Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A poem: "Spiritual Surgery"

We are all a work in progress!!!

Spiritual Surgery...

God has renewed my spirit
Transformed my heart
Delivered my mind
And cleansed my soul...

I am humble,
I hold compassion for others with highest regard,
I am positive,
I am kind and use my tongue to speak like not death...

Father, I stretch my hands to thee no other help I know,
I get down on my knees in prayer even when times are good,
I use my eyes to see the good in everyone even those who don't care, love or see it in ME!
I am reaping the rewards from His grace and mercy, His everlasting...eternal love.

All I can say is "Thank You Lord"
My body is your temple
I am striving to enter into Your KINGDOM each and every day...

Even when things seem lost, when the enemy comes in like a flood turning every area in your life upside down, don't give up! Don't lose focus! You are just going through spiritual surgery, preparing you for your destiny. Know that you are never alone and when you feel like there is nothing left to do, remember to STAND!!! The BEST IS YET TO COME...

Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be BLESSED!!!!

Keke Chanel

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