Monday, April 30, 2012

"Red Bottoms"

It's been a while since my last story. Enjoy!!!

“Red Bottoms”
They hadn’t seen each other in a while, but the chemistry between them radiated from across the room. It was like a magnetic force pulling them toward each other. He still wanted her and by the way she seduced him with her eyes, he knew the feeling was mutual. Why had it taken so long to see her again? She was still sexy as hell and he wanted to rip off her clothes and sex her in every position known to man, plus create new ones. Her smile was like fire. His loins burned to feel her thighs rub against his swollen erection.
The way she captured the room when she entered was none like any other woman he knew. She was one of a kind, a woman who had confidence, class, and sophistication. Her body was built like an hourglass with all the right curves, in all the right places. The sway in her round hips hypnotized him. Her breasts looked like ripe melons, dancing the salsa. And her ass was one he wanted to slap, bite, kiss and hold forever. It could put a stop to hate in the world!  
As she moved, her beautiful legs decorated a pair of the sexiest shoes he had ever seen. Oh how he loved a woman in stilettos, that woman! The only thing he could picture was her in them and nothing else. “Damn”, he said adjusting the front of his pants. He didn’t want anyone to see that he was standing at attention, ready to salute his officer, in a battle of sexual healing. The sinful red dress she wore should be illegal, incriminating each man in her presence. He saw all the lust in their eyes as they watched her make her way toward him.
Her red lipstick kissed beautiful, full lips and he wondered if the other set looked as delicious. Slowly, he ran his thick tongue around his own. He remembered how good she tasted, when they engaged in pleasurable conversation. The things she did to him still lingered in his mind. They refused to part his memory and on those lonely nights, all he had to do was close his eyes and they made love.
As she got closer, he was like a dog in heat. Her scent captured all of his senses. She smelled of pure bliss. He grabbed her, pushing her through a hidden door before she was able to resist. He leaned her onto the conference room table. His lips covered her mouth, devouring it. She returned the kiss, giving her tongue a chance to slow dance with his. They became one. His hands roamed the body he missed and loved. Her body felt like raw silk…creamy…soft.
They got lost in each other, savoring each taste. Hands found hidden treasures, claiming them with tender touches and passionate kisses. He parted her thighs and found refuge in her flowing waters, swimming his tongue in her raging stream. She moaned, grabbing the back of his head. She opened up more for him making sure to let her “red bottoms” stay in the air. Holding her ankles, she enjoyed the sensual wave her body was slowly riding.  
Once she had climaxed a few times, she took control of the situation. It was time she showed him just how much, she missed and craved his long, thick, beautiful magic stick. Turning him over, she straddled him, sliding her wet flower down his pulsating root. Starting slow at first, and then increasing tempo, a musical rhythm, an intoxicating ensemble, beating his movements with the intensity of her own. She worked him like a bass drum, careful to stop, drop, and roll when needed. Before long she was on her tippy toes, playing a game of catch and release. His toes curled, his back arched, he held on tight for the ride.
When he couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed her hips, pushing downward. She gave back all that he was giving and then some. They climaxed at the same time, holding each other like life depended on it. In that moment they were together, in love, never to part again. She leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I missed you baby”!
“I missed you too, Sweety. Don’t ever leave me again.”
“Never,” she said, adjusting the ring on her left hand, third finger. “I said until death do us part, and I plan on keeping that promise.”
Later that night he kissed and made love to his wife over and over again, sealing his love for her so that she would never have to wonder or guess. They slept in each other’s arms, thanking God for allowing them to cross paths. The “red bottoms” lay on the floor, on the side of their bed!    
Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU! Be a little freaky if the feeling hits you too!!!

Keke Chanel

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