Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's A New Year...Make it a New You!!!

Happy 2013

I cannot believe we are already in day 2 of a new year. Wow, the statement remains true “time sure passes fast when you having fun” because yesterday I celebrated being blessed to see another year, as well as another birthday. Yesterday Keke Chanel turned 35 years old young and it was truly one of the best birthdays to date. It started in church and ended lying next to my amazing husband. What more could I ask for? One that I will remember forever…

You know we often look at birthdays as a sign of getting old, losing ourselves, falling into a wave of depression, especially during the holiday season, but I look at it totally different. Instead of being sad, seeing the negative, I always look at the positive, in every area of life. Someone wasn’t blessed to see yesterday, even see 35 years of life, so why should I not treasure each moment? It’s sad that more people are turning smiles upside down on life, rather than shining bright like a diamond or star. Which shines brightest? The diamond or the star, in the end it truly doesn’t matter as long as you shine.

I want to challenge each of you this year. Well, it’s really not a challenge, yet a decision you either want to do or not. Starting today and feel free to reflect on yesterday if you like, to write down at least one thing that happened that brought you “joy” each day of this year. And then, if we are blessed to see another year, we can all share some of those things with each other. I already have about a hundred and this is only the second day of the year. I am in a “happy place”. Yes, life is good! But God is greater! Don’t take the small things for granted either, those could possibly be the best things in life.

So, make this year, 2013, the start of the rest of the best days of your life! Don’t dwell on the past, it’s over! Live in the present, for it is truly a gift. And focus on the future as it happens. Now I’m not saying don’t set realistic goals, because we all need to strive toward something. I am merely saying, “Treasure your being, your existence, the people around you, instead of paying attention to the negative aspects because life is too short for that.”

Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be a Better YOU!!!

Purple Hugs and Kisses,
Keke Chanel

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