Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just a little inspiration for all the people who have ever felt lost...

"I AM..."

I stop and listen
Only silence kisses my ears
My eyes cry from missing you
When you don't even see me standing in front of you
I am lost
Torn between loving myself and loving you
A battle that leaves me wounded, used, abused...unable to recognize who I am
What happened to the beautiful girl staring back at me in the mirror?
Who had confidence, determination, goals, who knew how to love herself first?
What happened to the sparkle in her eyes, the pep in her step that once captured everyone's attention?
Dreams of becoming someone her Grandmother would be proud of
The smile that once brightened each day is lost in sadness,
Frowns are now the roadmap of her lips leading to the destination of loneliness,
Spinning her youth into darkness, she slowly fades away...

She cries out for help and her life quickly transforms...

She rises
Stands tall
Sticks her chest out
She remembers hearing her Father say "I love you, you are beautiful...special…A princess one day to become a Queen!"
She remembers the laughter she once possessed protecting her soul,
Pampering her spirit from harm...

"I won't be overlooked", she speaks
"No more being used, abused, taken for granted...My mama didn't raise me to be this way
I am made in the image of God therefore I am more than the world against,
More than the ways of the world! I am beauty, a reflection of being Christ-like,
My brother is a King so that makes me ROYALTY!!
You don't have power over me anymore, I choose to love myself!
No more tears of sadness from being your punching bag,
No more being lonely when I am never ALONE, I am better than t
hat, so I deserve better than YOU!!

No more pain from your hands, take these shackles off of me I just wanna PRAISE HIM!!!
I feel sorry for you because you just don't get it!
To know Him is to LOVE Him but sadly you don't even love yourself
But I will pray for you..."  

Peace and Blessings,

Keke Chanel

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