Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Blog For 2012

“The Power of Love”
Hello Souls!! I’m back! I have really missed you guys. Another year has come, and although I love writing about passion and storytelling. I have decided to focus more on other topics and life situations. After all, the name of the blog is call passionatepleasuresmindbodyand soul; therefore each should be explored and discussed. Life has a mysterious way of grasping ahold of you, especially when least expected. This year has already tested my faith, family and true friendships. While just three days after Christmas, my family was faced with great tragedy. We became closer, stronger and our faith has tripled since then. The wounds are still fresh. The pain is still cutting into our hearts but our souls are at ease. Knowing that our loved one didn’t suffer or isn’t in any pain gives us all comfort in our spirits. Our minds are filled with precious memories which will last a lifetime and beyond. No one knows the day or hour, so cherish each day, each minute, every second that you have. Show love, express love, give love and most importantly, receive love. I believe that there is no greater gift than to love and be. I look around and see too many people hardhearted, selfish, too proud to just let love engulf them. That only leads to misery, bitterness and ultimately living a very lonely life. No one deserves that kind of life. No one was placed on God’s green earth to be unloved. Anyone who believes otherwise is just oblivious to the way love works. Throughout my family’s painful experience, we held on to the love we have for each other. We hugged, laughed, cried and gave strength to one another. Although things tried to get a bit negative, we saw passed that and continued to stay positive. It never fails that when someone passes, true colors, intentions and agendas are exposed. But one thing I can say is that, my family is awesome! No matter what differences we may face, when every one of us needs another, we are there, no questions asked. If you have people like that in your circle. Hold on to them, cherish them, enjoy them but most of all love them.
How many of you have gone without saying “I love you” or showing said love to the people who matter most in your life? I know that I am guilty of this very thing but I made a vow to do better. People are not mind readers. They don’t know how we truly feel about them unless we share or express that bit of information to them. Don’t allow time, grudges, lack of communication or just being plain stubborn and prideful to stand in the way of having those closest to you around you. No one can go through life alone, no matter how much they think they can, it is impossible. Who would want to do that anyway? I get lonely just being at home by myself at times when my family isn’t there, so I know that going through life on a daily basis without having anyone, isn’t the way to go. You don’t have to befriend any and everybody, but love the people who love you. Life is too short. Take advantage of the time we have left. Have fun. Show love. Give love. Receive love. Live. Laugh. Listen, I mean really listen to the sound of your laughter or the laughter you bring to others. Love yourself because if you are unable to do that, there is no way you will be able to love anyone else. Smile. It warms the heart, strengthens the soul and ignites the spirit. Don’t find yourself bitter, alone and feeling sorry for yourself just because you didn’t give love the leading role in your movie called life. That is no way to live, so don’t chose that fate for your future. True, situations happen when we are all hurt by people we love and care for, but don’t allow dwelling on the bad times to ruin all the good. And if you evaluate your relationships and find that there are more bad than good, it is then and only then that you have to make a wise and conscious decision to remove those people from your circle. It is okay to love people from a distance. It’s perfectly normal and healthy.
With all this being said, make this year the beginning of a new you. Not everyone will like or understand what you are doing and it is okay. Like I always say, some people are placed in your life for a reason, a season and a lifetime. You will know who fits into each category. In time, it will reveal itself. Not everyone is meant to walk along your journey with you. Many will fall away by the wayside and that’s fine. You hold the keys to your own destiny. What are or will you be destined to become or achieve? Many people think the sky is the limit, but there are stars and planets, a whole universe beyond that, so the higher you soar is entirely up to you. Grow in love. Learn from love, and love strong, hard, determined, and with very fiber of your existence. Everything else will line up accordingly. Dare to dream and when you do, dream big. Don’t just live in the dream, make it a reality. 2012 is a year for change, completion and love. It’s only just begun. Don’t waste any more time! I love you all my Passionate Souls!! I hope that someone’s life is touched by this message and change his/her outcome of love. Please feel free to leave comments, post your stories or invite someone else to share in reading my blog. We are all in this thing called life together. So as long as someone is reading, I will continue to write. Until next time be inspired, be encouraged, be you!

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