Friday, July 20, 2012

"A Night At the Movies..."

Sadness in America!!!!

Today, our nation heard some very disturbing news. Headlines all over the world reads “12 Dead, 59 wounded in Colorado” Has this world gotten so corrupt, wicked, and evil that we cannot even go enjoy a movie with our families, friends and other loved ones? I cannot begin to imagine what those innocent people were feeling in that moment. Sitting there watching their favorite superhero emerge in Gotham City, and then suddenly this excruciating aroma clouds them, leaving them helpless, gasping for their next breath. The sound of gunshots becoming the soundtrack, while they try to shelter themselves from the sudden battle they didn’t even know they had become a part of. Seeing bodies drop, hearing the chilling screams of children, or just seeing someone sitting next to them take a bullet to the chest. This is something we see in movies or read in books, but not in reality. Some say we shouldn’t be shocked or surprised but I beg to differ. Movie night, really! The only question we are left to ask ourselves is, why?

Did an eerie feeling come over the people occupying that particular theater just minutes before? Where there warning signs before purchasing their tickets? It is said that before something bad happens, we are usually given signs or feelings of such. It doesn’t really matter now because this tragic event has occurred. Innocent people have still lost their lives or are still fighting to survive. And the ones who survived are left scarred for life.

What was going on in the sick mind of this individual? How did he come to the conclusion to do something so heartless? Will the truth ever be revealed? What happens next? How do the families of the victims pick up the pieces and move on with their lives? There are so many questions to ponder.

A 24 year old young man ended 12 lives, wounded 59 and plagued the lives of so many others in just a blink of an eye. Will true justice be served for our fellow American people? The sad fact is that he too is an American, not that it would make any difference if he was from another country. This is still wrong on so many levels! Is hatred this much in control of the people who walk among us each day? Do we interact with them, or pass them by on our way home? Do our children attend school with them? Are they guests in our homes, having dinner parties, people we call “friends”?

Did his parents see or hear of anything that could have avoided such massacre? When the police spoke with the mother she appeared to know something or not be surprised that it was her son who committed the devious act of crime. Should she be held accountable if she did in fact know something, along with her son? It isn’t wise to condone our children in wrong doing, EVER!!! The excuse of being too afraid to go to the proper authorities is simply unacceptable…people are dead!

Sure, we as parents want the best for our children and would do anything to protect them, but there are things were we should draw a line. Hurting others shouldn’t be acceptable. Plotting to do harm to others shouldn’t be a thought, least known a factor in this society.  There are many curve balls in life as it is, wouldn’t you agree!

My heart is heavy right now. Something so callus, hateful and demonic, has caused more chaos to our generation. Do we even have a future that’s meant to be bright? I just want to take a few minutes to give a moment of silence for all the victims…Amen!

*bows head*

To the families involved, I pray your strength, courage and will to get through this horrible time. I know this is hard, and I cannot possibly feel what you are feeling, but know that you have many people lifting you all up in prayer. It will get better! Things of such magnitude should not take place…Know that weeping may endure for a night but joy will come again!

Feel free to voice your thoughts on this topic. Leave your comments below. This is definitely something we should discuss. Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged, be safe and be blessed! We are still ONE NATION UNDER GOD…

Keke Chanel

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