Monday, October 8, 2012

NEW BOOK PROJECT!!!! Childhood Friends

                “There are times in life where the evitable happens, that simply transforms us into our true selves, causing us to fight to survive or die. It’s called “Survival of the fittest”. Fight to live or simply live to die! Sometimes it’s the very people we claim to know that seek us out, wanting to bring harm upon us.” Prism couldn’t have imagined her small circle of friends, whom she loved dearly since childhood, to be the ones who wanted her dead. If anyone would have told her so, she would have cursed them with her tongue, telling them to go straight to hell. Now, she was living in her very own hell, fighting to stay alive.  
“I cannot believe all that happened between the four people I called my friends since elementary school, but I guess you just never know. All these years, with the signs right there in my face, I still didn’t realize they were monsters. How could I be so stupid, so naive”, Prism thought. The things she learned about them were sickening. All those people, dead, mangled, ripped a part like rag dolls, eyes missing, Prism couldn’t get the images out of her head. She should have known years ago with all the signs but thought her mind was playing tricks on her. Each time she witnessed something strange, she dismissed it. Now, she knew without a doubt that her friends were something other than human. Where did they come from? Who were they really? What did they want? But most importantly, how could she stop them?  
                And if that wasn’t enough, she knew that she and her brother, Spectrum were something other than human as well. Now that she knew the truth, Prism knew that her life would never be the same and her friends could no longer be considered allies, instead enemies of the worst kind. If she and her brother had any chance, they had to search for others like them. She was sure there were others. She could feel them, but where? They just couldn’t be the only ones left, if so, they didn’t have a chance in hell of surviving. She suddenly became outraged. A powerful force to stay alive took over her. Prism tried to focus on what was happening, but she just couldn’t wrap her mind around it all. Months ago, her life was perfect. She was popular, had just turned sixteen, with a gorgeous boyfriend, loving parents and great friends who looked out for her. Now, she felt lost. Her life had taken a complete turn for the worst.
A million questions flooded her mind as she ran for her life. There was no time to try and figure it out now. She had to get away and fast. If not, she was a goner. She had to get to her brother before they did. They wanted him. She heard them talking just before she escaped about him being the link in their worse fear happening. Prism was confused. What did her brother have to do with something so extreme? He was only a child. But he was also in grave danger just as she and if anything happened to him, she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself.
Prism ran into the darkness, fighting hard to keep from falling or running into any trees. She didn’t know where she was or where she was going. All she knew was that she was running for her life, her brother’s life. They were after her, following behind like bloodhounds straight from hell. She could hear them howling like wild beasts just over her shoulder. She quivered thinking about the way they truly looked, with red eyes, razor-sharp teeth, long claws, snake-like bodies and scaly flesh. They looked like nothing she had ever seen before. The people she saw each day for the past five years transformed into savages, killers, menaces.
The bushes moved all around her as the wind swayed the trees from side-to-side, sending chills down Prism’s spine. It felt like arms were reaching out drawing her back in, moving up and down her back. Tears streamed down her face, but she refused to allow them to block her sight. As quickly as they fell, she wiped them away. Limbs crumbled under her feet as she picked up speed. She soared like lightning not realizing for full speed potential. It was as if she where floating on air. What was happening? Months prior she developed certain abilities she knew weren’t human, but didn’t think to ask her parents in fear that they would send her away or at least that’s what her mind told her.
Prism’s body ached from the several hours of torture they subjected upon her, trying to get her to tell them something she knew nothing of. What did they mean about “her kind”? So many thoughts played in her mind. She needed her parents. They would know what to do or tell you what to do. Prism was curious, and the firing within her confirmed that she wasn’t alone. Sure Spec was linked to her being her sibling, but she felt powerful presences of others. Shaking the thoughts once hearing to loud howling in this distance, Prism moved like the wind passing tree after tree.
She replayed the last hours in her mind. Her friends picked her up from home as normal for a Friday night. Something they always did to welcome the weekend, to just hang out and have fun. They were supposed to be cheering her up, taking her mind off of her parents, but what transpired shocked the life out of her. When they transformed right before her eyes, Prism nearly passed out. Her friends, the people she cared about most, changed into something that brought pure fear into her, yet she still felt connected to them. How was this possible? Prism needed answers and fast.
Bloodshot eyes stared upon her, piercing her soul and the horrible stench from their mouths made her eyes water, as they stood over her scowling. Their serpent bodies made her skin crawl, while decayed teeth showcased human flesh stuck between them. She knew that they wanted to rip her to shreds, but she was still alive.  Then Prism thought about Spec, thinking about what she overheard them say about him. Her brother was her only reason for still being alive she was sure of it. She always knew he was special, but now she know without a shadow of doubt. She needed to get to him quickly, before they did.  
She didn’t know where to go or who to turn to. They assured her that she could never get rid of them. No matter where she tried to run or hide, they would always find her. They were linked together like a chain forever. Not if she could help it, Prism declared. She was nothing like them although she helped them do a few bad things to some classmates for teasing her years ago. If she had known that they were truly hurting people, she never would have participated. She didn’t like harming others and most certainly didn’t agree with the way her friends took actions and consequences to another level called pain. A few times Prism tried to stop them, even threatened to tell but that only pissed them off with her. Their friendship was never the same, and the person she tried to help, never showed up at school again. People were vanishing into thin air, and now she knew her friends were to blame for the countless number of disappearances and missing people pictures in and around town.
Prism’s body felt like she was ran over by a truck. Her face was gashed open, blood spilling into her eyes, making it harder for her to see in the darkness. Her left arm hung on barely, aching and dripping blood. She had to stop the bleeding. They would surely find her if she didn’t. They craved blood and knew the smell of it way beyond locating their prey, Prism learned a few weeks ago. Following her gut one day, she knew something was up with her friends. Tailing closely behind them after school, she got the shock of her life and now her life was in jeopardy. They smelled her presence. But when she saw them the next day at school, she remained calm, acting as normal as possible. The way Nova looked at her, Prism knew that he was on to her. They were extremely close until recently. She was looking for him, and wasn’t expecting to see what she saw that day when she did find him. That day changed everything between them, and each day after that, he only stared at her with pure disgust and anger. A few times, Prism could have sworn she felt him standing in her room at night, mocking her. None of the others treated her differently until months later. She regretted that day, but was glad to finally know that she wasn’t going crazy.
A light shun in front of her. If she made it to the light, she could find something to wrap her left arm in and get help from whoever resided there. How had she ended up in a place like this? Her parents were dead and deep down she knew that her friends were behind their murders. She just couldn’t prove it. All she had left was Spectrum. She had to protect him. Tears streamed down Prism’s cheeks again. She used the back of her right hand to wipe them away. This wasn’t the time to fall apart. She fought the pain aching throughout her limbs and moved through the woods like a thief in the night. Being on the track team, as well as discovering she had lightning speed was definitely paying off for her. Prism ran and ran, and then ran some more. “Almost there”, she told herself. Just as she was about to reach the hill in front of the house, something grabbed her pulling her back into the darkness. Prism screamed but no one heard her. They had her. What was going to happen now? In that moment she hoped that Spectrum was safe. What if she never saw him again?

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