Monday, January 30, 2012

Just Thinking--Random Acts of Kindness

I was just sitting here with my three yr. old son, watching "the cat in the hat" (yes, PBS ROCKS!) thinking about everything, yet nothing in particular, I guess. I know, some of you are probably like, is that even possible? Well, I guess so because here I am, typing away about random thoughts in my head.

I spent the weekend with my family and we had a great time. I hate that my other sister and brother wasn't there physically, but their presence in spirit was there. You know it's amazing to learn how special some people are. And when I say special, I am speaking about those who possess some of the same qualities of Jesus. Having love and compassion for others, speaking positive things into someone's life instead of negative. A leading by example type of person. Well, I am proud once again to have such an awesome person as a relative, a sister, a friend whom I love deeply.

Now, anyone who knows me personally, knows just how much I hate going to wal-mart. I wrote a post called wal-mart, check it out when you can. Anywho, we went to wal-mart to get something to cook for dinner, Friday night. We walked around the place, laughing, talking, picking up stuff we wanted to eat like any other ole time we go shopping. As we gathered our items, we noticed a lady with two buggies of grocery. We were like, "dang, we need to go home with her". She had that much stuff, no lie! And good stuff too.

After we finished shopping and prepared to checkout, the same lady with the two buggies were in front of my sister and mom. I went to the express checkout because I only had about eight items or so. You know me, let's not spend anymore time than we need to in this damn store. While I waited for them, my cousin started bagging grocery for the cashier, who was very thankful.

As the cashier scanned each item, my cousin and I kept looking at each other. We just knew that her total was gonna be off the chain. Well, when the total was given, we were in disbelieve. All the stuff she had only totaled to just a little over three-hundred dollars. She gave her creditcard and the cashier tried processing the payment. Turns out that she was shopping for a grouphome. Eight men to be exact. The card she had only allowed a certain amount so anything over that, she had to put back.(The Government at it's finest) Why would you put such a low amount when dealing with a group home of individuals, when it comes to shopping for the month for them anyway? I don't get it, but I guess!

Well, my sister, the person that she is and who God made her to be kindly said to the lady and the cashier and manager who walked up to help "Ma'am I will pay for the rest of it for you". I almost cried, but only joy consumed me. The lady didn't want let her. But my sister politely said, "don't make me miss my blessing by missing out on yours."

The lady was speechless. The cashier smiled. The people in line behind were in tears, and as we were leaving the manager said to me, "she just gave me goosebumps". I smiled knowing what she meant by that comment and the fact that she probably doesn't see that often. My guess is that she felt overwhelmed to witness such selfless act of kindness from one stranger to another. I know that others witnessed this too and hopefully their hearts were touched and led them to do something selfless for someone else.

If one person was inspired by my sister's pr another's kind actions, then that is all it takes to make the world a better place. My attitude toward wal-mart changed. I don't have to go there all the time, probably won't, but I won't avoid it altogether anymore. I guess it wasn't really the store but the people in which I had encountered there that had my perception of it negative.

I thank my sister for my new relevation. I know that her life has changed drastically in the last month, but the way she is handling it all, is helping to change others too. We may not know why we do things, go through things, but sometimes it's for others to be changed along the way. Doing something for others is another godly trait. Having compassion, love, sincerity, and a positive outlook on hard situations will keep us all humble, grounded, motivated and determined to be better today than what we were on yesterday.

So, when you find yourself in not so good situations or circumstances, remember that you can determine the way you go through and endure them. Whether you stay positive or negative is solely up to you. Your choice! Just know that people are always watching. Making an impact in a good or bad way is up to you. Which will you decide to do?

Until next time be inspired, be encouraged, be blessed and be a better You!!!

Keke Chanel 

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