Monday, February 13, 2012

I haven’t written any stories in a while, so I decided what better day then today. Hopefully you get inspired to create your own story with your Sweetheart not just on today but any and every day you feel the urge. Be creative, open-minded and willing to go above and beyond to pleasure your mate. Step out of your comfort zone and try something fun and new. With that being said, I hope you enjoy.

“Pleasure’s Seduction”

They gazed into each other’s eyes, admiring the love they saw starting back at them. Their hearts pounded rapidly, creating a perfect rhythm. They were ready to make music, their song, perfect lyrics, never to be duplicated. Love and lust filled the air, igniting a passion so electrifying. Neither of them could wait any longer to ravish the other. She slowly walked over to him undressing him with her eyes. She wanted to suck his dick like she was angry with it, ride him like thunder passing lightening, fucking him senseless. Taking his hand with hers, she pulled him closer into her. He intertwined their fingers, locking them into position. Holding hands was one of his ways of letting her know he was all hers, eternally. Licking her lips, she caressed his chest, kissed his neck, gripped his ass, and began to remove his clothing. He sighed, trying to stay composed but his dick betrayed him becoming harder than Chinese arithmetic.

Slowly she eased every piece of his clothing from his rock hard body, taking him all in. “Damn” she said leaning back to get a better look at her prized piece of art. Her eyes rested on the well-built equipment between his thighs she knew just how to operate desiring to feel it’s hard thrusts penetrate her blooming flower. It saluted her, standing at full attention, only for her. When she finally had him just the way she wanted him, butt naked, she sled down the length of his body, stopping right in front of her tootsie pop. Tonight she would know exactly how many licks it took to get to the center. Starting at the tip, giving soft kisses, she made sure to look up at him. She loved to look into his eyes when she sucked him. He gently caressed her hair, working his fingers massaging her scalp. With each kiss, she took more of him inside her mouth, making each lick wetter than before. He moaned from pleasure, gripping her hair a little tighter.

As she began to deep throat him, she made sure to keep her lips over her teeth. She didn’t want to ruin the moment as she once had before she became a pro at her skills. Giving head was like art. But the more practice, the more perfect. Now, she knew all the right things to do, how and when to do them, which he loved. Sucking him slow at first and then adding more speed to her tempo, she played with his jewels making sure they weren’t left out of all the fun. He nearly fell as she used her tongue to lick, suck, kiss and take him back into her mouth. The more she relaxed her jaws, the more of him she eased down her throat. Twirling her tongue around in circles, she worked him. Just when she felt thumping from his shaft, she got faster, gripped tighter, using her hand to make circles as she played with his ball sac. Feeling his release, she made sure to not spill a drop. She sucked him dry. She stared intently into his gaze, licking her lips when she was done. He was more in love with her than ever before. “Tastes like pineapples”, she said smiling.

She pushed him back into the bed, straddling him. Gently she eased down the length of his dick, covering it with her wetness. With each movement, he opened her pussy, fitting her like the perfect glove. They were simply made for each other. When she was able to take all of him, she found her pace, moving like a stripper at center stage, all eyes on her. It was show time! The more she got comfortable, the more she grinded, twisted, bounced, slid up and down. He gripped her ass, holding on to her, guiding her. Just when he was about to hold her hips in place, she flipped the script on him. Doing a 360 degree turn on his dick, she began riding him backwards. By the time he knew what was happening, she was on her tiptoes working his dick like a full-time job. Looking back over her shoulder, she watched him trying to keep his composure and that only fueled her desire to make him call out her name. She pumped harder, faster, doing circular movements, figure eights. If fucking was a sport, she would have been competing in the Olympics about to win a gold medal for her country.

When he came, he quickly flipped her over, working her pussy so good, she slapped his ass, cursed him, loving the way he was able to make her talk dirty to him. She came long, hard, soaking the sheets underneath them. Just when she thought she was done, she came again and again. She loved the way he was always able to hit all the right spots, making her cum multiple times. There was nothing like a lover who had all the right tools but also knew how to use them. Anything else was a waste of time. They lie there in each other’s arms kissing tenderly. Pleasure radiated between them. The passion so intense, neither of them was able to say a word. Instead they drifted off into a deep slumber.  When they woke in the middle of the night and the next morning, they did it all over again, each mumbling to the other “Happy Valentine’s Day”!   

The morale of the story is: “Be the best lover you can be. Please your partner with an award-winning performance each and every time! Release your inner-freak and see just how much fun, excitement, passion and desire you get in return. Sex is beautiful and supposed to be GREAT!!”

Keke Chanel

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