Monday, March 14, 2016

You are Never Alone

Real friends don't have to speak to or see each other daily to remain in each others heart always...
I know today is Monday and I usually talk about BOOKS, but something else was placed upon my heart. With everything going on in this world, I feel like someone needs to hear this message.

Often times I wonder where I would be if I didn’t have the people I have in my life. We don’t always agree or talk or see each other, but I do know that when I need them, they are right there. Many times we go through life feeling isolated like we don’t need anyone; being alone when we don’t have to. As soon as we face it, we all need someone, the better our life will be. Now I’m not saying we cannot do things by ourselves or that we cannot make it through life without others, but it’s a known fact that God created Eve because He witnessed how lonely Adam was. Companionship is normal. Wanting and having companionship is human nature. It is God’s will for us all. There is no fighting it, no matter how hard we try. It’s okay to need others. It’s okay to be needed or wanted. It’s okay to be around people who love and care about us. Don’t ever feel like you have to face challenging situations alone.

My friends and I were having this conversation about a week ago. A few of us felt like we would be a burden or bother to the others for reaching out during our time of “darkness”. I say darkness because, at some point in time, we all face some form of darkness whether it be, a breakup, blow up, or simply life beating us down. It happens. We all experience it. And those of you who have never gone through “darkness” please let me know your secret.

Let me just say, I truly love my circle of friends. Before our conversation was over we came to an understanding that no matter what we are going through, feeling, or how busy life has us; we are never too busy for each other. We may not talk daily, weekly, and sometimes monthly, but we can always count on each other. I find it therapeutic spending time with people who truly want what’s best for me, and I try my best to reciprocate the gesture. Don’t take for granted the people God has placed in your life. 

I have friends who saw a natural disaster happening in an area where I live, and called or texted me to see if my family and I were okay. People I haven’t seen or talked to in quite some time, people I love dearly whose friendship I cherish deeply. They didn’t have to make time for me, but they did. I am overwhelmed with joy knowing that they did. They are my family and I love them very much. How many of you know that family doesn’t always share the same DNA? God gives us people who become our family along our journey. Those are the relationships that last a lifetime. If you are blessed to have people like this in your life, tell God thank you. They are the rarest of gems! Treat them as such.

Feeling alone can open doors to other ailments such as depression, anxiety or stress.

Depression is real! It creeps upon us when we least expect it. We try to avoid it, but it refuses to listen when we tell it to go away. I am a survivor of depression. That time of my life was some of the worse moments ever. The only thing that helped me, besides God, was finally realizing I was never alone. What I found out after my battle, during a conversation with one of my best friends, took my breath away. We were talking. I confided in her. She begins to say “Jesus” “My God” and “Thank You God for the spirit of obedience”. She told me how every Sunday at church she was led up for prayer, to stand in the gap for someone close to her. She didn’t know who it was. She certainly didn’t think it was me. We had never talked about my depression. The more I revealed to her, the better I felt knowing she had my back when I thought it was against the wall. I immediately began to cry. My heart was touched in a way I still cannot understand fully. Thank you, God, for deliverance!

I tell you these stories to say, even when you feel alone, think you are undeserving of friendship, or should endure pain and suffering due to something that happened in your past; you have never been nor will you ever be, alone. Like one set of footprints in the sand, God will carry us even when we don’t realize it, thinking we are walking alone.

I pray this post blesses someone on today. I pray it gives you peace, encouragement, and revelation.

Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged & be YOU!

Purple Hugs,
KeKe Chanel
There's a Miracle called friendship that dwells within your heart, and you don't know how it happens Or when it gets its start. But the happiness it brings you always gives a special lift, and you realize that friendship is Life's most precious gift.

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