Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Whispering Eye"

Jazz couldn’t wait to get home from work. She wanted to take a long hot bubble bath, have a glass of wine and relax. She also wanted to see her man. They met months ago and she was trying to hold off on having sex too soon like all of her other relationships, but there was just something about him that she craved. Each time she saw him, her kitty kat thumped like thunder. He was sexy as hell, with a body so sinful, Jazz felt convicted whenever she felt her panties get moist from just looking at him. Whenever they worked out together, she was barely able to contain herself he was just that damn “FINE”.

Jazz got all hot and bothered just thinking about the way his lips felt against her own. She wondered how they would feel in other places of her body. She slowly licked her lips, suddenly hornier than before. It was settled, tonight would be their night. Tonight, she would introduce and let him speak to her “whispering eye”, her private southern destination of paradise.

Brian waited anxiously outside of Jazz’s condo. He still couldn’t believe all the sexy and naughty text messages she sent him earlier. Who knew she was so open and freaky with her words? His dick got so hard reading the messages, Brian had to readjust himself several times to get proper blood flow to his “homeboy”. He was getting hard just thinking about her words, and the way she told him to be at her house tonight ready, willing and able.  Shit, that was an understatement. He had been ready, willing and able from the first time he laid eyes on her.

When he saw her at the gym it took him a while to approach her, but after taking a few yoga classes together, he came to know that she was very easy to talk to and had a great sense of humor. Brian wanted her and in more ways than one. The black spandex tights and sports bra showed off curves that went of forever, in all the right places, with breasts so supple, he wanted to bury his head there eternally. The girl was bad, classy, sexy and cool and she made him laugh, which was hard to do. Brian took a chance asking her out on a date, which she politely declined, but agreed to meet him for coffee instead. Now here they were five months later about to take their relationship to another level.

Jazz opened the door and leaped into Brian’s awaiting arms. She kissed him with so much passion; he was left speechless when she finally pulled away from him. The massive package in front of his jeans put a seductive grin on her face. “Damn,” she said. “I see someone is happy to see me.” Brian, slightly embarrassed, quickly put his hand over his huge erection. Jazz saw the look on his face and assured him it was very welcomed to the evening they were about to have. She used her hand to massage his dick and take away any discomfort he might have been feeling. Her hand felt great but he couldn’t help but wonder how her mouth would feel there instead. “Come with me Baby. I know just what you need.” Brian didn’t fuss, only followed the woman of his dreams. The dress she wore hugged her ass, placing him over its’ spell. Brian wanted to touch it, spank it, rejoice in it, but kept his hands to himself. They had all night and before he left, she would be greatly satisfied. “This woman is going to be my wife,” he told himself.

Brian looked confused when Jazz led him into the kitchen. He didn’t smell any food, so he knew there wasn’t anything cooking. She hadn’t mentioned anything about dinner, so his interest was piqued. When Jazz got up on the island in the center of the kitchen, he smiled his more devilish smiles. She was going to be his dinner. “I want you to meet someone,” she said pulling up the short dress over her head exposing her naked body. She then spread her legs wide, giving him a full-eye’s view of her beautiful, pink flesh. It was perfect, hairless and smelled like fresh roses. Brian became hypnotized by her lovely treasure, which he had waited so long to find.
“Damn,” was all Brian could say. For the second time in a matter of minutes, he was left speechless. No one had ever made him so unable to talk. He knew that he had finally met his perfect match. Jazz was definitely a keeper. She stared into his eyes with pure seduction. She wanted him as bad as he wanted her. “This,” she pointed to her pussy, “is my whispering eye. If you lean in closer, you can hear what she wants you to do to her.”

“Is that right”, Brian replied. He dropped down in front of her, pulling her into his soft lips by her soft, firm ass. “Let me see what she has to say then. After all, I am a great listener.” Brian opened his mouth and captured her pearl. Jazz moaned when she felt Brian’s soft, wet tongue commence to listening to what her “whispering eye” told him just what she wanted, but through body movements and unspoken words. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and he was slowly piercing her heart, mind and body. Brian kissed tenderly, licked gently, and sucked softly, causing Jazz to gyrate her hips like waves in the ocean, hitting the sand.

The pleasure she felt from his touch, soared through her entire body. Sparks flew to every inch of her being. She released a powerful orgasm which lasted what felt like forever. Jazz couldn’t contain herself. A single tear kissed her cheek. She was falling in love. It wasn’t because of the way he worked his tongue, but the way he made love to her spirit, the way her “whispering eye” responded to him. The secrets revealed to him through her moans, through her movements. Brian was her Knight in shining armor, her Prince Charming, her happily ever after.

