Wednesday, September 28, 2016

If All Lives Matter...

Happy Wednesday!!! 

I went to bed last night with a heavy heart. I woke feeling the same way. Then, I logged on to social media and became outraged. Another senseless slaying of someone who looks like me. The only way to release and try to wrap my head around what's happening so blatantly in this coldhearted world is to pen my words. If this offends some of you, take self-inventory. Something is obviously wrong on your part. If you feel my pain, I'll pray for you as you pray for me. One day, we'll all be free. 

If All Lives Matter

I walk in silence but the melanin in my skin  speaks loud and clear; putting my life in harm's way without realizing it. Why? All Lives Matter, right?! Bullshit! Tell that to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who stood for "all lives matter" but was killed by a bullet that begged to differ. Yeah, All Lives DO Matter or SHOULD MATTER, but society got it all fucked up.

When an innocent human being can get murdered for walking down the street, or waiting to pick up a child, or selling CDs, or simply minding their own business, we are in deep trouble. And it's not just the men and women in blue who are mauling us down likes savages. Oh no! We have to be accountable for the actions we produce within our communities. Until then, justice will never prevail.  So quick to say "I am my brother's keeper" yeah, okay! When, one day, can go by without an act of violence committed... Let me leave that alone. Nobody wants to hear the truth! But All Lives Matter, right?!

I cover my children in prayer for fear they will leave our home and never come back because they have brown skin; that they may return traumatized or victimized in some way makes my heart ache. I know things happen, LIFE HAPPENS! But if the color of their skin plays a part in their perception of society or tragic end, don't tell me shit about "I'm sorry for your loss" or "why did you get them go?" We can't keep our children sheltered or locked away. When they do join society, they will surely be eaten alive. 

I pray for my nieces and nephews wondering will they get treated equally hanging out with their friends who don't see color barriers, but another's ignorance open a can of hatred unhealthy for the soul. Prejudice is a taught behavior. If you don't agree, you are apart of the problem. 

I weep for my husband, brothers, Dads, cousins, and friends putting myself in the shoes of countless others who have experienced firsthand the injustice for their fallen loved ones. We, one nation under God, should be ashamed. We should want better, do better, and be better. We should walk in love, show ourselves friendly, and not only when it's convenient. Imagine where we would be if God was like man. If God was one of us, the devil would get his entire life. Wait a minute, he's not too far from that! But All Lives Matter, right?!  

Wake up, people! How long are we going to keep our eyes closed? If we place value on the lives of others the way we place value upon ourselves and the people we love, we wouldn't have to worry about each other. We wouldn't have to wonder if All Lives Matter. We could then worry about how Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are the candidates for the next President of the United States of America. Now ain't that some shit...! 

I hope my thoughts haven't left a bad taste in your mouth. They are after all, my thoughts. May they bring forth wisdom and understanding,  so that our nation can change for the better. It's up to us all to create the change we want to see existing in the world. Are you a part of the change or a part of the problem? 

Until next time, Be Inspired, Be Encouraged, & BE YOU!!!

Purple Hugs,
KeKe Chanel 

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