Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Will It Ever Get Better???

As I sit here watching television in the comforts of my own home, I'm on edge knowing that many of the men and women I love dearly are in a world that doesn't value them at all. Tears well up in my eyes everytime I think about the senseless slayings of my people. Will it ever end? 

We shouldn't only get upset when others maul us down like animals. We should see what's happening and do better. Value ourselves so that "they" can value us too. Be our brothers and our sisters keepers. Become examples for our children, our neighbors, the next generation because if we don't, there will be no generation at all. Global Warming isn't our main threat, it's mankind who doesn't give a damn about climate control. Trigger happy muckerfuckers!!! 

We matter!!! We have always mattered... It's time to stop living in the past, to stop having the "that nigga think he all that" or "they act like they better than me" mentality. Hell, there's enough to go around, but it takes work! It takes determination, dedication, and getting up off our asses. Contrary to belief, no one owes us anything! 

Whatever happened to seeing someone come up (make it in life) and admiring them, being happy for them, and wishing them well. Why not let their success be a reflection of what you will achieve? Let it be the motivation you need to see it exist and know you can do it too. Why not pay it forward so that forward progress can overshadow anything less? Jealousy is Misery's twin! Remember that.

Education is a weapon. Go to school. Listen to the teacher. Do what's right and not what's expected due to the melanin in our skin. Raise the bar. Set a standard. Don't allow circumstances, or the environment from which we live or came from to dim the light God placed inside us all. If we were created in His image, no one, I mean no one, should be able to make us question our importance or our worth in this life. We're all on borrowed time anyway. 

Tell me, what does a "bad dude" look like? I guess for some,  he's a black man walking away with his hands above his head. I guess a father sitting in his car, reading a book, waiting on his daughter to get off the school bus is a threat as well. I'm telling you. We are living in our last days people. It's time to wake the hell up! If we began to love ourselves, there would be no question whether or not we love one another. All the senseless killings among US would cease to exist, daring anyone to infiltrate our community. We would become stronger, wiser, a proud people of cultural genius. After all, our ancestors built the  great country we call "land of the free and home of the brave." 

And you mad that a professional athlete takes a knee during the National Anthem and innocent men and women are killed maliciously?! Really... Get the fuck outta here! 

I dare us to be brave as a people so that we can finally be free as a people. Stop killing each other so that they will stop murdering not just our innocence but also our intelligence. Learn how to communicate verbally to resolve an issue instead of using violence to get our point across. Learn how to take an ass whipping and get up to laugh about it. An ass whooping may hurt a while but a bullet can end a lifespan immediately. Until we do, our people will continue to make headlines and breaking news. But even before one is properly covered, another dead black body is discovered. 

Black Lives Matter doesn't mean that all lives don't matter!! Let me just get that out there so we are clear. It means that our lives have never been valued the way we should. It means that a black man will receive harsher treatment than anyone else because of the color of his skin. It means that "justice for all" hasn't applied to us, EVER! Black Lives Matter is simply saying, "hey, we're here too can't you see us!" It means, "WHAT ABOUT US?!" 

Something has to change! This is too much. God, help us all. Have mercy on us too. 

Until next time, Be Inspired, Be Encouraged, & Be YOU!!! 

Purple Hugs,
KeKe Chanel 

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