Sunday, March 25, 2012


“Is there a price for FREEDOM?”

This world we call “land of the free” is getting more and more costly every single day, and sadly some people more than others. Lives are being taking without just cause, innocently, and nothing is being remotely done about it. Whether it’s the price you pay because of the color of your skin, the level of education you have and who you know, there is always a ransom set to be rendered at the end of each transaction toward equality. No one is exempt, not even the innocence of our children! When the repo man comes, he will leave with anything he can attach himself with. Nothing is left unharmed. The body, mind, determination, loyalty, and ultimately soul will be tested and pushed over the limit, beyond the breaking point, allowing the power of evil to disease our spirits. Equality, according to Webster is: the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability. Will there ever be such existence? And just for how long will it last?

One would think that it being the year 2012, centuries from discrimination, segregation, sexism, racism, or any form of inequality, that we wouldn’t encounter the harsh reality of prejudice, but sadly, we see and hear about more hate and violence than love and compassion towards one another. Having compassion is the greatness gift one can be blessed with, but many individuals refuse to acknowledge such amazing characteristic! We are too busy putting down on, gossiping, and discouraging each other than the opposite. One would think that because we all possess equal rights, or so we have been lead to believe, this sort of illness would seize to exist as much as it does, but the world we live in and love so much is slowly enraging an epidemic that will eventually cause our extinction. It is up to us, the people of this potentially great world, to change the outcome of our unpredictable future. Sadly now, we still face something thought to be put to rest, buried with Jim Crow! Hate!

We turn on our televisions, radios, and computers to shocking headlines such as “hate crimes” or “racial profiling” cases. My sister and I were having a discussion the other day and someone she knew asked the million dollar question, “why does everything always have to be about race?” Great question! When someone finds the answer that proves otherwise, please let America know. The seven deadly sins are plaguing this country, our society, making them deadlier than ever. Envy, greed, pride, lust, gluttony, sloth and wrath rule this world, fueling the eighth, called hatred and not just between different cultures, ethnicities, but among races as well. So it’s not just solely between black and white. There are too many crimes, murders, between our own that I care to mention, but until the individuals who take part in such madness, want to do and know better, we will continue to see mothers crying, our brothers behind bars, our sisters scared to walk home from the bus stop, and filling up cemeteries.

Wake up people!! Stop blaming everyone else and start first with self. Ask the question, “what am I doing to help instead of hurt society?” “Can my actions be better in the decisions I make?” “Am I a negative or positive person?” “Do I truly love myself?” “Am I willing to show compassion towards others?” “Do you see but remain blind?” If we show that we won’t tolerate being bullied, made to be afraid of, or simply chose to turn our heads, all the ones committing such violent acts will think twice and eventually stop behaving like animals. And even animals use common sense. You don’t hear or see a giraffe attacking a lion. It is understood that it is the “king of the jungle”; therefore its’ very presence demands and commands respect. As human beings, it is up to us to show and make understood to the weak links in our chain called society that they are not tolerated and shall not be accepted. No matter the color of their skin, level of education, who they know or don’t know, and any other method to form separation or inequality, it won’t be allowed! Then and only then will we see justice served, laws abided by and love among all mankind. Dr. King’s dream will truly exist, and our nation will be able to truly live up to its name “land of the free and home of the brave!” Our constitution will reign true. “One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all”, will finally not just be words written on paper, but unquestionably be our countries’ unbreakable bond, plague of allegiance, against anyone who is willing to say differently. This time we live in is crucial. We are obligated as American’s to show better of ourselves. After all, it’s our very lives that depend on it. Start today toward a brighter and better tomorrow if granted. Living in the moment has sentimental value, but will cause you to live a limitless life in the end! You be the judge…

Until next time, Be inspired, be encouraged, and be you!

Keke Chanel

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