Saturday, March 31, 2012

Things We Shouldn't Do....

“True Friends Don’t let Friends Dress drunk, in the DARK”

Okay Ladies, well, I won’t just say ladies because men are also guilty of such insanity, so this goes out to the fellas too. I know we all have friends or know people who take the fashion industry way too seriously, to a whole new level. Now, I am a huge fan of fashion, the latest trends, being bold, confident, but some take this extremely too far. Not all trends are for everybody. Having an individual style is always a nice gesture, until it is taken far beyond the point of no return. It helps one define their personality or stand out from others. It boosts self-esteem, helps give the extra push to go after a new job, approach a certain guy/girl, build up the nerve to do something not in their comfort zone, think outside the box, and many other motivations. But when is this too much? Should friends just sit back and allow each other to make complete fools or spectacles of themselves? Besides, true friends should be able to step up and say something, if this type of thing happens among each other. Don’t let your “friend” “home-girl” “boy” “partna” “BFF” or so forth, go out in public dressed like a porn star on crack, a pig in a blanket or looking like the good year blimp, when they don’t have to do so. If you are a size 16, buy that size and not a size 6, trying to squeeze into it. That shit is not cute in the least!  Trust me, no one, I mean absolutely no one, wants to see the five food groups stuffed in clothing.

Cottage cheese and bare legs are like oil and water, they simply don’t mix. If you are shaped like an eggplant, you should steer clear from skinny leg jeans. A cabbage, shouldn’t dress anywhere remotely close to an apple or pear. Put your size cantaloupes in a size large top and not a small that clearly fits a pair of walnuts. If your stomach looks like burnt toast, hangs like tomatoes on a vine, cover it the hell up. Back fat that resembles two cows fighting in a hen house, should never, ever, put on a cat suit. The more I think of that image in my head, the more I stand firm on my being against it. Do the complete opposite of Nike and just don’t do it. If your toes hang over your shoes like a pair of chicken feet, don’t wear your feet out, like Diddy said, “That shit scares me”. And make sure you are able to walk in the six inch stilettos that look so amazing in the stores before wearing them out in public. It’s a very sad thing to see a pair of shoes kicking someone’s ass as they try to fight back unsuccessfully. At least try to practice at home that way when you do walk in them, you can. There is nothing like seeing a confident person, stepping lively in a nice looking pair of shoes. And if you have more dents and bumps on your ass, don’t wear tights without a shirt long enough to cover it up!

I recently attended a concert and was like “WHOA”! I saw so much “unwanted to see” ass, legs, tits and everything in between. I was like, “Do people really do this?” “Is this real?” “Are my eyes playing tricks on me?” The freaks don’t just come out at night, they come out at concerts! There were more side shows than the actual circus. I saw a set of twins, who didn’t look related at all, dressed like their stomachs attacked their asses, fell on their feet and then tried to do a lap-dance on their heads. Yeah, don’t try to figure it out, it was that bad! Some things just shouldn’t ever be done and definitely not repeated. Who does that? If you are over the age of eight, there is no reason to dress in the exact same outfit, from head to toe, as your best friend. I don’t care if you are a twin or not, that shit is so played out! I saw a guy dressed like he wanted to take a walk on the dark side, but got confused by the Easter Bunny. There was a woman wearing a pair of thigh-high, silver-glitter, metallic boots, looking stupid as hell, like uncooked spaghetti. She was dressed in watermelon sized clothing, when she was the size of a lemon. Her dress was nice but too big on her. It made her look sickly. It’s really okay to wear your size when you are petite. Trust me no one is going to get mad at you.

There were a lot of women there dressed like sluts, leaving nothing to the imagination. There was more Camel-toe than in the desert. Some wore light clothing, tight and revealing their thongs, and a few didn’t care to wear any underwear at all. I hate having or seeing a panty line too, but if you can see the thin fabric through the clothing and you are not up next at the strip club, you are doing too much!  Crack kills, is all I will say about that because when you sit down and your ass gets all the attention, your pants are too damn little! Contrary to belief, men do want to imagine, not just see everything at first glance. The way someone dress, does say a lot about them whether we want to believe that or not. Not saying every person who dresses revealing is easy, or a tramp, but more than likely it’s true.  Just like women who dress like men and men who dress like women, the message is loud and clear. There is nothing wrong with it, if it’s your personal preference, just make sure you dress accordingly, appropriately, and amazingly when you put on your clothing. There is always something fashionable that will fit your personal style. Remember that being sexy isn’t about the tightest pair of jeans, the shortest dress or skirt, or the amount of skin shown, it’s about being confident, having high self-esteem and knowing your self-worth. No one remembers the person who dresses half-naked, but instead, the person who dresses sexy, covered and confident. She will be the one everyone admires, envies or asks “where did you get those shoes” or even compliment her on just how nicely she looks. She will eventually take the world by storm!   

I don’t pride myself as being the best shaped or looking person, but I do clean up nicely, and try to wear or have a certain style that compliments ME. If I don’t like the way I look when I look at myself in the mirror, I know that the public won’t like it either. If I feel sexy and confident to myself, then I don’t care what everyone may have to say, but don’t be too quick to disregard the comments from others. Those comments can possibly keep you from a life of being ridiculed, embarrassed or placed into a certain category. Don’t let your friends wear clothing that you know looks horrible, degrading or downright ridiculous. It does matter what you think of them and what they think of you. Friends care about each other and won’t intentionally hurt them or allow them to hurt themselves. If you have friends who won’t tell you the truth, you should seriously consider getting a new set. “You can do badly all by yourself!” No one wants to be left out. This world is crazy enough. Don’t add attention to the stress you already have by dressing like someone you’re not or who you shouldn’t have to. Enjoy life and all the many joys it has to offer! Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!!!  

Keke Chanel

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