Monday, December 10, 2012

An excerpt from Deadly in Stilettos:

Arriving at the designated location, Demi slowly walked up the front steps. She watched the cameras carefully before she picked the lock to enter. When the coast was clear, she slipped inside the house.
            The foyer was beautiful, full of bold bright colors that gave the house a livable feel to it. The living area was immaculate. Mrs. Stratton was a perfect housekeeper, Demi thought. Wanting to admire the rest of the home, Demi gathered her focus to the main reason for her visit to the Stratton home in the first place. She did not have long, so she needed to pick up the pace. From her research, she knew that Chauncey was in his study like he did every night before bed.
            Walking upstairs, Demi passed by several closed doors until she reached the study. The door was slightly ajar and dimly lit, so Demi was able to see Chauncey sitting in front of his computer deep in concentration.
            The object Demi held in her hand was hid out of sight. Before she finished her task, Demi would make sure Chauncey saw who she was. She could not wait to see the look on his face when he looked up from his computer and saw her standing in front of him.
            Slowly Demi pushed the door further open. Chauncey looked up from his work. The first things he saw were the shoes. He immediately knew who wore them because he had taken her away to Italy with him one weekend, and bought her that pair of shoes for an anniversary gift.
            That was one of the things he loved about her so long ago when they were together. The first day he saw her sitting in one of his classes at Princeton, he noticed her shoes first. He confessed that fact to Demi after they began dating. He told her that they were always beautiful, sexy and unique, and he would later find out how expensive they cost. Deminis Bradshaw was a woman with many interests and having beautiful shoes was the greatest of them.
            Demi smiled. She was still a beautiful woman, he thought. They did not make small talk, or acknowledge each other. Before Chauncey knew what was happening, Demi pulled something from behind her putting it up to her mouth. She blew, causing the object to soar through the room to him. Before Chauncey blinked his eyes, the sharp pin like blade went straight through his neck hitting the main artery. His body fell backwards from his chair, landing on the hard-wood floor.
            The ninja “Blowgun” weapon was a great choice. It got the job done leaving no bloody mess to deal with. The sharp edge hit its’ target every time Demi found out before purchasing, but now knew personally it was definitely true. “Perfect choice”, Demi replied, smiling, turning around walking out of the study. The long black all-weather trench coat made her look like a Ninja when she moved swiftly to the front door.  
            Carefully leaving the Stratton residence, Demi looked around before walking down the steps, just in case the cameras got a glimpse of her. With the dimness of the lights and darkness of her coat, it would be hard for anyone to make out who she was. She hoped the brightness of her shoes was not detected.
            Returning to the loft, Demi took a shower, and slept until it was time to go back to the airport to catch her flight the next morning.
            When morning came, Demi repacked her clothing, put her shoes in their bag, and left without any trace of her having ever been there. Chauncey Stratton’s name was now checked off her list and there were only three more left. The next three would take more than a few days to complete, so Demi had to remain focused. No distractions of any kind would be tolerated. 

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