Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Putting Your Mouth on Others"

In today’s society, we all tend to form our own conclusions or thoughts about other people’s lives. We speculate, form opinions, and assume we know just how things went. We form our truths without fully knowing or even wanting to know about the real truth of the matter. Why is that? Sometimes I sit and wonder about how people can try to judge or speak falsely about others, especially people they don’t even know. Celebrities, for example, get it the most. I know that having a job that leaves their lives as a spectacle, looked upon by everyone is frustrating in itself, but when you want to just be left alone, have a few minutes of privacy, it becomes a bit too much. Everyone goes through things. Things that should be just between the people involved. Take childbirth, divorce or a child’s first day of school. Why is it important or even relevant that the public eye is included in said precious events? No one needs to know everything there is about anyone else’s life. Now correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t want to make anyone reading uncomfortable about this particular subject. I was just really pondering this while on twitter, and saw that Heidi Klum and Seal are going through a divorce. Do you think being in the limelight has anything to do with their irreconcilable differences? Was there too much pressure on them and their marriage being in the public eye? Did people expect too much from them? After all, they are only human just as we are. Sure, they have more fame, money and spotlight, but we are also a part of society and culture. What about their children, family and other loved ones? How do you think they are coping with having their families’ life wrote about, featured in gossip magazines, on TMZ or some other form of media takeout? There should be a cutoff period. Some level of respect for other’s privacy. A time when enough is enough!

I know many of you are probably saying that if they didn’t want their life showcased, that they shouldn’t have chosen the path of being famous. Maybe, but is it right to take it too far? Just like me and you, people of the working class, living within our means, trying to stay above the water. Is it fair that we “put our mouths on” someone else’s lives? Is it okay to assume, depict, or speak untrue things about their situations? No!  As the golden rule states: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, it should be the mere thing looked or thought about before speaking unsure or false things about others. With wisdom comes understanding, and when one has finally gathered understanding, we tend to have a much better and clearer outlook on life and how to deal with life circumstances. We also tend to not worry about others and their situations. We want better, so we do better. We focus more on our own lives and what we hope to accomplish, not what others are doing.  We grow and become better people who want the best for others just as much as we want for ourselves. Sadly though, misery loves company and gossip is contagious, motivated and an act of putting down on others to take the spotlight off of our own bad situations. We all have problems, big or small. That’s just the way of life. It is up to us to make the best out of our circumstances, moving forward to a better way of life. Is it easy? Well, it all depends on who you are. Having a positive attitude, being surrounded by positive people and knowing that there are better things to come is the only way of overcoming any bad situation. So with that being said, don’t judge, assume, speculate, or “put your mouth on other’s”. You are only pointing more fingers back at you when you do so.

As Mom always say, “If you don’t have anything positive to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.” Make that a rule to live by. Once you stop focusing on people and what they are doing, that is when life becomes more meaningful to you. Great things will happen. People will start to see the good in you and all things in your circle. Stop putting gossip and backlash in the front seat and start speaking life instead of death. There is power in the tongue for good and evil. Which one will you speak into your own life? When you speak positive, positive things transpire. When you are happy, you want to see others happy too. The choice is yours. The world will ultimately become a much better place. The mood in the atmosphere becomes easier to deal with. I challenge you to start now. Start today or tomorrow if given that chance to speak greatness into someone else’s life. Help someone deal with or handle a hurtful, painful or disastrous situation. What you pour into the universe will reflect in your very own circle. And know that whether you are or become famous or not, people are always watching. What you portray will be a blessing or curse to all who come in contact with you. You decide! Yes, obstacles will come, but we will always find a way to get passed them. Our children are the future and whether you believe it or not, they are watching. They are a reflection of us, as parents. How can you teach them to do great things when they see or hear you doing the complete opposite? Think about it. No one wants to listen to or follow the leadership of someone who is a hypocrite. Be someone whom your family, friends and loved ones, even strangers aspire to be like. Let the positivity in your life shine bright. Let it blind all negativity and hatred from existence. See just how life will change right before your very eyes.

Feel free to leave comments on what you think about this particular subject. Your voice is a great and profound instrument. It deserves to be heard. My blog is your outlet. Say whatever is on your mind. I strive on feedback whether positive or reconstructive criticism. It motivates, inspires and helps me dig deeper into my soul, with topics we all can relate to or identify with. So, “speak on it”! The only people mad are those who don’t use their voice. "Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be you!"  

Keke Chanel

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