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Author/Artist Spotlight:

Hello Souls,

As I told you a few weeks ago, I will be doing things a bit differently on the blog until next year. I want to showcase some of my favorite and newly found artists, writers, poets, or anyone else I come across that I feel you would love just as much as I. I believe that greatness comes in all forms and should be showcased. There is nothing like finding a hidden treasure or sparkling diamond in the rough. I am just grateful to be able to provide such a great service, through my blog, to all of you. I am all about helping others. We all have a voice to be heard. It’s time to stop talking about it and be about it! With that being said, today we have someone near and dear to me, a Poet on the rise to greatness. He is someone I have known for years, since high school in fact. So, let’s give a warm welcome to Isiah “Zae” Brown.  (This interview was conducted through email since we don’t live in the same state and couldn’t sit down to do a formal face-to-face.) We would have never gotten anything done because we tend to laugh a lot while in each other’s company if my memory serves me correctly. LOL Thank goodness we have the internet!

Before we begin, here is a picture of Isiah:

Good Afternoon Isiah,

First, I would like to say thank you for allowing me to feature you on my blog. Most people think that I want something from them, when in fact I just want to help. I am just showcasing their talents. On my blog I talk about LIFE, that's probably why it's titled "Passion, Love and all that other S$&T..."
Anyway, I have been blogging for almost two years now and I love it. I get to share my thoughts, feelings and beliefs with others all around the world. I’m ecstatic that they are about to be introduced to you, the next best-seller, world-known Poet. Yes, I speak it and believe that you will be right there with me and many other hidden gems on the top. We going places my friend!!! Okay, with that being said, let's get started!

Me: Hello, hello, hello, my dear friend!

Isiah: Hello there! Well, let me start by saying it is a pleasure to be interviewed by you. I am a fan of your work. I dig your style!!

Me: The pleasure is all mines. And thanks for liking or should I say appreciating my work. Truly means a lot. It’s always nice to know you have support from the people are grew up with. S/O to “THE HAWKS” I know you left us, but we had some great times in high school, right!

Me: Tell us a little bit about yourself

Isiah: Born in New Orleans and grew up in Kenner, I am a blessed man with lots of artistic adventures and I call them adventures because they take my on many journeys of discovering my true self through life. I love to draw also.

Me: At what age did you start or how long have you been writing?

Isiah: I have been writing for a long time, I noticed it began to really become more noticeable after my heart was broken about 10 years ago.

Me: What inspires you to write?

Isiah: What’s my inspiration... hmmm would have to be love for my life and family. Just people in general...  I love to reach others intellectually. Feed there hunger for more of what’s important to them... laugh love live long life (My philosophy).  Passion…passion…and more passion!!! Music too!! Neo soul!!!  

Me: What is your overall writing style and why do you use it?

Isiah: My style hmm. I would have to say just a mixture of Free Verse and Haiku. I always write with passion. My writing usually has lots of love and expression as though I want to read it, like it’s a conversation or thought u had or better yet, thinking.

Me: That is why your work is so real, so passionate and people can relate to it. Like having a deep conversation indeed, nice!

Me: Who are some of your favorite writers, artists and why?

Isiah: People or authors that inspire me...hmmm. V. Kottavei Williams, I love her work. She speaks from the heart, always on a different level. Oddly, artist Salvador Dali…but they are many more I just can’t name them all. I really like vibing to Raheem Devaughn... my style for sure…dude bad!!!!

Me: Passion is the best inspiration and motivation for writers. When we feel it in our core, it draws our audience in. Do you like Bilal? And are you familiar with Sunni Patterson. She is amazing!!! I love her. And I dig your style too!

Isiah: Yes I like both their styles. They both go deep and I love to go there.

Me: Coolbeans! (Yes, I just said it. It's my favorite word) lol Sunni is sick with it!!! Meaning she comes up with the most powerful, outlandish, think outside the box, makes your heart skip a beat, bring tears to your eyes dialogue that I find truly breathtaking.

Isiah: I like that word…Cool beans…lol

Me: So, do you only write about life experiences or is some of your work fictional?

