Thursday, October 11, 2012

Excerpt From "Deadly In Stilettos"

It had begun to rain and the wind blew a deadly chill along the avenue. Maybe they should have turned back, but it was too late. Finally, traffic was flowing normally and within minutes they were at the hospital. They knew Enry was no longer in the ICU, but in a private room on the fifth floor. All they had to do was take the service elevator and no one would ask any questions.

Enry lay in his bed. He looked completely out of it when Demi walked over and looked down on him. She smirked, “Too easy.” She leaned in closer. She wanted to get a few things off her chest while she had the chance. Whispering in Enry’s ear, she said all the things she should have said years ago.

“You will never hurt me again. I once was a fool for you and this is how you treat me? What did I ever do to you to make you want to hurt me so bad? All I ever did was love you. I wanted to be you wife and the mother of your children. Now, here you are helpless. Here you are lying in this hospital bed unable to move.” She laughed even as tears fell from her eyes.

Tabi put on rubber gloves, and then Demi got out the plastic container that held the slimy little creatures. She put a glove on her uninjured hand then took out the first one and put it on Enry’s back. The leech quickly latched on. Tabi and Demi smiled at each other, and then the two women applied leeches to Enry’s back until he was covered from his shoulders to his ankles. When they rolled him back over none of the leeches showed. When the nurses came in to check on him, they would not see them. The leeches would be free to drain his body of blood. Enry would die a slow and painful death, just as Demi wanted. No sympathy. He did not deserve any mercy.

Tabi turned and left the room. Demi followed, but not before making sure Enry got a good look at her shoes. He did, and to Enry those shoes were his ultimate nightmare. Women who loved shoes more than anything else were trouble, and now he knew just how much. Enry had once bought Demi beautiful designer shoes simply because he wanted to see her happy. Her expression when she saw them had sent a chill down his spine each time, but he quickly dismissed the look when she thanked him in more ways than one. Now she wore that same look. It was as if the shoes knew he was about to die, and the more he looked at them, the more he was sure he saw them smiling back at him. I must be hallucinating, he thought. Shoes did not smile. Suddenly, it occurred to him that someone had drugged him. Demi had more help than he’d realized. Did that many people truly hate him? Had he caused so much pain and grief that others were willing to help end his life?

Enry suddenly felt regret. Regret for doing all the hurtful things to people who didn’t deserve such treatment. He believed he could feel the leeches draining his blood. He tried to scream for help, but that was useless. 

Demi walked toward the door, blew him a kiss, and then was gone. Enry fought to stay alive. He tried moving but could not. His movements got slower, his body became cold. The leeches kept sucking, sucking the life right out of him.                            

Demi and Tabi got into Tabi’s car. They put on their designer sunglasses and grinned like teenagers going on a joyride. They didn’t speak but the message was clear. Their secret would remain, even beyond the grave. The bond they shared was greater than before. No one would ever come between them or would it?

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