Monday, June 13, 2016

Where is the Love??

"Man In The Mirror"
Michael Jackson got it right when he wrote the heartfelt lyrics to "Man in the Mirror." Rest in peace lyrical genius...

"I'm gonna make a change for once in my life... I’ve been a victim of a selfish kind of love... it’s time that I realize…I'm gonna make a difference gonna make it right... I'm starting with the man in the mirror...I'm asking him to change his ways...if you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that change..." (Lyrics aren't in order)  

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As I drove my kids in the car this morning, the profound hit song played on the radio during The Steve Harvey Morning Show. I listened intently, pondering each word. My soul jolted. My heart raced, while my spirit wept. The powerful message written gave me a new outlook on life. Although I love hard and try my best to treat people the way I want to be treated, I realized I must do more. Let's face it. The only One who can judge anyone in the way they choose to live is God. But, we are all guilty of such behavior. 

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My Pastor's message at church on yesterday was about purpose. Loving on purpose. Being obedient on purpose. Living Godly on purpose. It's not a hard task to fulfill. It's really quite simple. We just have to want to do it. How many of us accomplish the things we put our mind to? Each of us who decide to hit the ground running. It's called persistence. Loving and treating others with respect and dignity is no different. It's a choice. It take effort, which we all are capable of.

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Steve Harvey said something this morning that resonated with me. He said, "the things you do tomorrow will follow you today." We may not all agree with him, but it's true. Our choices will shadow us for the rest of our lives. People may forgive, but they never forget. So the question remains, what kind of person will you choose to be? How will people remember you once you depart from this world? Will you be remembered for negative or positive energy left behind?  Take a look in the mirror. Are you happy with the reflection you see? If your answer is unclear. It is time for change in your life. Some may not like, want, or accept change, but it's inevitable if you are a child of God striving to reach the pearly gates and enter heaven. 

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Senseless acts of terror in our great nation. Innocence lost. Why? For living! Man, shouldn't be allowed to take matters into his own hands, killing people who thought a night of fun with friends was living their lives in peace, pridefully. The color of someone's skin shouldn't determine how he or she is treated. If you don't agree with the way someone lives, don't go around them. My grandmother Ruth taught me that if I don't have anything nice to say, keep my mouth shut. Speak when spoken to. Love others and treat them with kindness. Do unto others as I would have them do unto me. My other grandmother Melissa Lubertha taught me to pray for people even when they do me wrong. I thank God for both women. I miss them dearly. Their teachings are a part of me making me the woman I am. I push daily to be better knowing they are shining their lights down on me. 

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Today, our nation is shaken, enraged, grief-stricken. The Orlando nightclub shootings that occurred days ago is proof we are in a world where being ourselves isn't enough. Where who we associate with or call friend is considered wrong. Where who we love can get us slaughtered like animals. In fact, animals get more love and respect than human beings. Where a celebration turns into a bloody massacre because someone carries hatred in their heart using a gun to carry out a hate-crime which will leave an impact on our nation forever. (But, you also claim to love God.) We cannot love God no matter what religious preference we live by and carry hate of any kind in our heart. Anyone who believes otherwise is sadly mistaken! I hear people say "it's paying time" or "it's time to start praying". When is there not a time to pray? I pray daily. I pray when things are good and bad in my life. It works...try it!

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Love isn't hard to do. It isn't an incurable disease that will turn us into zombies. Love is God, and through God's love, we can overcome any obstacle big or small. There is nothing love cannot provoke a positive reaction to. Love doesn't or shouldn't see race, color, religion, gender, class, etc. wake up people!!! God isn't pleased and is on His way back. Don't get caught in ungodly acts or with matters of the heart that will lead your soul to spend eternity in the pits of the abyss. Start today with change...

To all the victims, their families, friends, and loved ones, may God grant you peace. May you find comfort and strength to endure such a tragic time knowing He is with you. Look to the hills from which cometh your help. Amen.

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Until next time Be Inspired, Be Encouraged & Be YOU!

Purple Hugs, 
KeKe Chanel

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