Brian couldn’t believe how delicious she tasted. He wanted to pleasure her until the end of time. The way she moved, ignited something inside of him. He had never felt this way about anyone before. His heart sped up and he continued to listen and speak to her “whispering eye”. It spoke things to his mind, his body and more importantly to his heart. When he felt her body shiver again from another explosive orgasm, he moved back up her body leaving trails of kisses. He captured her lips, giving himself all to her, sealing his eternal love and passion. He whispered into her ear, “I love your whispering eye. We are going to be great friends and have many conversations. Be prepared for the best intellectual stimulation of your life.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Narti got home feeling sexual, open to taking things between her and her lover to the next level. Their sex-life was amazing, but she wanted more. She wanted it to be so good, so profound, that whenever they were away from one another, all they had to do was reminisce and fulfill their sexual craving. She smiled. It was hot outside. She needed a cold drink and being that she was from down south she knew the perfect drink to make. Maybe she would become the drink, she thought. Yes, Narti knew exactly how she was about to spice things up a bit. Something within her was brewing. The moisture between her thighs was starting to boil, drenching her silk thong. She was almost ready to quench his thirst, but first she had to make sure his drink was perfect.

She spread her legs wide, using her fingers to add all the necessary ingredients. As she stirred, Narti felt waves of pleasure percolate throughout her. The sensations heating up her pot was adding extra special flavor, she became sticky. Her simple syrup began to blend, formulating for best “sweet tea” he would ever taste, creating the perfect concoction of sweetness. He was sure to receive a cavity. But he would definitely enjoy drinking her deliciousness. Narti moved her hips, getting just the right temperature. She was now waiting for his “spoon” to stir into her “pot” before he poured her into a pitcher. When Narti felt her final ingredient burst, adding just the right amount of aromatics, she knew that her “sweet tea” was ready. Her steam rose throughout the air. The sexual aroma leaving a trail for him to smell was making her mouth feel like cotton. All she needed how was his straw to suck up her own thirst quenching beverage.

When Jamal walked into the house, he sniffed. Narti was making something, whatever it was, smelled wonderful. He followed the scent, aroused by the passion generating throughout the air. When he found Narti she was waiting for him. “I made you something Baby,” she said. “Come see if it tastes sweet.” Jamal didn’t waste any time. He was thirsty and needed something to drink soon. He grabbed her ass, the perfect pitcher for her cool beverage, but when he sipped, there was nothing cool about it. She was so hot. The warm liquid felt good going down his throat. Jamal drank and drank and drank until his cup couldn’t hold anymore of her Narti’s homemade beverage. His mouth still watered, as her syrup covered his chin. He used his tongue to lick it up. Jamal didn’t want anything to go to waste. Once he was sure there wasn’t any left, he sipped, drank, tasted, and emptied her perfectly delicious treat, and then used his “big dipper” to empty her “pitcher”. “Oh how I love “sweet tea”, he said and Narti smile. They would next make “lemonade” and she had all the perfect ingredients.


A drop of rain
hitting the pavement
creating a circle of emotion
cleansing the depth of my soul
my spirit flies freely
under the influence of desire
leaving my heart exposed

Exposed to love
divine love, perfect love
love pumping through my veins
carrying life to my heart
a spark so profound
I am left speechless, vulnerable, open-minded
to the endless possibilities love brings

Bringing pleasure to my very existence
passion to last a lifetime and beyond
patience, kindness, gentleness
creating divine delight
I close my eyes to dwell in this moment
I transition into happiness

A ray of sunshine
shining bright as the sun
radiating life within me
making my world worth living
causing joy, overwhelming purpose
laughter in my mind
I am left smiling all over

Engulped in you
your sincerity,
WILL to be a better you
to love me genuinely
you are the flame
and I'll desire you until the end of time
because it is fueled, unable to burnout


A magnetic explosion erupts
as the chemistry between us
give attraction a new identity,
electricity emerges
soaring rapidly through my being
I am lost in DESIRE

Passion drowns out
every other existence
capturing places not kissed by the sun
but by your sweet lips
I gaze into your eyes
hypnotized by the way they see
straight to my heart
I am a prisoner of LOVE

Two hearts beating until they
beat as one
souls become unable to function
without its mate
minds ponder the thought
and the answer is simple
I am truly BLESSED

Pleasure generates
causing others to crave
sensual nourishment of their own
I look forward to feasting on it
for a lifetime and beyond