Isiah: Most of my work is nonfiction.  I love real life.

Me: Experience is the best TEACHER, right!!!

Me: What do you like to do in your spare time? Who is Isiah outside of writing? And what's your favorite color and zodiac? I like to ask the last question just for kicks to see if there are any Capricorns or lovers of purple like me!

Isiah: In my spare time I enjoy chilling, listening to music... drawing or painting, coming up with new ideas for inventions, spending time with my family. I like to get out on the town and dance with my Sweetie and of course write! My favorite color is golden brown. I am a Leo, August 1st.
Outside of writing Isiah is a best described as laid back going 100 miles. I am a thinker. I am a romantic and a techy... I enjoy sports...love to golf.  I really enjoy helping people as well. Very passionate about that!

Me: Sounds like fun all day, every day. It’s always good to laugh, be youthful, smile and most of all dance. I like making up my own dances, and my Hubby and family love it because I always make them wonder what I’ll do next. And there is nothing like spending time with family. It’s therapy for me just like my writing.

Me: So Isiah, is there anything else you would like to share before getting to your work?

Isiah: Hmmm…not that I can think of.

Me: Well, this has been fun, very insightful and personal. I love how we get to know more about you. This helps us understand you as an artist I believe.  Okay without further ado…
Souls, it’s time to show you all what I mean when I say that Isiah is a great Poet. When I first heard some of his works, I was speechless and that doesn’t happen very often to me. His play of words excited me, warmed me, heightened me, keeping me engaged and then wanting more once it was over. I wanted to showcase a few of his poems so you can experience first-hand the impact and effect they have on me and others who hear them.  Sit back, relax and get ready to be wowed!!
Each one of these poems are strictly as written by the artist, with his permission to copy and paste them on my blog. All rights reserved to the artist.

Political Junkee
By: Isiah “Zae” Brown on Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 10:58pm ·

CHECK…YOU… OUT….Yourrr….. Allllll…dressed....up…suited and booted…..in that dark blue coat…white shirt and red tie speckled with stars…a high price tailor made suit…damn…you are ..... DRESSED TO KILLL…. A well dress Junkee…. you are....addicted to politically inhaling our socially conscious positive thoughts, fumes burning out of control, laced with the new world order ...your lungs poisoned with backdoor bribes....your lips burn… turning good intentions into cancerous flames…...ashes of emancipation proclamations, my ancestors, former slaves to your ....ignorant.... white.... lies... that gathered like clouds.....your greedy hands always stretched out.....overshadowing and holding our attention.... constantly blowing smoke out ya ASS.... your massive weight resemble that of an ELEPHANT, though lacking its memory. I know some say that if you smoke enough long enough, one tends to forget things... like how...……. “WE THE PEOPLE”…....you know …us…voters... rolled your ass into office. How dare you ask us to.... puff...Puff...GIVE….you another term in office so you can serve the same lame ass, self-gratifying, junky like high.....we'd be damn if we allow you another opportunity at trying to choke the humanity, freedom, and liberty out of us.. Every few years your reach into the cabinet for a Rep... Labeled so call...light delight-able full of honor ... its continents… all distasteful disrespectful and dishonorable.....high in calories.....you’re.....Economically numb…. from Over 200 years of false fulfillment. .....you have gotten fat…while serving in the House...we are tired of you serving us this weak as shit.... always munching on the media buzz…your appetite for power has paralyzed you …….. bruised with the common man and woman’s pain, desperate for change in equality, an apple …you are rotten to the core…buried up your neck in debt …deep in mud ….long fallen from tree of honesty …we need more fresh fruit of life...don’t get me wrong….O.. I will have a slice of that American Pie…I just like mines with more spices .........sprinkle a lot more red, white, brown, black, tan and yellow… all beautiful colors... their flavor makes life a lot sweeter. ..
I just wish my momma’s….. Momma…. MOMMA could have bared witness to Obama taking that oat, with great honor... I dedicate this to all those strong, intelligent, wise and faithful brothers and sisters hung by their throats...... who long fought for equal rights to vote ....For You As I Write This Poem...I Shall Proudly Raise It Like A Fist...A Damn Good Extension Of My Black Pride.  And I shall say......" A great victory in the revolution, I…I...I just pray that we continue to create more solutions in the fight to filter out unjust political pollution" ...........…always stealing and selling other people shit....Damn Junkees
I vote to move all your no good crackhead lard asses out of office... We deserve better and….. TRUST ……In….GOD ….as my witness, a change will come......Now put this in your pipe in smoke it…..
Senator I.B. Junkee

