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“Everyone who has children, are not PARENTS!”

This is a very touchy subject but I am just outraged at a story I heard about on the news. It’s sad that when women become mothers, they don’t really fully understand that life as you knew it changes completely. Once a child is birthed into this world, and you decide to take on the responsibility and obligations of a parent, your needs are placed on the backburner. Your child should always come first, right after God. Now many years ago women fought to have equal rights, so there is no excuse for such careless behavior. Although I don’t believe in abortion, I still believe that it is a woman’s choice. As I say, some women are not meant to be mothers. If this comment offends anyone, “sorry” but the truth usually does. Now, we are all adults here. Before you can even enter the blog, I put an advisory that there is content strictly for rational and mature individuals only. With that being said, if you still clicked on the button and are now reading this post, you made the choice to be classified as such. But I will give you a pass. (Stop reading now if you are feeling convicted, guilty, offended or less than a good mother)


Okay, moving right along. For those of us who are mothers, we should know that when we put ourselves in a compromising, sexual situation, that we run the risk of becoming pregnant. Once we missed our periods, dealt with morning, night, or all-damn-day sickness, felt flutters in our bellies, saw changes in our skin, and so on. We still had the choice in whether or not we wanted to become a parent. Even after the little bundle of joy was born, we still had a choice. Adoption is always an option. There are several women/men in this big crazy world who desire to have children and cannot. Just because a child doesn’t possess your DNA, doesn’t mean that he/she isn’t your flesh and blood. There are loving, wonderful people, who are looking for children every day. Keep that in mind for future reference to share with someone or for yourself. Don’t judge or put down on the women and men who chose your child over themselves, who decided adoption was the best way to go. You never know someone’s situations, so don’t act like you do. Sure no one is perfect, but these two young women just make my ASS ITCH!!!

The story goes: Two young females (mothers), who just so happened to be black-American, decide to go out to the club one cold winter’s night. Apparently they didn’t have a babysitter or didn’t care to find one, so they put themselves first. Well, one was the mother or an 18 month old, and the other the mother of a 24 month old. Anyway, these two trifling individuals got all dressed up, goes to the club. Before they did so, they realized that the house was a bit cold and leaves the eyes on the stove burning. Needless to say, before they went out they had children, when the police found them partying, we didn’t. (Thinking they were doing the right thing for their babies)Those two innocent babies were killed that night. The mobile home caught afire and they were burned, along with everything else in it. I am sure God allowed them to die in their sleep so they didn’t suffer from agony being burned to death.  But many people still question or blame God for something so tragic. Not everything is caused by God. We have to learn to take full responsibility of our actions. Don’t be too quick to blame someone when you play the leading role in your destruction.

I am sure that missing the club one night wouldn’t have killed their stupid asses, but I guess they will be missing more than that now. Both are in prison right now. If you ask me, they shouldn’t get out any time soon. This won’t bring their children back, but do we really want people who would do such carelessness living among us? I won’t judge them. It isn’t my job nor do I want to. I’m merely saying that we should think about our actions before we cause something so terrible that we cannot get out of or passed. My heart does go out to those young women. I pray that I don’t ever have to experience losing a child. I pray even harder so that my stupidity isn’t the reason behind anything foolish. I know they think about this every day, all day and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. But, those babies were deprived of life. A life they could have grown up to be anything they decided to be, a life of fun and excitement, with unlimited opportunity. They are simply gone too soon! Their mothers’ are in their twenties, so four young lives have been lost.

We see stories similar each and every day. We wonder what was going through the minds of the people who they happen to. We say want we would or wouldn’t do, but we never know for sure. All I’m trying to get each of you to see is that life happens. The choices we make are crucial, essential and can be detrimental to the way it all pans out. Be smart. Once you become mothers/fathers, decide to become parents instead. Your children deserve all of you. They deserve to have guardians who will make sure they are taken care of until they are able to take care of themselves. The power of love is amazing! Show and give love as you would have it shown and given to you.

I understand that we all need fun and a chance to get away, but when is enough, enough? I don’t knock the club or anyone who enjoy going out having a nice time, but once you have children the club shouldn’t be that important or even a priority. I do have a problem with people over the age of thirty who just have to be in the club every time the doors open. There are more things to do with your damn time. (And apparently what you have been searching for isn’t there if you haven’t found it yet.) Sure going every once in a while is acceptable, but come on now!  If you just have to be up in the club all the damn time, there is something seriously wrong in your life. You should take the time out now to reevaluate your life. Seriously!  But who am I to say when and where people should or shouldn’t go?

Well, being a responsible adult comes with sacrifice, especially when you become a parent. That doesn’t mean you should be bored, not go out with friends or have a good time away from home, but there are so many countless other ways to do so. Just choose wisely. The decisions we make will follow us all the days of our lives. Think about that the next time you make a decision. You may not agree or see it now, but you will as your children grow older and wiser and began asking questions. Trust me, they will! Be the person you want them to grow up to become, admire and be proud of. Whether you believe it or not, someone is always watching and listening. We all have to leave this world and when we do, wouldn’t you want to hear the voice of God say “Well done?” Or maybe you want to spend eternity in turmoil, being punished for those things. At the end of the day it’s your life and how you live it is solely up to you. The choice is yours! (This topic is now open for discussion)

Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged, be blessed and be the best you that you can be!!!

Keke Chanel

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