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bedroom Strip Club


Jai looked around her bedroom. She smiled with pure satisfaction. The mini stage and stripper role in front of the bed, right in the center of the room, looked very inviting and sexy as hell. She was getting worked up just thinking about the expression on Kent’s face when he stepped through the door. As she put the chair at the end of the bed, she couldn’t contain her excitement. Her man was in for a treat and a few tricks. For the past month, Jai had been to every strip club in the area, plus taken a striptease and pole dancing class to prepare for this special occasion. Tonight was their fifth yr. anniversary. Jai learned that stripping required more skill and strength than what people realized. It was truly an artform of expression, through sensual and seductive body movements. Surprisingly, when she asked a few of the dancers as she received a lap dance for pointers, they were very willing to help. In fact, that was how she got introduced to Sade, the very energetic and eccentric teacher of the art. Jai now had a new sense of respect for the women and men who made their living as exotic dancers. Hell, the money she spent and saw others spend, wasexpensive and impressive. Jai thought long and hard about her own career. One of the exotic dancers she how called a good friend, made over three thousand dollars a night. Men and women from all over the area asked specifically for her when they frequented the club she worked at. Jai soon learned that the ones, who took pride in their artistry, took home the most of it. By her third class, Jai was well above the rest and was asked if she wanted more advanced, private lessons. Now, she was flexible and knew how to move and dance with the best of them, she just needed direction to join the two together, creating the best lap dance and striptease her husband could experience. After tonight, Jai wouldn’t have to worry about him giving their money to any strip club. She knew that she was about to make him “make it rain” by her new skills. She checked to make sure the pole was secure by jumping up as high as she could. At the top of the pole, Jai spread her legs into a split and slid down with her head pointing down. When she got to the bottom of the pole she smiled. She was ready. The pole was all good to go. Jai walked into the master bathroom and turned on the shower. Kent would be home soon and she wanted to be ready so when he entered his private strip club of their bedroom, their evening wouldn’t miss a beat. Once she got out of the shower, she applied baby oil all over her body, something she learned from the dancers that would help her be able to work the pole better. The black bra and panty set felt good against her skin. Jai slipped on the black sheer cover-up and then stepped into her five inch black, open-toe Jimmy Choo stilettos or as she liked to call them “bedroom” or “CFM” shoes. She let down her hair, letting it fall pass her shoulders, waiting with anticipation.  

As Kent drove up to his home, he thought about his sexy wife. She was something else, always doing little extra special things to keep him loving coming home every day. Today would be no exception, after all, it was their anniversary. He loosened his tie and got out of his truck. Grabbing his briefcase, he walked up to the front door. The house was darker than usual, Kent thought smiling slightly. “She is up to something,” he said taking two steps at a time up the stairs. When he got to the master bedroom, he was so aroused; he wanted to free himself from his clothing. Kent opened the door and nearly fainted from amazement. Damn, this woman is the best. Thank you Jesus she chose me, he thought. Candles flickered all over the room, with rose pedals leading a path for him to follow. When he saw the stripper pole sitting on a mini stage, in the center on their bedroom, his dick was about to burst out of his pants. The chair with his name on it put a big ass grin on his face. Kent couldn’t believe what his Jai had been up to but he was about to enjoy and reap the benefits. Her gift from him would just have to wait. She knew just what he wanted, needed, fantasized and desired.

R&B music filled the air as Kent continued to look around the bedroom. The next thing he saw was his beautiful wife coming towards him. She looked sexy is fuck. Her body was banging but what captured him most was her seductive smile. “Hey Baby,” she whispered into his ear as she grabbed his briefcase from him. “Hey yourself,” Kent responded. Jai put the briefcase down and took his hand leading him to the center of the room. “Come here Babe. I have something to show you. Take a seat.” Before Kent was able to sit, Jai gave him a light push. She giggled. The sexy lingerie she had on made his dick so hard, Kent had to readjust it in order to get some relief. Jai walked over to the stereo and changed songs. When “slow motion” by Juvenile came across the speakers, Jai took her position on the stage. She moved to the beat, swaying her hips, pumping her thighs and bouncing her nice ass. She had a small waist, flat abs and an ass like JLo. She used one hand to grab the pole and then spinned around, dropping to the floor in a frontward split. Kent was impressed. Who knew she was an undercover exotic dance? He knew she could move but not the way she was at that moment. He watched with his mouth hanging wide open. Jai turned her back toward him and grinded in front of the pole, rolling in slow motion. She suddenly went up the pole and came back down with her legs spread wide open, extended in the air. She twirled her body seductively, spinning around the pole. Jai placed her back on the pole and slowly moved downward to the beat “she working that back, don’t know how to act…” when she got down on all fours, Kent got up from his seat. “Damn” was the only word to describe his thoughts. Just as Kent thought the show was over, Jai went back up the pole. She swung around it like a gymnast competing in the Olympics. She stretched her legs out to the side of the pole and opened them wider than the Mississippi River. Kent pulled out his wallet in search of some money. He threw a few twenty dollar bills onto the stage. Jai came back down the pole popping her pussy. Kent couldn’t wait to feel it doing the exact same thing on his dick. He suddenly wanted to rip off her clothes and sex her real good, but his anticipation of what she would do next, stopped him. When the song finally ended, she walked over in front of her husband, by that time, D’Angelo’s “how does it feel” soared through the air.

