Thursday, July 21, 2011


Their eyes locked as they passed by one another in the crowded train station, causing an instant attraction. Rae couldn't understand what was happening inside her mind. She felt swirling in her soul. No one had ever caused that kind of feeling to her before.

"Damn," she said.
"Nice," he said.

As their eyes roamed each other's body, sinful thoughts invaded their consciousness. An electrical current soared through his body, as his shoulder lightly brushed hers. His eyes soke to her soul. Jean couldn't take his eyes away from the lovely beauty next to him. It was as if time stood still for them. "What was that," he wondered, still feeling her touch on his skin.

Her skin tingled, became like fire, as she tried to keep bodies brushed against each other. His soft flesh lingered on her skin. She wanted to say something to him but she couldn't take her eyes away from his. He was sexy as hell. Simply a great piece of art.

Jean attempted to touch her hand, to stop her from walking away but he was afraid. What if she didn't like strangers touching her. That small gesture could have turned into a total nightmare so he kept his hands to himself, still admiring her. She was beautiful, eccentric, a diamond amongst cubic zarconia. His senses were raging. His sense of smell got a whiff of her intoxicating scent, radiating desire. His sight, captured her beauty knowing that she was more beautiful from within. His ears, listened to the beat of her heart, hoping to unlock her soul and claim it forever. He felt the warmth of her skin, wanting to feel more of her. His sense of taste was left longing to taste her sweet lips both above and below her waist.

"I have to say something to her," he told himself, yet said nothing.

Rae glanced back when their eyes no longer played, teasing one another, only to find him looking back at her. She stopped, pausing, watching. She wondered should she make the first move. Her heart pounded, her spirit leaped, causing her heart to become overly excited, beating rapidly. Rae wanted to feel his touch again but in her more intimate places. Her body betrayed her. Her hidden love button, became moist. Passion conquered her. She was drawn to him.

Jean waited for her to make the first move. She wondered if he would come to her. They stood, anticipating each other's next gesture but their pride got the best of them. Rae slowly walked away in longing. Her heart suddenly skipped a beat.

"I guess it wasn't meant to be", she said walking away.

He sighed moving in the direction of his next destination. He couldn't get the feeling he felt toward her out of his mind. No other woman had captured his interest without having a conversation with them, or at least getting to know them better but she intrigued him. He took a deep breath and walked in the opposite direction as her.

"I guess it was only just a glance," he said.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Don't just let what could possibly be the one true love of your life just walk away without doing or saying something. Those are simply rare occassions, ones we may never get again. When the opportunity presents itself, GO FOR IT!!!! Either it is meant to be or not. How will we know except taking a chance. Live life with no regrets, lessons learned and having as fun as you can. After all, we only get one life and tomorrow isn't promised. Don't go through it without experiencing true love, great passion and fascinating SEX!!! Everything else will either fall into place or wasn't intended in the first place.

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