Wednesday, October 24, 2012


“Silence…We all should hear”

Breaking news,
Headlining on every television channel,
Written in every newspaper,
Displayed all over the nation,
But it was too late,
Nothing could be done about it now,
The demise of our youth
Becoming larger than life…

Another child died today,
Her screams were heard by the trees,
The wind swayed to save her,
But soon darkness came in like a flood,
Overtaking her into the realm of death,
Crushing her core, rocking her soul, breaking her spirit,
Her pain is lost,
No more suffering…

Her body moved back and forth,
Destruction consuming her,
Blood kissing the wetness of the ground,
Chills filling the air as she lost consciousness,
The beat of her heart fluttered,
Her eyes blinked rapidly,
Until her mind couldn’t take the pain any longer,
She slipped away from it all…

The handgun lay to her side,
Finger still resting on the trigger,
Brain matter spilling from her head,
Smoke in the air,
The smell of gun powder
Assaulting her senses,
Bullet fragments her only companion,
For her, justice was served…

It happened each day for months now,
Being teased, pushed around, laughed at,
Whispers down the hallways whenever she appeared,
Rude comments posted on social networking,
Targeting her,
Singling her out from anyone else,
But why,
What had she done to deserve such ridicule?

In her room she sat in silence,
Crying day after day,
Slowly losing a battle that wasn’t hers to fight,
She became lost, damaged,
Defeating herself,
The girl she once was, slipped into depression,
No one saw the changes clearly displaying in her mood,
Her facial expressions reeked of pain, longing, suffering…

The decision was made,
No one would miss her,
No one cared,
She felt defeated,
Living the nightmare called life,
Penetrated by its brutal reality,
Pushed into the abyss of loneliness,
Overtaken by her peers…

How can we stop such cruelty?
If we continue to turn our heads,
Sweep it under our feet,
Never teach our children to tell,
To speak up,
To step in and help,
Dangerous consequences
Of hurting others,

A line of communication is crucial,
It is our responsibility
To fight for our next generation,
To make sure they are protected,
Not taken advantage of,
Bullied into self-destruction,
Pushing them over the edge of reasoning,
Taken too soon…

Something has to change,
Before this becomes an epidemic
Spinning out of control,
Before it hits home,
Shaking us with the unthinkable,
Before another child is lost,
Looking for a way to happiness
Deceived by suicide…

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