Thursday, September 27, 2012

Author Spotlight

Purple hugs and Kisses Souls,

I wanted to start something different for this new season by spotlighting a different Author as I complete one of their books. I will be adding book reviews to my blog so that you all can see what Keke Chanel reads. I have learned of many authors that I didn't know exist since publishing my debut novel and have been invited to be a part of several groups for authors and readers on Facebook, and that as inspired me to share those works with my readers. I believe that stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new is the first sign of personal growth. With that being said, the first Author showcased is TL Gardner and his book Uncle Tommy's Cabin.

TL Gardner was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA where he lives and works today. His love for writing began after the passing of his grandmother when he was 17 years of age. Poetry was his first love and held his attention for many years. He spent several years in the military in the US Army, traveling the world. Growing up in poverty, his young imagination became his only escape and now he is putting that over active imagination to use in his works of fiction.

Rarely do you come across a book that stimulates your mind, drawing you in, in every aspect of the reading experience and I am happy to say that I achieved this while reading TL Gardner's Uncle Tommy's Cabin. The ghostly tale, written so vividly descriptive captured my attention from the first sentence to the very last. Gardner's play of words are like no other. He keeps things interesting with each sentence, building the plot with every paragraph. It kept me on edge and when I found myself too engrossed in this chilling tale wanting to take a break to calm my speeding heart rate, the characters called out to me to finish their journey to the unknown. I experienced several emotions reading this amazing story, hoping that the truth unfolded, revealing Tabatha's lineage. I wanted her, her brother Mike and his girlfriend Darlene to make it out alive after the others didn't have a chance. I won't give any spoilers!

What would have taken me maybe two days of reading lasted only four hours. The book was that engaging. As a reader, I am very impressed, pleased and ready to dive into the second installment of this spooky tale to see what happens next. As a writer, Gardner challenges me to go far and beyond in my writing style, in hopes to produce a work of such magnitude. If you love a great story mixed with chilling twists and turns, this is the one. Beware though, and please don't read while its a storm going on outside. You will surely hear Uncle Tommy, Little Thomas, Mabel, Lady Angela and crazy Raymond coming for you. Job well done Mr. Gardner. You are simply a mastermind when it comes to telling a very detailed, mesmerizing, page-turner of a great story.

Check out more books by TL Gardner of Goodreads and Once you read one of his books, you won't stop until you have completed them all. I am well on my way in doing just that.

Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!

Keke Chanel

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