Sunday, July 14, 2013

 My Two Cents...

I know that we are all affected in some way by the verdict in the Zimmerman case, but are you truly that surprised?? This sort of thing happens every day but it’s not broadcasted or even cared about. I hate that from this, many still haven’t learned to stop violence and if you watched your local news last night, a young child was probably murdered over something that could have been avoided. It saddens me that “we” are making this about race but how else can we look at it? This case was a clear case of racial profiling at its best. There was evidence of such that was clearly overlooked. “A jury of your peers, yeah right!” My eyesight isn’t the best but that jury sure did look good in Zimmerman’s favor to me! But…it is what it is! Let this be a wake-up call to stop violence among each other, stand up for each other, take an ass whipping like a man and walk away to bandage the wounds instead of retaliating to such fatal tactics. I am angry because I am a parent and my heart aches for the parents of Trayvon. He walked to the store, shielded his head from the weather with a hoodie, and lost his life for protecting himself from a stranger. Am I missing something?? My heart aches for Zimmerman’s parents too for thinking that what he did is justifiable, for believing that their son is a hero when innocence is lost. This could have been avoided if he had only listened to the 911 operator and stopped pursuing him. If I was being followed by a stranger, at night, in the rain that got out of his car hollering at me, I would have been in defense mode too! Some people say he should have just run, but then he would have been shot in the back. I guess then Zimmerman would have been punished accordingly? *side look* A child’s life would have still been taken for nothing.

I had a conversation with one of my aunts today and she asked: “What is going on with these people on how they freed that man for killing that child…OMG?” My response was: “Girl I’m not surprised at all. It’s sad and straight messed up but this is America, a country where being black got many of our ancestors beaten, hung, ripped apart by horses and much more. I pray harder each day for our children and that people finally wake up and realize that we are one nation under God.”  She replied: “Amen! Let’s come together and pray for our children and other children who are going through.” My response: “Right because Trayvon isn’t the first and sadly won’t be the last. His case just made the national headlines. There are white, Hispanics, Asians, and other children facing the same thing but it’s kept on the hush. God is not sleep and justice will prevail. If people don’t have their life together they need to get it together because Jesus is on His way back and I want to hear the trumpets and not be left behind to prove I am worthy of entering into the Kingdom. I may not go to church every Sunday but I do know and have a strong relationship with God. I pray and read the word and love with the love of Jesus. People need Salvation.” Her reply: “Yes!”

I have friends of all colors, shapes, sizes, and sexual preferences because we know and understand each other, but how did we become friends? We talked with each other. We didn’t judge by the color of one’s skin or any other thing. We just gel well together. I probably have friends who understand me better than relatives or people I’ve known all my life. And I know that God placed us in each other’s lives for a reason, on purpose. All that other stuff doesn’t matter, especially if you have and carry the love of Jesus in your hearts. When will we finally live in a world together and not be frowned upon because of the way we look, where we live or come from, or who we love? I teach my children to be wise, make smart decisions and ask for help along the way if needed. I teach them to love everyone even through their prejudices or stupidity, but to stand up for the things they are passionate about. I teach them to have self-respect, to know their self-worth, and to not go through life with a selfish mentality. I teach them to pray for themselves and others. We communicate in our home, and that I think, speaks volumes as to whom they will become as a person. Spending time with your children impacts their life so much more than giving them any and everything they ask for. Being a parent is not about being your child’s friend, letting them manipulate you into doing and giving them things without consequences or requirements of them. It’s about so much more than that. The future leaders of America depend on it. I don’t condone bad behavior. I don’t justify wrong doings. Why, because it only breeds a newer generation of hate, defiance and an “I-don’t-care-attitude”.

Let this case be the start of a movement for change, non-violence, equality, coming together to better our nation, our one nation under God! It can be done if we work together and push race, gender, and any other stereotype or prejudice out of our minds. So until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be a better YOU!!!

"It Can Happen if we work together..."

Purple Hugs & Kisses,

Keke Chanel

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