Jai moved slowly and seductively to the rhythm, as the lyrics told a story. Kent almost stripped his damn self. Jai turned around and moved her ass over his crotch, placing her hands on his legs to brace. If they had not been dressed, they would have been straight boning. She worked her hips and then straddled him, bending over to the floor. He pulled out more money. Kent had never seen her move her nice, round and beautiful ass with such precision, so naughty. He loved it, his dick got harder and harder with each movement. Jai began removing her clothes. “Oh shit! Here we go,” Kent said. The black bra and panty see was sinful. She looked sexy than a Muthafucka, good enough to eat, and he would be feasting in due time. Jai rotated around his lap, licking her lips. When she put one of his fingers inside her mouth sucking it, Kent couldn’t help himself any longer. He touched her ass, breasts, thighs, but Jai pushed his hands away. She shook her finger back and forth at him not to touch. “Sir, if u don’t behave, you will get punished severely,” she told him. “Well hell, punish me please”, Kent said loudly. Jai smiled and continued her striptease-lap dance. When she removed her bra, her lovely lady lumps stole the show. They were perfect, ripe like melons. Her nipples saluted him. He wanted to have them in his mouth. Jai continued to torture him with her performance. She stood up grabbing her breasts squeezing them. She then took one of them and used her tongue to suck on it. Kent almost got up out of his seat again. “Focus Dude, soon it will be your turn to take the spotlight. She will pay for what she knows she’s doing to you,” he told himself. Then Jai tugged on the sides of her panties. She began to take them off slowly. When they were at her ankles, Jai she took one foot out and kicked them at him with the other foot. There she stood, butt ass naked with only her CFM’s shoes on. Walking slowly back to him, Jai leaned in and kissed him long and passionately. She then whispered in his ear, “There is a two drink minimum tonight Sir. Did you enjoy the show?” Kent couldn’t speak. Was she serious? His dick standing at attention should have given her his answer but she was messing with him. When her performance was over Kent had emptied his wallet, pulled out all of his credit cards and even his checkbook. Shit, he didn't care, she earned all of that and then some. He pulled her down into his lap and gripped her ass. It was time he showed her just how much he enjoyed his “bedroom strip club” because the STRIPPER was his and coming home with him tonight. "Happy Anniversary Baby," Jai said just above a whisper. "Happy Anniversary indeed," Kent said picking her up and carrying her over to the mini stage. He was about to do his own performance.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Lilah lie awake in her bed thinking of him. She couldn’t get him off her mind. The way he made her feel was magical. She simply couldn’t get enough of him. She closed her eyes trying to sleep, but she only thought of their KISS.

He gazed into her eyes, penetrating every inch of her existence. She became moist, wetter than water. When she got home, she took her panties off and tossed them into her clothes hamper, but instead, they landed on the wall, sticking there. Damn, she thought amazed as she looked at them. No one had ever caused her underwear to take on the job of walking on walls, and Lilah smiled.

He was all over her. She skin smelled of him, of musk and lavender. She didn’t want to wash his scent off of her body, so she didn’t. She removed the rest of her clothing, brushed her hair and climbed into bed. Now, there she was still smiling, grinning even, by the way he KISSED her.

As their date ended, he walked her to her door. They stood there awkwardly, waiting on the other to make the first move. He leaned in and she followed suit. Their lips said hello, goodnight and see you later, as they danced slowly. His tongue entered her mouth softly, gently, with extreme caution. She gave her own, added heat, desire, magic.

She captured his tongue with hers, a lover’s quarrel of passion, radiating throughout every inch of their soul. Lilah’s spirit soaring, her mind ran wild and her heart was conquered. He KISSed her to the depths of her soul, making love to her as he made small strokes back and forth from her tongue to her lips. She had never imagined such pleasure just from KISSing, she would never KISS another.

The energy, the electricity, the power of their untold anticipation for each other, left unspoken words within their hearts, as the heat turned into fire and Lilah felt her secret treasure slowly unlock. She wanted to give him her jewel, her rubies and her diamond. He KISSed her with such tender love and care. She closed her eyes and let him carry her away to lover’s land.

