Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Food For Thought:

Are you a Raven or a Dove???

We all know the story of Noah and the Ark from the bible, or so we should. After the great flood was over, Noah sent out two kinds of birds, the first one being a Raven. They are fearless creatures with the ability to find light in darkness. They are large in size, with square tails. They have black bills and black legs. They learn quickly, often seen after battle eating the defeated. Dirty scavengers with far spread eyes. Some believe that they are messengers from the underworld when death in lurking. Noah thought that this particular bird would be of great help in determining if there was dry land, but failed. The second bird sent out twice was a Dove. Known as divine relevations from Heaven. It is small in size with gentle features. They are white and pure, with close eyes so it has the ability to see beneath it. The Dove is associated with victory, power, godliness, a symbol of love.The Raven's eyes made it hard to see other than in front of it while the dove could see below and all around it's surroundings, consequently returning when dry land was detected, signaling new life. I believe that both birds were significant to Noah in very different ways.

Do you have all the right characteristics of greatness like a Raven, but cannot see passed the things in front of you, allowing the enemy to keep you blindsided? Or do you have the ability to see all around you like a Dove, seeing how evil tries to throw you off track?

I think that we are all Doves sometimes trapped as Ravens until we use our full sight to see passed our fears, problems, heartaches and pains. We have to know that God is always present in our lives no matter the situation. So, stay focused, don't get thrown off course unable to get back on the path to your destiny. Use your wings(eyes) to soar, see, and survive! You hold the power to overcome any obstacles that get in your way. With God, there is no way you can fail. Be blessed!!!

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