, listen before reacting, and never put yourself in a position where it’s considered being a coward if you walk away. I shall continue to tell you how much I love you, how important you are to not only me and your father, but also this generation. Our ancestors fought to make sure your life was better than theirs, and I’ll fight to make sure yours in better than mine. I’ll pray over you and teach you how to pray for yourself. We’ll pray together as a family.

You are somebody and you should be proud of your brown hue, your textured hair, full lips and defined nose. You should be proud of your culture, your history, and genetic character. There is nothing wrong with developing the value of appreciation by working hard for the things you have, instead of living with the gift of expectation and privilege because entitlement.

You shouldn’t be afraid to leave home, go hang out with friends, and constantly look over your shoulder for fear that there is a target on your back. So live, my son. Love, my daughter! Laugh until your side hurts and tears kiss your cheeks because you are beautiful, you are incomparable; you are a child of God, protected by His grace and mercy!   

And if anyone get it in their small minds that you will be targeted, punished, or mistreated for being a brown girl or brown boy…I will fight for you no matter what even if I have to go to hell and go toe to toe with the devil himself!!!

In the words of the late great Tupac…“I ain’t a killa but don’t push ME!”

Your beautiful brown Mother

Until next time, Be Inspired, Be Encouraged, & Be You!!!

Purple Hugs,
KeKe Chanel

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Something New...

Hey Lovies,

I have been on blog hiatus for a while but I'm back! I missed you all. My hiatus wasn't in vain because in the time I've been away, I have finished a new book, done some amazing events, and many other interesting things have happened. My daughter graduated from high school. My son graduated from kindergarten. My husband and I celebrated our ten year anniversary. My sister/best friend left for a year in Korea. My mom had surgery, but she is a trooper. Hard-headed at its' best, my mom; but if she was any other way I would be worried. Life has been good despite losing an aunt a few months ago. She will forever remain in our hearts. Her smile was none like any other, and her tongue was as sharp as barbwire.  LOL Rest In Paradise Aunt Idella...

So, how do you guys like the new design? What do you think about the new title? I wanted something that reflects ME, as well as the change in posts I'll be doing. I started out using this platform to showcase my erotic short-stories. Sex topics followed, along with love and relationship tips. Although I enjoy writing about these subjects, I am an author and I don't want my blog to be limited. I figured, I'll write about anything that comes to mind. Lets just KICK IT!!! 

I also started a Facebook Book Club. It's in my KeKe Chanel Books Group, so if you would like to join come on over. The name of the book club is called Reading With Purpose Book Club. Every book selection is carefully taken into consideration, hence the name. The book selection goes from the 15th to the 15th of each month. We have our book discussion and then a new selection goes forth. I love it! As an avid reader, it's awesome connecting with other passionate readers. Reading is amazing but having others to discuss the same books with is an added bonus. 

I will be doing more Author Spotlights as I have in the past. I've meet some wonderful authors and love their work. Sharing them with you is another main focus of using my blog to expose amazing talent. I may also write about my obsession with nail polish and the fact that I have over 100 different shades. What can I say? I love the stuff! I'll be writing about books I've read and my opinions of them, book recommendations, and other topics involving BOOKS.  I love books...

The point being, who knows what you will get with Kickin' It With KeKe!!! 

I look forward to it!!!

Until next time, Be inspired, Be encouraged, & Be YOU...

Purple Hugs,
KeKe Chanel