Lilah took out her pen and paper and decided to write a poem about their KISS:

“Your Kiss”

You kiss my lips tenderly
Making love to them sweetly
Slowly sliding your soft tongue inside
Just the way I like

Moving it around passionately
Pleasuring my mouth with such heat
Such delight, You kiss me senseless

Gentle as a breeze
You fill me releasing smooth currents to my core
I return the kiss with gratitude
Pure satisfaction
Not wanting the moment to end

Each suck so perfect
Each lick ignites desire burning in between my thighs
I crave other kisses you will give to my body

Your kiss is deadly
But I cannot get enough
With every time our lips touch
My mind goes to its’ happy place
Never wanting to return

I soar above my body
Looking at our kisses make love to each other
How could kissing feel better than sexual penetration
But yet, here we are

Kiss me again
Kiss me boldly
Kiss me as if our lives depended on it
Just kiss me like you do
Because I simply cannot get enough
No other’s kiss will do

When she finished, Lilah put up her pen and paper, closed her eyes again and thought of him and the way he KISSed her, wanting more, waiting patiently until they met again. Lilah knew that when that moment came, they would be doing much more than KISSing and she would allow him to KISS her treasure, fine her rubies, diamonds and gold. She would allow him to KISS her senseless, any and everywhere he wanted.

"Backseat Driving"

Malcolm looked at Kai when she walked outside their home. She looked breathtaking. The short skirt and matching blouse she wore looked amazing on her, showing off all of her assets. Her legs went on forever and the stilettos she wore, gave them something extra. Her hair was in tiny waterfall curls, cascading perfectly, to frame her round face. Kai had high cheekbones that most women would kill for. Her lips were full, inviting him to capture them each and every time he saw them. Her eyes looked like marbles, yet slanted slightly, giving her an exotic look. Her skin was golden brown, like fried chicken and Malcolm wanted to eat her up from head to toe. She looked like a model just off the runway. Kai smiled when she saw him. She was hypnotized by him. Her “candy” was beginning to heat up as she walked closer to him.
He got out of the car and walked around to open her door. She stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. Malcolm moaned. Lips that soft should be a sin. His brown skin was soft as cotton. Kai wanted to see how it tasted in her mouth. She felt her “candy” getting hotter and hotter. The wetness in between her thighs could have put a carwash out of business. She wanted him. His eyes gazed at her. They read her mind instantly, piercing the depths of her soul. When he smiled at her, Kai felt her heart leap out of her chest, into his own. “Hey Baby, where are you taking me tonight,” she asked. He closed the door and walked back around to his side of the car. When Malcolm got inside the car, she was staring at him, with seduction in her eyes. “Baby, don’t make me beg. I just want to know where we’re going. Is that too much to ask?” He smiled, thinking he had her just where he wanted her. “You are just going to have to wait Sweetheart, but I know you will love it.”
Kai bent over pretending to fix her shoe as she gave Malcolm an eye full of her smooth, firm backside. He coughed, trying to focus on his destination. She leaned back into her seat and smiled. “Are you sure you still don’t want to tell me where we’re going,” Kai asked. “I told you Babe, you have to wait until we get there.” This time, Kai opened her legs wide, rubbing her caramel thighs softly. She moved her fingers up, pulling her skirt up to expose her sex. She didn’t bother wearing any underwear, because she planned to seduce Malcolm all night long. Malcolm looked at Kai, and her beautiful paradise. He reached over to touch her, but she pushed his hand away. “Are you going to tell me where we’re going,” she asked in a pouty, yet seductive voice. “You have to wait,” Malcolm responded.
When she saw that he wasn’t going to tell her, she put her plan into overdrive. Kai opened her legs wider, placing them both on the dashboard. She put one on the steering wheel, while the other rested in front of her. She began moving her hands on her thighs again. When she got to her secret passage, she parted her lips like the Red Sea, using her index and middle finger to stroke her love button. Malcolm’s body temperature was rising. He almost wrecked the car not being able to take his eyes away from Kai. She massaged her pussy slowly, gently, tenderly, until she felt the fireworks about to explode within her. She rode her fingers, letting her love juice drip all over the seat. She moved faster, worked her fingers harder, until she couldn’t fight the feeling any longer. She came. She moaned out Malcolm’s name. He couldn’t take it anymore.
Malcolm pulled over to the side of the road and got into the back seat. Kai helped him pull his pants down to his knees and then she straddled him. She eased down on his hard dick, gasping at the way it opened her pussy. She wanted to feel all of him. She bounced on it. He tried to move but she stopped him. “No Baby, let me do it.” He did as told. Kai went deeper into him until all of him penetrated her paradise. She cursed because it felt so good. When she gathered her rhythm, she began her backseat driving. She moved slowly at first, and then gained a little more speed. Malcolm moaned. Her pussy was so wet, so good, wrapping around his dick just the way he liked. Kai knew how to love him, have to love his dick, and right now, her pussy was giving it the best ride of his life.
Kai moved in and out, she leaned back and her head rested on the armrest, as she moved faster, in circles, back and forth. She got back up and placed her feet on the seat. She rode him hard, rough, soft and slow. Malcolm couldn’t take it anymore. He held unto her waist, bringing her down unto his dick hard. She cursed and slapped him face. She bit his lips and he wanted all the abuse he intended for her to give him. He got up on his tiptoes, as Kai’s back was against the front seats. Her ass was on the armrest and he gave it to her. “You want all this dick?” “Yes, give it all of me Baby!”
They drove their own speed limit in the backseat of the car, on the side of the road. Kai arched her back to take in more of him and he gave it to her. She screamed, she moaned, she rode his dick like the California expressway. She sped through any speed bumps, ran stop signs and broke all driving rules. Malcolm was her automobile and she switched gears, pumped the brakes, and drove him with no reservations, no discretions, driving the hell out of him. She gave and he received. He gave and she welcomed it with opened arms. When they climaxed together, Kai was on cloud nine. She was sexually satisfied by a skilled lover who didn’t hold back. Malcolm was in love all over again and he would never leave this woman. They were the perfect fit, made for each other.
Kai kissed his lips, sucking on his tongue in between breaths. She devoured his mouth. She loved the way he kissed her. Malcolm returned her kisses with precision, skill and excellence. He knew what she wanted and gave graciously.  They test drove each other again in the back seat before composing themselves. Just as they drove off, a police car was pulling up behind them to see if anything was wrong. They laughed looking back at the car.  Malcolm told Kai he was taking her to a John Legend and Sade concert. He was about to take her to a place where only lover’s go and give her the sweetest taboo. And when the concert was all over, he would bring her home and let her take him on another ride. He was giving her the green light. He wanted to be her soldier of love and she was his smooth operator. It didn’t matter if they were ordinary people, he didn’t want no other love. And when he said Good Morning Love, Malcolm would be ready to get lifted again. He also knew that he would never complain about Kai’s backseat driving, front seat driving or anything that involved her and driving for the rest of their lives.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Doing Laundry

