Tuesday, March 20, 2012


“This Justice System Sucks…!”

I am pissed off! What has this world really come to? Is there even such a thing called “justice”? I know most of you have heard about the 17 year old boy, Trayvon Martin, who was blatantly killed a few weeks ago. They call it being in the wrong place, at the wrong, but is this the case? Trayvon was visiting relatives in Florida, who lived in a gated community, in a predominately white neighborhood. A person in charge of the neighborhood watch shot Trayvon after calling the police saying that he looked “up to no good and suspicious”. Informing the dispatcher that he was in pursuit of the young man, he was told to stop following him and wait until a law enforcement agent showed up.

As the story unfolds, new information is turning up and only making the tragic event worse. More people are getting involved to get justice for the unnecessary crime. What I don’t understand is how the guy is still not charged after the 911 call clearly provides substantial evidence that Trayvon wasn’t a threat, but the victim of racial profiling? His screams were heard and then a single gunshot. Another young life taken too soon by someone because of the color of his skin, and nothing seems to be done about it. The guy claims that it was an act of self-defense. BULLSHIT!!!!

Now correct me if I’m wrong but, if someone is a threat to someone, would they be screaming “HELP” from the top of their lungs, trying to bring attention to the situation? If someone was up to no good, wouldn’t they be armed with something to do harm to anyone who got in their way? The only thing found of Trayvon was a pack of skittles and a can of tea for his younger brother. Now, I am not a genius but damn that doesn’t fit to me!

I’m sure Trayvon isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last to become a victim of such madness, but something should be done about this. If you ask me, something should have been done way before now and nothing is being done at all. This man is walking around while a mother and father is burying their son. I hate to say it but let me just be clear on this, had Trayvon been white, walking in a black neighborhood, the worst thing that would have possibly happened to him was getting beat up, if anything at all. In black neighborhoods, we talk to each other and so when relatives come for a visit, everyone will know it. We are just nosy like that and in times like these, is that such a bad thing?

I have been watching the news, reading emails and on twitter for the last few days and I am glad that “our people” are prone to getting into one another’s business because the story of Trayvon is making noise in the community and so something will get done about his untimely death. Celebrities are getting involved and this is huge for his family. The more talk about this, the more pressure on the authorities to see justice prevail.

I pray for Trayvon’s family. I want them to know that they are not alone and that even though the justice system is wicked, simply injustice when it matters most, God has the final say, and it will be okay! If a woman can kill her own three year old daughter and not get convicted of the crime, a man can put his son in the dryer just to scare him a bit, and not have protective services all over them, then when will there be justice? The people who really need justice on their sides are left trying to figure it out, or stay alive until something extreme happens before anyone gets involved.

Skittles vs. Gun, tell me which one is the threat!

This story is disturbing, devastating and all the other words pertaining to two. Are our children safe? Can we let them go places and not have to worry about them being falsely accused or worse, when there are at least a million other things we already worry about? When will the color of someone’s skin not come into play in this cruel world? We were all created in God’s image, so then we are all created equal. Can someone please share this bit of significant information with all the racist, sexist, ignorant people who only take up space and energy in this world! Grow the hell up and stop treating people with cruelty simply because you don’t like the color of their skin, sex, religion, where they’re from, how much money they make and other senseless garbage. Nine times out of ten, those who treat others as such probably are not happy with themselves or their situation. (Change it! Do something about it!)

People should get to know the people who live in their neighborhood, so this type of crime doesn’t happen again. And if you see something that doesn’t look normal, speak up and out about it before someone innocent gets hurt. Even if you are afraid to, at least call the police and get them to listen to you. Be firm, urgent! I firmly believe that if the neighbors who heard all the commotion or saw the guy following Trayvon, or even known his relatives, this would have turned out differently. If the woman on the phone with 911 listening to the loud cries for help from Trayvon or would have just stuck her head outside her door, it could have deterred the man from shooting him. But, now I guess we will never know for sure, right. My hearts weeps because this shouldn’t have happened.

“Rest In Peace Trayvon, and know that your name will live on forever. Even though you are gone too soon, you will change the face of the justice system in this country. God needed you more!”

“A cry for help is simply that! Don’t ignore it. Someone’s life may depend on your decision to take notice or turn away, in fear of what might happen to you or how other’s will treat or look at you. Make a difference in life, not just live in it. This type of injustice has gone on far too long and has to stop. Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!

Keke Chanel

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