Monday, July 25, 2011

The Art of Making Love

As they gazed into each other’s eyes, the chemistry between them ignited a burning desire in their hearts. They wanted each other. They craved each other. He touched her soft skin, flirting with her innocently. She smiled feeling something swirling in between her thighs. The passion radiating in the atmosphere, hypnotized them. The way they gravitated toward each other was natural, as if they had been doing it forever. She had loved him all of her life. She wanted him to finally have all of her. She saved herself for him, only he didn’t know that fact yet. His gaze held her captive. Her body was doing things she weren’t used to, but the feeling was amazing. Her panties were moist. What was happening?
He watched her struggle with her emotions. He knew how she felt about him. He felt the same way about her. When he saw her days ago, he was so overjoyed. She was back in his life and he would do everything within his power to keep her right where she belonged, by his side. He touched her face bringing her closer to his lips. He couldn’t contain his emotions, his longing anymore. He kissed her. She returned the kiss, opening her mouth to allow his tongue to dance with hers. They kissed with urgency, with familiarity, with passion. She got hotter and hotter. His member grew to its full potential by the way she made love to his mouth. She kissed all of his troubles away. It was as if they were the only two on earth. Nothing else mattered to them at that very moment.
She wanted more of him. When they finally parted from their kiss, she was breathless. Her knees wobbled. She was dizzy but anxious to see what more he could do with his mouth on her body. She walked over to the bed on the other side of the room. Of course she was nervous. This was going to be her first time. But because she was with him, she calmed down a little. He eased her nerves like medicine. How was it possible to be so totally, completely, utterly in love with the same person since the first day you met? The butterflies in her stomach refused to leave, which made her question whether or not she should give herself to him. He watched her, searching her face for any signs of regret. When he was sure there weren’t any, he joined her on the bed.
He kissed her again, easing her back into the bed. As he removed her clothing, he kissed every inch of her. Her neck, he planted soft kisses. Her breasts, he sucked on gently. Her stomach, he licked and caressed with his soft touch. She was on fire. Her body became alive. It moved sensual, sexually, ready, willing and able. He continued kissing his way to her thighs. She opened them more to give him better access. When he found her sex, he captured it with his mouth. He kissed her there like he had just kissed her mouth, but with more delicate movements. He worked her love, bringing a strange yet wonderful feeling soaring through her. It was like a million needles pricking from the bottom of her feet, to the top of her head. Spasms ripped through her loins, bringing a pleasure so delightful she didn’t want the feeling to end. What just happened, she wondered too afraid to say anything in fear that he would stop and the feeling wouldn’t return.
She experienced her first orgasm he thought, still kissing her love button until he felt her body spasm again and again. Three, he said to himself.  As he waited for her to gain consciousness, he slowly removed his clothing. She watched, admiring his body. It was a work of art, pure perfection, but the thing that held her attention was his manhood. It was beautiful. It looked soft and clean and delicious. She wanted to taste it in her mouth. She leaned up, using her hand to secure him. He tried to move her hand but she refused to let him. When he felt her soft lips and wet tongue take him, he moaned. She used her tongue to kiss his sex as she had kissed his mouth. She added licks on the head and went down his shaft, rotating her tongue. He rubbed his hands in her hair. How did he know she liked to have her hair sexed too? It drove her crazy and she took her wonderful frustrations out of his member. She gripped his ass with her hands, bringing him further into her mouth. He screamed releasing his seed into her throat. She took all that he gave, quenching her thirst.
He pushed her backward, parting her legs wide. He entered her softly. She gasped at the pain and pleasure she felt. He was gentle, tender and suddenly realized she was brand new. He loved her even more for giving him such a special gift. He moved slowly, opening her walls to take all of him. She moaned and held on to his waist. She arched her back when she was sure she wanted and could take more of him. Soon, he was able to push himself further and further until she took all he had to give. He didn’t want to hurt her. But when she looked into his eyes, she wanted more. He began a rhythm, pushing her over the edge. She felt like heaven. She felt so good. The tightness of her sex wrapped around his, like a glove and drove him insane. He fought hard the urge to cum so soon, but she was making it hard for him. She moved underneath him.
She wanted to love him for the rest of her life. She gave herself to him. She knew that he was an experienced lover, so she didn’t want to appear fragile. The pain wasn’t as intense, so she found her groove. She worked her hips and thighs feeling the wonderful feeling she felt three times before creep up on her. She squealed, biting his chest. She moved faster and the feeling became more intense. She bit to lips, shook her head from side-to-side and allowed the wave of passion to wash over her. She felt in love with him all over again and the way he made her body feel. The way he loved her was beautiful, gentle and kind. A single tear slid down her cheek.
He continued to push in and out of her as she came for the fourth time during their love making session. He didn’t want the moment to end. He didn’t want anyone else to have her. She was his. Nothing else mattered. Although they lived miles and miles apart, he would do anything to be close to her. Being apart wasn’t an option for him any longer. When his man became harder than a rock, he moved in and out of her again. She was so wet, so hot.  When she began to move with him, he rolled their bodies bringing her on top of him. She moaned. She whimpered but quickly fell into his movements. She slowly eased up taking all of him inside her. She couldn’t believe she was riding him on her first time. Most people she knew said that no one did that their first time, but she was. She liked it. She liked being in control. She liked being able to feel all of him. She rode him softly, slowly and then moved a little bit faster, gyrating her hips. He moaned, grabbing her hips, breasts, face. He wanted to kiss her.
They kissed as their bodies made love. She was on cloud nine and he was soaring through the universe. The climaxed together. Both of them allowed the passion between them provide unspeakable pleasure. They held each other all night. She slept on top of him. Later that night, early morning, she felt something poke her and knew that he was ready for another ride. She used her hand to guide him into her treasure and they made love again and again, each time getting better and better, more familiar, easier. When it was finally over, she had received many orgasms, which she lost count of and knew that she was about to have a new addiction. Yes, she could make love to him forever and she intended to. He loved her and would love loving her for the rest of their lives. The art of making love held an entire new meaning for him at that very moment. He didn’t want to experience it with anyone else but her. She was his and he was hers. He would spend the rest of his life showing her all the different ways the art was perfected and create new ones. Their art of making love was about to journey into the unknown and they both welcomed the adventure.

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