Monday, December 10, 2012

An Excerpt from Deadly in Stilettos:

“I see you are up.” The voice startled him, but Greg knew who it was. “Demi just called me. We are meeting for dinner. Maybe I will just tie her up and bring her here to keep you company. What do you think?” Laurel leaned down in front of his face, touching his lips biting them. 
            Greg hated Laurel for the game she was playing. And to think Demi was worried about her, wanting to protect her. Now he was not so sure that her parents were the bad ones. From her actions, Laurel was more crazy and psychotic than anyone else he knew, even Anya. He would tell Demi first chance he got.
            “If you do anything to hurt her, I will make sure you suffer!” Greg’s voice was strong, powerful, but Laurel wasn’t fazed by it. He was tied up. What harm could he do to her?
“Is that a threat Mr. Detective?”
“No Laurel. You can bet your ass, that is a promise!”           
            Laurel felt a chill down her spine hearing the words come from Greg’s mouth, realizing for the first time he meant every word spoken. Why she couldn’t have someone to fight for her like that, Laurel wondered. Suddenly, her plan to keep Demi all to herself did not seem to be the best idea she had ever came up with.  She wondered if she should just let Greg go. The voice in her head told her to stop thinking silly thoughts. She shook the thought away.
            No way! Laurel thought. He was a cop. She would be thrown in jail for kidnapping an officer of the law. Laurel had to pull herself together, think about what she would do next. Demi had to believe he left and went back to wherever he was from, so that Laurel could be there to comfort her. If she felt betrayed by Greg, Demi would not try to contact him again. Laurel would get away with her plan. “Great idea,” Laurel said to herself smiling slyly. Greg had a great look of disgust on his face when she turned to look at him.
            It saddened her to have to kill him, but no one would listen to her when she needed them too. Now was too late. Her parents were trying to kill her, but she did not tell the entire truth as to why. Laurel wanted each of them dead just as much as they wanted her to be. If only they would have given her the family business without putting up a fight. She would not have to resort to such evil acts. They would suffer and she would get everything in the end, Laurel beamed.
            Greg watched Laurel and the big smirk that suddenly appeared on her face. What was she up to? Greg wondered. The look in her eyes told him Demi was in danger.
            Noticing Greg’s concern, Laurel touched his hands. “Do not worry about Demi. I promise that I will take real good care of her. Once you are out of the picture. She will never want to have anything else to do with you once I am done filling her pretty little head with lies. I cannot wait to taste both sets of her lips. You will never have her!”
            Greg tried to free himself. He used all of his strength, but fail. If he could have gotten his hands on Laurel, she would be greatly sorry. Pure evil, Greg thought watching Laurel walk out of the shed.
Before she left for her dinner date with Demi, Laurel came back with two bottles of water, and two sandwiches. Putting the items in Greg’s lap, Laurel winked and then walked out the door. He heard it being locked. Then there was only silence.
            Judging from the amount of light shining through the tiny window, Greg estimated it was just after seven o’clock in the evening. It would be complete darkness soon, so he had to work quickly. Greg took one bottle of water and drenched the rope tied around his hands. He drank the other. The sandwiches smelled sour. He did not even bother eating them, although his stomach ached from hunger. Even though he would need every ounce of strength he had, eating spoiled food was not the way to go. That would only do more damage.  
            When the rope was wet enough, Greg moved back and forth until the rope loosened, releasing one of his hands. Quickly untying the other one, he bent down to untie his feet. Greg pulled out his cell phone calling Demi. It went straight to voicemail. Greg cursed. He had to get to her to warn her about Laurel. As Greg walked near the entrance of the shed, he heard voices coming closer. “She said to keep him alive, but make sure he suffers,” one of the voices said. Greg hid out of sight.
            The men walked into the dark room searching for a light. Before they knew what was happening, Greg jumped out hitting both of them so hard they went out cold. All the years of martial arts training was finally paying off, he thought, thankful that his mother never let him quit.
            Carefully looking around the wooded area, Greg realized that he had been right all along. He was in the back of the Cordwright’s home. He was only feet away from their pool and guesthouse. How could he have been there the entire time and no one  knew it was beyond him. Now Greg was on the lookout for more men hired by Laurel to keep him from getting away. Making his way across the yard was easy until he saw three huge shadows coming toward his direction. “Not again,” Greg groaned. He was not a violent man, and he hated fighting. But if fighting would save his life and bring him back to Demi he would kick as much ass as he had too.
            Greg got on the ground waiting. He felt around trying to find something to use as a weapon. The only thing he found was a small branch from the tree above him. “This will have to do,” Greg whined. The men got closer and closer. Greg launched at the first one. The man fell to the ground. Greg used the stick to defeat his opponent. His movements were quick and accurate, hitting the man repeatedly until he was out cold.
            The next man gave a good fight. He moved swiftly, landing a few good punches into Greg’s side. Stumbling, Greg regained his footing, and went at the man with all he could. Several punches, kicks and grabs later, his next opponent lay on the ground with his partner, out cold.
            The final man was bigger and much stronger than the other two. Greg being a muscular and tall man himself was no match for the HULK HOGAN built frame standing in front of him. Greg moved, blocking the punches from causing him major bodily harm. The Hulk, as Greg nicknamed the man, was quick for his size, but his breathing told Greg he was getting tired.
            Still moving fast as he could, Greg did a quick turn, kicking Hulk in the back of the leg. The bone immediately broke. The Hulk fell down hard. Greg kicked him in the ribs crushing several. The Hulk wailed in pain.
            Greg did not look back as he ran as fast as his feet could carry him, jumped the gate, and went in the direction of the city. The fact that he had not had any food for the last two days did not slow him down. The love of his life was in danger. He was determined to get to her before Laurel did anything to hurt her. The anger Greg felt toward Laurel was undeniable. He could easily kill her when he saw her, but thought better of it. He was a cop. He was supposed to protect and save, not destroy and kill.
            The light of a car coming behind him brought Greg back to reality. The car got closer and closer. Greg knew it had increased speed. He jumped off the side of the road into a massive ditch.
            Covered in mud from head to toe, he leaned against the side of the ditch. Someone got out of the car looking down at him. The mud shielded him from being seen. Then he heard Laurels’ voice say, “He is probably dead. Send some men down there to check. Let’s go!”
            Greg was even more furious. That bitch had tied him up, starved him, sent men to hurt him, and now tried to kill him. She would definitely regret that move. He stood still as he could until she was gone. He climbed out of the ditch but kept to the side of the road out of sight. Greg was getting tired. He took out his phone and dialed one of his contacts. “I need you to come get me. Use my phone to track my location. I also need you to send someone to the Plaza Hotel to warn Demi. She is in great danger.”
            The person on the other side of the phone did as directed. Within minutes Greg was in a car, with some food and water, on his way to save his woman. It was good because just as Greg turned to look behind, he saw a dozen or so men go down into the ditch searching for him. No doubt, he would be dead at that very moment if his contact had not picked up his phone when he called.

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