Monday, January 30, 2012

"Silent Whispers"

Silent Whispers penetrate my ears
As I listen for your smile
I focus hard to hear the way it used to be
between you and me
I am saddened, confused
wondering where did we go wrong
Silent whispers feel my mind
thinking of the ways you couldn't
get me out of your system
now I hear longing
my soul standstill
but Why?
we used to be inseparable
I close my eyes tightly
and nothing
you are no longer there
Silent whispers plague my soul
running freely as the wind
I quiver from the coldness in your eyes
when you look at me
I jump, frightened
I don't recognize the stranger pretending to care so much
the pain in my stomach grows
missing the way you once made my heart sing
Silent whispers deafens me
knocks me to my core
I cringe in agony wishing I could take every blow
and turn back the hands of time
if I could
you would still carry me inside your heart
You would still catch me from falling
a beautiful daydream
an amazing reality called LOVE
my heart would continue to smile
my mind filled with excitement
my soul sing songs of bliss
but each time I listen carefully to know for certain if you remain
all I hear are silent whispers
Silent whispers mocking me
Silent whispers a disease without cure
Silent whispers
how did we ever slip into this coma of existence
Silent whispers
will I ever hear your voice make a full-recovery
back to the way things once were
will my spirit get passed the trauma
will you release all hatred towards me
expressing your want, need, love and desire for me once again
Will we ever have our self-medication called PASSION
becoming addicts, refusing to go to rehab
sharing a lifetime together
Will all the silent whispers become whispers of love
the way it was intended to last an eternity???

This poem was written for anyone who feels alone in the world whether single, in a relationship, young or old. Know that you are never alone. You are worth greatness. Don't settle or allow anyone to make you feel inferior. Life will come. When you are given lemons, don't just make lemonade, make apple juice, and everyone who ever treated you badly will wonder, "now how in the hell did he/she do that". When you value yourself, others will do the same. God is smiling upon you, so continue to shine like the sun. I haven't written a poem on the blog for a minute. I hope it's inspires someone today! Thanks to all of my Passionate Souls, who have supported me from the very beginning. You keep me writing and exploring my imagination. There will be more stories coming soon. But, if you need a lil something to hold you over, check out "TROUBLE" or "CROWN ROYAL ON ICE" they are sure to please. *winks* I also have a short novel called "Sugah and Spice", feel free to check it out. The finished product is on the way.
Until next time be inspired, be encouraged, be blessed and be you!

Keke Chanel

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