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Jay Light

Author Spotlight!

Today, we have Author Jay Light Kickin’ It With KeKe. Jay and I are social media friends, and when I tell you he is always promoting and advertising his work. All day... everyday! Hey, I totally get it. It inspires me to do the same. Even when I think I’ve promoted enough, Jay will post something that motivates me to post more. You can never promote yourself too much. If you don’t, who will?

Author Jay Light

KC: So tell us, how long you have been writing?

JL: I have been writing for 16 years now. I started writing my first book in 2000 and since then, I’ve written books, novels, screenplays, blogs just to name a few.

KC: What genre do you write or prefer writing?

JL: I prefer to write fiction because it allows my imagination to run freely without having to hold anything back. Lol Lately, I've been inspired to try my hand in writing non-fiction as a way to give readers and my audience something new. I want to give them  a look into my life experiences, which is what my next book will be based on.

KC: How did you know you wanted to become an author/writer?

JL: Funny thing is, I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life until I did it. When I started writing, I never knew how far it would take me. In fact, when I had writers block for 4 years I would DJ to keep that creative side in me prominent. So yeah, being an author and taking my writing seriously didn’t come until later.

KC: What inspires you to write?

JL: My inspiration to write usually comes from my imagination. Growing up, I always had a vividly overactive imagination. Eventually, it had to be used for something: acting, writing, singing, you name it1 (I can't even sing! Lol) But what really inspires me to write is knowing that people will enjoy reading the stories and ideas stored in my head. I have to get them out. Writing is my release!

KC: What message do you want readers to take away from your work?

JL: When people read my stories whether it be now or years from now, I always want them to see the message, “life isn’t always promised and that you must make the best of it as well as cherish it while you have it, live your DREAMS!!!”

KC: How would you describe your writing style?

JL: My writing style as it continues to develop and mature over the years, I would refer to as unique in a way that when you read my stories, you can see them as movies. I’ve been told by people who have read my stories that when they read my books, it's like they are playing out on the big screen.

KC: Who are some of your favorite authors?

JL: Favorite authors huh? I read a lot of biography books so I really can't give you one or any specific authors at the moment, I know its

KC: What are some of your favorite books?

JL: My favorite books feature individuals who helped shape the world of entertainment and political activism,  Michael Jackson, Red Foxx, JFK, RFK, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Rick James, Quincy Jones just to name a few.

KC: What is your formula when working on a new project? (Do you listen to music, use an outline, meditate, or simply start typing?)

JL: When I’m working on a new project, I find myself listening to 90’s hip-hop and R&B music while having a few candles burning. It's how I get into my creative groove. Just me, my music, and my tools to create.

KC: If you could collaborate with any of your peers, who would it be and why?

JL: Any of peers??? Hmm... that’s a good questionI've never thought about it really. Definitely something to think about.

KC: What are you reading currently?

JL: I’m always looking into self-improvement, so I find myself reading more of these type of books. But to answer your question I'm currently reading, “You are a bad ass, how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life: by Jen Sincero. It’s a good read, and I’m really enjoying her brash and in your face delivery. It's one of those books worth checking out.

KC: Sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out for sure. 
KC: As an author, do you think using social media is a great source for gaining new readers/supporters?

JL: Of course, I do! I abuse Social media!!! Lol, it’s the time and era that we live in. You either adjust or you get left behind. I use social media on a constant to promote my brand, as well as my books. I promote every day as you can see. I never let a day go by without doing it because that’s how people are going to see your stuff whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, snap chat, youtube.I'm on them all!

KC: How can readers find you?

JL: Readers can find me on my social media platforms: Instagram and Twitter- @Only1jaylight and My Facebook fan page Author Jay Light.

KC: Tell us about your latest work?

JL: My latest work is a personal one for me because it's my life's journey. It's based on my life experiences and lessons I've learned over the years that have shaped me into the person that I've become today. While I wish I could tell everything in the book, I can only give my accounts based on the lessons I experienced during the time I reflect on. A complete Memoir won't happen  for a while. Lol.

KC: What’s next for you?

JL: I’m always thinking of what’s next. In fact, my mother tells me all the time “that’s your problem, you can't live in the here and now because you always on to the next thing!” (lol) She isn’t lying either because I’m working on finishing the first draft of the screenplay to my first self-published book “Confessions of a La Soul Girl”. I also have some sitcoms that I’m developing, a cartoon series as well..So yeah, that’s what's next for me. I’m always thinking of the big picture in life.

KC: Do you believe networking is crucial to being successful in the writing industry? Why? Why not?

JL: You have to network! No matter what industry you are trying to get into or may already be in. For me, I do a lot of networking online since I can't travel as much as I would like to with life and priorities. But yeah, networking keeps you in the know as well as introduces you to people you may need to know. It also helps you stay in the know of what other people are working on. I network on my social media every day whether it’s receiving or sending out DM’s to other authors or reposting or getting my stuff reposted by other people.. Networking is a MUST DO thing!

KC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

JL: 5 years from now, God willing, I'll be in Hollywood, California bringing my dreams and ideas to reality. From my tv shows to my movies, to my sitcoms, I'll be a major player in the game one day, a person worth knowing.

KC: Good for you, Jay. I sincerely wish you the best.
KC: Where do you want to be with your writing in five years?

JL”: In five years, I probably won't be writing books as much because I’ll be on to or maybe I should say elevated into the next phase of my brand  TV/ Movies.

KC: Tell us something that you live by daily, that we can carry with us that should inspire and motivate us to pursue our purpose?

JL: “I believe in mySelf, I Believe in my Dreams, and I believe in my Talents and Abilities” I repeat this in my head all the time just to keep myself motivated and to remind myself that life only gets better.

KC: It's awesome! Great words of encouragement.
KC: I like to incorporate fun and excitement into my blog interviews during the author spotlight segment. This gives readers insight as to who you are as a person. Fun facts are my way of doing so, plus, I get to learn something about you too.


Fun Facts

KC: What is your favorite color?

         JL: Blue is my favorite color.

KC: What is your favorite food?

         JL: Chinese food, I can eat it all day.

KC: Football or basketball?

         JL: basketball

KC: Michael Jordan or Lebron James?

         JL: Jordan, easily!

KC: Thanksgiving or Christmas?

         JL: Thanksgiving, Christmas is becoming too damn expensive! Lol

KC: Books or movies?

         JL: Movies

KC: If you were allowed only one thing with you during the day, what would be the thing you pick?

         JL: My phone, because I’m lost without it! Lol

KC: Breakfast or Lunch?

JL: Lunch

KC: Thanks for Kickin It With KeKe today, Jay. It has been good getting to know you. Much success to you!

Jay Light’s books can be purchased at the retailers listed on the flyer below.   

Until next time Be Inspired, Be Encouraged & Be YOU!

Purple Hugs,
KeKe Chanel

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