Monday, July 18, 2011


As soon as she saw him, she smiled. Her body awakened, wanting him, wanting to give herself to him. She was in love. Utterly, completely, totally, in love with him, all he was, both good and bad. They were made for each other. They were best friends, they didn’t judge each other. They built each other up whenever one was down. They smiled, laughed, and simply loved being together. When they made love, they moved the heavens and the earth. The waters became crystal clear, the sun shined brighter, and nothing else mattered except living in the moment. The “raw passion” within them was magical, a blessing, something others envied, craved, desired.

He couldn’t keep her off his mind. She invaded his thoughts all day, every day and he didn’t want it to end. He longed to be next to her, feel her lips, her touch, her heart beat next to his, becoming one. He had never felt this way about anyone else and didn’t care if he never did, all he wanted was her. She knew him, he loved him, she cared with her actions, not like many others and their words, leaving him wanting more. He missed her when he couldn’t see her and that only made the time they shared together more of an appreciation, a BONUS. When he was down and out, all he had to do was hear her voice, see her face and his world was all right. The way she kissed him brought joy to his heart, positive thoughts to his mind, calmness to his soul, joy to his soul. He didn’t want those feelings to ever end. She was special, his one and only. The “raw passion” between them was like the brightest star shining in the night, lighting up the entire world.

They knew each other. They talked about any and everything. They finished each other’s sentences, laughing because they loved being in love. They could be in the same room, doing completely opposite things, but as long as they were together, they didn’t care one way of the other. As long as they were together, who cared? When they embraced, electricity soared throughout their souls, driving each other crazy. The power of love was amazing! A special gift many people overlooked, took for granted, ignored or didn’t think possible. The “raw passion” ignited flames in their hearts that would burn forever as long as they had each other.

She watched him watch her feeling her body betray her, it was his and his eyes was telling her that he wanted her. She walked over to him and sat on his lip. He pulled her face closer to his with his hands, he kissed her. He kissed her with such “raw passion”, she lost herself. The places he touched her was like a dream, he touched his heart. His roaming hands told her that it was real. He touched her breasts softly, a moan escaped her lips. His hands felt too good, she wanted more of him. He gave her just what she was thinking and so much more. He kissed her with intensity, still rubbing her breasts tenderly. His manhood poked her in her most intimate place. He wanted her and she was about to return the favor.

She stood up bringing him up with her. She undressed his body while her fingers assaulted him. He closed his eyes. She used her hands and mouth to express her emotions until it was time to show her actions with body movements. He opened his eyes to see hers penetrating the depths of his soul. “I love you”, he said. “I love you more”, she responded and the rest was done with their bodies, sealing and pledging their everlasting love for one another. The "raw passion" radiating throughout each of them, was like music. They performed endlessly, a love song so powerful, a ballad of pure bliss, lyrics one of a kind, a rhythm so emotional, energetic, an amazing beat. They danced with tongues, legs, arms, bodies wrapped in love. In the end, they had created the perfect “love song”. A song they would remix each and every time they made love with the “raw passion” they possessed for one another.

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