Sash walked into her house tired from another week of being on the road for her job. She looked around the house and wanted to turn back and go outside, with into her car and drive far away as possible. The house looked like a category five hurricane had attacked it. Toys, clothes, books, DVDs, dirty dishes, more toys and anything else one could imagine took claim to her usually immaculate living room. It was early in the day, so the boys and Kevin was not home yet. Sash had the urge to call her husband of ten years and curse him the hell out, but didn’t. She needed him to give her something when he got home, so the thought of starting an argument kept her from doing just that. A long week of no loving had her on the verge of a breakdown. Being as horny as she was should have been a crime.

After unpacking her luggage, Sash began cleaning the house from top to bottom. When she was satisfied by its order, she went from room to room gathering all of the dirty clothing. It was time to do laundry that looked like it would take weeks to even put a dent in. Kevin made her sick at times, but she loved his ass more than anything else in the world, other than her two sons. When she was finished cleaning the boys’ rooms and bathrooms, there looked to be about ten loads. She went into her and her husband’s bedroom and retrieved all of his dirty clothing. When she finished, she saw that she probably had over twenty loads now. She picked up the hampers and walked downstairs to the laundry room. She had to make a few trips with all the clothing, but she was glad another cleaning accomplishment was complete.

Now the act of actually doing the laundry gave her a headache. Sash turned the washing machine on to let the water run. She sorted the clothing, whites, darks, colorful, delicate, permanate press. She checked all of the pockets carefully because for some strange reason her husband and his sons always left stuff in their pockets. It never failed, not once. Before she began adding detergent and clothing to the water, Sash had found almost thirty bucks. They won’t see any of this money again, she thought putting it in her hidden laundry stash on top of the cabinets above the dryer. From the looks of it, she would be able to buy her new washing machine and dryer combo, in her favorite color, red. She removed the picture of it from the stash and smiled. “Some you will be mine. You will able to come home where you belong,” she said to the picture.

It was getting dark outside and dinner was about ready, when Sash heard the buzzer on the dryer go off indicating another load of clothing was ready for folding. When she walked back into the once crowded laundry room, she smiled. She had only about four more loads of clothing left to do and then she could finally relax her tired body. She turned the water on, added the detergent and was about to put in the clothing when she heard the door open and close behind her. A sly grin escaped her lips but she kept her back turned to her welcomed companion. Kevin was happy to see his wife. He missed her when she had to go out of town for work. He would make sure to let her know just how much momentarily.

