Sunday, July 3, 2011


Brandy took out her cell phone. She smiled thinking of the last few messages she received and decided it was time to see just how serious Nikko was about sexting. At first, she was apprehensive about the full idea, but since he started, she looked forward to it. In fact, she liked it more than she wanted to admit. It kept their relationship fresh and fun. They hadn’t talked in a few days and she missed him. She missed the naughty, yet sexy things he said to her, making her feel all hot and horny. Now it was her turn to get him all flustered from her words.

B: Hey you!
N: Well hello there beautiful!
N: I was just thinking about your sexy smile.
B: Is that right? I was just thinking about you too.
N: So tell me, you miss me yet?

That was an understatement Brandy thought to herself. She missed him so much that she was about to tell him just how much and in a way he would enjoy. She took a deep breath and typed in her message. She hoped he didn’t find it offensive, vulgar or think she was like this with everyone else, but she doubted that since he was always the one making sexual comments during their texting. It was late and she was in fact horny. “What the hell,” Brandy said aloud, lying across her empty bed.

N: Hellooooo, you still there Brandy?
B: Sorry, I was just changing my clothes.
N: J wish I could see that. What are you doing now?
B: Laying across my bed texting you
N: What cha got on?
B: Just my t-shirt and panties. Why you wanna see?

Caught off guard by her bluntness and honesty, Nikko rubbed his head thinking of what to say next. He didn’t want her to think he was a pervert or think he did this type of thing with everyone, so he had to be careful. Brandy was more than just a crush, a fling, or one-night stand. She was special to him. She was his Sweetie. As he waited, his phone chimed indicating a new message. When Nikko clicked on the message he almost fainted. There, right before his eyes was Brandy smiling in her pink, V-necked t-shirt, holding one side up just a little to show off her hot pink lace panties.

N: Wow!!!
B: you like?
N: Do you even have to ask that question? I am drooling all over myself
B: lol
N: not funny, you look amazing and sexy as hell
B: I bet you say that to all the girls who send you pictures like this, huh

She was testing him, Nikko gathered. She wanted to see if she was the only one he was receiving those kinds of pictures from. Although he had gotten his share of naughty pictures from other women he conversed with, he had erased them all when he and Brandy became more serious. Nikko wanted to assure her that she had nothing to worry her pretty head about when it came to him and other women. She was the one he chose.

N: Babe, don’t worry about that. You are the only one sending me pictures. You are the only one I want any from. Now, can we talk about what’s under that shirt or what?
B: J Sure
N: why do you have on those particular panties?
B: What, you don’t like them? I picked them out with you in mind. I thought that you would like them. I can take them off if you ask me nicely
N: I love them, but please take them off and send me another picture, please!
B: Don’t beg Baby, just ask and it shall be given to you

Nikko waited, shaking his left leg up and down. Brandy had him nervous and anxious. She was a totally different person and he liked it. Late night texting was turning out to be something he would look forward to when he was away from her. When his phone chimed, he quickly grabbed it up. There was Brandy, t-shirt off, on her knees, with her beautiful succulent breasts staring back at him, and those hot pink panties greeted him even more. Her smooth caramel colored skin looked radiant. Her hair was down, falling freely pass her shoulders. Damn, he thought.

B: So tell me, what do you think about this one Honey?
N: J
B: are you speechless?
B: I bet I can make even more speechless

Nikko couldn’t respond. He continued to look at his phone. He wished that he were right beside her or the one taking those pictures. If he were there, they would be doing way much more than taking pictures. He would be feasting on the two ripe melons winking at him. He would have those hot pink panties in his mouth, kissing what was in them until he got tired and then he would have kissed some more. His dick got hard and he removed his own clothing. It wasn’t the same, but he had to release before he got “blue balls” and that wasn’t an option. Why did he have to be out of town on business when at home waiting for him was a lioness in heat, in need of some sexual healing?

B: you should be receiving another picture in a minute. Let me know what you think of this one
N: ok
B: my pussy is on fire and when you get home I will show you just how much, but for now, enjoy!
N: girl, you got my dick so hard, I can’t see straight. When I do get home, your ass will be in some serious trouble!
B: Oh, didn’t you know that trouble is my middle name. I welcome all that you have to offer and then some. Try me!!!

Nikko smiled reading her words. She was playing with him, torturing him and he loved every bit of it. The next picture he received, he dropped the phone out of his hand. Brandy was a bad girl, for real. There she was with her legs spread wide giving him a view of his paradise. He couldn’t wait to get there in between them. Her pussy looked so good. Nikko knew that it would taste even better. He suddenly wanted to punish her with his dick penetrating her feminine walls, for punishing him with her pictures.

N: Damn, girl! You look so freaking delicious. What are you going to do when I get home?
B: Well, I think that I’m just gonna walk in getting undressed and bend over the sofa with my stilettos on. Can you handle that?
N: We will see won’t we?
B: Or would you like a lap dance and a little striptease first?
N: Baby, we can do all of that!
B: And that we shall
B: I am such a bad girl
N: yes you are
B: you like it but you ain’t seen me get bad yet
N: Really?
B: Yep, you are my motivation
N: I like that
B: So when we done, I don’t want to feel my legs and I want your hands all over me. Can you do that for me?
N: I can definitely do that
B: ok, so it’s settled then

Nikko wanted her so badly. He massaged his long, hard dick, closing his eyes. When he opened them again, he looked at the last picture she sent him. He imagined her pussy on his dick, and the wetness of it making him cum. Nikko came that night staring into his phone at a picture. Late night texting was the best damn aphrodisiac he had ever experienced. When he got home in two days, Brandy would be in trouble.

B: Sweet dreams Baby
N: You too, my love
B: I will keep it warm for you
N: yeah, you do that because when I get there, it’s going to be hotter than a six shooter and I’m going to make it shot six times six.
B: Damn I can’t wait! You got my pussy so wet. I want to touch myself
N: I just did, now it’s your turn

Brandy began to massage her clit, feeling warm sensations run through her entire body. She moved her hips up and down. She closed her eyes pretending that her hands were Nikko’s, giving her the ultimate pleasure. When she came, she called out his name, shaking uncontrollably. Brandy pressed the stop button on her phone and then pressed send.

B: here is something to look forward to when you get home
N: ok
B: enjoy and goodnight Honey
N: Goodnight Sweetheart

Nikko opened the new message from Brandy. He saw that it was a video instead of another picture, so he pressed played. He watched in sure amazement and anticipation. When the video was over, he watched it again. That night Nikko and Brandy closed their eyes and met in each other’s dreams. They made perfect love, pleasuring each other completely, effortlessly, endlessly. Two days couldn’t come fast enough, but until then late night texting would satisfy their craving for each other and spark a passion inside them that would keep their sex life incredible, spontaneous and better than either could have imagined.

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