Making Love to Imagination and f@kg the shit out of reality…
By: Isiah “Zae” Brown on Monday, November 22, 2010 at 11:04pm ·

Standing barefoot in the sand near the ocean, eyes closed, feeling the breeze on my face.... arms wide open trying to catch the wind like a sail. ...... O I am 20 feet off the ground...  Vibing off the smell of life, getting high off the sun rays.... hmm ...tongue out, I am tasting laughter in the air.... Burping out the all my secret after thoughts... I am loving this feeling...damn... and... Whyyyyy...... can’t you join me.... hmm... I am eating the strings of this guitars melody... It has my teeth aching, cause they want me to hum along with its chords...
My ears dances to laughter's rhythm for it has become the wonderland of my soul, like a roller coaster it carries me up and down through cascades of a sea beautiful skin... tones.....   I am sharing a kiss with the wind, lips lickerish and sticky; I lick its candy red upper lip…getting wetter with each cool breeze.... I have come to love it... Mentally I am coming over and over and over. A again.... I gaze into the happiness of my loneliness ... hey I don't belong to anyone and no one belongs to me...
 I AM MAKING LOVE YOU IMAGINATION AND FUCKING THE SHIT OUT OF REALITY, I hope the stiffness of my words don’t fuck your head up.....to quickly.....I mean... I'd like you to cum with me... I am tired of Preeee.... tending...  that the hardening of my realness is not stretching the walls of your boring reality...
 Deep.... Deep... Deeper I get into that excuse for a wet dream you call reality, like the end of a tunnel you begin to cho ccchhhhhhh choooooooooooooo as I bang on your cabooossssee....do I have to train you to let yourself cum...Cumm..... Coooommme to understand that its ok ... I will if you let me
 OOO.... I am so bad..... I came all over you...  catch it.... catch it... say what you need to say... no need to keep lying to yourself.... I know ... I want more.... ART.....don’t leave me all blue and swollen... See I know you want it as I do...... you long for that daydream I leave on your canvas each time...
 An explosion of purples, reds, blues, greens, gold and a touch of violet..... I am painting my imagination on your soul.... baby I promise the pain ......ting.... will last long..... My tears leave stains on your easel... I need you imagination... I don't give a shit about reality, she didn’t do anything for me.... you’re my only true desire to make love.....

So where was I again ...Ooo yeah...Imagine that...
(This is a picture Isiah found to show his thoughts through an image)

These Soft lips

By: Isiah “Zae” Brown on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 12:11pm ·
These Soft lips love to taste beautiful skin, dressed in only your sexy perfume...Making it.....Hard.....to think of anything else. I go wild when I get near your neck, like a true blood, I want taste your skin candy... I promise not to leave a mark... Unless you’re really want me to. My lips held capture by your imagination.... the things you have me do makes me want to lose my mind.....baby...can...can...ccan I kiss your pain all your fears away.... I promise I won’t make you cry anymore...in the words of my homie "Dion Terry" "those lips big ass lips will set the hook right"... I hope he is right cause if he is then you’re gonna be hooked on these soft lips... Some say I speak to softly , I say to them it’s just my lips taking time to remember your body beautiful piece of art...Eyes down...Knees high.... thighs wide....chin low..... Tongue out.......these soft lips on your soft lips....

Leave your thoughts and comments below for Isiah. I will make sure he reads each and every one. Or feel free to email him at, ZAE.TEARS@gmail.com . You can also locate him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/zae.brown. Thanks for welcoming him. If you know of anyone who may be interested in being featured on my blog please email me at KekeChanel2012@gmail.com or leave the information in the comment box. Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!!!

Purple Hugs and Kisses,
Keke Chanel

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