He walked up behind her perfectly round booty, greeting her with a kiss on the back of her neck just the way she liked it. “Hey you,” he said. Sash wasn’t mad at him anymore for the way the house looked when she first got there. She turned to face her lover and kissed his awaiting lips. They kissed each other, fueling the fire burning within them. “Oh, I think I need to go away more often with kisses like that.” Kevin found his perfectly round mounds and gripped them firmly. He loved his wife’s ass. It always placed him in timeout whenever she walked into a room. He rubbed it, squeezed it and made love to it with his hands. “I see you missed her more than me, huh,” Sash said enjoying the way her husband was touching her. She felt her kitty kat jump like double-dutch. The washer was ready for clothing but Kevin closed the top and picked up his next meal. He sat Sash on top of it, removing the tiny shorts and sports bra she wore. He used his thumb to massage her clit and used two of his fingers to conquer her sweet surrender. He made a curve in them to find her Gspot, which didn’t take long, because he knew exactly where it was. Being married for ten years, Kevin knew of all her spots and a few she didn’t think he knew of.   

“Oh baby, your hands feel so good. Damn baby you about to make me cum.” Sash brought her legs up to join the rest of her body on top of the machine and gave Kevin more exposure to her paradise. He rubbed, massaged, plucked, and finger fucked her to tiny multiple orgasms. Sash screamed as she rode his fingers and felt the “big one” creeping upon her. When she couldn’t fight the battle any longer, she grinded faster into Kevin’s fingers, she came long and hard. She moaned out his name and he kissed her. When he removed his fingers, he licked the cream off of them. “Umm, you taste like Christmas morning.”
Kevin removed his own clothing and braced himself for the ride he was about to take his wife on. The washing machine switched to the spin cycle and he entered her. She hollered from the pleasure he gave her. The vibration from the machine added more rhythm and before Kevin could thrust her good, she had another orgasm. Sash was about to die from the passion and desire she was experiencing at that moment, but Kevin moved in circular motions, stirring her like adding sugar to his morning coffee. The intensely of his strokes had Sash claiming the walls. She clawed his back, bit his neck, pushing and pulling to keep him from stopping. “Don’t stop baby! Please don’t stop! Oh my God! Oh! Oh!” Sash came over and over and when Kevin was sure she was well satisfied, he released his own mindboggling orgasm. He leaned into her chest and sucked her breasts softly. They are swollen like ripe berries and tasted even better. He made love to her melons, feasting on the perfect fruit salad.
When Sash and Kevin finally finished doing the laundry they could barely walk straight. She felt the tingling in between her legs and the wetness running down her thighs. Kevin hit her of the ass and she licked her lips. “Meet me upstairs in five minutes,” she said. Sash quickly fixed the boys their dinner and kissed them on the foreheads. “Mama missed you guys. Now, eat your dinner and put your empty plates in the kitchen when you done. Daddy and I are about to have a serious conversation and wouldn’t like to be interrupted, okay.” Before they nodded, she was halfway upstairs and removing her clothing again.
 Kevin was on the bed waiting for her butt naked. It was Sash’s turn to be in control. She climbed on top of his rock hard erection and let her hips do all the talking for the next two hours. When they left their room, they smiled like two teenagers sneaking off from school to do the “do”. “Baby, you can help me do laundry anytime you like, okay. If I would have known you were so good at it, I would have let you help out a long, long, long time ago.” They laughed again walking downstairs to join their sons watching television without any clue of all the nasty stuff their parents had just finished doing.

Friday, June 3, 2011


“May I please have my bags? I am in a big hurry. My plane is boarding and I don’t want to miss it.” “Ma’am, if you don’t calm down, I will be forced to call AIRPORT SECURITY. We are just doing our jobs.”

Cameron looked around the empty room, feeling like a complete ass. Why had she refused to cooperate? She could have been flying the friendly skies at this very moment, but no, she had to cause a scene. She wondered what was taking so damn long for someone to come in and explain what was happening. She hoped it wasn’t the same fat ass, pregnant belly what-to-be cop from before. Just then, the door opened and in walked one of the most gorgeous men, she had ever laid eyes upon. He was tall, dark and handsome, with brown eyes, a perfect set of white teeth and a smile to die for. His body was insane. The uniform he wore, left nothing to the imagination Cameron noticed, crossing her legs. Oh, how she loved a man in a uniform. His mustache and goatee were trimmed to perfection, accenting amazing lips, she suddenly wanted all over her.

He moved closer to her. “Ma’am, I am sorry to keep you waiting. We have been busy with the holidays approaching and everyone trying to get home to their loved ones. I hope to have you out of here in no time. Here is all the paperwork for you to fill out. We should get your bags within the next few minutes.”

Cameron wasn’t thinking about her luggage anymore. She had other thoughts running through her entire body. “Thank you,” was all she managed to say, licking her lips. He watched her, feeling the chemistry between them. She was beautiful, sexy, and just the way he liked his woman, smart and feisty. After witnessing the scene she caused at the baggage check, he was immediately aroused. When the attendant called for Airport Security, he made sure he was the one who responded first, but when Harold beat him there, he decided to take matters into his own hands. “So, where are you traveling to,” he asked trying to break the silence lingering in the room. Cameron didn’t like small talk, she was a woman who knew what she wanted and she wanted him.

