Sunday, February 12, 2012

WE WILL MISS YOU!!! R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Another great part of our history has gone away. She was such a light. Her voice will continue to touch and inspire us forever. It’s sad that there are so many heartless individuals in the world who feels the need to broadcast her flaws, as we all possess, but I guess that’s just life. Those same people are probably dealing with or trying to shield their own flaws from others, so they showcase and feed off someone else’s. They fail to realize that we are human, flaws exist and despite them all, we are all children of God. God created us all in his image. With that being said, be careful how you treat people. Everything that God create was good, it is stupidity, insecurity, hatred, ignorance, prejudice, jealousy and many other sad character flaws that turn God’s greatness into something bad. I dare you to live in compassion and love, the two characteristics of Jesus. We wouldn’t have energy for anything negative if we would.  

Whitney Houston died at the age 48. I still cannot wrap my head around it, but she has done something we all must face some day. “To be absent from the body is to be present with God.” So in a way, I envy her. Now, I still have many things that I wish to accomplish in my lifetime, so I pray that God doesn’t need me just yet. But when my times come, I pray that I have all in order to live eternally in His kingdom. My heart and prayers do go out to her daughter, mother, brother, other relatives, loved ones, friends and fans. Cherish all the memories you have of her. Seal her in your heart and she will dwell there forever. Don’t allow negativity to cloud the image you have of her. The media will try and expose darkness she encountered and it’s sad that people feel the need to do so, but don’t entertain it. Although she went through troubled times, don’t focus of those times. We all go through things in life that we are not proud of or prepared for. For those who don’t think it can or will happen, think again!

I know that the public want to know what happened but please respect her family. Think about her daughter and mother. What if you were in their shoes? Would you want everyone trying to question you or see negative images of your loved one each time you turned around? Is it fair that just because she was blessed with such great talent, that her personal life constantly be exposed, depicted, forever in the limelight? Contrary to many people’s belief, stars deserve privacy too. When they are not performing or entertaining us with their talents, their home life shouldn’t be reflected on. If they so choose to do so, then that should be solely their choice.

One of my all-time favorite Whitney songs will forever be “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”. I love, love, love that song. To this day each time I hear it, I tear up. Call me sentimental but it is what it is! As many people tweeted, her rendition of the national anthem cannot be touched by anyone, EVER! (And you can quote me on that) Priceless!

Many people are trying to say that her ex-husband, Bobby Brown, had a lot to do with certain things in her life, but that’s just not fair. We cannot help who we fall in love with and she fell in love with him. She chose him, so he must have done something right to make her happy. They loved hard, fought hard and who are we to question such love? Although people can play a role in our decisions, it is ultimately up to us to what choice we make in the end. My heart goes out to Bobby. He loved her, share a daughter with her and I know this shocking news plagues his heart. No one knows his pain. No one will ever know. It isn’t for us to understand anyway. Other people’s grief isn’t something we can understand. Until we walk in their shoes, stop assuming. We all know what happens when we assume right? If you don’t, allow me to share. “When you ASSume, you make an ASS out of you!! Stop saying “I’m so sorry for your lost”, instead say “I’m so glad you got to have as much time as you had with them” or “You got a chance to know true love and you should cherish that forever.” Sometimes it’s the choice of words we say that can make a big difference in someone’s grief. The right words can help them smile again through the pain. Think about it the next time you encounter someone who has lost someone close to them.

We are losing our legends, our great performers and entertainers rapidly. Why is it that we don’t think about life without them? Up until yesterday, I didn’t think about Whitney Houston passing on. I didn’t think about life without her existing, maybe because I didn’t know her personally, but it never crossed my mind. I do think about losing the people closest to me. Recently my family lost someone special to us, and that still feels like a dream. Even though I attended the service, it still doesn’t feel real. I can imagine Whitney’s loved ones probably feeling and thinking the same way.

I guess Whitney can now make masterpieces with Luther, Michael, Etta, Ray Charles, Aaliyah, Teddy, Marvin and all the other musical greats. Lefteye and Heavy D can rap a few verses for them, while Don Cornelius gives them some Love, Peace and Soul. I can only imagine the soul train line.  What a party that will be. Her music will live one forever.

Just remember to be sympathetic, think about other’s feeling, be compassionate, and put yourself in their shoes before you decide to judge or speak harshly about them. You will become a better person from it. Don’t focus of negativity. Uplift, inspire, motivate, encourage and help someone instead of turning your back or putting down on them. God sees and knows all things. Although you can get over on someone else, you cannot get over on Him. Remember that for everything God made, the enemy has a counterfeit to throw you off course. Be wise, make wise decisions and think before you react. Pray for others before you pray for yourself!

Whitney, we love you. You will be missed but remembered always for your greatness, your smile and ability to change someone’s mood through your music. Enjoy your time listening to Jesus told jokes!

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