“What is your name?”
“What a unique name. Where are you from?”
“I was born in Jamaica but my parents moved to the states when I was three.”
“I can hear the accent in your voice. You must visit often.”
“Every chance I get.”

When Cameron was done filling out all the unnecessary paperwork, she got up from the table. She handed the clipboard to Chance. He looked it over to make sure she hadn’t skipped anything. He turned to leave. “Be right back,” he called out over his shoulder. His thick accent captivated her even more. How could one person have everything she loved in a man, including being sexy as hell? Cameron removed her clothing, leaving on her shoes. She waited. When Chance opened the door and walked in, he froze. Was she really standing there, butt naked, with only heels? Cameron smiled when she saw the way he was checking out her body. She knew she looked good because she took great pride in exercising and eating healthy. The landing strip below her waist was also getting his attention. Chance immediately wanted to land his plane there, giving her turbulence to last a lifetime.

She signaled with her index finger for him to come to her. He did. Cameron placed her arms around his waist and leaned into his hard body. She felt what she was waiting for poke her in her crotch, and immediately became moist. Chance was a very blessed boy indeed. She kissed him softly on the lips. He pushed back a bit. “What are you doing?” She placed her finger over his lips. When he didn’t protest, Cameron began undoing his belt. She unzipped his pants and went for her prize. It was long and thick, with a curve just the way she liked. She wanted to know just how many licks it would take to get to the center of his tootsie pop.

Cameron moved down his body, all the while bringing his pants down with her. When he was exposed, she smiled. It looked even better than it felt. She stroked him, using her hand carefully. He moaned and she knew he was under her spell. Cameron used the tip of her tongue to wet him, and then she took him all inside her mouth. He was shocked to see that she had all of him inside her mouth. Her gag reflexes were a mutha fucka. She was already way ahead of the game, Chance thought closing his eyes enjoying the warmness of her mouth. She was smooth like butter, no teeth getting in the way. Hell, if he hadn’t seen them, he would have betted his last dollar that she didn’t have any in her mouth, the way she played his instrument. She licked him without letting any of him slip out of her mouth. She made circles with her tongue and he grabbed her shoulders. She blew, sucked and counted in between licks, until he exploded inside her mouth. She drank him like lemonade of a hot summer’s day. “I guess it only take eight licks,” she said looking up at him. He was still trembling from the orgasm when Cameron stood up to face him again. Damn, how did she make him cum so fast? Slightly embarrassed, Chance turned away from her. Cameron grabbed his chin turning his face back to face her. “Don’t be embarrassed Chance, Mon. I have that kind of effect on candy as sweet as yours. It always melts in my mouth and not in my hand.” The way she imitated his accent made him smile. She had a good sense of humor to go belong with everything else she possessed.  

After he gathered his composure, it was time he took charge. He pushed her slowly onto the table. He spread her legs open, revealing a lovely flower. Chance began entering her gently at first, until she could take all he had to offer. He tickled her flower and slowly started to pick it. He moved with skill, confidence and expertise. Cameron grinded with him, pushing harder, she wanted him to go deeper. She wanted him to water her entire garden, filling it with seed after seed. Chance lifted her ass slightly off the table bringing her into him slow and rough. She cursed him with pleasurable words, filled with raw passion. He wrapped her legs around his waist, and then turned to sit on the spot she once occupied. Cameron rode him hard, she moaned with each stroke. She bounced up and down, moved in circles and then she came. He saw the depth of her climax in her eyes, through her facial expression, in her body language and knew that he wanted to make her feel that way the a long time to come.

Cameron collapsed on his chest, laughing. She looked into his beautiful brown eyes. She kissed his soft, sweet and full lips, sucking on them gently. He held onto her ass as if it belonged to him now. He was stating his claim, while she was marking her territory. Finally, when both of them composed themselves, they made hot, passionate love again. Cameron was on her knees, on top of the table, while Chance took her from behind. He was gentle when she needed him to be, rough when she told him and did everything like a pro. They came together several times and a hard knock on the door broke their rhythm. Chance put his hand over her mouth and continued to stroke her tenderly. The person on the outside of the door finally left them to their final landing call. Buckle your seatbelts please!

When they were dressed, Chance unlocked the door. He kissed her before he led her back out to the baggage claim. Cameron couldn’t get enough of AIRPORT SECURITY that day and would make several scenes, which would call for his attention in her future. She was in love with a man in uniform and planned to enjoy many flights all over the world. With Chance as her pilot, she would forever fly the friendly skies to total ecstasy, each and every destination.